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I've been pretty excited to cosplay Kira Yukimura since she showed up on Teen Wolf, but the one signature thing I couldn't locate was her backpack.

I found the fabric used, but it's from Japan and is like $15/yard. Of course, I don't know how to sew a backpack. My brilliant idea was to buy a blank white backpack an paint the design on.


It's taken me 5 weeks, but I finished it last night (this morning?) at 1am. Over the course of that time, there was a lot of frustration, cramped hands, and because I was working on the floor, a lot of me shouting, "ow my butt!"Seriously, I am never doing this again.

lots of photos under the cut! )

It came out awesome but NEVER AGAIN.

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I finished my Avengers Movie Hawkeye costume! \o/ Just took some photos. They're kind of ugly since it's cloudy here and I used a flash because I just couldn't wait to get some photos!

I ended up hand sewing the vest because I don't trust my machine, so I spent two hours yesterday pinning the hell out of it and then it took me 7 hours to sew it all. I also had to take in the sides of the vest a bit so I actually look like I have a waist. I think it came out pretty well, though. The thing that bugs me now, of course, is that the vest is a faded black. For DragonCon, I might tape off the panels and get some spray dye to darken it up.

The TUK Gladiator boots are from my River costume which I haven't worn in ages, so it's good to have a use for them. The glasses are Fit Overs so that I can actually still see. They look pretty great with front lighting/flash, but when I'm back lit, you can totally see my regular glasses under them. Oh well. I could also make some leg straps to make the bottom half a little more interesting. For now, I think I've got enough work into it though.

more photos! )

Full size versions of the photos in the lj scrapbook.
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I've been working on my cheap-as-possible/ghetto Hawkeye costume and have been posting progress on Twitter, so I thought I'd finally make a little post about it here.

Originally, I had planned on doing a hilarious, cheap as hell, ridiculous looking costume. Somehow, I've come up with something that's not really that cheap (current cost so far is like $80 because of various supplies and tools) and the accessories actually look pretty decent.

Here are some photos I posted to Instagram with some commentary:

bow, arm guard, shooting glove )

Next up, I have to make the vest. I bought a basic black vest that I'm going to add fabric panels to, but that involves making a pattern, making sure they are cut and applied evenly.. and then sewing. I haven't decided yet if I want to hand sew or use my machine because even though I've made skirts and stuff with my machine, sometimes it hates me and wants to just jam all the time. It probably needs to be serviced. The vest needs to be done in the next couple days, though, as I want to have it for Albany ComicCon this Sunday.

For the pants, I've got some exercise/compression pants I found at Old Navy, though I could probably get away with some slim, black jeans. I'm going to use the TUK Gladiator boots I have from a River costume, which should look pretty good with everything. I'll post photos once I get everything together.
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Saw Avengers again for the third time tonight. Still amazing!! I think I'm a little worn out on theater showings, so I probably won't see it again until it comes out on Bluray. I believe I saw somewhere that Joss will be putting the extra 30 minutes of footage in the extra features. If so - yay!

Right. So, more spoilery thoughts!


Oh man this movie. So much good stuff and I've already forgotten some stuff I wanted to write down. Ahhhh! I need new lj icons and all the toys and things right now!

I'm currently working on a cheap as hell Hawkeye costume. Planning not to spend more than $50 on it and want to have it for Albany ComicCon in June. So far I have a $6 toy bow, pants, boots (from my River costume), and I bought a front zip vest from eBay. I'm hoping it's a fabric that I can just paint the maroon panels on, otherwise I'll have to get fabric to sew or glue on. I want to make the arm guard & glove too. Kind of excited about my not-at-all accurate costume.
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I didn't even know we had one of these things here. Anyway...

Albany Comic Con @ Holiday Inn in Albany, NY - April 25, 2010

After some deliberating (and encouragement) I decided to go as Vampire Jubilee to the con, mostly because of this cover that got released last week.

I wasn't expecting too much at this convention. Which is good because it was a room lined with comic vendors and filled with comic geeks. Not that they're anything wrong with comic geeks, but, you know, I'm more of a sci-fi geek. It's a good thing Matthew Dow Smith and his friends allowed me to hang out with them, otherwise I'd probably have gotten some things signed and ran away. Where are my con friends when I need them?

Anyway, I did end up buying the Witchblade Albany ComicCon cover variant that was pre-signed by Ron Marz and Matthew Dow Smith. It's not like I bought anything else at the con (either had it or didn't want it), so whatever.

There weren't too many people in costume at the con. Some kid was Kick-Ass, but I never managed to get a photo. There was a really good Magdalena costume and a great Green Arrow. Drunk!Stark was drunk.

Got my copy of Essential X-Men 2 signed by Terry Austin! (Dark Phoenix was the arc that made me not hate Jean Grey.) He was very nice. I gave him my last Bloody Flora postcard... and I guess he didn't understand that I gave to him? So he found me and tried to give it back :D LOL

Having tweeted with Matthew Dow Smith for the last couple months, I finally got to meet him. He was very cool and when he wasn't busy signing we chatted about various geekery, like Stargate, Doctor Who (of course), comics (and Vampire Jubilee), hatred of Sparklepires, and film production, strangely enough. Anyway. Good times. Hope to be running into that guy again. He seems like good people. I gave him my last Atene postcard and asked him to sign my copy of Doctor Who: Fugitive. Woot!

On a totally "What a Crazy Random Happenstance" note, I ran into two guys I knew in college. They'd come up to Matt Smith's table and they looked so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'm sure I was staring. They wandered off, but when I ran into them again, I had to stop one of them and as I was saying, "Hey... I think I know you..." one of the guys was saying, "You look really familiar..." And it was the Labruzzo twins! In college, I'd designed the cover of their first CD (and a website too I think?) and haven't seen or heard from them since they graduated in 2002. I can't believe that eight years later, I'd randomly run into them at a small Albany Comic show. Crazy! We chatted for a while about comics and movies and zombies. Good times.

Overall, I'd say this convention is worth it if you are really into comics, comic artists, or acquiring vintage comics. It's not really the place to go for costuming or other genre stuff. (One of the 501st Garrisons was there and I barely saw them.) Still, it's a good time if you have people there you want to hang out with and talk to. Thankfully, I made some new friends.

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I had a really awesome time at DragonCon this year even though I didn't go to any of the panels I wanted or see any actors I was hoping to. Instead, I hung out with some really awesome friends I only see a few times a year and got to know some people I only see once a year at DCon a bit better. It was also great to make some new friends. Seriously, right now I am having difficulty letting go. Is it time for the next DragonCon yet?

DragonCon 2009: Sept 3-7, 2009

This year, I once again stayed in one of a block of rooms Joel reserved. We were in the Marriott, which is the new Hyatt? Everything was happening there and it was pretty convenient to just roll out and head to panels or photo ops or what have you. Really great.

Thursday, September 3

Got up at 7:30a and ended up poking around the internet for awhile; emails and such. Showered and got dressed before getting the last of my stuff packed. Still feel like I'm missing something. Nevertheless, all set to go at about 9:30a so I figured I had time for breakfast... except there wasn't anything. Meh.

travel, registration, and day 1 bar shenanigans )

Friday, September 4

Didn't sleep really well. Got up at 8am and showered and dressed in chick SGA costume. Went to the fan table and saw Gareth on the way. Joked that I was following him because we kept running into each other. Dan was still setting up the table. Jason and I went to buy breakfast for the people at the table. Helped with the rest of table setup - they were hanging a Stargate backdrop for people to take photos with.

SG panels, Julie Benz, Lani Tupu, Zombie prom, more bar shenanigans )

Saturday, September 5

Woke up at 7:45 am and got ready for the parade. Got breakfast and snagged [ profile] husher315 something since he texted me on the way. It's entirely possible I got to the SFH table and threw his breakfast at him. I was tired and hungry and the fruit cup I got was possibly the smallest I'd ever seen.

Our group gathered at SFH table before heading out. We had several SG-1 people, a few Atlantis people, and a group with the new Stargate: Universe uniforms. Liz was wearing her new Hak'tyl costume, which looked awesome. I was wearing my SG-2 chick variant. Eventually, we made our way to parade start. It threatened to rain, but thankfully it didn't. The BSG group was definitely larger this year! Parade was fun and the weather was great. Spotted [ profile] speakerwiggin in the crowd toward the end.

parade, Ben Browder, Michael Trucco, Charlaine Harris, TCF party fail )

Sunday, September 6

Got up at ungodly hour and got dressed in SGA gear. Grabbed some breakfast at the cafe in the Hyatt. Went down to the Flanigan photo op with [ profile] husher315. It went really quickly and Joe was pretty nice. While in line waiting, Paul walked by and his handler pointed me out again and Paul stopped to say hello. :D [Also, I really need to stop doing these photo ops because I always look like a goon.]

flanigan, scifihero dinner, late night walking )

Monday, September 7

Weird day. Up at 10am. Dressed. Got food. Talked to Jeffrey, who just joined TCF. I told him to check out Met up with Jason who had to check out of his room. He needed to drop off his armor tub in my room for a while before he moved it to Dan's room. We got the rest of his stuff to Dan's room at the Hyatt before going to the food court so Jason could get lunch. I went to walk of fame for awhile. No one was there really, but bought art from Lani Tupu who was just about to leave. Had a quick chat with him and told him that I've been wanting one of his pieces for a long time.

dealer's room, con winding down :( )

Tuesday, September 8

Awake after 8 hours of sleep. That was definitely the longest sleep I had the whole weekend, but I felt wiped. Got dressed and had breakfast at the Corner Bakery with the rest of the St. Pete crew, Carlos, and Ben. So tasty! Why was I not having breakfast here every morning? Went back to the hotel to finish packing and check my bag at the desk. Said goodbye to the gang driving back to Florida before dashing over to the Hyatt to say goodbye to Dan and Jason. Wandered around the Marriott and sat in the Pulse Loft for a while with Ben.

the LONG journey home )

Additional links and media:

+ all my DragonCon photos are here
+ daily tweets (with pics): thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon, tues
+ Phil's photos
+ Blackhawk's photos: parade, con
+ Tim Fritz's photos
+ Michael Hogan attacking a cake at the SFH dinner
+ Abe the Alien at a Thriller dance practice
+ Paul McGillion panel on Friday
+ DragonCon parade: part 1, part 2, part 3 (ScifiHero is at 2:33 in Part 3)
+ Shatner & Nimoy panel (7 parts)
+ Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Panel (7 parts)
+ Stargate Multiverse Panel (7 parts)
+ crapload of other youtube vids

And that concludes my awesome DragonCon trip for this year. I can't wait til next year when, hopefully, [ profile] smashedrecords will be coming with me as I know she will have an awesome time.
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Got a ton of photos I've finally pulled off my camera in preparation for DragonCon. First up are some new costumes I've been putting together. No Merlotte's waitress pics yet - I'm waiting on the apron.

Stargate: Atlantis Chick Variant
I did a chick variant SG-1 costume a could years back. This was kind of last minute is made from modified BDUs. I turned a pair of boys size 16 pants (where were too small in the hip for me) into the skirt. The top is an x-small BDU shirt that's been cut and darted in the back and a little in the front. Unfortunately, both items are different materials and dyes so it doesn't match exactly, but it's close enough.

It should be noted that I've always hand-sewed everything I do, but with skirt & shirt, I strong armed the sewing machine into working (sort of) and was able to make both of these in no time at all! Well, okay, I spent 2 hours on the skirt trying to get the machine to work, but the shirt came together in about 3 hours yesterday! :D

Next is my Jubilee costume, which I posted before, but I think it was with long pants instead of shorts? I'm still undecided about the gloves. I know she wears blue gloves in the comics/animated series, but I kind of hate them? I might switch to a pair of black ones at DCon or just not wear them at all. Don't know yet. Anyway, ditched the long coat she's seen wearing and went with a cropped jacket. Looks way better.

X-Men: Evolution Rogue
Been wanting to do this costume for a while and I like how it came out. The green mesh top was made for me by [ profile] queenmaab using fabric that was going to be for a River dress. Everything else is store-bought. For the streaks, I didn't want to fuss with a wig so I bought clip-in streaks which I cut to length. I've seen character sheets with both black and dark green tights and... well, I went with dark green.

And now... back to packing. Or something like that.
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Shore Leave is coming up in a few weeks and there are a couple new costumes I'll have for that.

First up: Jubilation Lee from the X-Men comics... though this costume is modeled after the animated series. I decided to go with a shorter jacket and long jeans instead of the shorts. I think it still looks like Jubilee, but not as... ridiculous?

photo! )

Next, are the Roswell Crash Down dresses. These are the waitress dresses maria and Liz wore at work. [ profile] smashedrecords and I will be wearing them to Shore Leave. They're not 100% -- we're still missing the little alien head over the chest (got the pieces, just need to apply) and I'm missing the head piece in my photo.

reference pics and finished dress )
We found the base dress at a uniform supply company. The vinyl fabric is from ebay. A family friend helped us sew all the vinyl to the dress, shortened it, and made the apron. [ profile] smashedrecords found the parts for the headpieces online.
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Some costuming updates. I'm working on a number of new costumes for myself: X-Men Evolution Rogue and animated series Jubilee. [ profile] smashedrecords and I are also going to be working on the Crash Down waitress uniforms from Roswell.

[ profile] queenmaab has been working on an Evil Red Riding Hood costume (from American McGee's game designs) to go with her Evil Alice costume. I had a fitting at her house this week.

Evil Red photos )

I'm not a huge fan of spandex superhero costumes, mostly because I can't sew anything and partially because I don't think I'd be comfortable running around a con in say a Psylocke outfit. Which is why I've picked the easier costumes that are basically street clothes.

Jubilee's outfit )

And finally, the Domino makeup test. Since I'm doing the Evolution Rogue costume, I suggested that [ profile] smashedrecords do a Domino costume. She's part of the X-verse, but the costume is easy enough -- just some makeup, really. I'm trying to see if it can be done with mineral makeup instead of costuming goop, which is awful to wear and annoying to get off. All makeup I used is from Everyday Minerals.

makeup details below )
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I can has arc reactor! :D And a new icon to go with it!

[ profile] sweetwildandmad FTW!!! I have my arc reactor and it will be debuting at Shore Leave this weekend! Not sure what day.. was thinking Saturday night.

you know you want to see it... )
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Ugh. Con prep is always the worst part of con.

Stuff I've done so far:
+ printed & matted pieces for the art show
+ printed & matted giveaway art
+ gathered costuming bits

And... that's it. Awesome.

Left to do:
+ packing
+ fix up arc reactor

That one thing is probably going to take me a whole night to do. I need to make a list of stuff that needs to be brought. I did just get all the costumes squared away.. I think. I should probably go over it again.

On the plus side, I heard back from [ profile] sweetwildandmad and my arc reactor is done! :D I'll just have to pick it up tomorrow and then figure out how to attach it to the harness thing I made. Eeep!

How is it past midnight already? Ack!
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Here are some photos of the first go at River' bank heist costume in Serenity.

All items by [ profile] queenmaab. She did have to spray dye the fabric used for the dress as the original was too peachy/orange/pink and we also spray dyed the over vest thing. There are things I don't particularly like on it (the vest thing for starters), but I love the cut of the dress and the shirt.

I know she wasn't wearing boots in the movie, but there's no way I'm running around a con in bare feet. The boots are similar to the ones she has later on in the movie, so whatever.

Reference photos for this costume are here.

five photos )

And now I are off to make a batch of Anzac biscuit for a party this afternoon :D
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After I left work yesterday, I stopped at Best Buy to pick up Cloverfield (with bonus disk, yay!) and ended up also getting Ah! My Goddess Series 1. Heh. Talking with [ profile] arysani has put me back in the anime mood and I've been poking around the interwebs looking for boxset deals. I'm not above picking up "bootleg" foreign editions, so I've now ordered Magic Knight Rayearth 1 & 2, the Rayearth OVA, and El Hazard: The Wanderers so I can get rid of my VHS tapes. Plus, I've picked up El-Hazard: The Magnificent World (yay for non-annoying Ifurita!) and Tsukihime Lunar Legend, both of which I haven't seen yet.

Also made a quick stop at Home Depot to get some Goof Off for my My Little Pony repaint project and some light bulbs for new outdoor light fixtures. Why is it so hard to find the right light bulb? I swear I stood looking at all those shelves for 10 or 15 minutes trying to find what I needed. Ugh.

Came home and tried to repair some damage done to eternalvox by the code injection hack. I managed to clear up almost all the files and update my Coppermine gallery as well as those belonging to [ profile] queenmaab and [ profile] eretria before I headed off to [ profile] thebigfatman's where she was helping me crochet a piece for my River costume.

I have no clue about crochet and none of the patterns I found were at all helpful XD But [ profile] thebigfatman found what she needed in minutes and had what she need to do figured out in no time! I can't wait to see this all done. No matter what, it's going to be a million times better than anything I could attempt to knit.

Got home and updated [ profile] forcryinoutloud's gallery, then poked around eBay and did a 1am impulse buy on a Microman Lady Material Force in black.

Took the day off from work today because the room was spinning... and I'm spending it in front of the computer, which makes it worse. Oh well. At least I'm home and not at the office.

After three hours, I think I have all my site stuff squared away. Maybe. I dunno. I was using the Globat control panel yesterday in a blind panic attempt to get everything working and not virus-y. Today, though, I ended up reuploading a majority of the items anyway because the size differences were freaking me out, but now that I think about it -- ascii vs. binary mode results in size difference? I dunno. I also updated two of my e-mail forms with the new version of NLPHPMail.

I need to go get some food. Then I guess I should start working on getting the rest of my junk out from the random areas of the house. Yay?
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Another costuming binge!

In this post: Updated Ravenclaw costume, fitted tactical vest, River boots, really, really lame River costume.

photos and babble under cut )
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Ugh. My Tin Man and Stargate: Ark of Truth DVDs have been sitting in Albany for 3 days. Which, is basically like 20 minutes from me and I could have just went and gotten them. So, I tried calling the main USPS number and of course that was no help - you can't get to a live human. Then I called the Albany branch to ask what was going on, and the woman was like, "well, your house is not in my jurisdiction, so call somewhere else." Thanks a lot, lady. The package was only sitting in your facility for 2 days. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to USPS through their site and the reply this morning was basically, "Uhm , yeah, we don't know." Finally I called the main office for my service area and the woman was really nice and helpful and made me not freak out so much by telling me that yes, sometimes packages do sit in Albany for while.

Spent the day at [ profile] queenmaab's finishing up some last minute costume things. Well. Actually we played dress up for three hours making sure all her costumes were right. They all looked okay, I think. We did tests for all the costumes and I took photos, which I think came out rather nice. I hope she puts them up somewhere. I also gave her and her sister mini makeovers XD I am so converting people over to mineral makeup! Heh. I actually left QM with my soft mint sample and BM foundation so she could try it out for a week. While at her house, I wanted to work on a hat, but.. didn't really happen. I did get the yarn for QM's hat wound into balls, but that's about it. Will probably try to do it tomorrow.

I came home to find that ALL my Amazon DVDs got delivered - Tin Man, Stargate: Ark of Truth, and The Invisible Man Season 1!! *glee* Okay, postal service, I forgive you. Guess what;s going to be playing tomorrow while I work on hats?

Right now I'm looking through eBay to see if I can find pieces for a River costume for the Browncoat party I'm having in May. Originally, I was thinking her pink dress/sweater outfit from "Safe," but now I'm liking this one. Am likely to order the TUK boots tomorrow in any case. They are awesome and I want them.

Erm. ICON is next weekend. omgnotready!!

Edit: All right, yeah. I just bought River's boots.
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Things Wot Happened Today:

+ helped boss deal with aftermath of IE7 upgrade. Upgrade has messed up all aspect of normal processing.

+ Company tells me I must now learn regex and XPath for new aspect of job. Oy.

+ bought a lot of yarn in Jayne Cobb hat colors. Yeah. Hopefully I can figure out how to make one on a loom.

+ went to [ profile] queenmaab's and finished the belt for the Mirror Queen as well as the beading on the sleeves. Hooray! I think my costuming work for her this cycle is complete! :D

+ altered tactical vest arrived. Stitch fixed it for me and made it not so.. big. Fits nice now :D Can't wait to wear it with all my gear for ICON!

+ Everyday Minerals and Signature Minerals orders came in, so now I have full sizes of the items I wanted. YAY!

So, overall, it's been a good day :)

Now I leave you with this:

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Mail call! :D The yarn I ordered for my River costume came in today. Yay! It's absolutely the perfect shade for the crocheted piece. ^^

I also got my new Bluetooth handsfree for my phone, a Samsung WEP200. As all reviewers have said, the functionality is great; it picks up sound without my having to talk loudly and the sound is clear on the other end. It's not the greatest fit, though, as everyone has said, but a $5 pack of Jabra ear gels are supposed to be the perfect fix, so I'll be wandering about to get those at some point. The WEP200 only cost me $30 (shipping included), so it's not that big of a deal.

Am looking at wigs for my Sydney Bristow and River Tam costumes. Will most likely order something from at some point in the near future.

Have finally ordered myself a copy of Big Damn Chefs. Yays! Not that I can cook, really. But I've wanted it. And it might come in handy if I ever have that Browncoat Shindig I want to have....
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Happy Zombie Jesus Day Easter!

Had a rather productive weekend. For once.

Friday, I have to admit, I didn't do too much. Took some photos of myself in my new Hogwarts uniform (new shirt and added a corset), which I'll have to upload at some point. Mom & I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday before wandering around Target where I picked up a new organizer thing for my make-up and a Swashbucklers Jack Sparrow figure. Want the Davy Jones figure as well (so cute! XD) and might pick up a Will, but the Elizabeth looks weird. Afterward, we took a trip to the shoe store and ended up with a new pair of boots (fit for a Browncoat!) and dress shoes. Came home an vacuumed most of the house because the dog hair was driving me nuts.

Yesterday, I took about 4 hours to reorganize my makeup :P Nightmare. But it's all sorted now. Then I did laundry and watched like 4 hours of Torchwood.

Today was pretty productive as well. Finally got my taxes done... it only took an hour, so I'm not sure why I put it off for so long. I should, barring any issues, be getting something like $900 back. *glee* I also finally got off my bum and updated my movie database a bit - checked my list against what I actually have and completed the current list of movies on hand. I can't find my Blade: Trinity DVD for some reason though. Uploaded latest list to the site. Next will be to finish checking the TV box sets.

My copy of Invisible Man Season 1 has shipped! WOOHOO! Tin Man and Ark of Truth still haven't arrived yet, which is a bummer since they shipped the same day as BSG S3 and I got that already. Hrm.

Heard back from Stitch today and my vest mod is done! Which means I'm going to have a vest that fits to go with my SGA BDU uniform! Hurrah! Now I just need to fix the velcro for the patch... this week, I guess.

Ugh. My head is killing me. I couldn't stop sneezing early, so I popped two Sudafed (the good stuff, not the Phenylephrine crap they sell now) and I feel better, but still light headed and can't really focus. Blah. So I think I'm gonna head to be early.
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After work, I puttered around town a bit. Went to Peter Harris and bought some cool boots and a shirt for $15.

Headed to [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad's for chattage and whatnot before going to karaoke at the Lucky Strike bowling Alley. Good times! I have some photos and videos I took that I need to send on to the proper people...

Spent all day at [ profile] queenmaab's working on costuming things. I have traded her season 1 & 2 of Dead Like Me for a River costume XD Kori came over, as well, and we had one big crafting day. Got a lot of stuff done -- beaded sleeves for the Mirror Queen, wire wrapped pieces for the Black Swan, and started on the Mirror Queen's belt. We also did a wee photo shoot of QM in her Harry Potter costume and if she ever posts them, I'll link the photos here.

Originally we had planned on watching Buffy and Firefly during the day, but ended up watching both series of Spaced. Seriously, I do not get tired of that show. I love it so much.

On a related note: Apparently, Simon Pegg name dropped Star Trek: New Voyages in a recent interview.

That was kind of cool, but I anticipate the reaction of certain fans to be... non-existent. In fact, the post has been hit nearly a hundred times on a certain forum where people are known to react to anything and only garnered 2 replies, one of which was mine (it basically said, "frak you all, you bunch of naysayers. Peggster FTW!). I just can't help think that these people, many of whom were strongly opposed to Pegg as Scotty (as I recall, someone said that he couldn't play Scotty because he was British... wtf??), are just sitting quietly eating their tinfoil hats and pretending that didn't have a problem with him.

Gorram Trekkies.

Uhm. Got up really late. Played with mineral makeup (see previous post for reviews). Cleaned up the large pile of mail/paperwork on my floor.

Watched this really ridiculous movie on SciFi Channel - Cursed. Hellloooo random actors. Starred Christina Ricci and Jashua Jackson, plus appearances from Portia de Rossi, Mya, Shannon Elizabeth, Milo Ventimiglia, Judy Greer, and Michael Rosenbaum, plus Craig Kilborn and Scott Baio playing themselves. Actually, it wasn't really that bad... I even kinda liked it.

I meant to do my taxes, but after dinner, I ended up playing Super Smash Brothers which I am completely horrible at. Seriously. I suck and [ profile] seijitataki kicked my ass every single time. Lamecakes.
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Interesting developments at work. More later if it goes through. But it could mean more interesting work for me to do...

After work, I stopped by the Chinese grocery to pick up dinner. Then, uh, went to Sephora while I waited for [ profile] queenmaab to get home. Yeah. I bought another Tarte lip gloss (Westley & Buttercup!) and another Tarte Lock & Roll eye shadow (gunmetal). I'm sick, I need help.

Another night at [ profile] queenmaab's working on costumes. I brought dinner tonight... some things I picked up at the Chinese grocery. Proving once again that I can't even heat up pre-cooked food properly, the pork was... not exactly hot. But.. at least it all tasted good. I thought so at least. :\ Didn't get as much work done on the beaded sleeves as I had hoped, but there was some progress.

Came home and discovered that the boots I bought for my River costume arrived. Oh em gee. They are FABULOUS. And PERFECT. And.. okay, not 100% like what she wore in the movie, but close enough. I was afraid that the grey would be too light, but they look like a well-worn black/dark brown, which I think is perfect. Yeah. I love them. I can't wait to wear them with the costume.


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