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New Twilight icon. Because I love Alice. And because I wanted to slap Bella. A lot.

Gah. I was actually productive today!! What that means, is I've finished the site commission I've been working on. The client seems happy with it and SPGM was a bitch and a half to shove into the layout properly, but once I did it, I think it looks pretty great. When he updates his site with the new layout, I'll be sure to link to it so you guys can have a look.

I met up with [ profile] iambliss for lunch, which was fun! She also gave me the finished piece for my River costume, which I can't wait to wear at DragonCon! I'll have to try it on with my costume to see if there any details I have to tweak. After that, I went to run some errands.

AHHH! DragonCon is so soon! -_-;; I am so not ready. Got two days to pack and finish up some matting of prints. Eep!

Threadless is having another sale! $12 shirts this time. And... I think I will spend a bit of my commission money (and Threadless credit).

+ No Peeking
+ Cooking With Friends
+ and a gift for someone else.

Think now I shall be off to find some dinner and maybe watch more Doctor Who.


Mar. 17th, 2008 10:43 pm
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Sale at Threadless again! $9 and up... so a bit different than what they've done in the past because they've got some new price scaling going on.

I haven't ordered a Threadless shirt in 4 months, so I think I might have gone a little nuts:

+ Emotional Trip
+ Electric Jellyfish
+ Stat City
+ A Salt and Battery
+ If It Ain't Metal (for QM)

I also really wanted Color-Coded Criminals, but... maybe next time.

Did good though -- at one point I had 12 shirts in my cart -_-;; Got it down to four for myself somehow. Go me?

Saving money what?
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After work today, I couldn't be arsed to go and buy food at Target or get yarn at Joann's :\

Instead, I've come home and bought more Buffs (High UV ones for me and a gift). The US Buff Wear site is finally selling the Long Way Down Buff, so anyone who's interested should go have a look. I've used mine A LOT since I bought it and it's coming in pretty handy during the winter as something to wear around my neck and pull up over my face when it's cold and windy. They're offering free shipping until December 21.

Threadless just posted the last of their shirts for the Holiday sale, which ends this Sunday. I just picked up:
+ Beelzebub (the product photo is freaky!)
+ Everyone Poops (in girls light blue)

Got to use some Street Team points for that. Rawk. has been having a crazy Buy One Get One sale on Fox/MGM DVD sets. I would really like to get some, but tomorrow, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and Lost: Season 3 come out, so I should probably wait and blow my money on that. Hm.

Nevermind. I just bought The X-Files season 1 & 2 for a total of $35. XD And I put Season 3 & 4 (the only other two I liked) on my Christmas list for my mom, along with Bones season 2 and a couple others.

Hm.Time for dinner I think. After that I need to start wrapping Christmas gifts... if I can find them all.
amezri: (spaced ;; tim/daisy ;; goof) has started their holiday sale! What I really ought to do is get people Threadless gift certificates for them to use now as early Christmas gifts :-P Honestly, now is much more useful than later. Hm. Will look into that.

Have just bought:
+ Movies: Ruining the Book Since 1920
+ We're Not Savages
+ Satan's Little Helper

Today's goth loli look: Had this black dress in my closet and never wore it because I thought it was too short, but I loved the fabric and layering. Threw a tiered skirt on under it (I really need more underskirts) and a velvet burnout shirt over it. Also have on legwarmers over some black knee highs and mono black Chucks.

quicksnap )

Mom and I watched 3 episodes of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? I never really cared for American Idol, but I'm really liking Maria, John Barrowman and Graham Norton aside. I could cheat and wiki who won, but I'm not going to :-P
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Bwahahaha! I can have Rodney McKay do my voicemail message! XD Oh man, I am soooo going to once I figure out how to get it on my phone D: May in fact have to do the ghetto phone to speaker method. But. YES.

Threadless has a new feature: Thriftees. A select shirt and size on sale for $10 until they are gone, then a new one goes up.

Late for work. Again. Ooops.
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Get your cool on, bitches.

[ profile] sweetwildandmad and then [ profile] thebigfatman helped me narrow it down. I got:

+ A Dark Night
+ There's No Crying in Breakfast
+ Dead Sucker
+ Marshmallow Factory
+ Make Yourself At Home
+ UR In My Top 8

Uhhhmm... there goes my new DVD player (sorry, [ profile] queenmaab). And new router.

Was going to get Relative Speed, but I think it looks kinda crappy on slate. Meh.

And I almost bought CTRL+Z, except now I think I like it better on red because you can't really see it that well on black.


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