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Meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot. YOU GUYS, I thought Texas was the craziest state? What is this fuckery?

Governor expected to sign SB1070, as statewide rallies and walkouts continue
The New York Times, The Arizona Republic (not exactly the bastion of liberal thinking), Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, Stephen Colbert, and now President Obama have all come out against this legislation which would require Arizona law enforcement officers to ask people for proof of citizenship during legal contacts. If they don't have proof of citizenship on their person, they are presumed to be illegal.

Whites can't tell the difference between people of color anyway, so now cops are just going to be pulling people over and harassing them for no reason other than the color of their skin. And yes, I KNOW this does happen anyway, but now it's going to be LEGAL TO DO SO. "Oh hey, I thought this brown guy was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, so hey, I stopped him. And threw him in jail. Because he didn't have any proof of citizenship."

Not that I'm planning on going to Arizona any time soon, but I if do (or if this bill becomes some sort of nation-wide trend), I do not want to have to carry citizenship paperwork with me because I might get hassled by the cops. NO. Just, NO. You know where you have to carry citizenship and residential paperwork with you when you walk around your own country? CHINA. Yeah, let's use that as a model.

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Watching the third debate from last week DVRed from CNN HD. It's not that they're saying anything new. McCain is so full of bullshit. I love that Obama is correcting him though.

And I just hit the spot in the debate where they talk about insurance and Obama corrects McCain -- and McCain looks so confused.

McCain isn't even listening to anything Obama is saying. He's just talking in bullshit circles.

OMG, here come the air quotes. WTF over-turning Roe v. Wade. Haha! Air quotes = dip!

Whoa. Martin's point scores are ridiculously high. A bit point happy, man.

I like how Obama waits for his turn to speak where McCain just interrupts.

Last question: we spend money on education but our kids are dumb; explain.

Yay for Obama pointing out that parents need to take responsibility for their kids.

I find when McCain is speaking I don't really listen. I did hear his glaring lack of an education plan of any kind.

In conclusion: women love Obama and we don't buy McCain's garbage.
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Apparently someone created a tool that can hack into Gmail accounts.

As I understand it, right now, when you login to Gmail, it's encrypted, but then it switches to an unencrypted session. This will leave you open to an attack when the tool is released.

While it might not be complete protections from hackers, encrypting your GMail session should help:

Log in to your Gmail account --> Click Settings --> Scroll to the bottom section labeled "Browser Connection" --> Select "Always use https" --> Save Changes

thanks to [ profile] arysani for the heads up. Information via [ profile] lwood here.
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Okay, now Isaac Hayes is dead too?! WTF, Universe?


Aug. 9th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Universe, why are you taking our entertainers? WHY?

news: china

Aug. 7th, 2008 07:31 am
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In regards to the thing I posted yesterday:

China rejects Bush criticism of its affairs

China rejected President Bush's criticism Thursday of its human rights record and restrictions on religion, diplomatically telling him to stay out of its affairs even as he flew to Beijing to attend the Olympics.

Who's surprised? Not me.

He said he wasn't trying to antagonize China, but called such reform the only path the potent U.S. rival can take to reach its full potential.

He antagonized the Chinese anyway, setting the stage for an interesting reception when he attends the opening ceremonies Friday evening, takes in some events — including the U.S.-China men's basketball game — and meets with President Hu Jintao on Sunday after attending church.

You might want to watch out for that lunch. Yeah.

"The Chinese government puts people first, and is dedicated to maintaining and promoting its citizens basic rights and freedom," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in response to Bush's speech. "Chinese citizens have freedom of religion. These are indisputable facts."

He said China advocates discussions on differing views on human rights and religions on "a basis of mutual respect and equality," then indicated it didn't see Bush's criticism in that light.

"We firmly oppose any words or acts that interfere in other countries' internal affairs, using human rights and religion and other issues," Qin said.

LULZ. Lots and lots of lulz.

news: china

Aug. 6th, 2008 09:26 am
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This provided nearly as many LOLZ as Breaking Dawn.

Bush: China must end detentions, ensure freedoms

"America stands in firm opposition to China's detention of political dissidents, human rights advocates and religious activists," Bush will declare in the marquee speech of his three-nation Asia trip. "We speak out for a free press, freedom of assembly and labor rights — not to antagonize China's leaders, but because trusting its people with greater freedom is the only way for China to develop its full potential."

You know all those Chinese leaders are in the back room scowling, pondering how they can get him to choke on another pretzel.

He says he has built a relationship with China's leaders — through opposing independence for Taiwan, cooperating in negotiations over North Korea's nuclear program and sharing economic interests, for example — that has allowed him to be "honest and direct" on sensitive internal matters.

I...just.. argh. "Opposing independence for Taiwan." Not that I didn't see his little speech in 2003 telling Taiwan not to stir the shit, but WTF. Up until 2003 (2004?) there was all this posturing about how the US would back Taiwan and that Taiwan would be supported if it were attacked. So much for that.

The communist country considers the Olympics a source of huge national pride and is pulling out all stops to ensure no embarrassments. It has rounded up dissidents, detaining some. Journalists covering the games have objected to restrictions on Internet sites, worried about possible censorship.

Yeah. That right there. Would be my point.

In Thursday's speech, the president is softening his message somewhat by saying any changes in China would have to come "on its own terms and in keeping with its own history and traditions."

"Ultimately only China can decide what course it will follow," he says.

That's generous of you. Get ready for the timeline of NEVER.

Seriously, if it came to an all out fight, do you really think you could win? Short of nuking the place, I mean. And if you did that.... well, that sure wouldn't win the US any popularity votes. As much as I'd like to think the US might do the right thing and back Taiwan, what with them seeking democracy and independence from a communist country, I'm really certain that won't happen. There are too many economic ties in China right now -- China holds $502 billion in US Treasury securities (second only to Japan, which holds $509 billion; the UK is in third with $251 billion). Taiwan is holding $42 billion. Yeah.

So. That'll all go well.
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What the frak with the dying, people?!

Stan Winston, Tim Russert, George Carlin, Micheal Turner, and now Don S. Davis.

Hammond of Texas, we shall miss you! ;_;
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Yep. Still with the Iron Man disease.

I bought one of the glow in the dark arc reactor shirts from here.

And then I found this LED arc reactor shirt which is full of awesome. Seriously. If this person is willing to make more, I am all over that.

I also got myself a Plantronics Discovery 655 bluetooth headset because A) my Samsung one was pissing me off and B) I'm fairly certain that's the model that Pepper is using in the movie. Yes, I'm a dork. The one I got off eBay was most likely used as there are some scratches on the charger, but I've tested it and it works pretty well. And as a bonus, the thing actually stays in my ear without a giant-sized eargel and without a bunch of fiddling. The charging cradle make much more sense than the Samsung one and there's an included attachment that lest you charge the headset with a AAA battery. Sweet.

Okay, so here is a trailer for Tropic Thunder. I think I might have to go see it. And in all honesty, it has nothing to do with RDJ (though that will certainly be an interesting performance), but Ben Stiller entertains me and I love Steve Coogan.

And on a serious note, I have to say, YAY, NEW YORK! And YAY, Gov. Paterson!

New York to Back Same-Sex Unions From Elsewhere

ALBANY -- Gov. David A. Paterson has directed all state agencies to begin to revise their policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, like Massachusetts, California and Canada.

In a directive issued on May 14, the governor’s legal counsel, David Nocenti, instructed the agencies that gay couples married elsewhere "should be afforded the same recognition as any other legally performed union."

So, it's not the same as allowing gay marriage in NY, but recognizing marriages from another state is a start at least.

And now I should go get dinner, do the garbage and various other productive things.
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Hey New Yorkers -- you know that stupid line in our tax return asking us how much we spent online but didn't pay NYS sales tax on? Well, obviously no one is writing anything down, so they decided to move on to the next step -- taxing the webstores.

No More Tax Free Online Purchases For New York With New "Amazon Tax" Bill
In case living in New York wasn't already expensive enough, state lawmakers passed the "Amazon Tax" bill this week, which will require online retailers to collect sales taxes on purchases shipped to the state, even when they don't have physical operations there.

New York-based retailers have argued for years that the Amazon loophole gives out-of-state online shopping centers an unfair advantage. Technically, consumers are supposed to report purchases they make online on their tax returns, but virtually nobody does it and enforcement is impossible.

The bill still needs a signature from Governor David Paterson to officially become law, but he's widely expected to OK it. The state government expects the new requirement to generate about $50 million in revenue this fiscal year.

Meanwhile, as a resident of this fair city who uses Amazon like her life depends on it, I get to watch my wallet empty 8.375 percent faster - in the middle of a recession! Thanks, government!

Well, in response:

Amazon Sues New York State to Void Sales Tax Rules
Before the ink on the bill has even dried, has filed a suit challenging New York State’s new law that forces online retailers to collect sales taxes on shipments to state residents.

On Friday, Amazon filed a complaint in New York Supreme Court in New York City, objecting to the law. The provision is meant to contribute about $50 million to the $122 billion budget that was passed by the state legislature April 9 and signed by Gov. David A. Paterson last week.

The issue isn’t whether people should pay taxes when they buy goods from out-of state sellers like Amazon, which is based in Seattle. For decades, New York and other states have required their residents to pay use tax — equivalent to sales tax — on out-of-state purchases for which sales tax wasn’t collected.

The question is whether the vendors must collect those taxes on behalf of the state. Generally, only those companies that have a physical presence, such as an office or store, in the state of the purchase are required to collect the taxes.

But, you know, whatever. If this Amazon Tax Bill passes, they better not expect me to actually fill out that stupid line on the state tax return anymore. Not that I ever did.
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Um..... why is the EU creating REPLICATORS?!

Swarms of Transformer-style robots to be built

A £4.6 million project to create swarms of hundreds of autonomous, Transformer-style robots has been launched.

Scientists aim to create a prototype team of self-organising, shape-changing mini robots that work as a team by 2013.

The self-healing robots will be able to dock with each other, share energy and co-operate to maximise their abilities to achieve different tasks.

Uhm. Yeah. That sounds just like oh, the Replicators. The article goes on to, quoting one of the scientists:

Prof Winfield denied the swarms could go wrong and cause harm to humans, but said scientists could not take responsibility for how societies decided to use them.

"It might sound like something scary from science fiction but it's not, it's just a complex engineering system.

"It will have to go through safety and validation assessments before it would be used in real-life situations.

"As scientists we behave ethically but we can't determine how these things might be used. That is a question for wider society to determine."


"The robots have functionality on their own, but they can also combine together or adapt and change as the situation requires.

"The individual robots won't change physically, but they will adapt and evolve their functionally."

That scares me. A lot. Any sort of computer that can learn an adapt on its own is pretty dangerous, I'd say. I can't believe he's saying that yeah, they're harmless because they'll double check, but hey, if someone gets their hands on them and uses them to destroy humanity... oh well.



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