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It's that time of year again...

See you all when I get back!
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Hello LJ land. Is anyone still even reading this?

I've been neglecting the livejournal something awful and seem to have replaced it with Twitter. I do feel kind of bad about that since I'm also losing the ability to think in strings longer than 140 characters. Haven't been up to much lately, but seems like I've been doing a lot of film work... kind of.

Columbia Pictures was shooting some car scenes for The Other Guys in Albany at the end of September. I'm told the reason is that you can't drive a car more than 30mph in NYC and it takes decidedly more than that to get a Chevelle through a double-decker tour bus. I was on set for 4 days as an extra and just stood on the street and walked around how they told me. Nothing too terribly exciting and I was far more interested in the equipment they were using than anything else that was going on. On my third day, the 2nd 2nd AD directed me to one of the cars stopped in front of where the bus should be and I was basically put in front of a camera for a reaction shot. So, maybe where the movie comes out, you'll see me step out of a car and gape at the car wreck.

This past week, I was once again in Port Henry working on Star Trek: Phase 2. This time around we were finishing up Enemy: Starfleet. I was 1st AC on this one, which was a good time and I learned a lot more things. Hopefully I can retain that information. The smaller crew was much better this time around, I think - less riff raff, though there were still a couple people I wouldn't have minded doing some violence to. Vic Mignogna came in to direct on Monday (did a good job) and his friend Todd Haberkorn came to be our 1st AD. I have to say, the set ran a lot smoother with Todd there, so I'm hoping he will be back in that capacity next time around. No shoot is complete without a debacle and this time we got two. The first was some ridiculousness where G&E and camera were on stand-by for 7 hours waiting for costumes to be finished and the second.. uh, well, best not to speak of that as it did work out in the end. I think. But still, dramarama, people. Dramarama.

A group of us - me, Alex, Romel, Matt, Chris, and Mark - were able to get out of Port Henry for a few hours to see Zombieland. When I say "get out," I mean we fled that place, speeding like maniacs, to get to Plattsburgh in time to make the film. I think we got there about 5 minutes late, missing the opening. But still - it was an awesome car adventure and a great movie. (Also, really good to get out of PH and away from Trek for a while).

Okay, sure, Zombieland isn't going to be the next classic, but it was highly entertaining. The lines were pretty clever and it was pretty gory without being too bloody, I thought. Not sure how that could be, but I remember smiling gleefully at the gore, but not thinking that the blood splatter was over the top. I kind of hate fast zombies, which these were, and I was nearly shouting at Tallahassee when he kept dropping his weapon every time he killed a zombie. Hold on to those weapons, man! Also, bonus Bill Murray.

This weekend, I'll be going to the Big Apple Con with [ profile] smashedrecords then NEFE in November with [ profile] queenmaab, Liz & Pano. My mother also has arranged a family trip to Hawaii at the end of November, so that should be... interesting. I'm always up for traveling, but sunny beaches and water are not really my kind of destination. Oh well. Once I'm back from that, I'll be heading down to DC to work on another film; a science fiction pilot which I don't have any details on.

And that concludes my sweeping life update. Hope someone found it interesting.
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Got everything pretty much packed up. I think. Ugh. I always feel like I'm forgetting something.

I'll be gone for two weeks to the Port Henry Phase II shoot again. Supposedly the cabins we're staying at this year have some sort of puny wireless connection, but who knows. I might be able to make some twitter posts just to say I'm alive, though. Otherwise, Verizon has a dead zone at the studio.

If I'm not back by June 15, someone send a rescue party.

phase 2

Oct. 8th, 2008 08:02 am
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First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] voleuse!

Ugh. Got up a bit later than I was planning. Off to the Phase II shoot. Be back on Friday!


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