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Uhm. Hm. What have I been up to?

After work yesterday, I stopped at Best Buy to pick up the latest Harry Potter DVD and Lost Season 3 (price matched with Circuit City and saved $5! Woot!). Came back and wrapped nearly all my Christmas gifts. I still have a few that need to be boxed up and mailed and a couple that, uh, need to be made. So unfortunately, I'm already going to have to apologize to people for late gifts. They'll be holiday gifts! Erm. Yeah.

Tonight after work I stopped at Joann's and bought a bunch of gift bags (hey, if they aren't used this year, there's the next). I was going to go to Target, but then I could figure out for the life of me what I was supposed to be buying.. so I just went home. Mom made curry beef for dinner (yum!) and I didn't really want to watch TV so I sat down and for the first time in a long time I made some icons. They sort of suck. I made a handful of Tin Man ones, but other than the two I uploaded, I hate them. Also made a Barrowman one and a Piemaker, which suck less, but I didn't really do any tweaking to the original images.

The weekend after Christmas, I'm heading to the Knitting Factory on the Ten Year Vamp bus. Hopefully I'll get to spend a decent amount of time with [ profile] ozw, who I apparently haven't seen since ICON (omgwtf??). I'm excited though :) YAY, OZ!

[ profile] erintheodd - my old batch of Fosters icons. Feel free to snag.

In other news, even though I haven't posted any recent images, the Tillandsias are all still alive. I think. I'm actually not really sure of the tenuifolia is still alive as it always looked half dead. Oh well. The stricta looks kinda like crap, but it's still going, so that's good. I'm sort of afraid the victoriana is dying as it doesn't look quite as nice as it did when I got it. BUT, they're all still generally green, and that's pretty good for having them a few months.

Right. And now I'm off to make the rounds and read some really, really bad Tin Man fic.
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For anyone who cares... the Tillandsias are all still alive. A couple of them look a little ishy, but they'll probably be all right.

Real update at a later time.
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A rather productive Saturday....

This morning I raked the backyard for about 2 hours. Then headed to [ profile] queenmaab's to help her paint a couple rooms. We didn't finish, but I think we did get a lot done. (Stupid paint was taking forever to dry.)

I don't know what the hell was going on, but on the drive back, the section on Central from Karner Rd. to the light to turn in to Kohl's/McDonalds was totally blocked by cops. I didn't really see an accident there.. uneless they were blocking a huge area so you didn't see the mangled human bodies D: Anyway, I ended up cutting through the Kohl's lot, going through the Price Chopper plaza, then turning out at that light. Sheesh. And nothingo n the Capital News 9 page yet... so I really wonder what it was.

I've been meaning to post photos of the Tillandsias that I've taken in the past couple weeks. Kept forgetting, but here we go...

November 3 - I watered them and took a couple snaps. Put them back on their table and turned on the fan for air circulation. T. victoria is producing one flower and a bud.

November 10 - Three flowers already produced on the T. victoria (two starting to whither in the photo; third removed) with three more buds coming out. I think the T. caput medusea purple has grown a bit more. Flowers on the T. stricta x tenifolia are further out of the bracts, but I'm not sure if any of the flowers have opened.

They're all still alive! :D Which is good. Hopefully they continue to stay that way.
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Raked the lawn this morning. Blah. Also took some new photos of my Tillandsias, which I'll probably post tomorrow. Gave them all a splash of water. Can't really tell how they're all doing except it's been nearly a week and I haven't killed any of them. Yet.

Watched a fair bit of TV today. Problem is.. I can't really remember what it was I've been watching. I watched American Dreamz this afternoon. Interesting movie... I think there were also a few episodes of season 2 Doctor Who, then some Top Gear, and Torchwood. "Random Shoes" was so weird.. it was a bit like Doctor Who's "Love & Monsters" in that the main cast weren't really featured much. Gwen just sort of wandered around. It was interesting though.

So, lots of BBC America today. Just finished the Graham Norton Show. Apparently we're only about a week behind because he had Josh Hartnett on talking about 30 Days of Night. I love Josh Hartnett and his dorkitude. Rufus Wainwright was on also. It is so weird hearing his speaking voice.. totally different from his singing voice XD He's a fun guest though. Sort of makes me want to track down his other interviews.

Anyway. Back to more vegging on the couch. I'm enjoying the quiet time without people bugging me and asking me 50 thousand questions while I'm trying to watch telly.
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All the plants looked a bit dry and the tips of the caput-medusea were looking a bit brown, so I decided (even though I was terribly late for work) to give them all a splash of water in the sink. They're not too damp, so I just put them back in their homes and turned the fan on for a minute for air circulation and to dry them a bit.

Concolor seems... not so good. It was a really pale green when it arrived, so I can't really tell if it's fine or if the tips are starting to yellow out and die....

Both the victoria and stricta x tenuifolia are starting to produce little purple flower buds from the magenta bracts. Pretty!

I'll post some photos later on.
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I went to Woodstock last week and picked up a Tillandsia victoria on a whim. I always liked air plants, but any time I had them when I was younger, I always killed them. I don't know if it was over watering, under watering, not enough light, too cold, etc. This time I'd asked the woman which one was the hardest to kill and she suggested the T. victoria. So, I got one. Yay!

Photos of T. victoria in it's home:

During the week, I'd decided I wanted to try some more Tillandsias. They aren't really that expensive and maybe this time I could get a few different ones and keep them alive a bit longer. After a lot of research and poking around, I decided to order from They had a really excellent selection (though they didn't have the myosura I wanted) and reasonable shipping. I placed the order on October 26 and my plants arrived today. Hooray!

I ordered the T. aeranthos mini purple, T. caput medusae, T. caput medusae purple, T. ionantha v. stricta, T. concolor, T. neglecta (it came with pups!), and was sent a bonus T. stricta x tenuifolia.

This is where they're living in my room:

Hopefully I can keep these guys alive. Most of the varieties are supposed to be pretty hardy. I love my little ionantha v. stricta in the hurricane glass! :D

And... I think I'm done with the LJ for today. I have a ton to catch up on and I need to make my huge October/Halloween post, but since tomorrow is only Tuesday, I think I can do it then.


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