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I've been pretty excited to cosplay Kira Yukimura since she showed up on Teen Wolf, but the one signature thing I couldn't locate was her backpack.

I found the fabric used, but it's from Japan and is like $15/yard. Of course, I don't know how to sew a backpack. My brilliant idea was to buy a blank white backpack an paint the design on.


It's taken me 5 weeks, but I finished it last night (this morning?) at 1am. Over the course of that time, there was a lot of frustration, cramped hands, and because I was working on the floor, a lot of me shouting, "ow my butt!"Seriously, I am never doing this again.

lots of photos under the cut! )

It came out awesome but NEVER AGAIN.

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I've been working for the last month on a Pullip style doll modeled after Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf. I bought an Angelgate head (knockoff Pullip head with no eye mechanism) and a 27cm Obitsu body in white.

doll parts )

The face-up came out really nice! I used a combination of pastels and watercolors.

faceup photos )

The eyes ended up not fitting in the sockets properly with the eyelids in place, so I had to take them out and reglue the lashes to the sockets.

She looks great in the two outfits I bought, so here are some pics I took before the wig arrived.

bodied and dressed )

The red wig I ordered was come from Malaysia and was taking forever to arrive. I ended up finding a blonde wig on Etsy for $8 and bought that too. It arrived super fast. The red wig arrived today, though, and the fibers are a much better quality. She looks so amazing in the red wig!

completed doll! )

The blue dress was made by my friend, Nikki, out of leftover fabric from the Lydia dress I added sleeves to.

I really love this doll, but I'm having two problems: I can't find shoes that I like that fit without having to take the feet off and also the wig makes the head heavy and flip backwards. I'll have to fix both of those at some point.

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JFC. There is never a shortage of wank in Teen Wolf fandom is there? Or hate for the actors when they say something not actually offensive while totally ignoring when an actor does say something really sketch because fans think they're hot or whatever.

Earlier in the week, Tyler Posey was asked about Sterek and he responded by saying he thought it was twisted and weird (keeping in mind his exposure to Sterek is primarily via interviewers waving stuff in his face trying to embarrass him) and that if people were only watching for Sterek, they're watching for the wrong reasons.

And you know what? He's right. He and the rest of the cast are constantly bombarded with questions about the Sterek shipp - not just by fans, but by media outlets hoping to get a good quote or some kind of reaction. I'm sure they'd all rather be talking about their character or the work they're doing on the show. Personally, I think Posey has had enough of it and though maybe he could have worded it differently, I don't blame him at all for finally saying something.

And now it has escalated to Posey getting death threats. Seriously, what the hell, people? So he doesn't like your shipp. Big deal. He thinks if you're only watching for Sterek, you're watching for the wrong reasons? He totally has the right to think that.

He is not obligated to pander to your shipp, especially if the most vocal of these shippers constantly degrade his character, photoshop him out of scenes, and out now sending him threats. What exactly does he have to like about that?

I'm a Sterek shipper, but I also shipp lots of other pairings on the show. The over-zealous Sterek shippers are making it unbearable for some of us. Today I've seen people backing out of the fandom and/or stepping out of the pairing because they're so done with the way people are behaving.

I feel really bad for the actors on the show that have to put up with this crap. No wonder Crystal Reed doesn't like to read fan reactions when people on twitter started a #killallison campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if Posey started backing away as well.

I just... I can't with these people. I want to go back to the days when we at least tried to pretend that the actors didn't know what we got up to in fandom except that we like them. All this transparency and accessibility is going really, really wrong.

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I posted this over on Tumblr, but I felt like I should post it here too. I dunno. There's some extra stuff at the end I didn't post on Tumblr.

Okay. So, there's a thing happening in Teen Wolf fandom right now that's making me feel like an awful person.

Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I know everything about all the other Asian cultures, but there are points in common, especially with the importance of family names. So, they had a thing on the show about a husband taking the wife's name because her family lineage is important and if he didn't she'd have been the end of the family line.

And I'll be honest I was sort of excited because of my own personal experience with this. My mom's parents didn't have any sons and my grandfather didn't have any surviving brothers with sons, which means that my mom's family line was basically ending with her and her sister. My aunt was the oldest, but her husband was the only son in his family, so she was going to take his family name. My father is the eldest son, so there was no way he could be asked to marry into my mother's family - even though technically her family had more prestige and money than his. And then all through my childhood, my grandparents told me that my mom's family wasn't actually family because they didn't share the same family name - that they were only just guests. And there was also some stuff about the area of China my mom's parents were from... which made no sense because my dad's parents didn't exactly come from the greatest area and my mom's parents were well-educated and, though not rich, pretty well-off. (It should be noted that taking the wife's family name is not something done lightly and usually because you basically can't marry off your son or the wife's family is very prestigious & much better off than your own.)

And having my father's name isn't a big deal because most everyone has their father's last name, whatever. However growing up, all I heard was that my mom's family line was nothing and my dad's family line was best. That my cousins who had a different last name were not actually family. (It's possible I've built up a lot of resentment towards my father's family.) So when that scene came up in the show, it struck a TOTALLY different chord with me than people who grew up with a Korean background and whose families had been oppressed by the Japanese.

I'm sorry that I was happy about something that was offensive to a large group of people.

It's not like my family doesn't have a history of conflict with the Japanese & Communist China. Both sets of grandparents fled from China and my mom's father stole a plane with his friends to escape after her mother had left with her and her sister; they arrived in Taiwan during the tail-end of Japan's occupation of Taiwan. My mom's father later joined the Taiwan Air Force and fought in WWII. I understand, though, that it isn't as terrible as what happened to Koreans under Japanese rule, though I admit that I never knew all of the details of their occupation.

I get mad about things I see on TV about Asians and inaccurate portrayals, casting non-Asians to play Asians, casting Koreans to play Japanese or Japanese to play Chinese, etc. But obviously Asians in media are so poorly depicted that I get excited about stupid things like "hey they cast a Korean ot play a Korean" and "hey they mentioned the importance of family line and names."
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Hey, look at me with a real entry before the end of 2013! (I don't even know if there are any of you left on here even reading my livejournal.) I've been mostly living on Tumblr and even though I keep meaning to come back, I just never do. BUT! Here I am, with a little fanmix for the Teen Wolf fandom.

Thanks to [ profile] arysani, [ profile] spaggel, and [ profile] athenaktt for feedback on the mix and the cover.

This mix was originally intended to be a general mix of wolfy songs to go running to, but I ended up picking songs for individual pack members.

Runs With Wolves: A Teen Wolf Fanmix

01. TV On the Radio - Wolf Like Me
A song for the wolves.

02. Spoon - Got Nuffin
Scott McCall.

03. The Heavy - How You Like Me Now
Peter Hale.

04. Dollshead - Freedom, Love Minus 10
Derek Hale.

05. Bif Naked - Red Flag
Isaac Lahey, mostly, but also new Betas on the full moon.

06. Dragonette - Riot
Stiles Stilinski.

07. Mutemath - Backfire
Boyd and his electric shock plan; it also applies to general Hale Pack Fail.

08. Rachael Yamagata - Faster
Erica Reyes.

09. Howling Bells - Into the Chaos
The McCall Pack.

10. Cruel Black Dove - Love Song
Allison Argent.

11. Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out
Lydia Martin.

12. Duran Duran - Wild Boys

[ listen at 8tracks | snag it ]


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