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[ profile] fusilli_head asked me what my favorite glittery/shimmery/metallic nail polishes were. There are a bit too many for me to just pick one or two, so I thought I'd make a post about them.

This is probably going to be image heavy, so I'll cut the entry here. Read more... )
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Apparently there is some controversy regarding the newly introduced H.R. 5786 - The Safe Cosmetics Act.

I'm all for safe cosmetics, but I'm not really for all the scare tactics on both sides regarding this bill. Okay, now... we all know I'm "liberal" and I don't want to sound like I'm on the side of the conservative nutbags who are currently calling the SCA a liberal whatever, but on first look, the bill does sound a bit... extreme. The overly rigorous testing of ingredients that will cause indie cosmetics companies to go out of business, the scare tactics being used so people will freak out that the tiniest trace amounts of "toxins" should be banned.

BUT. Just because there are trace amount of carcinogens in my vegetables and my cosmetics doesn't mean it's okay for my created cosmetics to contain them. Frankly, I'd much rather limit my exposure where possible since carcinogens you know, do actually cause cancer. I also am not a fan of -ethylenes and -parabens in my cosmetics because, whatever the agreed toxicity/safety of these ingredients, they make my eyes itch and my skin irritated. I also buy nail polish that is toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) free.

Some of the smaller indie companies are saying that the passing of HR 5786 will mean they the testing required for ingredients will be too expensive for them to continue to be in business. I definitely see how this is a concern. I'd be concerned since I buy lots of things from indie companies.

To be honest, the bill is quite long and I haven't yet read through the whole thing. My initial reaction was "OMG NO OPPOSE IT" but now I'm not really certain. Regulating the use of toxic chemicals is something I'm a fan of, but I don't want my favorite indie companies (or any) to go out of business. I'll have to get back to you after I've read all the information regarding the bill and the opinions of those for it and against it.

Further reading:

Regarding the cost of testing: I cannot find a list of actual figures anywhere.
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My hair has grown out a lot since I got it colored last. Actually, it's been so long, I can't even remember when it was done.. .January or February? Anywho, wanted to recolor it because I'm probably not getting it cut again for another month or so. This morning I took a trip to Target, stared at the color aisle for awhile and picked up L'Oreal's Feria Power Reds in Blowout Burgundy.

This is my first real attempt to color hair on my own. Usually I ask someone to help since it's crazy layers and whatnot, but this time, I was just covering everything. Didn't make as much of a mess as I thought and it was pretty easy. Mostly. Before and after photos under the cut.

burgundy blowout? )

It's possible that I'm slightly allergic to one of the components because I can't stop sneezing and my nose is running. The conditioner had some botanicals in it, so that could be it. Whatever. I'll get over it.

Time for lunch!
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Met up with [ profile] queenmaab for a quick stop in Sephora (new Urban Decay eyeshadow!) and Steve & Barry's.

Went to see Hellboy 2 with [ profile] erintheodd, [ profile] tiscbh28, and [ profile] punslingerr. Great movie. The dialog was snappy, the effects were great, and as much as the trailer made me think of Pan's Labyrinth, all those designs worked in the film and I didn't mind so much. I kind of wish the ending was a bit... more? But I liked it well enough and I guess it leaves room for the third film.

Dr. Horrible Act II! Saw it. Loved it. Nathan Fillion, I love you, but Captain Hammer is such a jerk.

Working on Shore Leave photos. Hope to get those and a con report up tonight.. or tomorrow. This weekend for sure.
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Okay, I got some current event life stuff to catch up on instead of posting about fannish things...

[ profile] smashedrecords' birthday was on Monday, but she had a little gathering at Union Inn Friday after work. I met up with her, Eric, and Ben at her house and headed on over where there were already people waiting. Apparently, John and Sarah had gone to school with [ profile] seijitataki. Weird. Anyway. We hung out for a while, I had a BLT. Tasty.

Afterward, we went back to [ profile] smashedrecords's where she had a hot tub for the weekend. They went in, but I just sat nearby in a chair until it was time for me to go home. Boring, I know.

Went to [ profile] queenmaab's to help paint her bedroom. Kim and Kori were there, too. We went out to the mall for lunch, stopped in at Sephora (where I finally signed up for that Beauty Insider thing and bought a Tarte lip gloss set), before getting in line for free Friendly's ice cream. Kim left after that, but [ profile] queenmaab and Kori and I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang while waiting for the paint to dry. Finished up the second coat of the room. We went to Old Chicago for dinner. Kori went home and I left shortly after.

But I was back on Sunday to finish up the other walls! It didn't take too long and this time we watched Fight Club while waiting for paint to dry. I love that movie, but I think [ profile] queenmaab thought it was really weird. *shrug* Put on second coat. Played DS for a while. Had dinner at Mr Subb. I hung out for a little while after we got all the tape and stuff off, but then I went home.

Oh, that'd be today. Work was... work, but it went kinda fast today, so that was good. Got to talk to [ profile] arysani for a bit, yay! After work, I headed over to Best Buy and picked up a new UPS unit (an APC ES Series - 750VA) and... er... a copy of resident Evil: Extinction. What? It was on sale.

Came home and installed the UPS and actually put the power management software on my computer this time. Never did before, strangely enough. Right now it's telling me I'm going to get 11 minutes of the power dies, but I'm hoping that's because it's not hit a full charge yet... kinda doubt it. Either way, it's still more than the 30 seconds I got with the old one.

I told [ profile] queenmaab I'd try to make some icons. So. Off I go!
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This came out last month, but I've only just gotten the chance to download it: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 20. This issue they're featuring modern folk and I like their selection a lot. Previous mixes have sort of been hit or miss with me. I'd like maybe half the tracks or less. This one's particularly good and the video magazine is pretty interesting as well. So, go check it out.

While looking for the last issue I missed, I stumbled upon this archive.

Been using Everyday Minerals makeup for the last couple weeks and I guess I'm pretty happy with it. Honestly, the coverage isn't as good or immediate as BareMinerals. Right now, I'm using the Original Glow formula which is probably fine for me, but anyone needing additional coverage can try their other formulations (though I've heard they're a bit drying, so moisturizer is a must). Still, I think I'm pretty happy with what I've been using and it doesn't bother me like the BM powder. I think I might have to switch over to EDM eyeshadows as well.... I just put some BM ones on and my eyes are starting to itch. Honestly, that irritation goes away after a little bit, but still.

They're getting ready to launch their new site, which is still in Beta mode. Earlier this week I placed an order (mostly because there were new colors on the beta site) and somehow my Paypal payment didn't get recorded by the system correctly. The CSR who contacted me was very nice and we got the matter straightened out quickly and my order is now on its way. I picked up foundation in Medium Beige Neutral (small size), tinted silk dust, plum dust blush, dark brown brow color, and eyeshadows in bird bath, in the garden, and mystic night. All of that totaled $25. Good deal!

Yesterday, I bought two skins from Gelaskins: Fuzin Raizin for my DS and Red Robot Leaving the City for my Razr :) I do kind of like Alkaline for the DS as well, so, maybe in the future when I get bored of the one I just bought :-P I spent a lot of time looking at as well, but nothing there really interested me. Besides that, their DS skins didn't have one for the bottom and their Razr skins didn't over the screen. So I opted to pay a bit more for the Gelaskins.

Off to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens!
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Had a fun shopping trip after work with [ profile] queenmaab and [ profile] smashedrecords.

I sped out of work and headed to Christmas Tree shop to find something for the Shindig, but.. there wasn't anything there. At KB Toys I found some ducklings on sale from Easter, which will have to do for goslings. Close enough.

Sephora! Oh, that store makes me spend so much money. I bought a Bare Minerals foundation for someone, and got the oil-free moisturizer by Juice Cosmetics.

Then, of course, we went to Joann's. What's a shopping trip with [ profile] queenmaab with out Joann's? XD I got six more skeins of yarn for Jayne hats, plus some purple and green yarn for Jayne-style hats for myself and QM.

Came home and found that my Jayne inspired shirts have arrived! YAY!! I am totally wearing one this weekend. They are so very shiny.

Also? seems to be back and stable. *crosses fingers*

Oh! And I fixed the weird static sound coming from my speakers that was driving me nuts! I just had to mute the mic volume. Heh. Simple fix for something that has been making me nuts for months.
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Ugh. My Tin Man and Stargate: Ark of Truth DVDs have been sitting in Albany for 3 days. Which, is basically like 20 minutes from me and I could have just went and gotten them. So, I tried calling the main USPS number and of course that was no help - you can't get to a live human. Then I called the Albany branch to ask what was going on, and the woman was like, "well, your house is not in my jurisdiction, so call somewhere else." Thanks a lot, lady. The package was only sitting in your facility for 2 days. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to USPS through their site and the reply this morning was basically, "Uhm , yeah, we don't know." Finally I called the main office for my service area and the woman was really nice and helpful and made me not freak out so much by telling me that yes, sometimes packages do sit in Albany for while.

Spent the day at [ profile] queenmaab's finishing up some last minute costume things. Well. Actually we played dress up for three hours making sure all her costumes were right. They all looked okay, I think. We did tests for all the costumes and I took photos, which I think came out rather nice. I hope she puts them up somewhere. I also gave her and her sister mini makeovers XD I am so converting people over to mineral makeup! Heh. I actually left QM with my soft mint sample and BM foundation so she could try it out for a week. While at her house, I wanted to work on a hat, but.. didn't really happen. I did get the yarn for QM's hat wound into balls, but that's about it. Will probably try to do it tomorrow.

I came home to find that ALL my Amazon DVDs got delivered - Tin Man, Stargate: Ark of Truth, and The Invisible Man Season 1!! *glee* Okay, postal service, I forgive you. Guess what;s going to be playing tomorrow while I work on hats?

Right now I'm looking through eBay to see if I can find pieces for a River costume for the Browncoat party I'm having in May. Originally, I was thinking her pink dress/sweater outfit from "Safe," but now I'm liking this one. Am likely to order the TUK boots tomorrow in any case. They are awesome and I want them.

Erm. ICON is next weekend. omgnotready!!

Edit: All right, yeah. I just bought River's boots.
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Things Wot Happened Today:

+ helped boss deal with aftermath of IE7 upgrade. Upgrade has messed up all aspect of normal processing.

+ Company tells me I must now learn regex and XPath for new aspect of job. Oy.

+ bought a lot of yarn in Jayne Cobb hat colors. Yeah. Hopefully I can figure out how to make one on a loom.

+ went to [ profile] queenmaab's and finished the belt for the Mirror Queen as well as the beading on the sleeves. Hooray! I think my costuming work for her this cycle is complete! :D

+ altered tactical vest arrived. Stitch fixed it for me and made it not so.. big. Fits nice now :D Can't wait to wear it with all my gear for ICON!

+ Everyday Minerals and Signature Minerals orders came in, so now I have full sizes of the items I wanted. YAY!

So, overall, it's been a good day :)

Now I leave you with this:


Mar. 22nd, 2008 06:33 pm
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I got my second Everyday Minerals sample in the mail on Thursday. Or Wednesday? One of those. Anyway.

Asked for Light Olive, Light, and Golden Medium. The Golden Medium was way too yellow/dark on me, but it might be okay in the summer? The Light Olive was kind of light, but too yellow. The Light was... a pretty good match. I think. However, I'm still not entirely sure of the coverage and color, which is sort of frustrating after having used Bare Minerals for so long and never having a color match issue.

Color Corrector
Mint. I don't like the coverage as much as the Signature Minerals Soft Mint.

Jump Rope. Hm. Good for a face color, I suppose, but the color is a bit light for me.

I've decided to go with this combination and see if it works out:

Signature minerals for the translucent veil and Soft Mint color corrector, Bare Minerals concealer, and Everyday Minerals foundation. I've just ordered accordingly from the two sites (SM & EDM) and also got a few brushes as I like the soft synthetics a but more than the slightly coarser Bare Minerals brushes I have.

If in the end I don't like the EDM foundation, I'm thinking of just using the translucent veil as a base, to act as a buffer between my skin and the Bare Minerals foundation, since I've never had a problem with that color. Really, it's not that I have a lot of things to cover up, but my skintone is just crazy uneven and I have random red splotches that come and go. So. Yeah.
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Update on the weekend at a later date, but right now I want to do a makeup review. Both of my mineral makeup samples came in yesterday and I just tried them.

Signature Minerals
First, I have to say I'm not sure I applied it right, so I'm going to give these samples another try later. I tried using the powder brush with the tiny sample containers and I'm sure I didn't get the right amount of product on for application.
more for anyone who cares )

Everyday Minerals
I had a hell of a time picking the color foundation I wanted because they offered a ridiculous 32 shades.
more for anyone who cares )

Considering these powders are half the price of Bare Minerals, I'm going to keep trying the samples and see how they wear. In fact, I'm going to order some Everyday Minerals samples right now and try different foundation colors as well as their mint color corrector to see how it compares.

This time from Everyday Minerals, I'll be trying foundations in Light Olive, Light, and Golden Medium (all in Original Glo), color corrector in Mint, and face color in Jump Rope.
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I was good and did not order a duplicate of the boots I bought for my River costume. even though I am really itching to.

I also did not buy the Rygel plush I've been eyeing on eBay. Nor I have purchased the TUK boots that I want because they're the exact same ones that River has for the series.

I did, however, pick up a few mineral makeup samples because I've suddenly gotten into a makeup mood and if I continue to shop at Sephora, I will be very broke. So, I'm looking in to some alternatives to the expensive lines. Okay, now, I'm not sure if this is because I've been reading about it and it's getting in my head or if it always bothered me, but I do notice a tiny bit of irritation sometimes with the Bare Minerals I use. Some people have a more severe reaction to the bismuth in the mineral makeups, so I figured I'd try out some lines that were bismuth free. The following two offer free samples.

Everyday Minerals
Free sample kit includes 3 foundations, 1 blush, and 1 concealer for cost of shipping ($3.97). A fair number of positive reviews. Seems like a lot of people who were having issues with the bismuth reaction switched to this. Their foundation color choices are really confusing. There are probably more variations here than in standard liquid foundations! Eeesh. For foundations, I'm going to try olive fair (matte & semi-matte) and medium beige neutral (matte). Top that off with for a blush in plum dust, and the multitasking concealer.

Signature Minerals
They offer 6 samples for the cost of shipping ($5.35). Couldn't really find many reviews on the company. One person complained that their brush fell apart. A few others say their finishing veils are a must have. So, from here I'm sampling the foundation in 2.3 light beige and 4 light, concealer in bisque and soft mint, Bordeaux pearl shadow, and translucent finishing veil. I also decided to try their line of Luscious synthetic hair brushes: a wet/dry eye brush and a powder brush.

Both places take PayPal. So, I still managed to spend $30 today -_-;;
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Interesting developments at work. More later if it goes through. But it could mean more interesting work for me to do...

After work, I stopped by the Chinese grocery to pick up dinner. Then, uh, went to Sephora while I waited for [ profile] queenmaab to get home. Yeah. I bought another Tarte lip gloss (Westley & Buttercup!) and another Tarte Lock & Roll eye shadow (gunmetal). I'm sick, I need help.

Another night at [ profile] queenmaab's working on costumes. I brought dinner tonight... some things I picked up at the Chinese grocery. Proving once again that I can't even heat up pre-cooked food properly, the pork was... not exactly hot. But.. at least it all tasted good. I thought so at least. :\ Didn't get as much work done on the beaded sleeves as I had hoped, but there was some progress.

Came home and discovered that the boots I bought for my River costume arrived. Oh em gee. They are FABULOUS. And PERFECT. And.. okay, not 100% like what she wore in the movie, but close enough. I was afraid that the grey would be too light, but they look like a well-worn black/dark brown, which I think is perfect. Yeah. I love them. I can't wait to wear them with the costume.
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First off, about the Spitzer thing? I... kind of don't give a crap. It's not that I don't think hiring a prostitute when you're married is wrong, but in the grand scale of scummy things politicians do, it's kind of low on the rung. You know, unless he used my tax money to pay for it, and then I want a turn at hitting him in the head with a bat.

After work, I decided to head over to Sephora. Didn't... really need to, but I wanted to check some stuff out. I ended up walking away with three Tarte products (FRXtion, lip gloss [Odysseus & Penelope], and Lock & Roll [in Patina]).

Right. So, remember my new Sony camera? I've been walking around with it for almost a month and I've taken 232 photos (which includes a few videos)... and my battery just died after transferring everything. No, really. Just. I'm kind of impressed.

Here's a sample of some of my first 100 or so photos:

random photos )

I did take the camera to the Ten Year Vamp show this weekend and I will probably post those horrible photos at some point. I'm more impressed with the video on the thing, actually.

I was going to do paperwork and taxes today. But. Uhhhh.... I guess not.


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