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Holy frak, I'm writing an actual entry! And it's not about drama! It's because I totally forgot to tweet while I was in the city.

So my friends, Liz & Pano, came over on Friday and we had hot pot for dinner. Om nom all you can eat, cook your own food. I think they liked it a lot, which is cool because I think it weirds some people out. We hung out chatting for a while, but went to bed early so we could get to the train station early in the morning.

Saturday, we left the house at about 6:30am and drove to Irvington Station. I've never been to that one before, but it's a nice little town and parking was pretty easy that early on a Saturday. It only took two and a half hours with the very light traffic, so I might keep going to that station in the future. We had time to stop off at a little cafe and get some food and coffee before catching the 10:17am train into Grand Central Station.

After I showed Liz & Pano the ceiling in the concourse, we took the 6 train to the Flatiron building. We were planning on hitting the Shake Shack for lunch, but there was a wicked long there. Apparently, there was some kind of festival going on. Oops. Instead we stopped over in Eataly so they could have a walk around there. I would have been cool with the meat & cheese trays for lunch, but nothing was interesting to them so we ended up back out on the street and grabbed some hot dogs. Pano was on a hot dog vendor hunt!

I was waiting to hear from [ profile] trippininabox, who would be meeting us at the High Line Trail, so we made our way slowly to 14th St. & 10th Ave. Along the way, we ended up stopping at Paragon Sports for a while. It was a lot bigger inside that it looked from the outside! I think there were three floors of sporting goods. After that, we finally got closer to the 14th Street High Line entrance. [ profile] trippininabox actually ran up to us when we were almost there! :D I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was awesome that she was coming to hang out for the day.

The High Line is an old elevated track that the city has turned into a park. It's pretty neat! There are flowers and seating along the trail and also a section with small birdhouses. I took photos with my juice box camera as well as some digital photos. There's currently an exhibition of small sculptures I didn't know about so the small sculpture of Carson by Tomoaki Suzuki was a surprise. It was a really nice walk and will probably look even better later in the year when more flowers have bloomed. We exited the trail at the end near 30th St.

The first task after getting out was to head to Madison Square Garden so Pano could check the place out and see about trying to get a ticket for that night's game. No luck. Bathroom stop at Penn Station and then we took the C train up to Columbus Ave. & 70th St. so Liz could go to Athleta. [ profile] trippininabox and I chatted while Liz shopped and Pano went outside for a wander. After that, we were all a bit hungry, so we used [ profile] trippininabox's space phone and located a pizza place - Big Nicky's Pizza Joint. It's a tiny place, but the pizza was really good! I had something with beef and curry and onions. Not a combination I'd have thought of, but it was tasty!

After lunch, we walked into Central Park and stopped at Strawberry Fields. Didn't see much of the park really, but that place is huge and I always get lost there. We took the train to Bryant Park after that, though. Tried to use the public bathroom there, but the line was insanely long... so we stopped in at McDonald's instead! Ha. On the way to the International Center of Photography, we stopped at the HBO Shop where they had Games of Thrones costumes on display. I didn't take any photos, but I think Liz got some good ones.

It was quite late in the afternoon by then and I didn't realize some stuff was already closed/closing. The ICP was already closed and Art of Shaving was closing too, so we skipped the Nintendo store and headed there. We stopped at the NHL store so Pano could look in there and got to Art of Shaving a little before they closed. He didn't get anything, but it's always fun to look around in there. They still have the long handled Merkur for $40, which is actually the best price I've seen for that razor. [ profile] trippininabox showed some interest in safety razors so I talked to her about that while a sales associate was talking to Pano.

We headed to Uniqlo after that. Their AIRism shirts were on sale, so I grabbed a bunch of those for myself and my mom. It was actually the only thing I got all day except for food. How I escaped NYC by purchasing so little is beyond me.

It was actually quite late by the time we got out of Uniqlo and we had to book it to Grand Central to catch the 8:20pm train back to Irvington. I said goodbye to [ profile] trippininabox and Liz & Pano and I all but speed walked to the station so we could get there in time. We had time to spare, actually, but it was good to just sit & relax on the train before it left rather than jumping on as it's leaving. I've done that before... it's not a good time.

Once we were back in Irvington, we headed back to Albany. I stopped for food & gas on the way, but other than that, it was uneventful and we got back to my house before midnight. I was totally exhausted and I think every just went to bed. It was an awesome day, though, and I think we'll definitely be making more trips into NYC as a group in the future. There were several spots we wanted to go that we couldn't get to and Liz wants to see the museums, so lots to do still!

OT: So, I'm trying to keep track of my calories for the day - not because I want to lose weight, but because I need to gain it. I actually ate 2000 calories of food (my goal is 1950), but with the 8 hours of walking, I lost like 950 calories. Ugh. There was no way I was going to down 1000 calories before bed.

Sunday we all got up kind of late and after a little loafing around (watching Victorious!) we decided to go to Grandma's for lunch. Good times! Said goodbye to Liz & Pano - they invited me to visit in a couple weeks and go see Avengers with them. I'm actually really tempted, but I have a birthday party that weekend, so I'm not really sure. Want to, though! After they left, I ended up going to Target to pick up some things for the house.. and supplies to make a nail polish remover jar. Because I have too much free time.
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I've just posted two entries of trips that I'd done last year, but never got around to posting. First, is my travel log from Hawaii along with links to photos and then also my experience working on the Polaris set as first assistant camera. Good times. Check it out.

Hawaii: November 26 - December 4, 2009

Polaris Shoot: December 6 - December 14, 2009
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** also backdating this entry as it's January 19, 2010 right now and I'll never find it again later if I don't. **

I was invited to be on the camera crew for Polaris, an indie sci-fi project being shot near Washington, DC. It was a great opportunity and a good learning experience. I'd already worked with most of the people there at Star Trek: Phase II. Overall, it was a comfortable and creative environment and I would gladly work with these people again either on another Polaris episode or something else entirely.

This report was written on my NIT810 and I'm only editing typos. Sorry for the fragmented structure.

We used the Canon 7D on this shoot. Pretty cool to work with this still camera as a video camera. There are a few weird quirks, but overall, it was quite good and everyone was impressed with the quality.

Sunday, December 6

Mom dropped me off at the train station at 8pm. The train was on time (was afraid of delay due to weather). Was a little annoyed with the person sitting next to me who decided she couldn't stop fidgeting and would flop her crap all over me. I was already only using 3/4 of my space so she'd stop hitting me. Didn't matter. She was also reading LKH's Skin Trade (Why do people still read that crap?) and knitting a crooked scarf in a puke green color. Awesome.

Arrived in NY Penn Station on time. Of all the days I wouldn't mind the train being late.... I bought a snack at one of the few open stores and sat in the Amtrak Waiting Area for about 2 hours before getting up to stare at the board. Was getting a little antsy as the track wasn't listed 10min before departure, so I asked the guy at the counter and he was very nice and told me what track and it would be boarding shortly. Awesome.

I get on the train and pick the car with the loud drunks who obviously live in ashtrays as the whole car stinks, but I've already hefted my luggage in the rack and I couldn't be bothered to move it. I guess I get to suffer for 4 hours.

rest of the adventure under the cut )

Twitter: dec 6 | dec 7 | dec 8 | dec 9 | dec 10 | dec 11 | dec 12 | dec 13 | dec 14

Photos on Flickr!

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** backdated ** It's actually January 19, 2010 right now, but if I don't back date this entry, I'll never find it later.

Mom has always wanted to go to Hawaii and this year she decided to make it a family trip. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't all that keen to go -- sun & sand? Not really things I enjoy. But, overall, I did have a good time, mostly due to all the tours we went on (didn't have time to get bored) and the shopping (I do love shopping).

I wrote the below on my NIT810 during the trip, so tenses might be a bit weird. I'm not editing it too much except typos and correcting information.

Thursday, November 26

Actually haven't slept at all since getting up Wednesday morning (when I saw Boondock Saints and did some final packing things). I decided that since we had to leave for the airport at 3:30am, it didn't make sense to go to bed. After I finished packing late Wednesday, I caught up on DVRed TV (V, Castle, Ghost Hunters Academy [which gets worse every week]).

Showered, dressed and set to go by 3am. Crazy. Shao looked really sad as we were rushing to go. I'm sure she knew we were all leaving her. She followed us closely as we put stuff in the car. Poor puppy!

Decided to use the Park, Ride & Fly, so I left my car there. I'm a little scared to read the disclaimer on the back of the ticket that reads, "not responsible for stress damage to windshield." Uh... what are you doing, stacking cars on top of each other?!

I've never had a more confusing check-in in my life. My mom had checked in online, but for whatever reason my brother got flagged so he had to check-in in person. So we waited in line, spoke to a very confused ticket agent, and then had to go through one of those computerized kiosks again anyway. I am not at all sure how online check-in saves time.

adventures in air travel )

Friday, November 27

Up at 6am and showered and dressed. Had a blueberry muffin for breakfast. Took a walk in front of the pier while waiting for our tour bus to arrive. Mom and I were going on the Oahu Spirit Tour.

tour & evening luau )

Saturday, November 28

Got up later than the previous days and was planning on going to Diamond Head with my brother and his friend, but we didn't since she had to battle fleas in a place she was house sitting. Instead, we took a walk down to Waikiki Beach and then the various shopping centers in the area, like the Royal Hawaiian Center and the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Got a few trinkets and a solid perfume set from the L'Occitane shop in the Duty Free Galleria because that's the only place I've been able to find it.

thing much happened today )

Sunday, November 29

Woke up at 6:00am. Dressed and ready to catch the 7:30am shuttle to the flea market at Aloha Stadium. So much stuff to see! Bought lots of trinkets. Found a few stands with Tokidoki knockoffs - they were either weird styles, too expensive, or both. Finally found one stand with good styles and good prices, so I bought two! Walked around for hours; everything started to look the same. Got the shuttle back to the hotel at 3:30pm.

shopping day )

Monday, November 30

Up at 4:30am. Got a bagel and yogurt from the cafe in the hotel lobby. The mini bus for the tour arrived at 7:00am. Once we picked up the other passengers, we headed to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial.

Pearl Harbor & Circle Island tours )

Tuesday, December 1

Woken up at 4am by texts concerning the dog from [ profile] smashedrecords. Called her to address some questions and went back to sleep. Mom had gotten up to walk to Ala Moana beach. Finally got up about 9am and got a sandwich from the cafe in the lobby. Also asked about taking the bus to Toys N Joys.

shopping day )

Wednesday, December 2

Didn't get up in time to go to the beach with mom. Ended up sleeping until 9:30am. Was sort of crank about the day and just wanted to be alone for the day.

more shopping and beach walks )

Thursday December 3

Another 4:00am morning involving getting ready to go and breakfast from the cafe in the lobby. The shuttle bus was a bit early, but we made it. Got to the airport with an hour before the flight after several stops to pick up others in our group.

Our flight to Hilo on the Big Island was delayed, and that pretty much set the tone for the whole trip. My mom was.. mom and my brother was crankypants. We ended up leaving an hour late. The flight to Hilo is only 45 minutes.

volcano tour )

Friday, December 4

Got up and dressed. Mom and I went out for one more walk around Ala Moana Beach park. Lots of surfers out in the morning. Found some shells and coral to keep. Got a heat rash. Awesome. Apparently me plus sun really does equal a bad reaction.

headed home! )

More Photos:
I took about 1000 photos. You can see most of them in my gallery.

Twitter Posts:
I forgot to switch my location in Twitter, so all of my tweets are marked 5 hours ahead (NY time) of what it really was in Hawaii. Oops. Includes twitpics.

days: nov 26 | nov 27 | nov 28 | nov 29 | nov 30 | dec 1 | dec 2 | dec 3 | dec 4
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Arrived home from Honolulu earlier this afternoon and immediately unpacked my bags and did my laundry. I haven't had time to process my photos or really go through the souvenirs I brought back, because I have to pack up and go to a shoot in Washington, DC. My train leaves tomorrow night and rolls in to DC at 7am. :\ [ profile] rpc180 is picking me up at the station, I think.

Did manage to catch up on most of the TV I DVRed while away. White Collar continues to be an entertaining and surprising show. Bones is always fun, but I didn't like all the overt Avatar promotion. Stargate Universe was actually interesting this past week, though I'm still not liking it as part of the Stargate franchise.

Meeting [ profile] smashedrecords tomorrow morning to get my house key and possibly make a trip to Sephora. I was thinking of stopping in Target for something, but I've now forgotten what I needed to get.

This travel turn around is going to be killer. I might have gotten sick from all the plane travel, too. Meh.
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This past weekend I went to Massachusetts to visit Liz & Pano and the Mikes with [ profile] queenmaab and [ profile] smashedrecords. We took a stroll around Salem while we were there on Saturday and that was pretty fun. I spent entirely too much money at the comic/hobby shop there. Three sets of BSG mini-mates! And a few blind box toys. Photos of those later.

Sunday, though, we went to the King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA. It was pretty cold and drizzly (never turned into actual rain, thankfully!). Pano and I went in SGA gear and met up with a couple people from SG-22. It was pretty fun running around the faire in gear! A group of teens stopped us at one point and wanted photos, which was awesome. There was one incident where a weapons merchant got all pissed that there were people running around in tactical gear, but I guess later on he realized that we were from Atlantis and came and apologized. Thanks, buddy. It was only a joke.

Full gallery here.

a huge selection of photos )
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Well, it only took me a week to write this thing! Apparently Globat has been having database overload issues, so all the galleries hosted on eternalvox have been up and down for the last two days. Ugh. I hope they've fixed it now. I twittered a lot during this con and I think it worked almost as well as me scrawling notes every night so I've linked to some of those and my twitpic posts along with photos within the posts. Also, some things I learned at con:

First off: my Sony DSC-W90 sucks beyond the telling of it for low-light photos. Grainy, grainy, grainy. But, that's probably because I left it totally on auto and figured it would just do its thing. And it did -- blew out the ISO trying to take the photo and OMG AWFUL. So, next time, it'll be the Powershot S3, or manual settings for the Sony.

Secondly: I learned that my enV2 does not store an infinite amount of notes. Or a decent number of them -- it only stores 4. You put in more than that, and it will delete the older ones. I lost a lot of my notes from con because I didn't know it did that. ARGH.


Now, on with the report...

Day One: Friday, August 29

I had to get up at about 3am... it was brutal, but I managed it. Showered, dressed, and did a last minute check before I was out the door and to the airport by 4:30am. It only took like 15 minutes to get through the security check point and it cost me $3.50 for a bottle of water and a single serving of Honey Nut Cheerios. Man, airports sure do like to rip you off.

Boarded on time at 5:30am and landed in Atlanta, GA with no problems at 8:15am! During the planning of the trip, I was undecided if I should try to catch the shuttle or take the MARTA, but after I got my luggage and wandered towards the exit, I saw the sign for the MARTA and saw people with much larger suitcases than I headed that way, so I went along as well. I had a bit of trouble with the ticket machine and the whole using of the visitor ticket (looking for the swipe bar and there is none!), but once that was sorted, it all went fine. The MARTA was actually rather empty and I thought the train was pretty clean and easy to use.

badging, James Marsters, SG Megapanel, wandering )

Day Two: Saturday, August 30

Oh man, 7am is too early to be awake after only 4 hours of sleep! but I was up and showered and dressed and headed to Liz & Pano's room by 8am. Those bums were still sleeping! We all finally made it down to the fan table a half hour later where people were still assembling. Met up with Husher, Dean, and [ profile] stoyboy720 among others from SciFiHero.

parade, walk of fame, scifihero dinner )

Day Three: Sunday, August 31

Oh man, where does the weekend go? Dragon*Con is like a vortex that just sucks your perception of time away.

I got up at 10am and was dressed before anyone else I knew was awake! I think I decided my River costume would be nice and comfortable for the day. Liz was up in her room and I waited for her to get ready. Decided to head to Kafe Kobenhaven downstairs and get some food. Here's something I forgot: hotel food is like three times the price of outside food. $15 for some pancakes... and not even great pancakes! They were just okay.

rainbow, stargate panels, dan s. davis tribute, wolf pack party )

Day Four: Monday, September 1

Another night of 5 hours of sleep. 10am was kind of later than I wanted to get up my last day, but there you go. As usual, I was basically the first one up. After I got dressed, I headed to the coffee shop downstairs and bought myself an over-priced mushy yogurt parfait. Yum! :P

rainbow again, walk of fame, heading home )

In conclusion: Dragon*Con was awesome. There was a ridiculous amount of stuff to do and I didn't do nearly as much as I could have but still, I don't really regret anything and I have a really awesome time hanging out with everyone. I guess my one regret is not being able to spend time with more of my friends who were there. Next year, maybe, as I definitely plan on going back!

More Dragon*Con 2008 photos by people I know:
+ Kronk's photos
+ Dean/Hairy43's photos
+ Tim's photos @ flickr
+ Husher: facebook 1, facebook 2

Still more Dragon*Con 2008 photos:
+ [ profile] dragoncon_photo
+ tim dorr @ flickr
+ penguinville @ flickr
+ jinto @ flickr
+ hueyatl @ flickr (parade 1, parade 2)
+ johnnyjacuzzi @ flickr
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Back from my weekend trip to Long Island!

[ profile] smashedrecords met me at the office after work on Friday and we headed off to Long Island to visit Dion and Tanya. The drive was pretty uneventful except for part of the Hutchinson River Parkway that was blocked off (going the opposite direction, thankfully) for no reason we could tell. It was pretty far from the city, so I can't even blame Pope-related traffic. I did, however, get a bit lost coming off the LIE because the Google directions were a bit unclear so we ended up missing our turn and ended up in -- of course - the only part of Long Island Tanya isn't all that familiar with. Awesome. There was some quick over-the-phone navigation thanks to Tanya and we finally made it to their place at about 9:30p I think. We chatted a bit with Dion & Tanya before settling down for the night.

Saturday was pretty fun. Tanya and I made french toast for breakfast and then after playing with make-up that I'd brought Tanya, we waited for Andres and Bonnie to arrive. They actually made good time and didn't have any run-ins with Pope or Comic Con related traffic. We all just hung out and chatted. Dion & Andres played Guitar Hero while Tanya and I did some things on the computer and Bonnie & Annalisa wandered outside to sit in the sun. I was finally convinced to hang out in the fresh air for a while before the girls all decided to go on a trip to the Target that was right across the way and leave the boys to play their games. I do love myself a trip to the Target, but their Target is super-spiffy! There were all these brands (Juice Beauty, Bb, some others...) that we don't have in our local Target. Man. I only ended up with a t-shirt and some shoe inserts, though XD I think Bonnie and I had a nice chat about allergic reactions and DVDs... erm, but not allergic reactions to DVDs, that would be sad for me. At some point during the day, I also helped Tanya reshoot some images of her jewelry for her etsy shop.

Once we got back to the apartment, we puttered a bit before going out for dinner. It was a BBQ place; pretty good food. Then it was off to A.C. Moore. I kind of wanted the cold soldering iron, but honestly, there was not reason. I did get some items for the Firefly Shindig, though: mini take-out boxes for the raffle slips, a Chococat stationary set, and tiny bears for the Kaylee raffle prizes. As if I need more stuff for that... anyway, back at the apartment, Tanya, Annalisa, and Bonnie beaded and I played Super Smash Brothers with Dion before watching some silly things like Puppet Up on youtube. Oh! Then we watched the "Voyage of the Damned" episode of Doctor Who, which had aired on SciFi the night before. Yay! It was pretty good (and okay, the Doctor is kind of a jerk most times) and I loved Kylie Minogue in it. Tanya made me a pretty bracelet while we were watching. I think it was about 1:30a by the time that was over and Bonnie & Andres decided to head out. The rest of us went to sleep shortly after.

Today we all got up kind of late. I helped Tanya make some banners for her etsy shop and her imageevent gallery. Oh, I also redid the front page of her website, which was a pain in the arse as none of the images would load correctly on the first four or five edits. I finally got it nearly an hour later. It was getting late, but headed out to Trader Joe's, which I'd never been to before. It was great! I bought some chocolate covered things (cherries, blueberries, and ginger) as well as a granola to put in my yogurt in the mornings. There was also a stop at Ulta, which was neat and very Sephora-like.

Finally, [ profile] smashedrecords and I got ready to go. It was nearly 4pm by then, which is two hours later than I had planned! Oh well. We only stopped to get food and gas on the way back and I was able to drop her off at home at about 8:30p, which isn't too terribly bad. I got home at 9p and chatted with mom for a bit before unpacking and writing this entry and now I'm going to bed! Because there is work tomorrow. Blech.
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Work today was long. But. Whatever. I got to complain about having too much work to do. It's going to be taken care of. Heh.

After work I stopped at the Chinese grocery to pick up some things for my party and also for the trip tomorrow. When I got home, I found they'd put up the siding on the front of our house. It looks good! No more yellow house! Wooo! I'll post pictures once it's all done. I'm still trying to put all my stuff back in my room and that's happening very slowly. While I'm doing that, I am going through and trying to throw stuff away... but it's hard! I'm such a pack rat. I've finally decided to part with my 9th grade Biology and Global Studies notebooks. Maybe. I pulled them out of my boxes and... well, honestly, they might just end up in storage somewhere else because I'm so emotionally attached to them. Don't ask me why. But you guys, that's notes from a class I took 13 years ago! -_-;

After work tomorrow, I'm meeting up with [ profile] smashedrecords and we're going to Commack for the week to visit our friends Dion & Tanya. Should be great fun :) I'm pretty much packed and ready for the trip. I think. Eessh. Need to go to bed soon so I can be at work on time and everything so I can leave on time.

Hm. Verizon just updated my Mobile AIM client. Couldn't get it to work at first, but now it's pretty spiffy. Except I need to reorganize the buddy list because it's actually reading the one from my screenname properly instead of using the abbreviated mobile version it used to.


Feb. 17th, 2008 09:42 pm
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It is really weird trying to return to normal life after con....

Back from Farpoint. Very tired. And hungry. Was an awesome weekend. Met some fun new people. James Callis is awesome and recognized the artwork as similar to stuff that was in the art show. Marina Sirtis liked my artwork and made me sign the print I gave her. Sold one item at auction and another to a friend. More details later.

Now.. I have to unpack a bit and go to bed. Because I have to go to work tomorrow. Blech.


Feb. 15th, 2008 06:18 am
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All right.

I am heading out shortly for Farpoint. It's gonna be an awesome time! :D Wait no, did I just jinx it? Uhm. It's going to be an okay time and the drive is gonna suck and there will be long lines and snow.

Okay, that should cover it.

Got all my crap packed and if it didn't make the checklist, then I guess it wasn't important. There's actually.. .a lot of it. I'm hoping most of the stuff isn't making the return trip (food, drinks, art work for sale), which would be nice. For DragonCon, I'm totally gonna need a bigger suitcase. OMG, ICON. Need to pack.. less? I dunno. Mayhaps I'll ditch the Doctor costume for that one. Hm.

Anyway. Yes. Off I go!

to do list

Feb. 12th, 2008 12:14 am
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Okay, so what I've gotten done as of midnight:

+ print paperwork for framed pieces
- fill out artwork control sheet
+ photograph finished framed prints
- print & matte Module (x3)
- print Prospective to be mailed (could skip)
+ SGA s2, 3.11+ for [ profile] tea_fiend
- Hex for [ profile] stormysprite
+ photograph tac vest and problem areas; get measurements
- box holster to be mailed to [ profile] stormysprite
+ box tac vest for Stitch to alter
+ send stuff at post office
+ maps and directions to BWI
- get money from bank
+ wash car
+ pack for con

6 out of 15 things done. Eesh.

Things what I bought:
- 5x7 mats
- food/drinks for con (soda, canned fruit, spoons, cups, breakfast bars)
- dog food
+ xs black BDU pants if Army/Navy has

Alas, the Army Navy store closed at 6:00pm and I got there at... 6:04pm. Gonna try again tomorrow. If not, the BDUs I already have will have to do, but I'm really worried about the ones that are a bit small and I can't replace them with the ones that are too big -- they look funny with the holster on.

Plus, posting with one of the new icons I has made. The other is the Rikki icon.
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Gah. Catch up time...


Woke up at stupid o'clock. Headed to Plainsboro, NJ for turkey day. Mom drove. We got there about 11am. There was a salsa pants incident. Meh. Putzed around the house while mom and [ profile] seijitataki helped I-Ming with food stuff. She apparently hadn't really counted and her list of 20 guests ballooned to 36. Yeah. At some point I was bored and went to take a nap. I think food was up about 5-ish? There was a lot of the traditional turkey dinner items as well as some non-traditional Chinese dishes. I went for the normal turkey/potatoes/stuffing of course, with a piece of pumpkin pie at the end. Yum.

[ profile] seijitataki and I ended up playing NDS games against each other while some of the adults sang church songs in the other room and an older man showed three girls Roman Holiday as they'd never seen or heard of it before. Geez. There was this 6 year old who was running around the house being really annoying an grabby handed with our DSes, which I refused to let him have. I think he'd eaten half a plate of brownies by then.

The guests all left. There was cleaning, none of which I did. Then bed.


Mom's friends took us to the Princeton campus for a stroll around. [ profile] seijitataki and I found ourselves explaining the origins of Catholicism and the fact that Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity to a man who wants to go to China to be a missionary. I mean, honestly, if you're going to go around shoving your beliefs in other people's faces, at least have the decency to know what the hell it is you're talking about. I did take a lot of photos on campus, which I'll post at some point.

Afterwards, we went to a Chinese grocery to do some shopping and then went to a Chinese buffet that was actually pretty good. Seriously. The food all tasted different and for the most part, it wasn't gross from sitting under warming lamps.

Went back to the house and just chatted for a while before going to bed.


Once again, got up at stupid o'clock to head to Forest Hills/Flushing. There was no traffic so we got to our destination much earlier than expected, but that gave us time to get our stuff out of the car and relax a bit before heading out to dim sum. I wasn't really hungry so didn't eat much; this becomes a problem later. Mei took us to go visit my father's mother in the nursing home she's in right now. I didn't want to go at all, but whatever. Thankfully, my father wasn't there, but his older sister and youngest brother were. We just sort of "forgot" to even call my father until after we left. Oops :-P

Went back to Mei's house to drop stuff off and switch bags and things then headed out to Manhattan :D Didn't really have a plan, so just wandered. Went to the Kinokuniya where I bought a copy of Aranzi Anzo Cute Dolls and a Japanese amigurumi book, which sort of does me no good at the moment, but it may in the future. We also stopped in the Nintendo World Store, inside which I found absolutely nothing I wanted. Meh. Next stop was the MoMA Design store which was full of really awesome, original things... none of which I got. Picked up another string voodoo doll (Charlie Ribs) and another Acrobot for my office.

We did head for FAO Schwartz, but there was an insane line to get in, and I was way too hungry and jittery to deal with that, so I gave a good whinge and asked for food. We headed for the subway and had dinner at Donovan's Pub in Woodside, which was really nice. Service was great and my Shepherd's pie was so tasty, I ate the whole thing!

Heading back to Mei's was a bit of a challenge as we may have accidentally gotten on an express train and gotten a bit turned around. Oopsie. No big deal... got it all worked out and almost an hour later, we were back on track XD Chatted a bit more once we were back and then went to bed.


Didn't crawl out of bed until about 8am. Yays. Had breakfast, chatted, packed the car and head home. There was surprisingly little traffic, but then again, it was way early in the morning and people were probably still passed out. Got to Albany about noon, I think, and we decided to have lunch at Round Robin. The chili burger was pretty tasty and not that spicy, which is perfect for me!

When we got home, I unpacked all my stuff and plopped down in front of the TV to catch up on all the stuff I'd DVRed in the last couple weeks, so that was something like 3 episode of Torchwood, 2 episode of Pushing Daisies, and 2 episodes of Bones. Still have Friday's Moonlight to get to.


Today. Yesterday. Whatever. I had to get up way early again because my Jeep was at the mechanic's. Mom dropped me off at work, which was pretty lame, but the day passed quickly at least. Got news that my car was ready to be picked up -- it just needed a new battery after all. Yays. Mom picked me up about 4:30pm, got the car and all on the drive home I'm trying to figure out how to set the damn clock on the stereo. It was easy, of course, but I totally forgot how it was done. So I was doing that in the garage and had my cellphone in my lap to see what time it was. When i got it all set, I forgot about the phone and got out of my car... >_< the phone dropped on to the concrete garage floor. Glargh. Still works, but I've broken my new snap-on case -- which I love and can't replace because I got it in Taiwan -- and also put a gouge in the hinge.

Lovely start to the week :-P

Oh well, at least tomorrow I get to hang with [ profile] queenmaab.
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Off to New Jersey! Be back Sunday.


Mmm.. ritual sacrifice with pie....
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Yesterday I went to MEANY Fest 2007 with Annalisa. It was bit complicated. We took the Ten Year Vamp bus down -- which is basically a bus the band chartered to bring in a load of fans to vote for them. It was about 4:30pm when we left from the Macy's overflow parking lot. A and I didn't really talk to anyone else when we were there... just chatted amongst ourselves and observed out fellow busmates. It was pouring rain as we got in the thruway and our bus driver was driving like a lunatic through it... this driving style will come in handy later.

Halfway down to NYC, we made a bit of a rest stop and A and I decided to get fries from the McDonald's. Woohoo? It was dark by the time we rolled into the city and arrived at Arlene's Grocery. We all rushed off the bus and the band (minus the lead singer who was already in the city) and some friends pulled some stuff off the bus quickly as it was blocking the entire road. We went in to the venue and headed to the room with the MEANY Fest stage. Wow. TINY. And empty. We were able to easily grab some seats by the stage.

William Rottman was setting up when we arrived. I really enjoyed his music. I'm a bit wary about buying the MP3s off CDBaby as he doesn't have a physical album out yet, but I just may. He really looked a lot like Jimmy Fallon... then again, it was rather dark.

The John Sullivan Brigade was up next. They were okay, but not really my type of music. A liked them a lot though.

Two Loons for Tea... not bad really, but wouldn't go out of my way to see them again.

Ten Year Vamp was the whole reason we were there. The room was pretty empty before their set and as they were setting up, it got really packed. It was just a see of people with Ten Year Vamp stickers stuck all over themselves and the Jack Daniels girl who was on stage was having a bit of fun with that as well. TYV's set was lively and energetic and they sound really fab live. Worth the $20 and bus ride, I think. I got a lot of great shots, though A told me that I missed Mark, the guitarist, and the bassist (I think..) mugging for my camera because I was trying to zoom in on Deb and didn't see them. Ooops.

During the set, we had a bit of a snafu with this pretentious Chris Martin-looking jerkwad. A thought he was a guy from our bus (there was a guy who looked like him) so she put a sticker on his back. He got really pissy and ripped it off. From then on, he pretty much delighted in being as obnoxious as possible dissing the band and the fans and I have to tell you it was really, really funny when the tiny Jack Daniels girl kicked him in the crotch. The best part of it was there was no way for her to accidentally do that from where she was standing, it had to be totally on purpose, which I loved.

After TYV's set, A and I headed up to the other bar area to chill out before we had to leave. I think we ended up chatting with Mark for a minute, during which time he said he saw me taking a lot of photos and that I should send him some so they could post them. Awesome :D A also bought a hoodie from the merch girl.

I think we tried going back to the MEANY Fest room a couple times, bit was pretty crowded. We did catch the end of Serial Obsession's set. I thought the lead singer was pretty cute until I actually watched 20 seconds of his act and I decided he was probably a pretentious asshole. o, really. From the cowboy boots (?!?) to the upside down mic holding and his half unbuttoned shirt. Yeah. He also had some fabulous 70s glam rock movies with the mic line. It wasn't at all surprising that the jerkwad from earlier was sitting on the side intently listening to this band... which I can only assume is the one he was there for. Anyway, the band wasn't really that bad. I'm just.. not going to even bother on their sad website.

We spent the rest of the time hanging out upstairs sitting with two two people who sat behind us on the bus. I can't remember the guy's name >_< But the girl was Shelby. They were very cool newish, non-scary people who were just there to see what was up with the band. We sort of sat around gossiping and bullshiting. Finally we decided it must be close to time to go (Mark had said the bus was on the way) so we headed outside to stand for awhile. Most of our bus troupe was already out there, all in varying states of drunkeness. Our new friends wandered off to get a pizza and shortly after Mark cam e out to tell us to head up and over a block to get on the bus. A was really funny and kept asking if he was for real or if he was lying because it wouldn't do to be stuck in NYC. Mark like, grabbed her face and said something like, "yes the bus is really there, go get on it" XD Funniest thing I saw all night.

The ride back was fairly uneventful except for the part where a taxi cab tried to cut off the bus and our driver wasn't having any of that and did some fancy, aggressive driving :-P Also? There was some really crap rap music on the overhead radio, which was giving both A and I a headache. Meh. At some point, we lost reception. Stopped at another rest stop for a break and then we were soon back home at 4am! Woohoo! A drove me home and then I went upstairs and collapsed into bed.

Too lazy to thumbnail. PHOTOS HERE.
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So apparently I'm going to be attending MEANY Fest next Saturday with A. We're riding down with Ten Year Vamp and friends XD

I just watched the first episode of Bionic Woman. Won't get into too many details because I can't be bothered to cut, but it was better than I was expecting. The story was pretty coherent (considering). My one gripe has to be with the music. What is up with the power chords? Let's talk about being overly dramatic. Eeesh. This is not a spoiler since it was in the commercials: that fight between Sarah and Jamie was freakin' awesome. I hope that have one of those every week :D Kara Thrace is a bad ass Cylon ;)

Also? The show is clearly -- clearly -- filmed in Canada. *checks IMDB* Yep, good ol' Vancouver. Not that I'm hating on the Canadian casting. We get Katee Sackhoff and Aaron Douglas. Plus, Mark Sheppard and Will Yun Lee! Leela Savasta was in an episode of SGA and will be in the new season of BSG. So, for casting alone, I'm all over this show.
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Am home now. Got back about an hour ago. Have actually mostly unpacked. Going to bed soon. Have a weekend write up to do, but [ profile] crushw_eyeliner has already posted hers. (I miss her already...)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Now.. time for bed. I have work tomorrow. Blech.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:15 am
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I haven't really read my email or flist, but... thanks to [ profile] larissa_j and [ profile] elven_wolf for the virtual glasses! You guys are awesome XD Hooray geekery!!

Gah. California has been fun, but it is SUPER HOT!! *brain melty* I'm leaving for home tomorrow though. Good bye, heat!

Friday, I got to meet up with [ profile] lilorphanannie, which was awesome. I guess she left on her fabulous European holiday today?

Today I met up with [ profile] athenaktt and her friend Andrew, along with [ profile] crushw_eyeliner's friend, Shar, for dim sum. Good times. :)

Been trying to fix Saff's router. I got everything working this morning (except file/print sharing, I have no idea what's up with that) and then when she tried it tonight, it was totally not working. So I went back and tried everything: unplugged, restarted, reconfigured, upgraded firmware. The router was showing that it was pulling an IP from the modem, but you couldn't get a connection. During one of my searching, I saw something about overheating. Well, yeah, the router was burning hot. So I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge, wrapped it in a paper towel and threw it on top of the router. About 10-15 minutes later, the router felt cooler and the connection was working!

Now, I can't say definitely that's the fix, but I wasn't doing anything else that should have made a difference, so I'm inclined to say that a hot house + a router that has a crap heat sink = not good. There's an ice pack on top of it now. Heh.

off to CA!

Aug. 31st, 2007 05:26 am
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Off to California for the weekend! Will be back Monday night.

Visiting the lovely [ profile] crushw_eyeliner. Hope to also see [ profile] athenaktt and [ profile] lilorphanannie.

Will be S3-less. Decided not to take the 1lb. camera on the trip as I'm not really planning to take photos, so have just brought my little Coolpix. Ah well. The photos from that are pretty decent.

Hrm. My UPS is dying I think. I just made some kind of clicky sound.


Aug. 19th, 2007 10:14 pm
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OMFG. I already posted in twitter about this, but for frack's sake they're annoying. Walked into the net cafe and got frackin' body slamed by some idiot who was prancing around the register area. Now the idiot is singing badly to the overhead music and generally being louding and FUCKING ANNOYING.

In other news: Typhoon survived. Luggage packed. Flight tomorrow night at 10pm.

Will be arriving in Albany at 9:55am on Tuesday. Hooray. I get the day off before I have to go to work on Wednesday.



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