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Since formatting the RS-MMC card to FAT32, I haven't had any rebooting issues. I've even read something like 6 books in the last week with it; will probably do reviewage soon. So the problems I had before I'm going to attribute to either the card being corrupt or the device not liking FAT formatting, versus FAT32. That card I bought off eBay two and a half weeks ago has yet to arrive, but I think the seller is in Hong Kong. Meh.

On the power front, I haven't really been keeping track, but I'm pretty sure I get something like 8-10 hours read time before I need to charge the device. I haven't let it get low enough to flash a low battery warning at me except for once in the last two weeks.

Since getting the tablet, I've been reading more published fiction and less fanfic. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. *shrug* I also haven't touched my DS in months, which I am about to remedy as I've just acquired the English version of Rhythm Tengoku (Rhythm Heaven) and X-Men Nemesis (which I hear is pretty horrible, but oh well).
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My CycloDS Evolution had arrived last week, but I've been waiting for the 4GB microSDHC card for over a week. It finally came in today! Woot! I pretty immediately upgraded the CycloDS firmware, put on new skins and moonshell... then... DSWiki!

DSWiki works pretty much as expected. It's just the text of an XML database dump (no images), so it has very little markup (just line breaks.. sort of). The navigation is a little awkward, but the keyboard works well... except for the fact that when viewing the Wikipedia dump, it takes forever. Of course, the wikipedia dump is also 3.4GB. Wikiquote and wiktionary are both very quick. Links within the articles work as they should. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with it and poking around, I've already read a few articles I haven't before, so that's worth something I guess.

If I can figure it out, I'd love to get a database dump of the Marvel Database from Wikia.
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Catching up from the past week...

[ profile] smashedrecords came over. Watched a ton of TV -- Buffy "Once More With Feeling," Angel "Smile Time," and two episodes of SGA ("Grace Under Pressure" and "McKay & Mrs. Miller"). Good times :)

Had a fun trip to Woodstock! Went with [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] erintheodd and Jessie. Hit up all the places (except that one store I wanted to go to find a skirt) and it didn't rain until it was time to leave. Awesome. I actually was good and didn't buy too much -- just some Envirobags, candy, and Bearbricks.

When I got back, mom and I had planned on seeing Dark Knight, but after we had dinner we found that both the showings we could do were sold out. Blah. So we just went back home.

Did nothing. Like,seriously nothing. Well, okay, actually, I watched Garden State finally. The a bunch of Spaced episodes with the new commentary (Simon name drops Trek XI A LOT). Oh, and Underworld. I do still like that movie.

Oh, that'd be today, right? Hm. Work. Lame. This morning I did something and screwed up my neck. Fab.

Met up with Pete after work to discuss site and design things. It might work our so I can have some kind of income when I quit the job. Yay? Better than nothing. Although, I'm already pulling the self-sabotage and being all iffy about it. Oh well. I really need to draw up the new contract for this job, but I'm sure I'll put it off until tomorrow, as always.

In other news... Rhythm Tengoku Gold was released today! So I'll be playing that in a little bit, hoping I can figure out all the Japanese directions.

I may also... bemakingaTwilightmusicmix.
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The news has been posted at several DS-related sites.

+ Future R4 firmware to sabotage clones, brick DSes?
+ R4 Team may brick Nintendo DS units using R4 clones (includes photos so you can try to figure out if you have a real R4DS or not)

It seems that R4 is planning on releasing firmware for the R4DS that will sabatoge any knock off versions on the R4DS... and bick your DS console.

Seeking to eliminate its knock-off competition, Team R4 has announced that as of September 15, it will release firmware that will only work on genuine R4 flashcarts, according to a statement translated by GBAtemp. As an added deterrent, users attempting to load the firmware on illegitimate carts could potentially damage their DS permanently, leaving their system unusable.

Uh. Great. It seems like this will go into effect in September, but I'm hoping they will change their minds.

Your choices are these:

+ just stop upgrading the firmware.
+ upgrade when they release new firmware and risk your DS getting bricked.
+ buy a different flash cart, like the CycloDS which is getting high marks.
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WTF weather? There was a huge, insane rain/hail storm yesterday that flooded our parking lot at work. My jeep was right in the middle of the nearly knee deep pool and I had to wade out there to get to it. Of course, that's the day I decide my new River boots. Ugh. I thought about taking them off (and probably should have), but the water was nearly black it was so dirty and I didn't really want to think about what was floating in it or settled on the asphalt. So. My boots are fraked. I went to [ profile] queenmaab's and rinsed them out, though. Then we went off and picked up her new DS (yay!) and spent the rest of the night setting it up and also trying on the River costume she made for me.

Speaking of, after several attempts, I finally managed to put some photos on Sikozu (my DS). Apparently Moonshell will only read non-progressive jpg images so I had to resave everything. Once that was figured out, it works all right though. I wish there was some sort of rotate function, but.. whatever. Looks all right.

Today is day three without Schrodinger ;_; It's weird not having the constant hum and the blue lights in my room. I don't like it. Parts for Schrodinger Mark II came in today, though. Just missing the case and a couple other things. Unfortunately, I will be off in Star Trek: Phase II (formerly New Voyages) land.

I'm mostly packed for the trip. This year I'm going sort of light and packed two medium duffle bags (one with clothes, one with other stuff), a backpack for days, and my laptop bag. I guess I probably could have just brought a large suitcase, but... meh. Smaller bags are probably going to be easier to handle. One thing that's bugging me though is that I can't for the life of me find the small flashlight that converts to a "candle" that I used last year. Seriously have no clue where it is.

Talked to my boss today and he's let me have Thursday and Friday of this week of as well, so I'm going to leaving for Port Henry on Thursday morning. Hopefully I'll be able to wrangle somewhere to stay for the night. If not, I guess I'll just sleep in my car for a night. Whatever. Won't be that big of a deal. I've decided not to go nuts with the food this time and will probably just buy food from the store in the morning. I've got most of the important stuff packed: clothes, camera, batteries, toiletries, DS... Talyn has been all cleaned up and I've also managed to pack in a copy of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Nothing, and The Boondock Saints for entertainments. I'm told they're trying to stick to 12 hour days this year. Sweet.

Hopefully when I get back next week, I can put Schrodinger Mark II together and everything on the hard drive will be intact. At the very least, I hope I will be able to save all my stuff on to the new secondary drive. I really want to finish my Stark/River fic, but it's trapped there (sorry, [ profile] not_last_resort! -_-; )
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I think I've missed a couple days of recaps, so I'll skip ahead. And I never did write up my ICON report... ugh. That will need to be backdated.

Yesterday after work, I stopped at Best Buy to grab some copies of Serenity, which are on sale for $7.50. So if you don't have it, go get it. Get extra. Give them out! While browsing the DVDs, I stumbled upon Sands of Oblivion. I very vaguely remember watching the movie on the SciFi Channel, but had for gotten that two Big Damn Heroes were in it: Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin. I was actually watching it as I knitted another Jayne hat for the shindig. Man... it was pretty awful.

Speaking of awful SciFi Channel movies... David Kemper producing Aztec Rex. What. The. Frak.

Okay, I've been kind of a DS geek for the last couple days. Between messing with Pocket Physics and MemorizeME (which I suck at), I've had things to keep me occupied. But then... then today I stumbled upon a review of a homebrew called Colors!, which is funny since I remember reading about it before but dismissing it. Anyway, there are some really awesome user-generated images in their gallery and I am far from that kinda talented in the drawing area, but it was still cool to see. Anyway, here are my first two pieces. Pretty crappy, but the homebrew itself is pretty nice.

It is a bit tweaky and I'm not sure if it's because I'm left-handed or what, but sometimes it'll streak a line across. Meh. Nothing serious and I'm not going to be creating great works of art on this thing, so whatever.

In other DS news, I'm pretty curious about Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I'm not good with RPGs, but this one looks more like puzzle games wrapped in a storyline. Anyway, I'm going to try out the demo at the site to see if I like it before I buy it. Yes, I'd pay for a game. Don't look so shocked.

Edit: Clearly I am too dumb to play this game because I cannot figure out how to get the chickens and the wolves across! *facepalm*

Obviously tonight I will be doing nothing at all productive nor getting ready for the shindig this weekend.
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This came out last month, but I've only just gotten the chance to download it: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 20. This issue they're featuring modern folk and I like their selection a lot. Previous mixes have sort of been hit or miss with me. I'd like maybe half the tracks or less. This one's particularly good and the video magazine is pretty interesting as well. So, go check it out.

While looking for the last issue I missed, I stumbled upon this archive.

Been using Everyday Minerals makeup for the last couple weeks and I guess I'm pretty happy with it. Honestly, the coverage isn't as good or immediate as BareMinerals. Right now, I'm using the Original Glow formula which is probably fine for me, but anyone needing additional coverage can try their other formulations (though I've heard they're a bit drying, so moisturizer is a must). Still, I think I'm pretty happy with what I've been using and it doesn't bother me like the BM powder. I think I might have to switch over to EDM eyeshadows as well.... I just put some BM ones on and my eyes are starting to itch. Honestly, that irritation goes away after a little bit, but still.

They're getting ready to launch their new site, which is still in Beta mode. Earlier this week I placed an order (mostly because there were new colors on the beta site) and somehow my Paypal payment didn't get recorded by the system correctly. The CSR who contacted me was very nice and we got the matter straightened out quickly and my order is now on its way. I picked up foundation in Medium Beige Neutral (small size), tinted silk dust, plum dust blush, dark brown brow color, and eyeshadows in bird bath, in the garden, and mystic night. All of that totaled $25. Good deal!

Yesterday, I bought two skins from Gelaskins: Fuzin Raizin for my DS and Red Robot Leaving the City for my Razr :) I do kind of like Alkaline for the DS as well, so, maybe in the future when I get bored of the one I just bought :-P I spent a lot of time looking at as well, but nothing there really interested me. Besides that, their DS skins didn't have one for the bottom and their Razr skins didn't over the screen. So I opted to pay a bit more for the Gelaskins.

Off to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens!
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Uhm. Today was sort of odd. I'm not sure where it went.

I planned on getting to work on time, but that didn't happen. Who's surprised? Yeah. I did get there early enough that I could actually leave at 4:30pm though. The shift went pretty fast as I kept myself occupied. Unfortunately, I had to train someone and I didn't really want to. I'm just going to have to do his work again. Ugh.

After work, I had to stop at the post office to mail a couple things. It was, of course, pouring rain at that time. Oh well. Thankfully the post office in the mall has its own parking section so I could park closer. That was only like $6, but I had to charge it because I was $0.30 short on the cash. Meh.

When I got home, I hopped online to check on my auctions. I've been trying to get a Zen Micro to see if I can fix it. First auction was a no go. I bid too early and left 30 seconds for someone else to scoop in. I did finally win one, though. Two Zen Micros with unspecified defects. Hoping at least one of them just has a drive problem. So that was $37. Then I had to get a CF card from Newegg as well as RAM for my mom's friend's laptop -- add $56. Found DVDs of Reboot on, so I got those as well. Actually, I'd been eyeing those for awhile.

I don't know what my deal. I'm sort of spiraling into uncontrolled spending right now and that's really not good. Usually I only do that when I'm super aggro and depressed, which... I don't think I'm depressed. Usually I know. Monday I'm probably going to have to call the doctor. I've lost something like 10lbs in the last month, which is weird because I've actually been eating more regularly than I used to. Also I just generally feel.. uncomfortable. Plus the dizzy and sort of disoriented and the lack of concentration and focus.. again. So, yeah, I guess I should go to the doctor.

Didn't watch any of the premieres tonight. Thankfully, we have DVR now, so I just programmed Doctor Who (the finale), Moonlight, and Stargate: Atlantis. I'll watch them tomorrow probably. I thought we were going to the garlic festival tomorrow, but I guess we're going Sunday? D'oh. I could have gone to the Warrensburg Garage Sale with [ profile] queenmaab. Oh well... at least this way though, I'll have time to work on some other stuff.

Oh. Got three new games for my DS. Prism: Light the Way, Tetris DS, and QuickSpot. Prism is sort of an interesting little puzzle game and Tetris is just Tetris with wacky backgrounds. QuickSpot is my favorite of the three. So. Maybe I'll get off the computer and go play that some more...


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