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Yeah, I went and saw it. With a group of 6 that included [ profile] smashedrecords and [ profile] queenmaab.

Edit: Now with Vampire Diaries comparisons. (Because it really is the better whiny vampire teen drama.)

omg new moon wot?? )

I can't believe Eclipse is going to be out in June. They are seriously cranking these things out. We should have Breaking Dawn (omg that birthing scene! ew!) by the end of next year?

photo help?

Dec. 8th, 2008 02:00 pm
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To my Twilight friends:

WTF does this picture come from?

Looking everywhere because I'm curious as to what the original is AND because Edward doesn't look like a freaky zombie in it. I don't know if it's official or a fanwork.
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And more archiving. Just boring daily stuff. Some photos. Possibly Twilight LOLz.

tweeting is what I do now? )
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I've been depending on Twitter to post my random daily thoughts without having to come here, but LoudTwitter is kind of stuffed up right now, so I'm going to do a manual archive.

I know no one except for me cares. )


Dec. 3rd, 2008 11:58 pm
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Had a faaabulous time out at the movies tonight with Dawn, [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad. I even got a bit dressed up! Finally got to see Twilight and the lollercoaster did not disappoint!

Edit: I forgot to mention that there was an overwhelming amount of laughing and snerking during the film from my party... and other parts of the theater. And I can safely say it was a much better viewing if you'd already read the book and were prepared to snark at certain scenes. Oh, it was lovely. When the DVD comes out, I totally want to have a group together for a MST session.

Twilight movie babble! )
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Hey all. First real post in a long time!

Today was DVD release day and I ended up getting the Wanted 2-disc and... the Prince Caspian 3-disc. I know, I know. But I've ended up with money I can burn and I'm apparently trying to get through it quickly instead of being responsible and saving it. Oh well.

Last week I made a bunch of online purchases and most of them have come in - House season 1 - 3, Christmas gifts, Slither, and two corsets from Lip Service. Yeah. They are pretty nice, actually. I like the purple/magenta of the tartan one, but I think it needs a wee bit of fitting. Loving the underbust corset, but I'm definitely cutting off all the fringe. Mildly tragic, but I'm more likely to wear it without the fringe -- it was way more than I thought there was going to be.

[ profile] smashedrecords was over again tonight watching some DVDs. Finished off Torchwood season 1 and started her on Buffy and Roswell. All fun stuff!

Watching Roswell.. we both couldn't help but laugh at the parts that Twilight seems to have in common. It was getting rather ridiculous!

Speaking of... tomorrow is finally Twilight day for me! I can't wait XD I haven't really been reading anyone's reviews except for some random reactions on twitter. . I'll be wearing my Cullen leather cuff! XD There's a small group of us heading to the mall and I'm hoping the craze has died down enough that theaters won't be sold out. Will probably live-twit reactions.

And now.... bed!


Aug. 17th, 2008 10:05 am
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Does anyone know where this image came from? :\

Also... my stupid computer green screened again. ARGH.
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So, I'm sure everyone has heard by now, that Warner Bros. has decided to move Half-Blood Prince to July 2009, no doubt to add to their summer schedule.

Well, today, Summit Entertainment decided to move the release of Twilight to November 21 since Harry Potter vacated the spot.

I mean, on the one hand, YAY for getting to see it sooner. On the other... I am sad because this screws over my movie date with [ profile] arysani!! There's a slight chance that the movie will still be in theaters when she comes back for the holidays, but I'm not optimistic about it.

[ profile] queenmaab -- I hope you read those books and are amused enough by them (or are at least not totally disgusted with them) to go with me!
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Thanks to [ profile] arysani for feedback and guidance on the mix. I'm sure I was endlessly annoying with all the lyrics I was spamming her with.

This mix, is of course, based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I started work a couple weeks ago and was able to finish it once I read Breaking Dawn. I tried to pick a few songs for each book representing events that I could remember... or ones I could find songs for. Whichever.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.
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Yeah. Shush. Anyway. [ profile] arysani posted some quotes from this already, but G4 interviewed Robert Pattinson and his take on Edward is just... it makes me smirk.

Based off his reading of the Midnight Sun manuscript:

[Edward] sees himself as the biggest moron and just disgusting and selfish and everything... That's essentially how I saw him anyway. He's a guy who's just incredibly frustrated and finds this one thing which is his and he can't keep it safe and that's almost impossible for him to handle. He's not that great a guy at all, I mean, it's just how [Bella] sees him. That's how I'm interpreting it anyway because it's just impossible to play a perfect guy.

On "vampire stuff" (his words, srsly):
I don't get to kill anyone. I really want to get to kill some people. I keep trying to convince them to let me have one little casualty. I mean, I just want to have one where I flip out and just kill a whole crowd. That'd be great. But, uh, I think Edward-- he's trying to hide it all the time, which is annoying. He's always trying to maintain, you know, the human.

The Bella/Edward relationship:
I've been trying to get more of the serious aspects. He's a 108 year old guy who's gonna live forever and hates himself and this girl-- I mean, when you put the bare facts out he tells her, "I've killed forty or fifty people and that you really shouldn't-- and I want to kill you so much, every single day. Every moment I'm with you, I'm desperately wanting to kill you." And she's like, "I don't care. I love you." And it's like, well, there's definitely something wrong with her and there's very obviously something wrong with me, and I just try to get that kind of relationship rather than just two teenagers who like each other.

And a bit of rehash, but it amuses me:
It's always such a bizarre situation, for him especially. He's like, "What am I doing with this kid. I'm 108 years old and I've fallen in love with this girl who sits next to me in Biology."
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I finally met with my new client to get the deposit for the website I'm supposed to be making. Hurray? It's absolutely horrible working with someone who have no computer and no internet. I just don't get it. Anyway. I guess I should start working on that soon.

Finally placed an order for Moo Postcards. I'll be giving those away at DragonCon along with some actual matted prints, if I ever get myself moving on those. Speaking of, I need to mail off my arc reactor and sidearm. Blah.

Erm. I also. Maybe. Just bought the first three Twilight books in hardcover to match Breaking Dawn. But, hey, Amazon! So they were cheapish. Honestly, I should have spent the money and gotten the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy catalog instead. Srsly.
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Right. So. Twilight still on the brain. OMG. Is there medication for this?! Do I need to flush it out with another fandom?!


Working on a mix for the whole series. Nearly done. Meanwhile, I made a bunch of icons that probably won't see the light of day, except what I'm using or what [ profile] arysani decides she wants. These are sooo lazy... just the same background (from my mix cover) and text. Oh well.

I guess if anyone on the flist is interested in them I can upload for general use?
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I just finished reading it and have been chatting with [ profile] arysani about it.

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Like I said earlier, I caved and picked up Breaking Dawn. I am ASHAMED. Honestly. I kind of couldn't wait, knowing that everyone else was already reading it. This is kind of sad, right? Whatever. Point to you, Stephenie Meyer. Clearly the tactic of delaying the ebook (and thus stopping the torrents, etc) in an attempt to sell more hardcopies worked.

Right, so, mom and I went to see The Dark Knight. The place was still packed and, yes, it has totally crushed my beloved Iron Man in the box office (though I'm happy someone finally toppled Titanic). While we were waiting for the commercials and stuff to be over, I noticed the woman next to me pulled out her newly purchased copy of Breaking Dawn to read! Hehe.

Short version: Excellently dark. Heath Ledger was fabulous. Why did no one tell me Nestor Carbonell was in it? It was really long. And it felt like it. More in-depth thoughts after the cut )

And now... I am off to read Breaking Dawn! Before I accidentally read anything on the flist.
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Totally caved and bought Breaking Dawn as ebook not out til 8/4. Clever, Meyer, clever. Going to see Dark Knight now.


Aug. 1st, 2008 01:39 pm
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I've just pinpointed the root of my Alice Cullen love. It's not that
Stephenie Meyer writes such a fabulous character (though, Alice is written
pretty well). It's that Alice, in my head, is played by River Tam. Or Summer
Glau, whatever.

Alice = River.

With less crazy.
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Catching up from the past week...

[ profile] smashedrecords came over. Watched a ton of TV -- Buffy "Once More With Feeling," Angel "Smile Time," and two episodes of SGA ("Grace Under Pressure" and "McKay & Mrs. Miller"). Good times :)

Had a fun trip to Woodstock! Went with [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] erintheodd and Jessie. Hit up all the places (except that one store I wanted to go to find a skirt) and it didn't rain until it was time to leave. Awesome. I actually was good and didn't buy too much -- just some Envirobags, candy, and Bearbricks.

When I got back, mom and I had planned on seeing Dark Knight, but after we had dinner we found that both the showings we could do were sold out. Blah. So we just went back home.

Did nothing. Like,seriously nothing. Well, okay, actually, I watched Garden State finally. The a bunch of Spaced episodes with the new commentary (Simon name drops Trek XI A LOT). Oh, and Underworld. I do still like that movie.

Oh, that'd be today, right? Hm. Work. Lame. This morning I did something and screwed up my neck. Fab.

Met up with Pete after work to discuss site and design things. It might work our so I can have some kind of income when I quit the job. Yay? Better than nothing. Although, I'm already pulling the self-sabotage and being all iffy about it. Oh well. I really need to draw up the new contract for this job, but I'm sure I'll put it off until tomorrow, as always.

In other news... Rhythm Tengoku Gold was released today! So I'll be playing that in a little bit, hoping I can figure out all the Japanese directions.

I may also... bemakingaTwilightmusicmix.
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Oh, Robert, how are you so adorable? Your hair is insane. And I kind of love it.


Jul. 24th, 2008 11:02 am
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Secret shame confession time: I finished reading the first three books in
the Twilight series... and I liked them.

No, they're not the greatest pieces of fiction ever written (If I'd paid for
them, I'd feel cheated). No, I still don't get the insane craze. Yes,
Bella's actually rather annoying at times and I wanted someone to eat her so
she'd shut up. (It was really funny when she punched Jake.) Yes, Bella is
trying so hard not to be a Mary Sue when we all know she is. (Clutzy,
clumsy, uncoordinated, plain looking -- but the super-hot vampire totally
falls for her? Hm.)

There were some good scenes and bits of dialog, but those almost always
involved the rest of the Cullen family, of which Alice is my favorite. As
for Edward... well... I did rather like him. I'm sure it's entirely due to
the fact that he's being played by Robert Pattinson in the movie and he's
just pretty to look at. (Though what was with his hair at the MTV Movie

The Twilight fandom scares me though; those people are insane. Twimoms and
lemons and bad fiction. Bad. Hundreds and hundreds of bad fics. All
right, no I didn't read them all, but I poked through the Pit of Voles and
just reading the poorly spelled and worded summaries hurt my brain. I think
early involvement in SGA fandom has ruined me as we had a large amount of
good writers. Erm, well in the slash contingent anyway.

So, flist of mine, is there anything decent in this fandom to read?


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