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So.. a few of us who've been to see Iron Man are all, "Tony Stark drives an Audi R8? Huh?" because we're sort of.. "Audi.. ew..."

But I forgot about Top Gear reviewing the R8. Clarkson really, really liked it. Even though he lost the drag race against the Porsche 911.

In gaming news, [ profile] seijitataki showed me the demo for the Iron Man on the XBox. It's kinda shiny. I suck that those sort of games so I probably would just watch him play. But the rendering is really nice and he says it's one of the better superhero movie games. The Jarvis voice is pretty terrible, but the Stark voice is kinda passable. The lines make me laff.

Still... I think a better investment would be Boom Blox.
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Went with mom and bro to see the new Indy film. Wasn't that bad. I was never a huge fan of the films -- wasn't that I don't like them, just that I was never all "yay, Indy!" Anyway. This was fairly entertaining though some of the story elements had me a bit erm... baffled. Not because I didn't understand it, but more like, "oh dear god, why?!"

Still. It was cool to see Shia LaBeouf in an action role and I always love seeing Jim Broadbent. Was it just me or was Cate Blanchette's accent a little uneven in places?

So today, I've made myself a journalfen account. *shrug* Just in case.

Anyway, let's watch a little something I found on the youtubes. Robert Downey Jr on Ellen. Dancing. Heee!

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Aya Kato is the artist of the Fuzin Raizin skin I bought Friday. While poking around for more of her things, I found her website, cheval noir. Very, very cool pieces. Some of the figures remind me of Yoshitaka Amano's work. Somehow I just ended up at ROJO, buying her artbook. I love artbooks. This one isn't a bad price either, considering.

I did actual yardwork today. It was hard. Okay, well, it wasn't really yardwork -- I filled four planters with plants. Plus, I planted the wild strawberries we picked up at the botanical garden yesterday. Hopefully they'll grow well and we'll have strawberries! :D

After all that stuff, I worked on the Browncoat Shindig yard sign, which came out pretty nice. I'll be planting that in the ground on Saturday. Saturday! Man, I can't believe it's party time already. I still have Jayne hats to make and food to buy! Gonna start to panic soon, I'm sure.

So... iCarly was on TV. I'm sure no one on the flist actually watches it. Right? Heh. But okay, anyway, I'm watching and it struck me that the star, Miranda Cosgrove is like a little River Tam. Or Summer Glau. Whichever. But, yeah. I might have been staring at the screen going, "dude... little River!"

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Heh. That locations looks awful familiar. XD
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You guys!!

It made me laff.
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I'm about a week and a half late. I blame plague. But here we go: write up, photos, and even video!

Farpoint 2008: February 15-17, 2008 in Hunt Valley, MD

If there is some extra bitter snark stuck in here, I'm sorry. I can't be bothered to edit at this point in time. Pictures linked within text, or you can use the links at the bottom.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Got up at 5:00am. Showered, dressed, packed up the rest of the stuff in the Jepp and headed to [ profile] smashedrecords'. After a last minute scramble for things, we headed out at about 7:30am. It took us about 7 hours to get to Hunt Valley, which included two rest stops - one of which was for gas - and a third random stop in search of Wolfgang Puck sandwiches (don't ask). Once we got to Hunt Valley, we decided to stop at Wegman's before the hotel so we could get some last minute items. Checked in at the hotel and found out we were on the 3rd floor this time (ugh!), but once again we some how parked in the the lot that was closest to where we needed to be. Ha!

registration, art show, bar hijinx! )

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm not even going to talk about a certain someone snoring because... well, actually, it didn't bother me enough to completely disrupt my sleep schedule. So, yeah. Woke up at about 6am, though. Rearranged my luggage, got out what I was going to wear today and grabbed a quick shower. Putzed around until about 9am before I decided to eat and get dressed in the Hogwarts gear for the day.

Erin Grey, Marina Sirtis, James Callis, masquerade )

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Had a good night's sleep because uhm... the person who snored relocated. Woke up at 8:00am. [ profile] smashedrecords and I got dressed and headed down to checkout the art auction. It turned out none of my stuff was even in the auction. Atene had only gotten the one bid, so it sold for less than I wanted, which was mildly disappointing, mostly because the whole pricing sheet thing was not explained to me properly. On the plus side, [ profile] smashedrecords won a piece of pottery with Elvish on it.

loitering, james callis again, art sales )

All my photos are here.
All my videos on youtube here.

Other Farpoint reports/pictures:
+ Liz's photos
+ [ profile] tiggerallyn: on the Farpoint experience
+ Rising Phoenix Productions photos
+ Dan and Pano at Cheeburger!!
+ posing for their Cheeburger photo
+ Cheeburger eats Pano
+ another video of James answering the prank question

People who contracted the Farpoint Plague:
+ Dan
+ Dion
+ Bonnie
+ Nate
+ me
+ tiggerallyn apparently
+ and many more!!
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Holy frak, dudes.

Why didn't anyone tell me there was a trailer out for the new Batman movie?! The Dark Knight looks awesome and I'm loving the look of the film (just like the first one) and the cast! oh, the cast. Christian Bale's back, of course, but now we've got Maggie Gyllenhaal (instead of Katie Holmes, hooray!), Heath Ledger (channeling Jack Nicholson a bit...), and Nestor Carbonell (who is playing the Mayor? What?).

In other news: John Barrowman singing "Anything Goes" on the set of Torchwood. Yes.

OMG, Barrowman. You are made of win.
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WOOHOO! BPAL Click-N-Ship today! :D Can't wait to get the new blends. Both of them are Stardust scents: Yvaine and Lady Una.

From this year's Halloween Ghost Hunters Live at the Waverly Sanatorium. Wrestler Elijah Burke screams like a girl and books it down a dark hall:

I would totally buy this year's Live DVD just for that. Best. Ever.

In other news, the WGA strike continues on.

Joss Whedon has made a post on Whedonesque about a meeting he had with some showrunners. (Whedonesque and the creation of Fans4Writers were spoken of in awed whispers. I'm not kidding: one of the WGA workers asked me, "So, your fans. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?" I swear, having you guys in my corner is like being friends with Zorro. People in the community are amazed.)

And if you haven't been there yet, check out There have been some great photos from the live. I don't think I understand the WGA monkey... but it's amusing. Summer Glau and the cast of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. David Boreanaz... flagging down cars. And Seth Green handing out Krispy Kreme.
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Shore Leave 29: July 13-15, 2007 in Hunt Valley, MD

Report for my first visit to this convention. I'd been to the hotel before for Farpoint earlier this year, though.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Left at 8am - drove and stopped a ton of times so I could have a wee :-P Got in to Hunt Valley at about 2pm. During the drive down, I started to lose my voice. Not good. Checked in at the front desk. Picked up our badges. Got all our crap in and called Dion to let him know we were here. Annalisa and I got in our Friday costumes -- I was Stargate chick and she was.. uh.. space pirate?

merch room, gary jones & dean haglund )

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Didn't really sleep well. I was getting up and coughing all night. Blech. Still can't really talk and I feel like crap. Got dressed in my Doctor gear. Went downstairs and sort of swept by Dean Haglund's table. Said hello and that we'd be back later. Headed to the ScifiHero table to see what was going on there. I'd brought my Garrison BDUs for them to put on display.

paul mcgillion, colin cunningham, masquerade )

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Woke up about 9am and got showered and dressed. Felt like death. Packed up our stuff, deflated the bed, and moved everything to the car for the noon check out. We headed to the dealer's room to see what was up. Meg was in her Aeryn gear, so I had to take a photo of that. Said goodbye to Andres & Bonnie, who were heading out shortly.

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All my photos are here.
Clips of the Star Hole 1.5 improv

Links to other Shore Leave reports:

+ [ profile] cynamin has a photo of me and A. at Masquerade
+ Dion and Tanya's photos
+ we get a mention at [ profile] neadods's Shore Leave entry
+ [ profile] akcarcer's report
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2005 Comedy Relief skit featuring Rowan Atkinson, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Mackenzie Crook, Jim Broadbent (as Batman!), and Tony Robin.

Part two is here.
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This video makes me smile :)

Bed now fer realz.


May. 16th, 2007 11:21 pm
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Bruce Campbell covering Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" for Old Spice.

Aw, Bruce.
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A couple weeks ago, [ profile] thebigfatman told me sign-up for Twitter and I sort of forgot about it because I was at work at the time and anything really fun is blocked there. Well, seeing Hewlett blog about his, I remembered and finally got an account. It's a silly little thing, but amusing and good for really quick texts. I have also made it non-ugly and lj-matchy.

My layout is continuing to frustrate me with the cross-browser issues. Meh. I've posted an entry in [ profile] s2flexisquares to see if anyone can help.

Dion sent me a link to The Mighty Boosh episode with The Legend of Old Gregg. I'm scared, but strangely entertained.

+ Mighty Boosh 2.5: Old Greg Part 1
+ Mighty Boosh 2.5: Old Greg Part 2
+ Mighty Boosh 2.5: Old Greg Part 3
+ Mighty Boosh Live Old Gregg Skit

Exciting. And now I need to find food! And watch more Spaced.


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