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Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:40 pm
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Ugh. So, I finally got a call back from the office about my trouble with logging in (after someone not calling me back for two week). So, I go down and turn the machine on and it's dead.

Dead. Like it beeps, then stops, then beeps. Nothing on the screen. My brother said something about a post beep. Three long ones from what I can tell, but googling online so far hasn't really told me anything except that it's broken and could be a memory or motherboard problem. Or GPU or it's a keyboard beep. Helpful!

Whatever. Maybe I'll make it out of the house tomorrow and drag it in to BidNet for them to fix. I think at this point, I should just be like, "screw this," and give up.
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Well. Woke up and I was having one of those days. You know, the ones where I am dizzy and migraine-y and tired. Ugh. So I called in. I thought about going in later, but it never happened.

Instead I watched Doctor Who series 4. Yeah. It was pretty great. spoilery chatter )

Argh. I guess I should try and upgrade my video drivers and see if that fixes anything. Hrm. Middle of something, so maybe.. later? Yeah.

Also watch Dr. Horrible again. On the big TV! It was so shiny. And watched Underworld: Evolution. Still really like that series of films. I do! They're not the best written things, but whatever. Obviously I'm a sucker for vampire/werewolf things.

Still feeling light-headed and blah, so I do believe I'm headed for bed now...
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WTF weather? There was a huge, insane rain/hail storm yesterday that flooded our parking lot at work. My jeep was right in the middle of the nearly knee deep pool and I had to wade out there to get to it. Of course, that's the day I decide my new River boots. Ugh. I thought about taking them off (and probably should have), but the water was nearly black it was so dirty and I didn't really want to think about what was floating in it or settled on the asphalt. So. My boots are fraked. I went to [ profile] queenmaab's and rinsed them out, though. Then we went off and picked up her new DS (yay!) and spent the rest of the night setting it up and also trying on the River costume she made for me.

Speaking of, after several attempts, I finally managed to put some photos on Sikozu (my DS). Apparently Moonshell will only read non-progressive jpg images so I had to resave everything. Once that was figured out, it works all right though. I wish there was some sort of rotate function, but.. whatever. Looks all right.

Today is day three without Schrodinger ;_; It's weird not having the constant hum and the blue lights in my room. I don't like it. Parts for Schrodinger Mark II came in today, though. Just missing the case and a couple other things. Unfortunately, I will be off in Star Trek: Phase II (formerly New Voyages) land.

I'm mostly packed for the trip. This year I'm going sort of light and packed two medium duffle bags (one with clothes, one with other stuff), a backpack for days, and my laptop bag. I guess I probably could have just brought a large suitcase, but... meh. Smaller bags are probably going to be easier to handle. One thing that's bugging me though is that I can't for the life of me find the small flashlight that converts to a "candle" that I used last year. Seriously have no clue where it is.

Talked to my boss today and he's let me have Thursday and Friday of this week of as well, so I'm going to leaving for Port Henry on Thursday morning. Hopefully I'll be able to wrangle somewhere to stay for the night. If not, I guess I'll just sleep in my car for a night. Whatever. Won't be that big of a deal. I've decided not to go nuts with the food this time and will probably just buy food from the store in the morning. I've got most of the important stuff packed: clothes, camera, batteries, toiletries, DS... Talyn has been all cleaned up and I've also managed to pack in a copy of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Nothing, and The Boondock Saints for entertainments. I'm told they're trying to stick to 12 hour days this year. Sweet.

Hopefully when I get back next week, I can put Schrodinger Mark II together and everything on the hard drive will be intact. At the very least, I hope I will be able to save all my stuff on to the new secondary drive. I really want to finish my Stark/River fic, but it's trapped there (sorry, [ profile] not_last_resort! -_-; )
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Things Wot Happened Today:

+ helped boss deal with aftermath of IE7 upgrade. Upgrade has messed up all aspect of normal processing.

+ Company tells me I must now learn regex and XPath for new aspect of job. Oy.

+ bought a lot of yarn in Jayne Cobb hat colors. Yeah. Hopefully I can figure out how to make one on a loom.

+ went to [ profile] queenmaab's and finished the belt for the Mirror Queen as well as the beading on the sleeves. Hooray! I think my costuming work for her this cycle is complete! :D

+ altered tactical vest arrived. Stitch fixed it for me and made it not so.. big. Fits nice now :D Can't wait to wear it with all my gear for ICON!

+ Everyday Minerals and Signature Minerals orders came in, so now I have full sizes of the items I wanted. YAY!

So, overall, it's been a good day :)

Now I leave you with this:

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Interesting developments at work. More later if it goes through. But it could mean more interesting work for me to do...

After work, I stopped by the Chinese grocery to pick up dinner. Then, uh, went to Sephora while I waited for [ profile] queenmaab to get home. Yeah. I bought another Tarte lip gloss (Westley & Buttercup!) and another Tarte Lock & Roll eye shadow (gunmetal). I'm sick, I need help.

Another night at [ profile] queenmaab's working on costumes. I brought dinner tonight... some things I picked up at the Chinese grocery. Proving once again that I can't even heat up pre-cooked food properly, the pork was... not exactly hot. But.. at least it all tasted good. I thought so at least. :\ Didn't get as much work done on the beaded sleeves as I had hoped, but there was some progress.

Came home and discovered that the boots I bought for my River costume arrived. Oh em gee. They are FABULOUS. And PERFECT. And.. okay, not 100% like what she wore in the movie, but close enough. I was afraid that the grey would be too light, but they look like a well-worn black/dark brown, which I think is perfect. Yeah. I love them. I can't wait to wear them with the costume.
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Made it through the work day. That's pretty much all I have to say for myself. [ profile] athenaktt kept me company for a lot of it.

Wednesday, techs are coming in to upgrade us to Office 2007. Bossman installed it to test it out and... what the frell. The whole tab/Ribbon concept is totally mental. It's like they've tried to dumb down all the office programs and.. no. Just. NO. It's horrible. OMG DO NOT WANT.

As for that To Do list I posted earlier...

+ order moo cards for con
+ work on new art piece not much done, but good progress
+ order wand -- can't decide on what wand so.. will do that tomorrow
+ look for boots; maybe order went with the LawPro PursuitPro Boots; look close enough and have my size
+ Hunter's Moon icon 'cause Jetix has been showing Gargoyles and I forgot how much I used to love it.

Well. That's nearyl everything. Go, me!

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Jan. 2nd, 2008 11:07 pm
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Work was pretty tame today. Not much work to do and the boss was out so... you know how that goes. I did actually last the whole day, however. Go me? I have tomorrow and Friday off though, so hooray.

After work I headed to Best Buy because I saw they had a special army bag giveaway when you bought a copy of Resident Evil: Extinction. Of course when I got there, they had none left... so I then decided not to even buy the thing. I was also going to get Shoot 'Em Up because.. well.. Clive Owen starring in an action movie parody? Yes. But $18 is a bit much for it so I'll have to wait until it's cheaper. I did end up getting Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Planet Terror, though. Heh.

I moved some books around and got a small pile put away, but I've pretty much given up cleaning for the night. Instead I've been working on my DVD database, getting information filled in. At some point I'm going to have to double check what's actually on my shelves because I've noticed 3 or 4 missing already :\ Hrm.

Linda's over again with her god, Kismet. She wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so we did. Now I'm watching Life On Mars. *glee*
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Work. You know. Whatever. Just drama with the office skank trying to get everyone in trouble. Thankfully, I have tomorrow off so I can not deal with that crap again until Monday. Huzzah!

[ profile] imacartwright - Thank you so much for the card! it's really lovely :)

[ profile] athenaktt! Thank you so much for the gift! I haven't opened it yet. Instead, it's sitting under the tree until I open it on Christmas :D

Saw Enchanted tonight with [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] erintheodd, and Alexis (go on and friend amongst yourselves). Good times. We had a quick dinner at the food court before going to the movie. Great movie. Very funny and snarky, which is always a winning combo. The sappy Disney romance hits pretty hard when it finally kicks in, but you're pretty much expecting it anyway. The ending was rather predictable, but I wasn't really expecting otherwise. I felt a little cheated on the animation sequences. I mean, okay, I know Disney has all but made their cel animation obsolete, but I wish they'd put a little more effort into it. It looks kind of like a 4th rate version of the usual Disney standard :\ Interaction between real world/animation world stuff was neat though. Anyway. Overall, a highly enjoyable a film that was actually worth the $10.

Dropped off home... and on the way we, of course, bitched about the job XD Good way to pass the time. Hah.

Have just taken out the garbage. Can't decide if I want to go to bed or stay up and watch some TV. Hm. We'll see. Tomorrow I'm going to try and do some stuff like laundry (HAHA) and web graphics I've been meaning to do for the last...uh... year.
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Work today was insane. And boring. But whatever. I hear there is supposed to be some giant mega snow storm coming this weekend starting Saturday night and possibly going until Monday. If we get a giant storm, I better have a day off from work Monday due to blizzard. Seriously. That would be the only justice.

[ profile] crushw_eyeliner!! I got your present! Thank you so much! :D I opened it 'cause I didn't know what it was and I didn't remember ordering anything from Amazon.... which, in hindsight, should have meant that I didn't open it at all. But yes. Thank you! :D I'm actually going to stick a bow on it and put it under the tree until Christmas. XD I have your present but have not yet mailed it >_< Also, yeah, I'd love to see you when you come to New York! Hopefully our schedules line up.

In other news... well. There isn't really. Oh.

The Serenity Collector's Edition is on sale at Amazon for $8.99. That is an insane price. If you haven't gotten it yet, now seems like the time.

New Moonlight tonight! How I can be so excited over such a poorly written show, I don't know, but I can't wait to see more of t3h drama!


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