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Well. I haven't written anything useful (or not whining) in a while, so how about a review of a tea gadget thing I just got? :D

My new Takeya Flash Chill Tea Maker arrived today! My brother showed it to me and I had to have one. Two-day shipping from Amazon FTW! It's a pretty awesome contraption that makes brewing & chilling iced tea easier and it only cost about $20.

20130312_201709 20130312_202354

The first thing I did was to figure out how to take the whole thing apart so I could wash it. The only piece that might get tricky is the infuser basket, but the sprayer on the kitchen sink seems to work least for a first cleaning. All the other parts were very easy to clean with a sponge and rinse with hot water.

For my first pitcher of iced tea, I chose Everybody's Tea by daunt. I kind of dislike this blend as a hot tea - hot citrus is a no go for me - but I liked it cold with some sugar, so I thought it would be a good choice. And... also a way to use up more of the bag since I wouldn't be brewing single, hot cups.

In the booklet that comes with the tea maker, they tell you to use 10 Tablespoons of loose leaf tea to make 2 quarts of iced tea. That seemed like a ridiculous amount of tea, so I ended up putting in 7 Tablespoons. After brewing, that was still too much; next time I'm going to use 5 Tablespoons instead (8tsp for cold brew).

20130312_203017 20130312_203227

Anyway. Tea in the infuser. Fill the pitcher half way (or a little more) with hot water - whatever the correct temperature for your tea is.  Attach the infuser to the lid and place it in the pitcher - don't close it all the way. I am not sure about steep times for brewing a concentrated tea - for black it is the same as brewing a cup. Experiment I guess? :\

Once you're done steeping, take out the infuser and remove it from the lid. Add in your sweetener (I did 4T cane sugar and 3T white sugar) and fill with ice. Then screw the lid on tight and shake that sucker until your ice is melted and your sweetener is dissolved.

20130312_203851 takeya flash chill tea maker

Ta-da! You now have some tasty iced tea! (And yes, Everybody's Tea makes a fabulous iced tea. The citrus & vanilla combo is really yummy once it's icy cold.)

I did find that the infuser basket was kind of annoying to clean out and I suspect it might get kind of gross after a few uses because it's so difficult to scrub (and it feels kind of delicate). However, once it gets more stained, I plan on using my travel mug cleaning trick - HOT water, a scoop of dish washing powder, and let sit overnight. That usually gets the coffee/tea stains off anything with little scrubbing afterwards.
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I've been using various types of organic virgin coconut oil on my skin for a while. My favorite so far as been the one offered by The All Natural Face.

I'm familiar with the various grades of coconut oil. High quality virgin coconut oil should be clear like water when liquid and white when solid. It should also have a mild coconut smell. Any other color means there are contaminates in it and if it has no smell, that means it has been processed and treated. If it's really good quality, you can eat it and it should have a pleasant taste. I have also cut open my own coconuts and poured milk from them. I am familiar with the product and have tried a several kinds from several sellers - both on etsy and commercially. I know what a coconut and fresh milk smells like.

Recently, I decided to make a purchase from Country Soap Shack on etsy. I bought 4oz of what was listed as Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil. The seller lists the item as:

Certified by QAI.

This is how coconut oil really and truly smells!
When you take a whiff of this virgin, pure oil you will be mentally transported to a Caribbean or South Pacific island.
This oil is processed by technology developed in Japan using a centrifuge and gravity.
They harvest the coconut and the coconut milk is extracted by centrifuge with a density separator.
Virgin coconut oil comes directly from the Fiji islands and we can attest to its purity and content.
When solid it is white, when liquid it is colorless.Solid at cooler temps will liquify when warm or can be placed in warm water.

It has the most intoxicating coconut fragrance.......its texture is soft-solid with a creamy texture while at room temperature.
Use straight on the skin, as lip balm, to blend with other fixed oils and essential oils, in creams and lotions.

SAP value: 0.194. (Food grade.)

Sounds good. I paid $2.99 for 4oz, plus $2.50 for shipping. I get what I pay for I guess.

The oil arrived quickly as pictured. No problem there. It's cold now, obviously, so the oil was solid and I used a bowl of warm water to melt it so I could pour it in a small wide mouthed container for easier use. As it melted, I noted the oil was yellowish, but figured that might be from the plastic container so I didn't think anything of it. I poured it into my clear jar and the oil was, indeed, yellowish. There were also bits floating in it - possibly from the coconut meat? Still, maybe it was fine. Certified QAI, right? Sure.

I use coconut oil as a moisturizer and later that night, I did just that. I noticed the oil had a waxy/nutty smell, more similar to the way raw shea butter smells. Well, overnight I developed hives in all the places I put the oil! Maybe it wasn't the oil, I thought. So the next day, after showering, using something else and having the hives go away, I tried again. SAME REACTION.

(BTW - I did taste this oil and it tastes like it smells - waxy.)

Last night, I left feedback for the item at the seller's shop. It was marked NEUTRAL - not negative - because my experience with her was positive, but with the item was negative. It does not impact her 100% rating.

Arrived quickly, but oil had a weird waxy/nut smell. Also gave me hives, which I have not had happen with other coconut oil. Not sure what happened. :(

The end.

This morning I wake up to find this message from the seller (who had left me positive feedback in return, mind you):

November 12 2011 8:41am EDT

The oil is SUPPOSED to have a nut smell.That's why it is called VIRGIN Coconut oil.And it is also not my fault that you seem to be allergic to it.That feedback was uncalled for.
DO NOT visit my store again.


This was my reply:

November 12 2011 10:55am EDT

Uhm. No need to be RUDE. I didn't leave you negative feedback - I left neutral feedback. I have used SEVERAL grades of virgin coconut oil and none of them smell like WAX. ALSO, I have NEVER gotten an allergic reaction to any coconut oil I have used. Again I left NEUTRAL FEEDBACK for the ITEM. I did note you shipped fast and that I didn't know WHY I had a reaction but did not BLAME YOU. The feedback was for the ITEM.

I would have gladly purchased other items from your shop again, but after this RUDE FEEDBACK, I will now not only be purchasing from your shop again, but will be telling others not to as well. Bad business practice.

Good day.

(Erm, yeah, typo there - I meant "not only not be purchasing".)

Annnnd then, the seller proceeds to jump all over me:

November 12 2011 11:06am EDT

And Uhmm..You could have contacted me about any problems with the oil.I have sold thousands of this same oil and only you are the one to have issues with it.It would have been common sense to contact the seller.The feedback reflects against my business which I do take very personally.I work very hard unlike other sellers to offer high grade service & products.Thank you it's is a relief that I know you will not shop here again.
I will also be telling others about your tacky feedback & horrible little business via my MANY blogs,websites and social networks,etc..It goes both ways.

Thank you I will a Wonderful Day!

So... basically, "boohoo you ruined my streak of 1000+ positive reviews" is what I'm getting here. Seriously, it was NEUTRAL FEEDBACK. And I like her slam at other sellers right there, too. As if the other sellers on etsy are inferior and are terrible and she is the BEST.

I wrote back:

November 12 2011 11:15am EDT

Neutral feedback is NOT the same as negative feedback. It doesn't impact your rating and I didn't say anything about your business being horrible. It was feedback on the ITEM. Yes, Virgin Coconut Oil has a smell - a COCONUT SMELL. Yours has a waxy/nutty/butter smell. If that is acceptable to other buyers, that's fine, but they should know the smell is stronger than other high quality virgin oils I have tried - which at this point is probably 6 or 7.

I'm sorry I was the first neutral feedback in your business. If you had a problem with my feedback, then you could have contact me and asked what you could do, not yell at me and be rude straight out.

Feel free to share this exchange wherever you like - I will be - but do me the favor of at least being honest and posting the ENTIRE exchange, starting with the feedback I have left and your first message to me.

And this is the last thing she wrote me:

November 12 2011 11:27am EDT

As a buyer it is your responsibility to contact the seller if your were in any way unhappy with the product.I do not read minds and can only correct an issue that has been brought to my attention.I was offended that you failed to contact me about the oil.Our oil IS one of the highest quaility on the market.I only reacted to your rudeness and please by all means do not contact me again.Since it is plain to see that you would not be happy not matter what I attempted to do.
I hope you run your little shop better than what you treat other sellers.
I do not take kindly to be harrassed or threatened and neither do my lawyers.


Uh, actually, as a buyer, it is my responsibility to pay you for the thing I buy and then leave feedback. I didn't leave negative feedback saying this was the worst product ever and saying not to buy from her shop again. I just said I had a weird reaction and the oil had a strong smell that I've not had in other coconut oils - ALL TRUE.

My second favorite is how she reacted to my "rudeness." Someone please objectively tell me how my original feedback was rude. I understand it wasn't a gushing "OMG I LOVE YOU" but it certainly wasn't rude as far as I can tell.

My favorite part is how she casually throws in the threat of lawyers and how I am harassing her. Erm, yes, please invite the lawyers in to talk about how you flipped your shit over neutral feedback from a $2.99 item and have been nothing but belligerent and overly defensive. Please, BRING THEM.

Hey, seller, for future reference, the ability to "Kiss and make up" is there for completed neutral/negative feedback. I could have used it... but I'm certainly not going to now. I only wish I could change it to a negative.

EDIT: Here are some photos of the Country Soap Shack "organic virgin coconut oil" next to a commercial food grade non-GMO, unprocessed, unbleached coconut oil we use at home for cooking. (The commercial one has a pleasant coconut smell and taste, if you're wondering.)

The Country Soap Shack oil is on the left and the commercial one is on the right in all the photos.

You'll note that the Country Soap Shack one is indeed yellow colored and there is all sorts of stuff floating in it. I certainly wouldn't call it high quality. I also wish you could smell it because the Country Soap Shack one has a smell that is actually unpleasant. The more I smell it, the more is smells like butter and slightly rancid oil. The commercial has a nice, light coconut scent. Coconuts are NOT NUTS and they shouldn't smell like nuts or wax or butter or rancid oil!
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I'm resolving to write more in my LJ about things. Life things, fannish things, anything. So, let's start with health insurance.

I've been on my mother's COBRA plan for about a year, since they extended the age to 29. Of course, I turned 29 earlier this montha nd I was confused about whether or not my coverage would be continuing until. Didn't think to much about it, really... until my bill came for the next month and I see they've raised the premium to $600. A month. $600. This is for basic medical coverage - exams, simple labs, some hospital coverage, a crazy high co-pay ($25 per office visit), no dental, and no vision.

Having seen that, I start immediately looking at other health insurance options. I don't qualify for Medicaid because I live with my mom and they take into account the total income of the people you are living with, which puts me out of the Medicaid bracket. Then I checked out HealthyNY again and it seems like they've managed to make their premium costs. That, or I'm just so jaded from the $500/month I have been forking over. I wasn't able to apply for HealthNY before because I hadn't worked in so long, but with my recent paycheck from working on a film project, I'd be able to say I had some kind of income.

Called CDPHP to find out about applying for HealthyNY through them and a nice lady told me that my coverage would be ending at the end of the month under the Age 29 extension. No worries, I'd be canceling it anyway. I also got confirmation of the updated premium, which would be $285 instead of $254. That's a much smaller increase than my current plan and also still less than half the current premium cost. The rep then transfered me to another department where I made an appointment to come into the office at noon. Done! Now to cancel my current Young Adult coverage, which, if anyone else needs to know, does actually continue through your 29th year, so it expires the day you turn 30. Of course, I am not looking to fork over $600/month for the next 12 months.

Calling to find out about my cancellation, I called the NYS Civil Service Department, which is supposed to be handling my eligibility. Well, after wading through a ton of automated menus, I was on hold for 15 minutes. Hung up. That was perfectly pointless.

Next, I called Empire and was able to wade through to an actual person. They've listed me as having two health insurance programs - one where I am a dependent and the other where I'm an individual enrollee. In both cases, I can't make any changes. My mother would have to contact them and deal with it. I still can't get an exact answer to when the Age 29 thing expires because the rep at Empire didn't seem to have any clue and just said that there was a different expiration date on file for my policy, but she also couldn't tell me any details about it.

So... now it was time to get to my appointment with CDPHP. I got there at noon and waited in the lobby for 15 minutes before I met with the enrollment person... whose name I've forgotten. Anyway, once I was in the office, she was very nice and helped my finalize my application and seemed to think my application would be approved. All I needed was the cancellation letter from my current insurance saying i was in good standing and had no pre-existing conditions. Fab. In and out in under 10 minutes.

I took a detour to the mall after that and did some "Good Job, Me" spending, which is always bad. Bought a 4-pack of True Blood and colored hair clip-ins from Hot Topic (they had me at 15% discount and bonus $5 off). Also snagged a Kat Von D Memento Mori palette that was on sale at Sephora for $24, which is $10 off their normal price. Interestingly, the JC Penny Sephora was having quite a sale while the actual Sephora store in the mall didn't seem to be having one. Weird. Anyway, also got a couple Color Club (Wild Orchid & Red Velvet [China Glaze Lubu Heels dupe]) polishes and one of the new OPI Swiss collection (Ski Teal We Drop).

Once I was home, I tried calling my current provider again. I was on the phone for - no lie - 40 minutes waiting for someone to pick up. The office closes at 3:00pm and it was already past that time, but I stayed on the phone. Finally someone picked up and all he told me to do was fax a letter to them stating that I was canceling my Young Adult coverage. Seriously. After 40 minutes, I get told that? I quickly wrote up the letter and faxed it over, so I hope that will take care of that and I will be on a comparatively more affordable crap insurance plan. If so, I'm thinking maybe I should get tested for hypoglycemia finally. (Though that's scary because the test for that includes not eating for 48-72 hours which is... not good for me.)

Speaking of... I need something to eat. All I've eaten since I woke up was a fruit bar.
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Apparently there is some controversy regarding the newly introduced H.R. 5786 - The Safe Cosmetics Act.

I'm all for safe cosmetics, but I'm not really for all the scare tactics on both sides regarding this bill. Okay, now... we all know I'm "liberal" and I don't want to sound like I'm on the side of the conservative nutbags who are currently calling the SCA a liberal whatever, but on first look, the bill does sound a bit... extreme. The overly rigorous testing of ingredients that will cause indie cosmetics companies to go out of business, the scare tactics being used so people will freak out that the tiniest trace amounts of "toxins" should be banned.

BUT. Just because there are trace amount of carcinogens in my vegetables and my cosmetics doesn't mean it's okay for my created cosmetics to contain them. Frankly, I'd much rather limit my exposure where possible since carcinogens you know, do actually cause cancer. I also am not a fan of -ethylenes and -parabens in my cosmetics because, whatever the agreed toxicity/safety of these ingredients, they make my eyes itch and my skin irritated. I also buy nail polish that is toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) free.

Some of the smaller indie companies are saying that the passing of HR 5786 will mean they the testing required for ingredients will be too expensive for them to continue to be in business. I definitely see how this is a concern. I'd be concerned since I buy lots of things from indie companies.

To be honest, the bill is quite long and I haven't yet read through the whole thing. My initial reaction was "OMG NO OPPOSE IT" but now I'm not really certain. Regulating the use of toxic chemicals is something I'm a fan of, but I don't want my favorite indie companies (or any) to go out of business. I'll have to get back to you after I've read all the information regarding the bill and the opinions of those for it and against it.

Further reading:

Regarding the cost of testing: I cannot find a list of actual figures anywhere.
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I love buying accessories for my electronics and every time I get a new camera, shopping for a new bag is thrown in to the process. I've always thought the bags available weren't really fitting to my sense of style -- too utilitarian and definitely all screamed, "Hi! There is a camera in here!"

Well, Epiphanie bags are a stylish spin on the camera bag! They're padded inside with compartments, just like any Lowepro or Tamrac bag, but from the outside, it looks like a handbag. The three styles of bag all have removable crossbody straps if you don't want to use the double handles. I think the Ginger bag is my favorite; I love the contrast stitching.

Epiphanie is currently holding a giveaway where you can win a Canon 5D Mark II or a $2500 gift card to Southwest Airlines!
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For some unknown reason, my jackhole father decided to send me a check for $1000 with which to buy myself a DSLR. There was a complicated discussion in which he wanted one, but then decided it was too much bother and sent me a check so I could buy one... whatever. In any case, I was thinking it over and figured that I would use a full DSLR kit exactly twice a year and probably never even bring it to a convention because who wants to lug around 10lbs of camera and lenses? It's not exactly a fast process and at cons I like to stay mobile. Even for other photography, I never have the ability to lug all that gear as well as my own personal gear (wallet, phone, internet tablet, etc).

So, after all that deliberation, I decided to go with the new Canon Powershot SX20IS. It's a nice upgrade from my current S3IS, which I still use a lot, but the upgrade looks great.

Here's the review from Steve's DigiCams, which includes a few sample photos and videos. Not entirely sure if I like the macro and manual focus buttons on the back as having them on the front of the S3IS was pretty convenient. I do like how the lens are listed on t he barrel as you zoom in/out. It's not a perfect gage, but at least it'll give me some idea what lens I am shooting on.

Amazon actually dropped the price $10 from when I added it to my list on Wednesday, so that was a bit of a bonus. While there, I also picked up a 4GB Sandisk SDHC card, SunPak UV & Circular Polarizer filters, and the GorillaPod for DSLRs. And Pushing Daisies and Burn Notice season 2 sets.

I also picked up the 58mm Lensmate adapter so I can use filters. Better to break a cheap UV filter than the actual lens. Got their 58mm snap on lens cap as well.

All this gear should be arriving in the next week. Kind of excited to be able to use a new camera on this trip to Hawaii we'll be taking in November. I'll be able to test it out at the NEFE con at the beginning of November, too.
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I've been wearing a certain greenstone fishhook since I got it when I was in New Zealand in 2003. Since the first day, I've worn it on a waxed cord, replaced once a couple years ago. You'll probably see it on me in a lot of my costuming photos. Last month I decided it would be nice if it were on a bail and I could actually take the necklace off without as much fuss as the cord is.

My mother found a jeweler in the area that she'd used a few times to turn some earrings into pendants and stuff like that. I decided it couldn't hurt. So two weeks ago, I go to the jeweler and have a talk about what sort of bail I want put on -- that I wear the pendant every day and I want it to be something small, but sturdy. He shows me a bail in a catalog and it's exactly what I'm looking for. He says he can solder the back so it definitely won't come apart. I'm happy.

Not one peep after a week; they are called and asked what the deal is. He says the part isn't in yet. Fine, no big deal. I can wait for a part. A few days later, we get a call saying it's done. Last night my mother picks it up. They charged her $25 for the bail work and the snake chain I told her I didn't need anymore. At the original consultation, he said if I wanted a chain, we could take a measurement and he'd custom cut the length. Instead, he foisted a 16", badly soldered snake chain on my mom, who'd gone to pick it up.

The funny thing is, she knew as soon as she saw it that I wouldn't like it, but she paid for it anyway. If I were there, I'd have demanded he remove it immediately and not have paid him at all.

pictures )

This morning I called to A) correct an error on a ticket for my mom's new order and B) chew him out for the error. He answered the phone and after I calmly had him correct the info on the ticket (the phone number and name were all wrong... wtf), there was a pretty quick burn to angry. I told him that what he ended up doing wasn't what I wanted at all and that he should have called me before he did it because it wasn't what I agreed to and in fact, I could have just done a wire bail myself. He tells me that the bail I wanted had been discontinued, to which I responded that he should have called to tell me that instead of just putting something else on there. He then says that if I wanted it, he could fabricate it in his shop -- WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

I tell him that were it up to me, I wouldn't have do the wire bail and now I'm stuck with something I don't want and it's not like I can get a refund (as is stated on his sales receipt). He says, "Why not?" I pause and then ask if he's saying he would refund the bail. He says, "So, basically you want me to do the work for free."

Yeah. Read that again. I totally lost it at that point. I told him that he did work that I didn't agree to, which is why I'm mad and want a refund, so yeah. I'm not keeping the bail and he should have asked me before he went ahead and did it. So finally he says he'll refund it, minus sales tax. Well, fine. Then he says if I wanted to bring it in, he could take it off. Yeah, No. I tell him I can take it off myself, thanks and I will have the crap wire bail and necklace brought in and he can put the credit towards my mother's new order or whatever.

I feel like kind of a bitch and normally I'd never do that to any sort of artist, but seriously, wtf? He had the piece for two weeks, knew the bail I wanted and agreed to was discontinued, then threw on a shit wire bail. I could have done that or I could have found (and did find) for a lot cheaper and nicer looking on

This morning, I did place an order for bails and oval jump rings. I should have just done it myself in the first place. And people wonder why I have control issues.

So there it is, my bitch moment of the week. Actually, this whole week has been about me not finding what I'm looking for and running around like a crazy person and blowing most of my tax refund money without really meaning to, so this whole debacle is right in line with that.
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After three days without power, we finally got ours back yesterday evening. I wasn't at home -- I'd bailed on the house after taking the longest hot shower ever. Headed to [ profile] smashedrecords' to hang out for awhile and soak up the heat and electricity.

I can say this whole experience totally sucked :P I think I could deal without power for a few days if the weather were warmer, but the freezing temperatures made it unbearable. [ profile] seijitataki coped by sleeping all day and my mom had places to go. Yeah, we had hot water, but what difference does that really make when the house is 40 degrees? It's not like the fire really helped either. We didn't have enough wood and the DuraFlame logs didn't really do much -- though we did have light at night, so I guess that isn't nothing. Thankfully, my UPS still had power so I could at least charge my phone and my Nintendo DS and use both of those.

In conclusion: power outages suck, but not as much as freezing in your own house.

Have some more Christmas shopping to do, so off I go. Just ordered some stuff online so I can skip the Sephora stop at least. Got a ton more stuff that way rather than three things at Sephora for the same price :P
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And more archiving. Just boring daily stuff. Some photos. Possibly Twilight LOLz.

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I've been depending on Twitter to post my random daily thoughts without having to come here, but LoudTwitter is kind of stuffed up right now, so I'm going to do a manual archive.

I know no one except for me cares. )
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Hey all. First real post in a long time!

Today was DVD release day and I ended up getting the Wanted 2-disc and... the Prince Caspian 3-disc. I know, I know. But I've ended up with money I can burn and I'm apparently trying to get through it quickly instead of being responsible and saving it. Oh well.

Last week I made a bunch of online purchases and most of them have come in - House season 1 - 3, Christmas gifts, Slither, and two corsets from Lip Service. Yeah. They are pretty nice, actually. I like the purple/magenta of the tartan one, but I think it needs a wee bit of fitting. Loving the underbust corset, but I'm definitely cutting off all the fringe. Mildly tragic, but I'm more likely to wear it without the fringe -- it was way more than I thought there was going to be.

[ profile] smashedrecords was over again tonight watching some DVDs. Finished off Torchwood season 1 and started her on Buffy and Roswell. All fun stuff!

Watching Roswell.. we both couldn't help but laugh at the parts that Twilight seems to have in common. It was getting rather ridiculous!

Speaking of... tomorrow is finally Twilight day for me! I can't wait XD I haven't really been reading anyone's reviews except for some random reactions on twitter. . I'll be wearing my Cullen leather cuff! XD There's a small group of us heading to the mall and I'm hoping the craze has died down enough that theaters won't be sold out. Will probably live-twit reactions.

And now.... bed!

DVD sale

Nov. 21st, 2008 12:16 pm
amezri: (spaced ;; tim/daisy ;; goof) is having a huge Black Friday sale. You can pre-order now and they'll ship next weekend.

Really great deals on TV! Brisco County, Jr. for $15.99! I totally got a copy for... I don't know. Gifting at some point. Picked up House season1 & 2 for $19 each, which is like $40 off retail. Yeah. Check it out. Awesome deals.

I don't know what I'm doing spending all this money, but at least half of them are Christmas gifts? D:
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Got up at a fairly decent hour today and decided to take a trip to Target. Been having a craving for milk & cereal. So, quick shower and off I went.. after a one hour detour at the computer...

Right, so, stop at the bank for some money, then Target! It's been so long since I've been in there. Weeks, I think! Hit the sale racks first and snagged a black skirt of $6. Grabbed a box of frosted flakes and raisin bran (their store equivalents, actually) and debated over the kind of milk to get. Went with 1%. Then I did something bad... I headed for the DVD area.

SO MANY THINGS TO BUY! Seriously, I picked up a ton of stuff, stared at the price tags, and then put them down. It was awful! I almost wanted Veronica Mars season 3 -- not because I liked the show; haven't even seen it yet -- but because it was $18. And then there were movies... and other shows! Ack! I ended up getting Pushing Daisies season 1 because, erm.. it was a Target exclusive and had recipes inside? Yeah, seriously, not like I'll ever use them (like my special edition Waitress with recipes), but, oh, just to have them! And the packaging is cute -- the case looks like a diner menu and the discs inside have pies on the labels.

Of course, I get home and find a big, giant EW! The garbage people didn't totally empty out my trash so they left a bunch of packing foam and dead squirrels. So the can reeks. I decided that if they're going to sit there another week, they're def going to need to be double bagged, so I got [ profile] seijitataki to help me. OMG GROSS.
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Right then. So what have I actually been up to lately besides fiddling with Twitter (which probably annoys a lot of you, but whatever. At least I'm cutting it and it'll only post once a day!)

Well, last Friday I sort of whined my way to a new phone. I know. But I've been wanting a new phone for a while -- something with a qwerty keypad. I was a bit resistant to the enV series originally, but looking at it again, I did like the features and the keypad was nice. In any case, Friday night after dinner, we went to the Verizon store to check out new phones. [ profile] seijitataki hasn't gotten a new one in many years, so obviously he had first go. But he was indecisive and since I could borrow his upgrade (he could borrow mine later) I got the enV2 in black. :P Came home and spent all night putting my contacts and ringtones on it. The ringtones were, if anyone cares, a ton easier to get on the enV2 than the Razr. I also put on a few wallpapers, but couldn't quite work out the sizing correctly the first few times.

Saturday I met up with [ profile] smashedrecords and Jessie to roam around the mall and have lunch at Moe's. After that, I came home and played some more with my phone. I kinda love it. I ordered screen protectors and a skin from decalgirl.

Sunday I went with my mom to the Gem and Mineral show in Springfield, MA. It was pretty fun and I saw a lot of minerals I've never even heard of before. I bought two pieces of selenite (a flat and a point) and a pyritized ammonite, which I think looks a bit alien, and therefore had to have.

Monday was work and rather lame. I can't even remember what I did, really. Was really lazy I guess?

Tuesday I got back into some crossover fic as [ profile] arysani had started talking about Twilight/Angel stuff so then I was thinking about that along with my unfinished Stark & River ficlets. I went to [ profile] sweetwildandmad and [ profile] katkel's for dinner. They'd offered to buy my Razr off me (goodbye, Razr! ;_;), which was cool because that was a bit of money from the enV2 purchase back. It was a fun evening. Dinner was great and we watched some TV. Always fun to go over there.

Today, I made it through another work day. Fiddled with Twitter and LoudTwitter and Twitpics. [ profile] queenmaab came over for dinner and we watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who as well as David Boreanaz on the Graham Norton show. I also let her borrow the first Twilight book.. hopefully she finds it amusing. Packed up my arc reactor and air soft gun to be mailed to Joel so he can drive it to DragonCon for me. Probably be able to get it in the post tomorrow or the day after.

Got a new website commission. Well... one I was working on got finalized, whatever. Point is, I have been paid! And I'm kind of excited about this one and can't wait to get started on it. The one for AoW is... going. It will be going. Listen, I don't have any materials for that one so I can hardly be faulted for the general ennui I feel about that project.

In fandom news, I'm still stuck on Twilight (I'm sick, I need help). I still love Donna Noble. I'd like to rewatch SGA from the beginning.
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I finally met with my new client to get the deposit for the website I'm supposed to be making. Hurray? It's absolutely horrible working with someone who have no computer and no internet. I just don't get it. Anyway. I guess I should start working on that soon.

Finally placed an order for Moo Postcards. I'll be giving those away at DragonCon along with some actual matted prints, if I ever get myself moving on those. Speaking of, I need to mail off my arc reactor and sidearm. Blah.

Erm. I also. Maybe. Just bought the first three Twilight books in hardcover to match Breaking Dawn. But, hey, Amazon! So they were cheapish. Honestly, I should have spent the money and gotten the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy catalog instead. Srsly.
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Like I said earlier, I caved and picked up Breaking Dawn. I am ASHAMED. Honestly. I kind of couldn't wait, knowing that everyone else was already reading it. This is kind of sad, right? Whatever. Point to you, Stephenie Meyer. Clearly the tactic of delaying the ebook (and thus stopping the torrents, etc) in an attempt to sell more hardcopies worked.

Right, so, mom and I went to see The Dark Knight. The place was still packed and, yes, it has totally crushed my beloved Iron Man in the box office (though I'm happy someone finally toppled Titanic). While we were waiting for the commercials and stuff to be over, I noticed the woman next to me pulled out her newly purchased copy of Breaking Dawn to read! Hehe.

Short version: Excellently dark. Heath Ledger was fabulous. Why did no one tell me Nestor Carbonell was in it? It was really long. And it felt like it. More in-depth thoughts after the cut )

And now... I am off to read Breaking Dawn! Before I accidentally read anything on the flist.
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Ugh. I am having a spendy sort of day. After work (which was nearly bearable, but still torturous), I went to Target to pick up some things. Really, I just wanted to get a copy of Penelope to watch tonight... but of course I wound up buying some snacks for work, bathroom cleaner, and some other things. So... that was expensive.

I just now put some money in my Amie Street account... for the first time! Because I want to buy Blackmore's Night's new album. I'd only ever downloaded free tracks from the site and that always worked well, but buying a whole album? Could not be easier. And the tracks stay in your library, so if you need to redownload them -- there they are. Also? DRM free. Rawk. Who need iTunes?

In other news, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog -- Act I is online! I haven't actually been able to watch it yet because of all the traffic, but apparently they have switched to a server that has more robust :D So I will try again later.

Edit: Grant Lee Phillips' Strangelet album for $1.80?! *buys*
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Okay, I got some current event life stuff to catch up on instead of posting about fannish things...

[ profile] smashedrecords' birthday was on Monday, but she had a little gathering at Union Inn Friday after work. I met up with her, Eric, and Ben at her house and headed on over where there were already people waiting. Apparently, John and Sarah had gone to school with [ profile] seijitataki. Weird. Anyway. We hung out for a while, I had a BLT. Tasty.

Afterward, we went back to [ profile] smashedrecords's where she had a hot tub for the weekend. They went in, but I just sat nearby in a chair until it was time for me to go home. Boring, I know.

Went to [ profile] queenmaab's to help paint her bedroom. Kim and Kori were there, too. We went out to the mall for lunch, stopped in at Sephora (where I finally signed up for that Beauty Insider thing and bought a Tarte lip gloss set), before getting in line for free Friendly's ice cream. Kim left after that, but [ profile] queenmaab and Kori and I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang while waiting for the paint to dry. Finished up the second coat of the room. We went to Old Chicago for dinner. Kori went home and I left shortly after.

But I was back on Sunday to finish up the other walls! It didn't take too long and this time we watched Fight Club while waiting for paint to dry. I love that movie, but I think [ profile] queenmaab thought it was really weird. *shrug* Put on second coat. Played DS for a while. Had dinner at Mr Subb. I hung out for a little while after we got all the tape and stuff off, but then I went home.

Oh, that'd be today. Work was... work, but it went kinda fast today, so that was good. Got to talk to [ profile] arysani for a bit, yay! After work, I headed over to Best Buy and picked up a new UPS unit (an APC ES Series - 750VA) and... er... a copy of resident Evil: Extinction. What? It was on sale.

Came home and installed the UPS and actually put the power management software on my computer this time. Never did before, strangely enough. Right now it's telling me I'm going to get 11 minutes of the power dies, but I'm hoping that's because it's not hit a full charge yet... kinda doubt it. Either way, it's still more than the 30 seconds I got with the old one.

I told [ profile] queenmaab I'd try to make some icons. So. Off I go!
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Yep. Still with the Iron Man disease.

I bought one of the glow in the dark arc reactor shirts from here.

And then I found this LED arc reactor shirt which is full of awesome. Seriously. If this person is willing to make more, I am all over that.

I also got myself a Plantronics Discovery 655 bluetooth headset because A) my Samsung one was pissing me off and B) I'm fairly certain that's the model that Pepper is using in the movie. Yes, I'm a dork. The one I got off eBay was most likely used as there are some scratches on the charger, but I've tested it and it works pretty well. And as a bonus, the thing actually stays in my ear without a giant-sized eargel and without a bunch of fiddling. The charging cradle make much more sense than the Samsung one and there's an included attachment that lest you charge the headset with a AAA battery. Sweet.

Okay, so here is a trailer for Tropic Thunder. I think I might have to go see it. And in all honesty, it has nothing to do with RDJ (though that will certainly be an interesting performance), but Ben Stiller entertains me and I love Steve Coogan.

And on a serious note, I have to say, YAY, NEW YORK! And YAY, Gov. Paterson!

New York to Back Same-Sex Unions From Elsewhere

ALBANY -- Gov. David A. Paterson has directed all state agencies to begin to revise their policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, like Massachusetts, California and Canada.

In a directive issued on May 14, the governor’s legal counsel, David Nocenti, instructed the agencies that gay couples married elsewhere "should be afforded the same recognition as any other legally performed union."

So, it's not the same as allowing gay marriage in NY, but recognizing marriages from another state is a start at least.

And now I should go get dinner, do the garbage and various other productive things.
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Motherfraker. Due to some bullfrell NYS law, now has to charge sales tax for anything being shipped to New York. You bastards!

Anyway. I went and bought some things for a gift... and also got myself Kitchen Confidential, The Gingerbread Man, The Daily Show: Indecision 2004, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Only two of those are due to my newly developed interest in Robert Downey Jr, but really, just older RDJ. I still don't get the attraction of the younger him. Seriously, I'm just all about Stark.

Speaking of Iron Man, how are there no promo images of that scene? You know, with him and the chair and asking Pepper about her hands and then the, "omg, there's pus!!" and him being all offended and the funny cardiac arrest. And the so very emo, "I don't have anyone else." Really. Where are those?! I love that scene.

Okay. Off to do some quick house cleaning, get some food and then go to bed to sleep off the sick.


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