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I know, I'm only just getting around to watching this one... mostly because I just didn't want it to end. However, Christmas is this week and I should really finish the season before the Christmas special airs.

Spoilers, obviously, if you're like me and haven't gotten around to it yet.

Doctor Who 6.13: The Wedding of River Song )

I did really like the episode and I'm glad I finally watched it, but it felt a little rushed and that little tricky twist at the end? Well, very classic Doctor I suppose, but still. Anyway, still great and reminded me of all the reasons I love this show and I can't wait for the Christmas episode this weekend!
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Catching up, you guys... two more until I'm at the finale!


One more episode! I will probably watch it tomorrow.
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Catching up, you guys... two more until I'm at the finale!


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Right. I am crazy behind and I don't think I will really be able to catch up before tomorrow's finale, but I'll give it a try!

And now, rambly comments on...

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Right. I am crazy behind and I don't think I will really be able to catch up before tomorrow's finale, but I'll give it a try!

And now, rambly comments on...


LOL The KFC commercial that says, "what part of a chicken is a nugget"? My brother said, "I don't know. What part of the chicken is popcorn?"
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Right. I am crazy behind and I don't think I will really be able to catch up before tomorrow's finale, but I'll give it a try!

And now, rambly comments on...

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So, I was totally spoiled for the big reveal in this, but whatever...

Live-blogging style as usual,


Why do we have to wait until the fall for the rest?? So cruel,
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A little late with my review and I'm just gonna go from memory as I wasn't typing while I was watching, but it was a great episode!


In other news, what is this chatter about Matt Smith going to LA and Karen looking for other jobs and possibly delaying series 7 and this break until September for the rest of series 6?! WHAT?! Not happy...
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I stopped commenting on parts of this episode because I was actually engrossed in the action on screen. Good sign, I say. Looking forward to the next new episode!
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Rambly commentary below!


Very weird episode and complicated and twisty, and I loved it.
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Time for my weekly babely reactions to Doctor Who!

Also, I only just realized that it's The Silents, not The Silence. That... makes a lot more sense, but I see what you did there, Moffat.


icons! wot?

May. 4th, 2011 12:50 pm
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I just made some new icons! Amazing. They're kind of quick and blah, but still, I like them. Ought to make some Vampire Diaries ones as well.

And I'd also totally forgotten about this set of Doctor Who icons I made with lyrics to Tom McRae's King of Cards:

Some day I will be as creative again. :P
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This is super rambly and may not make sense, but this totally just on the fly and reactions as I watch. So, you know, it's probably not at all intelligent and will involve a lot of caps.


Unrelated... Is Mark Sheppard the voice in all the BBC America Doctor Who ads?
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I should have written this last week, but I'll type up some random thoughts as I'm rewatching it before tonight's new episode. More or less a live blog...but I've picked it up half way though.


I seriously need an Eleven icon.


Nov. 18th, 2008 03:44 pm
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Didn't go on as much of a splurge as I thought I would.

My local Best Buy only had La Femme Nikita season 4. Still, it was a good deal for a set that's normally $84. I also picked up a spindle of Sony DVD+Rs for $22.

My best deal of the day? Doctor Who Series 4 for... $39. Yep, that's right. The retail at the store should be $83.73 (like the other Who sets), but someone was a little dyslexic at the labeling machine and marked every copy as $38.73. The sale price this week was $69.99. Went to the register and thought I'd have to put up a fight, but nope -- cashier changed it and had it approved. The only comment was the lead saying, "that's a weird price," before approving it. HAHAHAHA! I WIN!

Honestly, I sort of hate steelbooks and if weren't for that price, I'd have just ordered the regular boxset from Amazon. There is no room inside for the booklet (which is shrink wrapped to the box). The DVDs are all crammed in and it's hard to get them in and out. Meh. So I already decided I was going to rebox them when I got home. I think the cover came out pretty well.

steelbook vs new cover )

Also stopped by Target and snagged Tropic Thunder and 4 boxes of chocolate Tim Tams (they had caramel as well). I very nearly picked up Wall-E but I didn't feel like spending $30 on the 3-disc. Bones Season 3 is out as well, but.. yeah. Didn't get that either.
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Playing catch up on the social networks. LJ I'm never going to catch up on -_-;;

While I was away, it seems that the spoiler a large group of us hoped wouldn't be true, is true and that makes me pretty sad. SAD. Yeah, yeah, I know there are people who didn't like him, but I love him, so hush! D:

On twitter I complained about no one having told me about the Obama roast at the Alfred E. Smith dinner and [ profile] xpashax points out that he did. My bad. I've been really awful on the LJ lately. I really need to start reading again.

Working on Tom photos and show report. Up soonish. If not tonight then.. erm.. well, probably Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be at [ profile] queenmaab's for Halloween!
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Well. Woke up and I was having one of those days. You know, the ones where I am dizzy and migraine-y and tired. Ugh. So I called in. I thought about going in later, but it never happened.

Instead I watched Doctor Who series 4. Yeah. It was pretty great. spoilery chatter )

Argh. I guess I should try and upgrade my video drivers and see if that fixes anything. Hrm. Middle of something, so maybe.. later? Yeah.

Also watch Dr. Horrible again. On the big TV! It was so shiny. And watched Underworld: Evolution. Still really like that series of films. I do! They're not the best written things, but whatever. Obviously I'm a sucker for vampire/werewolf things.

Still feeling light-headed and blah, so I do believe I'm headed for bed now...


Jul. 20th, 2008 08:50 pm
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I've spent all weekend catching up some TV and movies I've been meaning to watch. Which means I've done nothing productive. Meh.

Battlestar Galactica 4.01-4.10: Wow. Okay. That was pretty awesome. And I still think the final Cylon is Dualla.

Penelope: Yeah, again. Really like the movie and the visuals. And James McAvoy.

Doctor Who season 3: Just filling in some episodes I happened to miss. "The Lazarus Experiment," "42," "Human Nature," and "Family of Blood." They were quite good and the Doctor seemed like less of a jerk to Martha in some of the episodes. Still a jerk though. Forgot how much fun this show is; need to watch season 4.

The Singing Detective. Uh. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this RDJ movie and, yeah. I think I'm in with the group who think this film is fraking weird. I may or may not watch this again. It was kind of cool seeing a lot of other favorite actors (Eddie Jones, Jon Polito, Saul Rubinek, Jeremy Northam) but really, it was just odd. Until the end... the last twenty minutes was pretty cool.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus: Odd, but in a good way. I liked it and think I'll be watching it again. RDJ does some interesting things with the character of Lionel.

Resident Evil: Extinction: Wow, that was really... not that good. I did like it better than Apocalypse, but that's not really saying much. Also, WTFCARLOS?! I was just starting to 'ship Alice/Carlos too. Meh. An army of Alices would be pretty kick-ass though.

Casanova: The Heath Ledger one. Honestly, it was a bit silly and oddball, but I liked it for what it was. Heath plays a great Casanova, of course, and I loved Charlie Cox as Giovanni Bruni; found it funny that he was after a girl named Victoria in this as well (see Stardust, which Victoria was played by Sienna Miller).

Didn't really think about what I'm going to do about the job. And now I should really try and finish my Shore Leave report.
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Crazy day...

Got up at 9am so I could go out and rake the lawn for the pick up on Monday. I ended up putting up my wall shelf beforehand. Got most of my action figures set up there, including the Doctor, Rose and Martha. So, right. Raking with the family. Then gave the dog a bath before getting myself a shower and running off to Target to pick up some things.

[ profile] coffeedanger (who is now on LJ. yay!) came over about 1pm to hang out. Uh, basically we just sat around and used the internets. I was able to put in about 2/3 of the stack of DVDs I've been needing to put into my database. We tried to watch an Eddie Izzard DVD, but both of us were only half paying attention and I find I can't really follow the routine that way.. so I put in "A Dog's Breakfast," which I loooove. I wasn't sure what [ profile] coffeedanger thought of it... but at least she thought it was better than what she expected an indie film to be.. I think.

Dinner was fire pot (or hot pot or steamboat, apparently). [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad also showed up for dinner and brought yummy cookies. I think it went all right XD It's sort of a fun dinner thing. Very weird if you've never had it before... or if you don't like fish or lamb or beef or shrimp or vegetables because everything gets cooked together XD

After dinner, we just hung out and chatted. [ profile] seijitataki and [ profile] sweetwildandmad talked about gaming things. I showed [ profile] katkel how to fold lucky stars. Got [ profile] coffeedanger on to LJ.

Right before people started to pack up and head out, I put in the new Doctor Who Children in Need episode that was on recently. Very funny. I love the fanboying and the celery comment and of course, "you don't need them, you just think they make you look clever." HA!

Found a new BPAL sheet which seems a bit easier to manage than the old one I'd been using. This one seems to be updated much more frequently and integrating the updates into the list is way easier I think, especially since the updates are listed in a tab. So. Yeah.

Now I'm watching Dinner Impossible and then probably going to bed.

Edit: And now I'm watching Ace of Cakes and this is the second time I've seen Mary Alice in a Threadless shirt. Last time she had the "There, Their, They're" (whatever order it was... ) and in this episode she's wearing, uh.. the one with the girl swinging in the yard with a TV. She also had on a "Joss Whedon is my Master Now" shirt. Awesome.
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2entertain responds to an inquiry about the Doctor Who Season 3 R1 commentary issue. Apparently the commentary couldn't be 'cleared," whatever that means. Rather than the comments about the (fictional) death of the US President and calling Bush an idiot, now people are thinking that maybe the rendition of "Dueling Banjos" couldn't be cleared :-P

Honestly, neither reason makes sense, but whatever. I give up. I've gotten a copy of it and that'll have to do because there's no way I'm paying for the R2 box set (as much as I might want it... Saxon lithograph!!).

Edit: Just read an update in a comm. The official reason as posted in the Doctor Who DVD FAQ is that they couldn't clear the bits of music the actors start singing and humming in time for the release. Uhm. WTF. Wouldn't someone have known that they needed to clear it? And what are you using to communicate with the people you need to? A freakin' carrier pigeon?! These DVDs cost a lot.. I mean.. a lot. Nearly twice what I'd pay for a full 21 episode season of any show from the US. Don't tell me that some of that fee can't cover music licensing -- for hummed songs, so less.

After work today, I headed to the mall with a bit of a list. Looked for corsets in Charlotte Russe and H&M -- no luck in either. At Best Buy, the only Eddie Izzard DVD they had was Definite Article (which was fine, 'cause I don't have it), but I had to scrounge the shelves because it was put in the wrong spot. Besides that, I also picked up MirrorMask (yay!!), Mogwai's Mr. Beast and a Godspeed You! Black Emperor album that was causing the cashier some grief as it would not ring up. All because I wanted to use a 10% off coupon :-P

There was also a $10 Build a Bear certificate burning a hole in my pocket, so.... yes. Wandered in there and got myself a new bear! The new 2007 Winter bear, actually. And.. I named it Amezri. yes. It's Amezri Bear. Shut it!

Amezri bear! )

And now for today's casual goth loli outfit. I think it's probably a little bit punk loli? Hm. I dunno. I really liked it and I got a few compliments on it.

Friday's outfit: casual punk loli? )

Tonight's Moonlight? Pretty good. This show has really sucky writing, but it sort of hits all the right genre buttons to keep me interested. However... fakest. sunset. EVAR.

Tonight's SGA? Not too shabby. Interesting character returns. Sam? I actually don't hate her like I did on SG-1. Go figure.


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