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A few weeks back, I got my new Canon PowerShot SX20IS. I've only just now gotten around to uploading some test shots.

I've taken about 1000 photos on the camera now and I'm liking it. There are a few weird things about it like the placement of buttons and how manual focus is now a ring on the backside. Also, I don't think the auto-focus is quite as good as on the S3IS. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the photos coming off of it, though. I've ended up using the manual mode much more than I had with the S3IS.

photos of the camera )

Slideshow of test images:

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For some unknown reason, my jackhole father decided to send me a check for $1000 with which to buy myself a DSLR. There was a complicated discussion in which he wanted one, but then decided it was too much bother and sent me a check so I could buy one... whatever. In any case, I was thinking it over and figured that I would use a full DSLR kit exactly twice a year and probably never even bring it to a convention because who wants to lug around 10lbs of camera and lenses? It's not exactly a fast process and at cons I like to stay mobile. Even for other photography, I never have the ability to lug all that gear as well as my own personal gear (wallet, phone, internet tablet, etc).

So, after all that deliberation, I decided to go with the new Canon Powershot SX20IS. It's a nice upgrade from my current S3IS, which I still use a lot, but the upgrade looks great.

Here's the review from Steve's DigiCams, which includes a few sample photos and videos. Not entirely sure if I like the macro and manual focus buttons on the back as having them on the front of the S3IS was pretty convenient. I do like how the lens are listed on t he barrel as you zoom in/out. It's not a perfect gage, but at least it'll give me some idea what lens I am shooting on.

Amazon actually dropped the price $10 from when I added it to my list on Wednesday, so that was a bit of a bonus. While there, I also picked up a 4GB Sandisk SDHC card, SunPak UV & Circular Polarizer filters, and the GorillaPod for DSLRs. And Pushing Daisies and Burn Notice season 2 sets.

I also picked up the 58mm Lensmate adapter so I can use filters. Better to break a cheap UV filter than the actual lens. Got their 58mm snap on lens cap as well.

All this gear should be arriving in the next week. Kind of excited to be able to use a new camera on this trip to Hawaii we'll be taking in November. I'll be able to test it out at the NEFE con at the beginning of November, too.
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I'll stop spamming my LJ after this, I swear.

Since my last post, I've made a couple changes to my apps. I removed Personal Launcher as I found that pretty useless once I installed Personal Menu. I installed mYTube, which has much better playback than Canola and the ability to save the flv files to your memory card for watching later. Also ditch the desktop clock for Large Statusbar clock.

I had auto-lock installed for all of two hours before it drove me a little nuts. Auto-lock uses the light sensor on the front of the device to automatically lock the touch screens and buttons when it detects an ambient light level of 0%. Unfortunately, as low as I keep my screen brightness, passing my hand over the sensor (lefty!) and reading in the dark as I have been really made it unusable. So... ditched. I'll just manually use the lock button on the top of the device. No big deal.

The big thing I managed to do was install Tear. While buggy, it is a faster browser overall. I like the performance and will probably use that as much as possible over the standard browser. I tried putting Tear on the NIT770, but I couldn't get any of the libraries to install. Meh.The bookmarking function in Tear is kind of weird; not sure I like the way that works, but I don't really need bookmarks anyway. Tear also supposedly breaks the CSS for the LCARS themes, but I'm using Glasser theme right now, so I haven't bothered to check.

And as I've been promising, photos of Agathon II below the cut!

lots of photos! )

My additional purchases have been a new sleeve case (I kind of hate the stock one) and screen protectors. For a case, I finally went with PowerA's DSi Sleeve Kit and EXiM screen protectors. Normally, I'd go with Screenguardz, but I don't really like the slightly tacky feel and the reviews for their HD screenguards (harder plastic) aren't so great.

So after about a week of use, I am really loving the new device. It's got its quirks, but overall it's great! Very glad I upgraded.
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Will do an update with photos soon. Right now, just reporting that the device it working pretty great and I'm happy with the performance so far. I've got a bunch of apps installed now:

+ Canola2 - media player. Connects to and youtube (but playback is twitchy)
+ Maemo WordPy - blogging to lj
+ mauku - twitter app. I feel like I'm missing tweets.
+ Maemo Mapper - free mapping program; alternative to preinstalled Map program
+ FBReader - for reading ebooks. New version for n810 is a bit different from the n770 version re: sorting

I had mauku on for a couple hours last night and it was nice reading the twitter feed from there. The LED indicator doesn't seem to really work though, so I have to remember to check.

Battery life seems pretty good. Used it all day yesterday and a little bit today and it's still showing 2 hours of use and 3 days standby.

I ordered a NDSi slipcase and still need to get screen protectors - probably Screenguardz HD. I'm using the case that came with the device, but don't really like it. Also still using the screen protector that ships with the device. It's not bad, but will definitly need to be replaced with something more permanent.

So while I loved my n770 for book reading, as an internet device, the n810 is superior.
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This is day three with Agathon, my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, so I figured I'd make another entry with observations for those of you interested.

After my initial entry, I was browsing installable applications and found both the complete set of LCARS themes and CBRPager - an application that opens CBR files. Mistake. Device immediately started freaking out and pulling the WSOD - White Screen of Death. I removed both the apps and everything was back to normal.

battery, apps, reading )

So, yep, still happy with my purchase and I can't wait for my 2GB MMC card to get here so I can put more than 6 books at a time on this thing... and maybe increase swap file size for better application opening.

Going to go read now!
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So I've suddenly decided that I would like to read more eBooks. I order to do that, I wanted to buy some sort of portable eBook reader. There is of course the Kindle (and Kindle 2) from Amazon and then there's Sony's Reader. Both of them had things I really liked (Kindle's free EVDO connection; Reader's additional formats) and things I didn't like (Kindle 2 has no card slot; Reader has no WIFI or EVDO) but the biggest negative for both was the price. I definitely don't have the $300 they'd want for either device.

Googling for eBook readers, I found quite a few alternatives, but they were all still generally in the same price range (or more in some cases). The only exception was the Nokia Internet Tablet 770 -- you can download FBReader for it and the reviews were all pretty positive. Poked through eBay and won myself an NIT 770 for $50. The seller had already upgraded to OS2008 Hacker Edition, so I wouldn't have to do that.

It arrived this afternoon and I immediately got it out of the box and turned it on. Ran all the standard first time user things. Named it Agathon (yes... it's BSG related). Battery died after about 20 minutes, so I charged it for about an hour before playing again.

setup, photo, babble )
To sum up, awesome device. OS is good, but slow (though honestly, NIT770 was not built to handle OS2008). FBReader is great. Screen is a sufficient size for reading (probably). Off the 1 hour quick charge, I think I got 5 hours of power. It's hard to judge properly since I wasn't actively using it for all 3 hours; it went idle a lot. Glad I bought it and am looking forward to using it as an ebook reader.
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Happy birthday to me? I feel old and tired. But I also felt old and tried at 26, so whatever.

I'm still having con hangover. Or... could be the lack of sleep since I went to be at 5am and got up at 9:30am. Ugh.

I've bought myself a birthday present: the Master's Laser screwdriver and a grab bag shirt from Nate had the laser screwdriver at D*Con and it was so awesome and well made -- better than the sonic, actually (sorry, Doctor...).

Guess I should get ready and get my day going. Have to stop at BidNet to drop off some things and then try and write that con report before it all totally falls out of my head.
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After work I went on a hunt for Iron Man toys. Yeah. Sick and sad, I know.

I finally found them in the Target near my house. Ended up buying both the Mark I and Mark III figures. I have to say that the Mark I is a way better figure in terms of joints that actually hold and a figure that actually stands without feeling like it's going to topple over. The Mark III is, honestly, kind of crappy. It looks fabulous on my shelf, but I don't think I'm going to really want to touch it again. The joints were all stuck together because of the paint job (which is lame and tacky) and no matter how I mess with the hip joints (also really weird) he stands kind of bow-legged and leans a bit. Plus, the joints are all sorts of loose.

Dear Takara: Please make a Microman Iron Man. kthanx.

To make up for this stunning disappointment with American mass market figures, I've preordered the Iron Man Minimates that are due out in August. I'm continually impressed with the articulation and the details that go in to such tiny figures. The flight suits on the BSG minimates, for instance, are just perfect.
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It's entirely possible that I just went to Best Buy and bought myself a new camera. This camera. All the reviews online were excellent. I was going to get the Casio Exilim with the 7x optical zoom, but the pictures were crap. What good is a camera with great zoom if the pictures are all fuzzy?

Also picked up a Lowepro bag for it and finally got myself a gorillapod, which I've always wanted. *glee* The memory card and extra battery I'm going to pickup at Newegg because they're both $10+ less there.

It's entirely possible that while I was in Best Buy, I also picked up the Wii Zapper (mostly for the free Link's Crossbow Trainer game) and a nunchuck for my Wiimote. How did I become a Wii fan? I don't even really play games. WTF.

Yeah... okay. I just picked up a Dolica DS-BG1 spare battery and a 2GB Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo from newegg. Wheee! I'm not even going to bother opening the box until the stuff comes in from Newegg I guess.

Okay. Seriously. No more with the spending of the money for at least a month. Eep.

(except I'm also looking for a slim pouch on etsy. yes...)
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In news that is not.. as dramatic... I didn't really manage to get anything done today except to order the wand for my Hogwarts costume and fiddle around with ComicBook for the DS.

So, I used to love to read comics, but I mostly followed X-Men and that eventually just got too.. messy. So I basically gave up. I did once try the whole Comic Book Reader/cbr thing and it was all right, but I got bored of that too. Today, sort of out of the blue, I decided to try out ComicBook DS because, hey -- at least it's portable.

I got the files needed from the Moon Books Project -- which in itself is a pretty cool site. Then it took me a little while to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do with everything, but once I converted my cbr file to cbrds I just drag & dropped on to my card and everything was set to go! Pretty easy, actually.

Here's a review of ComicBook DS v1.0. I found the experience very much the same, except the issues/error mentioned have been fixed in the v3.0 I was using. It was a little weird to get used to first, but I was quickly able to figure it out and had the view set to left handed dual screen mode. The left screen (touch screen) was the overview of the page and the right screen had the zoomed in view. Clicking around the overview, you could just zoom in on the speech bubbles to read. I got through 6 issues in about an hour and a half and I only stopped because I didn't have anymore on my card!

Next up, I think I will try looking through Moon Books and see about making my DS a portable book reader. Their selection of books is interesting, but their selection of old films is even better.
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This morning I had a fun little trip to the doctor, which resulting in my giving four vials of blood and a referral to a GI specialist. It's possible that I have celiac. Hooray :-P If the blood tests come back looking that way, I'm going to have to have an endoscopy to do a stomach biopsy or something. Lovely.

After work, I met up with [ profile] queenmaab at Goodwill too look for some Halloween things. I picked up a frilly skirt that I think will work well for my gothy vampire costume. Also stopped at Target on the way to get some cheap headphones for the Micro and a couple other things.

Took my Zen Micro to work with me to see how long the battery would go. I think it's about 6 hours, which is a lot less than the expected battery life. Could just need a new battery though, and I do have one of those coming. Even if it isn't at least I'll have an extra. I did notice, however, that the headphone jack was tweaky, like most people have mentioned. When I got home I tried taking the metal casing off to get to it, but.. uhm... I couldn't get the resin off and then I thought I broke it, so I switched it with the back piece from the other player whose main body is broke. This one seems to have been soldered correctly and the jack isn't loose at all. Had a bit of a scare after I put it back together. It wouldn't start and kept freezing on "Rebuilding Library," but I went into Recovery Mode, ran clean up and it's all good now. *phew*

I have decided to name this player Spacemonkey, for perhaps not obvious Stargate-y reasons. Seriously, this player was dead, then alive but confused, then dead, then alive, then sort of dead, and now alive again! So, yes. Space monkey.

Music transfer, I figured out, is pretty easy -- just drag & drop into Media Player and then copy it over :-P Have no clue how I'd get it off, but whatever. This player is really just for shits & giggles, so I'm not that concerned. Right now I'm just dumping some stuff on it so I can get a nice mix.

Hm. Now I think it's time to go get some food before Friday night shows. Doctor Who finale! Moonlight! Stargate Atlantis! Hurray!

zen micro

Oct. 5th, 2007 07:58 am
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I is a dork and have joined Team Stargate. I've no doubt that I will get bored of it quickly and fall way behind on the points.

Zen Micro status so far...

After about 2 hours of fiddling, I somehow managed to get the firmware to upload. Hooray! That was a scare and a half when it just kept throwing "Firmware Problem" at me. My next problem is the thing now won't show up as a connected device. Oh, it shows up in the device manager, but nowhere else. Argh.

7:57am - Woke up and instead of getting ready for work, of course I was screwing with the device and after searching high and low for an old firmware that might allow drag & drop, I discovered I do have drap & drop.. sort of. I have to do it through WMP9. BWAHAHAHA! I WIN! It's copying files right now :D
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Work was lame. But whatever.

My Jeep got fixed. The a/c was all screwed up (it was blowing hot air -- hot like I had the heat cranked all the way). Cost $1000 >_<

We decided to have dinner at the diner. Didn't really feel like it, but... meh. Got the meatloaf and have a lot leftover for lunch tomorrow.

In the further adventures of me trying to fix a busted Zen Micro... it totally wasn't charging. I'd plug it in with the USB cabel and the thing would just freeze after a minute. Nothing would work really. So tonight I took it apart again and removed the CF card. I think, possibly, I put it in upside down. Ooops. Got it all back together. Now, at least, it will try to update the firmware, except it can't because it doesn't have enough power. I guess it needs a full charge? Hopefully this battery will hold a charge. If not, I do have another coming. Right now the thing flashes "Firmware problem" when it boots up, which is a huge improvement to what it was doing, which was a fat load of nothing. And the thing freakin' turns on without being plugged in now! SWEET. If there's a problem with a headphone jack, I.. guess I'm going to have to rip it open again to fix that. But I'm not going to freak about that until I get there.

In other news... my burgandy corset came in. Love it. It's actually a bit bigger than I was expecting.. but then again I have lost like 10lbs for no reason. Hrm. Anyway. Makes a good addition to the wardrobe and I'll be using it for Halloween. Probably.

My Life on Mars DVD sets came in! HOORAY! I heart that show and I can't wait for the sequel, even though John Simm isn't in it.

Woohoo! The Zen Micro is 2/3 charged. Awesome. That is way more progress than I made last night in the wee hours. I think I'll play some NDS until it's done.
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My two busted Zen Micros arrived in the mail today. One of them is totally toasted. Whoever had it before broken on of the cables inside and then glued the whole rig back together; it doesn't even turn on. The other one sort of turns on, but won't really hold a charge.

I wasn't going to fiddle with the other one tonight, but I couldn't help myself. It was actually pretty easy to get it open and take out the microdrive so I could put in the 4GB AData CF card that also came in today. Putting it back together was pretty snappy too. Except... I have two spring clips leftover and I'm not sure where they went. Uhmm...

It's not any worse off than it was before, so I'm just going to leave it to charge overnight. I already bought a new battery from eBay for $5, and that should be here next week. Hopefully... I can fix it. That'd be pretty neat. I would have spent.. uh... $30 for a Zen Micro? We'll see. I still need to get the thing to power up and then install the firmware.

For now.. it's time for bed.
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Decided to have a peek at the flist today (finally) and saw this bit from Neil Gaiman's blog:

Oddly, though, in the morning scene in the Inn in the Stardust film, Charlie Cox is wearing a CGI shirt, because there were concerns that his naked torso could bring down America.

Whaaa? o_O

And an update on planned Halloween ambush -- how about a Megazooka? Large enough to scare. It's got a lazer sight.. and I believe it causes enough of a scare, but actually doesn't leave a mark. Of course, I'm still all for causing physical damage.

Watched the premiere of Moonlight. It wasn't you know... totally horrible. I wouldn't call it fantastic programming, but it was okay and I'll probably watch again because I'm a sucker for sub-par vampire shows. [ profile] veracity -- I could see some Angel-like elements, but eh. To me it still wasn't very much like it. Yeah, we've got the broody vampire who falls for the blond human, but the rest of it doesn't really compare to me. I think [ profile] slodwick mentioned some stuff as well and, okay, sure. But still. To me, it's so not Angel and there was way more Forever Knight in there. I liked Sophia Myles in this. Not the greatest role ever, but at least she's got a regular series and her American accent isn't that bad. Oh! Note on the pilot -- Dean O'Gorman! Awww, Dean O', how I missed ya. He got to keep his lovely Kiwi accent too ^^

Also watched the season 4 premiere of Stargate Atlantis. Uhm. Well, it didn't suck. Heh. I think Keller's all right (and I love Jewel anyway) and Flanigan's little work around (I'm giving him credit) for Weir's situation is interested. Hey, at least we have the John & Rodney show back! :D I'm excited for that and I hope that won't change when Sam arrives.

The Zen Micros I won off eBay are on their way. Woohoo! Hopefully all that's wrong with them are the drives. I can fix that.. and a loose headphone jack. Otherwise, I'm sunk :\
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Came home from work early. Besides dealing with regular work bullfrell, I also had a fun case of extra special vertigo. It's that feeling you have 10 minutes after you stepped off the Tilt a Whirl -- almost back to normal, but everything's still a bit wobbly. Fun!

Wooohoo! is having a huge DVD sale and I just picked up Life on Mars series 1 & 2 for basically half off. Sweet :D

I had to stop at Price Chopper on the way back. I brought my Giant Jar of Coins to get counted at the CoinStar. $51.56 in change! WOOOOOt! The best part is they don't even charge for the coin counting service if you choose an eCard, so I got one for Amazon. Will be looking up some stuff there. Perhaps SGA season 3 and A Dog's Breakfast? Yes....

Setup the new DVD player. Got a Philips DV5960. So far, it's played two discs full of AVIs that wouldn't play on the old Philips. I suspect it's because of PAL issues. Region free hack worked a treat. So far so good! Just waiting for my HDMI cable to come in so I can fiddle with upscaling, which I'm told doesn't really work that well anyway.

Off to have a lie down...


Sep. 16th, 2007 03:32 pm
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Dood. My mom just bought a new 42" Panasonic Plasma TV. It is shiiiiny.

pictures! )
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After work today, I met up with Annalisa for dinner. We went to Panera's, sat outside and had some fun just gossiping. Good times! After dinner, I went with her to Payless, Marshall's and Target. It was that last one that got me. I only bought household things, though -- light bulbs and a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust and stuff on my DS. Didn't even look at the DVDs! (I know...)

Came home and found out my R4DS came in. WOOHOO! I had originally ordered the M3 DS Simply, except it was out of stock and would be for a while, so the seller recommended the R4DS instead. Having read some reviews of it, it seemed like a great substitute. Oh man, I luuuurve it.

Set up was really easy. I had gotten the latest firmware from the R4 site days ago. I reformatted my 2GB microSD card to FAT32 (and named it Sikozu). Then I just simply unzipped the downloaded firmware and dropped it on to the card, via a card reader. Totally simple. I threw on a test game and started it up. No problem at all. The firmware loaded great and so did the game. Tested Moonshell and that loaded, even though I didn't have anything on the card it could use yet.

After that, I decided to try out some other things. I'd made a few R4 skins (Doctor Who, SGA, isaymckay) as well as having downloaded some and put those on. Made a directory called "Music" and threw in some MP3s. Even copy&pasted a fic into Notepad and threw it in a "Text" folder. All of it worked! I just haven't had time to do any sort of video converting, or I'd test that too. ([ profile] seijitataki tells me the quality is pretty crap though.)

So far I've tested 5 ROMs and they've all worked without needing to be patched. It's awesome. I think I'm going to see about putting the DS browser on the card. Apparently the ROM only works with the official slot 2 RAM cartridge, which I have, so that's not a problem. This way, I can still use it without switching out cards.

Speaking of, I have been fiddling a bit with the DS browser -- even took it to Panera with me and connected to their wireless! It'll definitely render any images & html, as well as java, but don't even think about Flash. Pages load at about dial-up speed, but it occurred to me today that with a lot of those, I should just be using the site's mobile device views. Google, Yahoo, and even Twitter have them, so that would make the load time much faster. Google's mobile search will even strip most of the html from the sites off the results so you can view those faster. Must investigate further.

Oh yeah, I'm a geek. What about it? :-P

Edit: Have converted a divx avi file. Was 350mb and after conversion it's 103mb. Also tried a 47mb mov file, which became a 14mb file. Encoding was pretty speedy, maybe half of the actual runtime of the file? Playing it on the DS the quality is fairly decent, considering how much compressing and resizing was done. The audio sounds fine. I'm going to try converting the same video with the profile setting set at VeryHigh instead of Med.
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Whoa. Long time no update. Let's see what I've been up to...

Went to the Shaker Craft Fair. Bought a load of things for Christmas gifts and also a couple soaps from Summit Soapworks. Christine recognized me again. That's always amusing. After the fair, we went to lunch at the diner, then wandered through the mall looking for.. something. I can't remember what now. After that, though, I headed over to [ profile] thebigfatman & [ profile] pgnblade's to see their new digs. Cool. We watched the last four episodes of Doctor Who series 2. *tear* That ending is so sad!

Uhm. Did nothing really except clean a little bit. Played the DS. Had Brain Age tell me my brain is old. Always fun.

Uhm. Just went back to the job. Nothing exciting. After work, mom and I had dinner with some family friends at Ruby Tuesday's. Meh. Their Ruby minis are tasty, but the place is sort of groady. Mom's having her bathroom redone. Exciting!

Well. that's today! [ profile] queenmaab's sister came over so I could help her with her new laptop. Didn't really do much. Nero hates Vista. Comodo hates Vista. NTI CD creators works well enough. Media Player automatically handles DVDs. Huh. Got Office installed.. and some standard web things like Quicktime and Flash. Didn't do much really. She had it pretty much under control. I (when I say that I mean mostly my mom) ended up cooking dinner because [ profile] seijitataki had class.

My Nintendo DS Browser came today. It's pretty snazzy. Downloads at about dial-up speed, but I think it does the job well enough considering I'm using Opera on a handheld gaming system. It's going to take some time getting used to the interface, but at least the display is larger than a cellphone or a crackberry. Can't wait to get my R4DS (yeah.. got that instead of the M3, which was out of stock) so I can load up games and stuff. Woohoo!

I've been spending some time playing with my DS. It's fun! But I really should be doing stuff like web design commissions and getting photos from my last two trips up. Ugh. I swear I'll get to it!

Gotta pick [ profile] queenmaab up at the airport soonish....

Happy birthday [ profile] bishounenjunkie!
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Nintendo DS obtained! I got the special edition crimson & black one that comes with a case and Brain Age 2. Then I went to EB and picked up a used copy of Gunpey DS.

My next DS purchase is going to be an emulator and Opera for Nintendo DS, which is about $30.

Oh yeah, I also bought a new wireless router. Which will be installed tomorrow as I am going to play with my new DS now! :D

[ profile] stormysprite - sorry! Was away. Yes, I do spend that much time thing about costumes and it's all in good fun! :D I sort of want to do the black BDU Atlantis costume that Shep seems to be sporting this season and last. So... you are going to ICON, yes? XD Did you get my e-mail about the hotel and stuff?

In other news, the NV people are hurting my brain, but I'll talk about that later... after I've played with my shiny new toy.


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