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Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:New York, United States of America
Been rotating in and out of fandoms for the better part of seven years. I started with X-Files and Xena, later moving through Star Trek, Babylon 5, and various anime things. My longest running addiction has been Buffy and I'll include its spin-off Angel in that time. Fandom's being all sorts of wanky lately, with various X-Men things coming back to bite people on the ass. Move on! I had quick stop-overs in Lord of the Rings, Wonderfalls, and Tru Calling fandoms... but the love has kind of faded. I had high hopes for Farscape, Firefly, Touching Evil, and the return of Dead Like Me. Sadly, I think those are a bit of a lost cause. Currently I am hopelessly addicted to Stargate Atlantis. It's a fandom filled with crack like no other.

You can learn all about the things I like (or even remotely liked at some point) by visiting Geekery!, my fanlisting memberships page.


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