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So, during today's SOPA blackouts of various sites Twitter was buzzing with a ton of school children freaking out because they couldn't get to the site to use the information for their papers. Going through @herpderpedia, you'll see some facepalming comments like the government has shut down Wikipedia, that it's an Obama conspiracy, and that Wikipedia is now dead.

Yeah. What this post is, is a conversation I had on Twitter with someone who thinks I'm being a jerk because I have no sympathy for those idiot children. Well, I say conversation, but...

What I said was this:

All these kids whining about Wikipedia being down hurts me. A) It's one day. B) It's important. C) Go to the effing library. #

and then a ridiculous 'discussion' ensued )

I stand by my remarks. I'm sorry if the community doesn't have a library. The school should have some reference books, if not, yes, you can still research on the Internet - the ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB wasn't down FFS. Google was still working. Frankly, I think it speaks VERY poorly of our education system if the only thing the kids know is how to find information on Wikipedia. I stopped being able to use an encyclopedia as an actual reference in junior high school and there was NO WAY a University professor would even be vaguely amused if I used Wikipedia as a citation. NONE. That was like.. insta-FAIL. I'm even more disappointed that this educator sees nothing wrong with letting students use Wikipedia as a credible source OR that not everyone has a library, but of course everyone can get on the internet! Ugh.
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Apparently there is some controversy regarding the newly introduced H.R. 5786 - The Safe Cosmetics Act.

I'm all for safe cosmetics, but I'm not really for all the scare tactics on both sides regarding this bill. Okay, now... we all know I'm "liberal" and I don't want to sound like I'm on the side of the conservative nutbags who are currently calling the SCA a liberal whatever, but on first look, the bill does sound a bit... extreme. The overly rigorous testing of ingredients that will cause indie cosmetics companies to go out of business, the scare tactics being used so people will freak out that the tiniest trace amounts of "toxins" should be banned.

BUT. Just because there are trace amount of carcinogens in my vegetables and my cosmetics doesn't mean it's okay for my created cosmetics to contain them. Frankly, I'd much rather limit my exposure where possible since carcinogens you know, do actually cause cancer. I also am not a fan of -ethylenes and -parabens in my cosmetics because, whatever the agreed toxicity/safety of these ingredients, they make my eyes itch and my skin irritated. I also buy nail polish that is toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) free.

Some of the smaller indie companies are saying that the passing of HR 5786 will mean they the testing required for ingredients will be too expensive for them to continue to be in business. I definitely see how this is a concern. I'd be concerned since I buy lots of things from indie companies.

To be honest, the bill is quite long and I haven't yet read through the whole thing. My initial reaction was "OMG NO OPPOSE IT" but now I'm not really certain. Regulating the use of toxic chemicals is something I'm a fan of, but I don't want my favorite indie companies (or any) to go out of business. I'll have to get back to you after I've read all the information regarding the bill and the opinions of those for it and against it.

Further reading:

Regarding the cost of testing: I cannot find a list of actual figures anywhere.
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Obama has pledged to delivery weekly "fireside chats" via Youtube. It's kind of cool even though we all know it'll be pre-scripted spin. Whatever. At least he's trying and in touch with current technology.

First one up:

It isn't anything we haven't heard all during the campaign, but I think the effort to stay in touch with "the people" is pretty cool. I'm interested to see how timely this will remain.


Nov. 4th, 2008 04:03 pm
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Just got back from voting! And a side-trip to Target. But voting, YAY!

My polling place is just down the street from me. It this time of day, it was pretty easy to park, check in, vote, and get out. I did have a moment of weird when I saw my father's name under mine on the register book... and the guy kept pointing at the box next to my father's name for me to sign. No, dude. NO. Not me.

After voting, I stopped in Target to pick up some things (fancy sodas for tonight's party!). Scanned the DVD section... and didn't buy anything! They had Primeval season 1 for $35, but I was good and didn't get it. Go, me?


[ profile] alorarose: ew on your dad's name being right under yours
[ profile] amezri: I KNOW! I haven't thought about him in a long while and there it was!
[ profile] alorarose: there it was, giving your name cooties
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Playing catch up on the social networks. LJ I'm never going to catch up on -_-;;

While I was away, it seems that the spoiler a large group of us hoped wouldn't be true, is true and that makes me pretty sad. SAD. Yeah, yeah, I know there are people who didn't like him, but I love him, so hush! D:

On twitter I complained about no one having told me about the Obama roast at the Alfred E. Smith dinner and [ profile] xpashax points out that he did. My bad. I've been really awful on the LJ lately. I really need to start reading again.

Working on Tom photos and show report. Up soonish. If not tonight then.. erm.. well, probably Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be at [ profile] queenmaab's for Halloween!
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Watching the third debate from last week DVRed from CNN HD. It's not that they're saying anything new. McCain is so full of bullshit. I love that Obama is correcting him though.

And I just hit the spot in the debate where they talk about insurance and Obama corrects McCain -- and McCain looks so confused.

McCain isn't even listening to anything Obama is saying. He's just talking in bullshit circles.

OMG, here come the air quotes. WTF over-turning Roe v. Wade. Haha! Air quotes = dip!

Whoa. Martin's point scores are ridiculously high. A bit point happy, man.

I like how Obama waits for his turn to speak where McCain just interrupts.

Last question: we spend money on education but our kids are dumb; explain.

Yay for Obama pointing out that parents need to take responsibility for their kids.

I find when McCain is speaking I don't really listen. I did hear his glaring lack of an education plan of any kind.

In conclusion: women love Obama and we don't buy McCain's garbage.
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So. Tonight's supposed to be the first debate. If there is one. Who knows. Honestly, McCain better show up because at 9PM at night you don't have other business to attend to, so stop being all side-steppy and show up to the debate!

Some links I've been meaning to post:

Still Another Political Blog - with videos and commentary

Seven Better Uses for $700 Billion via [ profile] voleuse

[ profile] ontd_political - I didn't even know this comm was there. Huh.

VP Debate Rules changed for Palin - honestly. WTF, people?! If she can't play by the normals then she shouldn't be playing at all. She's not competing for a spot in the Little League, she's running for VP. The hell?!

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Thursday that Sen. John McCain made a "huge mistake" by even discussing canceling the presidential debate with Sen. Barack Obama.

Declared Biden: "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"

Except for the part where Hoover was President when the stock market crashed and TV wasn't really around for public use.

What Campaign Ads Would Look Like If the Voting - #13 make me LOL! #8 is really scary.

Comparison of Vehicles and and Homes Owned by the Candidates and their Families

ETA: Debate is still on for tonight!

news: china

Aug. 7th, 2008 07:31 am
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In regards to the thing I posted yesterday:

China rejects Bush criticism of its affairs

China rejected President Bush's criticism Thursday of its human rights record and restrictions on religion, diplomatically telling him to stay out of its affairs even as he flew to Beijing to attend the Olympics.

Who's surprised? Not me.

He said he wasn't trying to antagonize China, but called such reform the only path the potent U.S. rival can take to reach its full potential.

He antagonized the Chinese anyway, setting the stage for an interesting reception when he attends the opening ceremonies Friday evening, takes in some events — including the U.S.-China men's basketball game — and meets with President Hu Jintao on Sunday after attending church.

You might want to watch out for that lunch. Yeah.

"The Chinese government puts people first, and is dedicated to maintaining and promoting its citizens basic rights and freedom," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in response to Bush's speech. "Chinese citizens have freedom of religion. These are indisputable facts."

He said China advocates discussions on differing views on human rights and religions on "a basis of mutual respect and equality," then indicated it didn't see Bush's criticism in that light.

"We firmly oppose any words or acts that interfere in other countries' internal affairs, using human rights and religion and other issues," Qin said.

LULZ. Lots and lots of lulz.

news: china

Aug. 6th, 2008 09:26 am
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This provided nearly as many LOLZ as Breaking Dawn.

Bush: China must end detentions, ensure freedoms

"America stands in firm opposition to China's detention of political dissidents, human rights advocates and religious activists," Bush will declare in the marquee speech of his three-nation Asia trip. "We speak out for a free press, freedom of assembly and labor rights — not to antagonize China's leaders, but because trusting its people with greater freedom is the only way for China to develop its full potential."

You know all those Chinese leaders are in the back room scowling, pondering how they can get him to choke on another pretzel.

He says he has built a relationship with China's leaders — through opposing independence for Taiwan, cooperating in negotiations over North Korea's nuclear program and sharing economic interests, for example — that has allowed him to be "honest and direct" on sensitive internal matters.

I...just.. argh. "Opposing independence for Taiwan." Not that I didn't see his little speech in 2003 telling Taiwan not to stir the shit, but WTF. Up until 2003 (2004?) there was all this posturing about how the US would back Taiwan and that Taiwan would be supported if it were attacked. So much for that.

The communist country considers the Olympics a source of huge national pride and is pulling out all stops to ensure no embarrassments. It has rounded up dissidents, detaining some. Journalists covering the games have objected to restrictions on Internet sites, worried about possible censorship.

Yeah. That right there. Would be my point.

In Thursday's speech, the president is softening his message somewhat by saying any changes in China would have to come "on its own terms and in keeping with its own history and traditions."

"Ultimately only China can decide what course it will follow," he says.

That's generous of you. Get ready for the timeline of NEVER.

Seriously, if it came to an all out fight, do you really think you could win? Short of nuking the place, I mean. And if you did that.... well, that sure wouldn't win the US any popularity votes. As much as I'd like to think the US might do the right thing and back Taiwan, what with them seeking democracy and independence from a communist country, I'm really certain that won't happen. There are too many economic ties in China right now -- China holds $502 billion in US Treasury securities (second only to Japan, which holds $509 billion; the UK is in third with $251 billion). Taiwan is holding $42 billion. Yeah.

So. That'll all go well.
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Results for the Taiwanese Presidential election are in. Kuomintang candidate Ma Ying-Jeou has won with 50% of the vote.

I'm still not clear on all the politics over there, but a President who isn't gunning for a confrontation with China is probably a good thing. My mom feels better with a KMT president because the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party/Minjingdang) was making a big oppressive push for Taiwanese independence, which included a big push to get anyone who wasn't born on the island off. Or something. I'm not entirely sure what the issues are there, but as it's been explained to me, to Minjindang, those who weren't born in Taiwan are not Taiwanese and therefore have no business being there. Something.


Speaking to reporters after his victory was declared Mr. Ma said boosting the Taiwanese economy by improving relations with China is his first order of business. His priority, he said, after his May 20 inauguration will be to establish direct air links with China.

"We will start negotiating with mainland China for direct air links moving from charter flights on festivals and holidays to charter flights on weekends and then daily flights."

Most current passenger and cargo contact between Taiwan and China is through third jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Macau because the two are still technically in a state of war left over from the Chinese civil war of 1945-49.

Mr. Ma said another priority will be to try to sign a peace treaty with China, which claims to own Taiwan and threatens to invade. "But before we start negotiations they will have to remove the one thousand missiles directed at Taiwan," he said.

-- Opposition wins Taiwan Election, National Post

Should be interesting.
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I just spent 30 minutes in the rain fixing my fraking garage door. Somehow one of the bolts on the bottom panel had popped out and so the panel was angled out and was tearing up the weather striping on that side. [ profile] seijitataki helped me fix it. We opened the door part way so I could hammer the bottom piece back in and then he tightened the bolt. Door opens like a champ now, but I still have to replace the jacked up weather strip.

Son of a bitch. FOX CANCELLED DRIVE ALREADY?! It's been on for like... 3 weeks. What the hell.

In other news, my Catherine Tate Comic Relief DVD came today. Hoooray!!! Can watch that later when I work on my camera bag.

And finally, from last night's Daily Show, Bush vs. Bush on the topic of time tables and Iraq:

So let me see if I have this straight. First Term President Bush, you invaded to remove the threat of Saddam Hussein, and you, current President Bush, are there to battle the threat created by the lack of Saddam Hussein. Okay... so that's interesting. So, basically, Second Term President Bush has to undo the damage created by First Term President Bush.


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