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OMG. He totally killed the design I made. Why even have me make it if you're just going to screw it up? It looks pretty fraking awful now. (caps: 1024x768, 1280x1024)

It was supposed to look like this.

I'm just glad I didn't put my name on it anywhere because he's basically destroyed the awesome layout I made and turned it into a horrible mess. He made the text HUGE (now the menu looks screwed up) and then added the additional out of place side columns. He then removed the gallery I spent time installing and threw in an awful, poorly-sized flash gallery. It's no longer easily viewable at a small screen resolution.

Ugh. I'm disgusted.

I'm debating whether or not I should write him some sort of e-mail, but I probably shouldn't... as I could not contain the anger and snark.

ETA: Rather than an evil letter, I would like to write this passive aggressive one:

I'm glad you finally got the layout up. However, I wish you would have consulted with me before you edited my design as now it no longer represents my design nor my quality of work.
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My Moo postcards came in today. They're really lovely prints! I think maybe I should have them do all my printing now :P The question is whether or not I want to mat these to giveaway at DragonCon, or just give them away as is. Hmm....

ARGH. My decalgirl order came in as well... but they sent me the skin for the wrong EnV! Blargh. Which sucks, because I've really been looking forward to have the skin on my phone. Now I have to go through the hassle of returning it and waiting for it to process and then waiting for mine to arrive. ANNOYED.

So. My job? NUTS right now. I don't know what all is going on, but there are shake ups and insanity and... well, honestly, I'm really glad I'm done with it after this week.

Worked on commissions today. One is going along really well. The other... honestly, I just tried what he wanted and I think it looks pretty awful. Maybe it's just my rending. It's just... not really good. Ugh. Maybe it'll work out better once I have real photos and content to work with. Honestly, it looks pretty ghastly. And a bit like a page for a law firm, honestly. I'm probably going to tell him that.

Okay.. I totally went back and design something that I like and I think he'll like and it looks way better than what he wanted. I hope. Ugh. We shall see. I think it looks a thousand times better than what he wanted, actually. But who knows with clients.
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Worked on some website stuff today. Commission-y things as well as tiny updates to my own. Somewhat accomplished? There's still that one that I don't really want to start on. Ugh. Don't care at all.

Tom McRae's site is still down. What is up with that? Have sent an e-mail to inquire. In other news, he will be back in NYC at the Living Room October 29 & November 5. Both are Wednesdays. Hopefully I'll be able to make one of those and go see Tom again with [ profile] ozw. In other Tom news, have finally heard the song, "Lipstick" that he did with Wills & the Willing. Like it a lot. Forked over $3 at mbop megastore for a copy as I refuse to touch iTunes.

Made cakes in a jar! Was a bit tragic. I think I filled the jars too much. And the batter I used (Pillsbury Funfetti mix) is a bit sweet. I think it would have gone better if I used smaller jars, so I might go find some and give it another go.

photos! )

Well. That was enough productivity for the day. I think I'll go lay about for a while.
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GAH! BPAL posted their new Halloween scents last night and I was tempted by the Pumpkin Patch. Honestly, though, none of those notes work on me, so I was about to ditch when I noticed the Steamworks section! No. 93 Engine and Ether sound rather interesting. Then I poked around the rest of the catalog and I like the sound of The Unicorn and Mouse's Long Sad Tale, as well as Jack, but I don't know if I want to smell like pumpkin pie and peaches.

Actually got up and worked on one of my commissions this morning. I really like the way this one is coming together. Hopefully the client likes it as well. His music is fun and cheery and I'm hoping the site conveys that. Anyway, it was pretty fun. That other commission, though. Oy. I don't know what I'm going to do about that one. Suppose I should actually get started on it.
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I finally met with my new client to get the deposit for the website I'm supposed to be making. Hurray? It's absolutely horrible working with someone who have no computer and no internet. I just don't get it. Anyway. I guess I should start working on that soon.

Finally placed an order for Moo Postcards. I'll be giving those away at DragonCon along with some actual matted prints, if I ever get myself moving on those. Speaking of, I need to mail off my arc reactor and sidearm. Blah.

Erm. I also. Maybe. Just bought the first three Twilight books in hardcover to match Breaking Dawn. But, hey, Amazon! So they were cheapish. Honestly, I should have spent the money and gotten the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy catalog instead. Srsly.
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Catching up from the past week...

[ profile] smashedrecords came over. Watched a ton of TV -- Buffy "Once More With Feeling," Angel "Smile Time," and two episodes of SGA ("Grace Under Pressure" and "McKay & Mrs. Miller"). Good times :)

Had a fun trip to Woodstock! Went with [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] erintheodd and Jessie. Hit up all the places (except that one store I wanted to go to find a skirt) and it didn't rain until it was time to leave. Awesome. I actually was good and didn't buy too much -- just some Envirobags, candy, and Bearbricks.

When I got back, mom and I had planned on seeing Dark Knight, but after we had dinner we found that both the showings we could do were sold out. Blah. So we just went back home.

Did nothing. Like,seriously nothing. Well, okay, actually, I watched Garden State finally. The a bunch of Spaced episodes with the new commentary (Simon name drops Trek XI A LOT). Oh, and Underworld. I do still like that movie.

Oh, that'd be today, right? Hm. Work. Lame. This morning I did something and screwed up my neck. Fab.

Met up with Pete after work to discuss site and design things. It might work our so I can have some kind of income when I quit the job. Yay? Better than nothing. Although, I'm already pulling the self-sabotage and being all iffy about it. Oh well. I really need to draw up the new contract for this job, but I'm sure I'll put it off until tomorrow, as always.

In other news... Rhythm Tengoku Gold was released today! So I'll be playing that in a little bit, hoping I can figure out all the Japanese directions.

I may also... bemakingaTwilightmusicmix.
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After I left work yesterday, I stopped at Best Buy to pick up Cloverfield (with bonus disk, yay!) and ended up also getting Ah! My Goddess Series 1. Heh. Talking with [ profile] arysani has put me back in the anime mood and I've been poking around the interwebs looking for boxset deals. I'm not above picking up "bootleg" foreign editions, so I've now ordered Magic Knight Rayearth 1 & 2, the Rayearth OVA, and El Hazard: The Wanderers so I can get rid of my VHS tapes. Plus, I've picked up El-Hazard: The Magnificent World (yay for non-annoying Ifurita!) and Tsukihime Lunar Legend, both of which I haven't seen yet.

Also made a quick stop at Home Depot to get some Goof Off for my My Little Pony repaint project and some light bulbs for new outdoor light fixtures. Why is it so hard to find the right light bulb? I swear I stood looking at all those shelves for 10 or 15 minutes trying to find what I needed. Ugh.

Came home and tried to repair some damage done to eternalvox by the code injection hack. I managed to clear up almost all the files and update my Coppermine gallery as well as those belonging to [ profile] queenmaab and [ profile] eretria before I headed off to [ profile] thebigfatman's where she was helping me crochet a piece for my River costume.

I have no clue about crochet and none of the patterns I found were at all helpful XD But [ profile] thebigfatman found what she needed in minutes and had what she need to do figured out in no time! I can't wait to see this all done. No matter what, it's going to be a million times better than anything I could attempt to knit.

Got home and updated [ profile] forcryinoutloud's gallery, then poked around eBay and did a 1am impulse buy on a Microman Lady Material Force in black.

Took the day off from work today because the room was spinning... and I'm spending it in front of the computer, which makes it worse. Oh well. At least I'm home and not at the office.

After three hours, I think I have all my site stuff squared away. Maybe. I dunno. I was using the Globat control panel yesterday in a blind panic attempt to get everything working and not virus-y. Today, though, I ended up reuploading a majority of the items anyway because the size differences were freaking me out, but now that I think about it -- ascii vs. binary mode results in size difference? I dunno. I also updated two of my e-mail forms with the new version of NLPHPMail.

I need to go get some food. Then I guess I should start working on getting the rest of my junk out from the random areas of the house. Yay?


Apr. 15th, 2008 08:03 am
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Server is on the fritz still. "Lyndon" at tech support tells me that the server I am on is having "technical difficulties" and the administrators are aware of it. He can't tell me when it will be fixed or what is wrong.

Oh, wait.

Lyndon: it seems that our servers are having some heavy load due to the hits received by some of the domains in this server
Lyndon: Our system ads are already making the necessary measures

Right. Great. SUPER.

It shouldn't take THREE DAYS to fix that and if it's not working, then my stupid server status should be green across the board.
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Anyone being hosted on -- I have been having problems all weekend with my hosting company. It's now suddenly not letting people login to the FTP. I am in contact with techs right now to try and get it fixed. Their Live Support is useless and now I have been told to open a support ticket.

Sorry about the problems!
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Right, so I'm now up to 30 images for the Fan-o-vision thingo, which is about 2.3MB of images. The Art-o-matic has 20 images at about 336kb. Fan-o-vision could take up less, but I really like the animated part of it; look more interesting.

I'm also giving the Semagic client a try. The last time I used it was on Win98 and it didn't really perform that well, but that was like 3 years ago. It seems to leave a pretty small footprint and I like some of the features that the plain Win32 client I've been using didn't have.

Anyway, I've added images from Spaced, "Shaun of the Dead," and "Nothing."

Watched Spaced series 2 today with the commentary. Their commentaries are totally fun, but really chaotic; everyone tends to talk over each other. Well, okay, not everyone -- generally just Simon & Jess. Watched some of the outtakes -- there's a scene in an ep where Tim is flipping out and is throwing stuff around in the corner of the kitchen. Apparently Simon Pegg stuck his hand in the toaster to pull out a piece of bread and no one had told him the toaster was actually plugged in. So he electricuted himself :x But as was pretty common on the set, he finished the scene before saying, "Sorry, sorry. I just got fucking electricuted." Awww, Si.

Time for bed. Tomorrow I shall perhaps make some Pegg/Wright/Frost related icons. Hm. Yes.
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A couple weeks ago, [ profile] thebigfatman told me sign-up for Twitter and I sort of forgot about it because I was at work at the time and anything really fun is blocked there. Well, seeing Hewlett blog about his, I remembered and finally got an account. It's a silly little thing, but amusing and good for really quick texts. I have also made it non-ugly and lj-matchy.

My layout is continuing to frustrate me with the cross-browser issues. Meh. I've posted an entry in [ profile] s2flexisquares to see if anyone can help.

Dion sent me a link to The Mighty Boosh episode with The Legend of Old Gregg. I'm scared, but strangely entertained.

+ Mighty Boosh 2.5: Old Greg Part 1
+ Mighty Boosh 2.5: Old Greg Part 2
+ Mighty Boosh 2.5: Old Greg Part 3
+ Mighty Boosh Live Old Gregg Skit

Exciting. And now I need to find food! And watch more Spaced.
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Check it out -- I've added the Fan-o-Vision feature to my sidebar! XD There are probably a dozen images right now that will change on refresh, but I've got more I want to do. (click here if you just want to refresh the rotating bit a lot)The Art-o-Matic will probably go in tomorrow...

I wanted to wait until I got all the CSS figured out, but frack it, I've got it mostly sorted.. it looks great in Firefox and only the reply pages are a bit messed. It's a bloody tragedy in IE though. ugh.

Went to a Cinco de Mayo party at [ profile] queenmaab's tonight... er.. last night. Was fun. I brought scallion pancakes. Talked to some crazy people. Heh. Good fun.

Time for bed!


May. 4th, 2007 01:31 am
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I will conquer this thing yet!!

I've managed to fix the header in IE, which was a pain in the ass and I'm still not sure what exactly it was, but I don't care, because it works now. First I did was to get it rendder, then had to fiddle with margin settings to get it to line up. Then there was the issue with the entries starting below the sidebar, which was an easy fix once I poked around [ profile] s2flexisquares -- my content container wasn't big enough. Opps.

I also added some boxes to the sidebar. Fan-o-Vision is going to be a set of rotating images, like I had on my Alteran layout. Not sure what I'm doing exactly, but I plan to have a ton of my favorite fandom photos/screencaps randomly loading on refresh.

Still can't get the entry divider to load in IE and the comments aren't aligned right, but I'll probably work on that stuff this weekend. At least everything loads sort of right now!



May. 3rd, 2007 12:11 am
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Hrm. Needs a hell of a lot more work, but the new LJ layout is coming along.

I decided to go with an S2 layout this time. Made the layout in Photoshop and sliced out the header, background, and dividers. The CSS I've gleaned from various sources, but [ profile] photoshopranger had one for flexible squares that was the most useful.

Anyhow, have a looksee: [ profile] amezri

Thre is still a lot of tweaking to be done and it looks like there are a lot of things I can add to the sidebar and such, but it's way past bed time.


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