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I dislike hearing from my father's and his side of the family. Thankfully, contact is generally infrequent so I can pretend they don't even exist. Today, however, I was treated to not one, but two calls from my father and one indirect inquiry from my aunt.

The first call from my father was him asking me about some film festival in NYC and whether or not I would be going and if I wanted him to arrange lodging for me. I tolld him no, all around no.

The second call he asked about my mother, mentioning "her abdomen looked swollen" when he saw her. What the eff kind of thing is that to say? I said she was fine and got him off the phone.

When my mom got home from her class tonight, she mentioned to me that my father's youngest sister called and asked if I would be interested in meeting a "lighting person" from Taiwan because he is rich and... get this... needs to stay in the US. In case the implication isn't clear, she wants me to marry this rich dude from Taiwan so he doesn't have to go back to Taiwan.

Yeah. Really.

I'm done for today.
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01:41 @cpedraza Hey, at least you have power :P #

09:04 Merry Christmas, Twitterland! #

12:29 Had brunch. Time to open gifts! #

13:20 Presents opened! Mostly expected things.. except Babylon 5 season 5! :D #

13:43 - Thankful for all the gifts this year :) #

13:52 Watching Prince Caspian. Finally. Hope it doesn't suck. #

13:58 Harry Gregson-Williams did the score. No wonder I like it. #

14:18 WTF. My grandmother just called and asked if I was prettier and told me get married and have kids. Hi, aggro. #

14:27 I really hate having to pause movies constantly because people are making lots of long calls. #

14:34 Watching Prince Caspian makes me miss New Zealand. #

14:36 @rhboyd My grandmother is a big bitch and my father's a fraking arsehole. #

14:44 @rhboyd Twitter updates to phone? #

15:09 @rhboyd Weird. Didn't used to be... maybe they'll reinstate it soon. #

15:32 @SmashedRecords Oh. I was just going to ask if she was dead yet. :P #

15:34 Wonder if they used the same extras in Prince Caspian that were in LotR. They'd already know how to form ranks & march. #

16:17 Prince Caspian was actually pretty good. #

17:05 Watching Sweeney Todd. I forgot how messed up this storyline is. :P #

17:20 @cpedraza Dug the fight scenes and scenery. What is the third one? Can't remember. #

17:24 @cpedraza Oh right. Aren't there totally diff kids in that one? #

17:31 @cpedraza Ah. Okay. I knew cousins showed up at some point. #

18:37 Oh great. Now my mom's being a crank. Because I was mean to her or something. Whatever. #

19:15 @rhboyd Just looked it up. Apparently they disabled it at the end of November, citing cost issues. #

20:25 @JDahveed Wait what? So what's happening with the movie? #

21:36 Well, it started as a good Christmas and then degraded into parental dramarama... from both sides. Rad. #

21:54 @rhboyd Nothing. Just families being a pain and me not feeling like being accomodating. #

23:19 @SmashedRecords That's one of my favorite movies! #

23:25 @SmashedRecords Yay DVD extras! Though the ones on that DVD are sorta lame. #

23:28 @SmashedRecords Yes! I just meant it was a lame one for you to have remembered on... not really a good payoff. #

23:36 @arysani Agreed. He was pretty awesome in that movie. #

23:40 @SmashedRecords I'm sure you've got it already! :) I hope the next one has better stuff! #

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Nov. 5th, 2007 10:52 pm
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Whoa. Haven't had one of these posts in a long while. Generally, he just calls me and I don't answer the phone.

I came home today and my mom wanted to talk with me and my brother about something to do with my father. Uhm, okay. She's heard that my father's girlfriend is probably pregnant (there was no official announcement) and she wanted us to know that if something happens to her, she doesn't want the money we get to go to that kid.

Don't remember exactly what I said, but I'm pretty sure I snerked and gave the equivalent of, "I don't really give a shit about that kid." Because, seriously, I don't. That kid is not my problem and I sure as hell won't be giving him any money ever or babysitting or going to meet this kid. I don't care about his other family. It's not like he ever gave a crap about us, and I'm not about to give a crap about them.

So there you go.
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I have post New Voyages posting to do at some point, but for now I thought I would do a proper hello to everyone. I have missed you all, my livejournal friends. It's been a strange 10 days in the wilds of the North Country, but I'm back now and hooray. Cell phone reception! Cable tv! High-speed internet! Oh, civilization.

The jackhole called my mom and asked her to partner with him in buying the other half of the condo he owns -- because some day he wants to leave it to me and my brother. Ha ha. Ha. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right. My brother says that my father is sad that I didn't call him and pay my respects when grandjackhole died last week. Yeah. Well, I'm not really too broken up about it and so I'm not really going to call you about it.

WOOHOO!! CD-Wow sent me a notice that they've dispatched my Hot Fuzz. Can't wait to get my fill of the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost comedy duo.

After dinner, I ran [ profile] seijitataki to the mall to get his hair cut. While he was away in California, my grandmother insisted he get a haircut and they gave him this god awful mullet-looking thing. I dunno. So I took him to Tullio to get it fixed. While there, I stopped in Best Buy, where they are having a fantastic $20 sale on all Fox DVDs. Picked up Alien Nation and Angel season 2, but I was good and put them back and didn't buy any.

Man, my room is a total disaster and I just cannot find the motivation to clean it up.
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Last night I was at [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad's for a Memorial Day party. Fun :)

Meh. My father just came back to get his crap. Hopefully he just gets it and leaves. I'm not really in the mood to deal with him.

Best Buy is offering Babylon 5 series box sets for $19.99 each. Prices are good in store and at the website. I just bought the first three seasons for the cost of one. Sweet.

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales has a street date of July 31 with a retail of $22.99.

Eureka Season 1 is being released July 3, retailing $29.99

My Big Train DVD came in yesterday, as did my copy of Majandra Delfino's Tarte.

I just got myself a free pack of MOO cards. For the free pack, you need to friend [ profile] moocards before you place your order. Also, it pulls the images for the photo cards from your lj gallery, so upload any images you want printed there first. I think it's a pretty neat idea and if I like the printed cards, I might get my business cards printed there. There's also a flickr community where you can see what people have done with their Moo cards. And discussion about MOO Card tins.


Aug. 7th, 2005 11:02 pm
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And my weekend was going so... unspoiled.

JTLin0509: hi Cindy:
Scifi1701D: hi
JTLin0509: did ma help send out the package?
Scifi1701D: Yes.
Scifi1701D: Why don't you just have stuff mailed there?
JTLin0509: I dont't receive package at this address
JTLin0509: i need goed to post office to claim it
Scifi1701D: ... whatever.
JTLin0509: okey bye

He buys all sorts of shit on eBay and has it mailed to our house. Then he calls us and demands that we put everything together for him and mail it to his PO Box in the city. I know he has an apartment (not that we have the address for it) and clearly he has a PO Box. So how much sense does it make to have it sent here then down there?! I'll tell you - none. NONE. Which is about as much sense as he normally makes, so I shouldn't be surprised.


Jul. 24th, 2005 12:11 pm
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My father is on fucking drugs.

whatever )

Think what you will, but this is very odd, odd behavior. He never contacts any of us unless he wants money or information and I know he's just looking for my mother to find him $20k so he can get hisself a condo in NYC. Also, in 23 years, my father has never, ever closed any sort of conversation with "love you." That's just fucking weird. And makes my skin crawl.

I need to have a conversation with my mother about not talking to my father about me.

Also, the sound is not working on my desktop. *pokes it*
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We found a salon in the area that carries i.d. bare Minerals products. This is not good.. because we spent way too much money there today. I got two new eye shadows (princess & vanilla sugar) and a blush (thistle). The girl who was helping us said she got a look at the new fall line last week and there are some really great new colors. ^^

The jackhole called my mother this afternoon and casually asked - get this - "Can I borrow $20,000?" Yeeeeah, sure, let me just open up my wallet. *shakes head* He's such an asshat.

So, I'm watching Atlantis 2.02 again and besides some nitpicks [Are they making Rodney the boob this season?] and lots of squeeing, I have to add that they have new computers! I see tablet PCs! Sweet! :D Yes, computer geek. We all knew this.

I was... uh... working on something really dorky today and hopefully it will be revealed later on. Oh hell, here's a hint. See posting icon. If you know Atlantis and Dead Like Me, you might get it. Or not. There may, perhaps, be a weird crossover AU thing in the brainstorming stage. Possibly.

Uhm. ARGH. The file I've been downloading all day just got interrupted because the wireless on my laptop freaked out. *annoyed* Firefox has no resume function. That is lame. *downloads GetRight* Much better. I'll be downloading for another 8 hours, but whatever.

I should go read my flist. Or reply to comments. Or write fic. Hm.
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Went out to dinner with the fam (jackhole included) for brother's birthday. Of course there was much talk about this and that and how I must go to graduate school and it doesn't matter that I don't know what I want to study - I should just go. Uhm. Okay? As soon as he found out that I'm also selling stuff at our shop, he jumped all over me to give him samples so he can show a "friend" who is a buyer for some NYC card shops. I told him I wasn't interested and he got all pissy saying I didn't know anything and why would I pass up a chance to sell stuff in NYC. liekohemgee. Told him I wasn't interested in making a lot of money from my art right now and somehow his logic was that no, it wasn't about money, it was about being able to afford things... which sounds a lot like being about money. Right. Meh. I basically told him to go fuck himself.

Going to [ profile] queenmaab's tomorrow to watch "Dune" and Firefly. Wheee! I'm bringing scallion chicken for lunch/dinner/whatever. I think I've made enough for four or five people XD

*dances* I am soooo excited about my shiny new laptop. What shall I name it? Must be appropriately geeky. Schrodinger's been over done and I'm not sure I like the implication. Hmmm... *ponders* Suggestions?

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6 Favorite songs meme
1. Tom McRae - the Girl Who Falls Downstairs
2. A Perfect Circle - Judith (Renholder Mix)
3. Zox - Canon
4. Velvet Chain - Everyone Loves the Art of Noise
5. Coldplay - The Scientist
6. Kelly Clarkson - Break Away (no, really)

Tag 6 people: Um.. I really don't know who hasn't done this yet... [ profile] lilorphanannie, [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] seishin, [ profile] zen_of_punk, [ profile] callmecayce, [ profile] spark
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Work was blah. Had a short day today. Don't really know what to do with myself. I liked it when I had a huge project to work on last week because now I'm just sort of... bored.

Hmm. so Monday night is SG1 night on SciFi. "Prodigy" was on and wow... could O'Neill be a bigger General Ryan fanboy? His eyes glazed over and everything. Heh. Cadet Haley was pretty damn annoying.

Nifty toy from ThinkGeek: Water powered clock

Worked on my artbook and prints tonight. Got everything cut out and ready to be matted and made into books. Go me! Now I just need to cut the backer boards for the mattes and then... uh.. make six copies of the book. Ambitious? Oh, no, not me. *facepalm*

more drama with the family )
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Work. Was good. Cleaned a lot. Spent the last hour sort of puttering around because I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. Get to open at 7am tomorrow since I'm taking mom to the airport. Ex.citing.

Stuff. Instead of doing really useful things, I'm making "Serenity" icons. Which, to some people, might actually be useful. *shrug*

Jackhole. Wow, where to begin? He got another traffic ticket - this one from March, also a fine of $115, plus a $10 late fee. Since my mother legally owns the car and he got the ticket while illegally parked, it's black mark on her, pretty much. Dude. WTF? Stop parking in retarded places in midtown. Next, my mother had checked their joint e-mail account and found some interesting mail in his deleted bin. Basically, he's got some fun-filled party event at Biny this weekend and he's invited some girl named Lilly to go with him. Slick man, really slick.

Mkay. Gonna get going with these icons then bed - have to be up waaaay early to get mom to the airport at 6am. Ugh.
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I've been approved for the Signal Room fanlisting and it should be listed at shortly. For now, the site is up and you're free to join! Come on, you know you love Anthony Simcoe and Wayne Pygram - so why not love their band? *g*

And, what's a weekend without jackholery?

snip. snip. no one cares. )

Everytime he calls? Blood. Boils. There should be a screenplay or something. It seems some dumbass drama that FOX would air.
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This is for my own informational purposes.

The jackhole hasn't been home in weeks. He hasn't given my mother any money to pay bills and hasn't mentioned paying for my brother's tuition. The times he did call this week were to bitch about taxes and how he's not going to pay what he owes - because apparently my mother spends all his money so she should pay for it. I think I mentioned this part already. Well, my mother has seen some shifty e-mails to my father from some girl asking about his cabin and horseback riding. To which I say.. dubbya tee eff. This evening we got a call from the girlfriend of loser!redneck my father knows. She's pissed because my father is up in the Catskills hooking her abusive (yes, she called the cops on him for hitting her) boyfriend up with Chinese girls. This is interesting news because.. well, hell, we didn't know where he was going to be. The fact that he took his loser friend out to dinner (repeatedly) with three girls is.. not surprising, but we didn't know, so *shrug* My mother just thanked trailertrash!gf for the info and informed her that she didn't care. Heh. Some days I wish my father were physically abusive or obviously mentally disturbed so there were be at least some way we can get him gone. Being jerked around all the time is just no fun, especially when the only times he calls are when he's bored and to yell at us for something. Damn, I should have recorded those nasty messages he left on my mother's voice mail.

In other news, my crazy aunt is still.. crazy. My mother keeps saying that she has Alzheimer's. I really don't think that's the case. She's always been a little off and it's just gotten worse every year for the last twenty plus years. Today, something happened to her dog and her sister-in-law found the poor thing crying and bleeding while my aunt tried to spray the very serious wound (I hear there was exposed muscle and lots of bleeding) with Windex and rubbing at it with a towel or something. Sister-in-law carried the dog into a room and locked the door so Crazy!aunt wouldn't try to windex the dog again. 911 was called. Cops came to check it out. Saw the dog. Saw the aunt with the windex and told her to, uh, not do that. She got confused and aggro and apparently fought the cops. They put her in a choke hold and she was biting the cops. So they handcuffed her until she calmed down. At some point, she was laughing at the dog when the cops were telling her that the dog may die from the injuries. Cop told her to stop laughing and she responded by laughing more. My cousin came to the house finally and they took the dog to the ER. Doctors say the dog will be fine, but they're keeping him there for a couple days so he, uh, doesn't get Windexed again. At this point any sane person would take care of the crazy lady who was laughing at her bleeding dog. Actually, at this point any sane person would be looking for crazy lady's medication. My cousin, instead, took my aunt to dinner because they had reservations and plans to meet with people. He then tells the people at the table that my aunt would be paying for dinner because she has a lot of money and it's not like she'd know what to do with it, so who cares?

You can't make this shit up people, you just can't.
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Some day my LJ will return to the news-posting, fun-filled, playground it used to be. Not happening yet. A variety of topics today... I'll just gloss over the part where I somehow managed to dress myself this morning and forgot to put on a bra. *facepalm*

Work was all right. Didn't really do much except file some paperwork and mail things. Spoon!Nazi was working and I pretty much avoided her all morning. Talked to co-worker L about it and she just made a funny face and told me she goes over there all the time and just takes plasticware, napkins, condiments, whatever. She never asks and no one ever says anything. So basically, just ignore the little biyotch. Strangely, that makes me feel better. Tomorrow I get to work on 3 inventories. Yay! All while trying to finish up two other major inventories, which are being complete bitches because none of our numbers or on-hand counts match what the museums think we have. Oy.

Jackhole has been calling a lot today, what with taxes being due shortly. It looks like he owes about $15,000 and it's almost as if he doesn't think he should have to pay one cent of that. He told my mother that since she spends all the money that she should figure out how to pay for it. Uh. right. Like you've come home at all in the last three weeks and given anyone so much as a dollar. Strangely? We don't really need it anyway. The conversation degraded quickly into yelling and screaming, so my mother just hung up on him. His response to that was to call all of our numbers repeatedly and leave nasty, petulant messages. The last one said that he didn't care and wasn't going to pay and it was going to be our problem, ha ha ha. Cripes. What a psycho.

The plan tonight was to transfer ICON photos and upload them to eternalvox. Uhm. Pretty much didn't happen. However, I did make two shiny icons! (Get it? icon.. i-con.. erm..) One with my geek code and a new Sheppard icon. The text is something Nathan Fillion said at DragonCon (or ComicCon). It's actually a funny story, which I shall sum up: Nathan and Jewel Staite have this on-going practical joke of flipping each other off. At said con, when given a signal, the audiance a the Firefly panel gave Nathan the finger on behalf of Jewel. Nathan had this deadpan expression and said flatly, "that's fucked up." I couldn't find a screencap of Nathan/Mal making that face, but Joe/Sheppard does it enough so I figured what the hell.


These icons? Not for grabs. Especially not the geek code because... uhm. My geek code. Get your own.


Mar. 5th, 2005 09:39 am
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I shouldn't be amazed that even from a hundred miles away he's capable of ruining my weekend. The jackhole called at 8am to say that some guy would be stopping by soon, around 2pm, maybe, to pick up his laptop for him. So... guess who has the fantastic job of sitting home and waiting? I was really looking forward to getting out of the freakin' house since I was sick all week.

Oh well.. i guess I could use the time to do some work. meh.


Feb. 9th, 2005 09:05 pm
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JTLin0509: hey happy new year
JTLin0509: how many hours of AOL do we have a month?
Scifi1701D: 5
JTLin0509: thanks.

Dude. Whatever.


Jan. 31st, 2005 08:31 am
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It's always nice to be woken up in the morning by screaming parents arguing about gods know what. Then the jackhole comes into my room screaming at me that my mother said that he wants us to make money for him to spend and is that what I think? So I told him that I think he's loud and crazy and that he could drive his own ass to the hospital.

This went on for half an hour, but I have to give my mom credit for sounding mostly indifferent and rational while my father completely freaked out. He is so psychotic and I'm sick of hearing about how we're spending his money and all this other bullshit.

Mom just called. She told me how the fight started. She was supposed to take my father to the hospital today for his colonoscopy and she said that after she dropped him off, she'd be going to work until he was done. He flipped out and started saying something about my brother's college tuition. Yeah, I have no idea. Then he comes back and asks if she'd be going back to work after she dropped him off at home - she said she was. He flipped again and started yelling about something else.

He? Is completely mental.
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Work was blah. Same as always. Good, but not fun and exciting or anything. I got an Eko Logic hat (the Saturn) and I'm using the gift certificate my boss gave me :)

You can park three cars side-by-side in our driveway, it's a bit squishy, but it can be done. Once again, I come home to find a random car parked in the middle of the first two-thirds, meaning the jackass is blocking my access to the friggin garage. So in order to allow room for this idiot to get out of my driveway, I have to park at the bottom, nevermind the fact that it's FREEZING outside and the Bronco does not do well in temperatures under 20 degrees. It's about -2 with the windchill right now. So, I come upstairs and the owner of the SUV isn't even IN my house - he's across the street. I said snarkly to the jackhole, "Why do people always have to park in the middle of the driveway?!" and he replies, "I know, right?"

Uhm. WTF?! Don't say that to me. You knew the guy was here and apparently you knew where he parked. Could you tell him to move his frackin car?! ARGH. It's too cold for this shit.
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Don't talk to me like you know how to take care of the dogs, because you don't. And don't ask me about their behavior and then question my answer. You do not know what's going on and don't pretend like you're suddenly all involved and authoritative. You are and always will be a jackhole.


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