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I'm leaving this as is now, but I think later on I'm going to back-date it so I'll actually be able to find it when I go looking for whatever reason. Sorry it's taken so long to post this stuff (if anyone cares?) - I've been really lazy and procrastinating like a mo-fo.

Shore Leave 31: July 10-12, 2009

Back to the old Hunt Valley Marriott, but we were staying at the Courtyard Marriott down the road. It did help that I had Agathon with me so I could type up my con report at the con and then send myself an HTML file. As such, some of this report is written in present tense. Can't be bothered to correct it that much. I did have internet and could probably have even posted entries daily. May try that out for DragonCon.

Friday, July 10

Left home at 7:30a. Got to [ profile] smashedrecords' to pick her up, but then had to go home as I forgot the artwork I wanted to enter in the show. Meh.

Arrived at Courtyard Marriott at 2:30p. Good room, though not at the con hotel. Changed into doll & handler outfits - [ profile] smashedrecords' doll name was Bravo. Got badges and registered pieces in art show. Wandered and saw actors already signing.

Miracle Laurie & Christopher Heyerdahl )

Saturday, July 11

[ profile] smashedrecords' not feeling well. Her sore throat got worse :( I got dressed in Roswell uniform & headed to the photo op line. Blarghy. Not good. Romel was headed out to a wedding later in the day, but would bring [ profile] smashedrecords to the con hotel later.

photo op, Jason Momoa & Rachel Luttrell, Miracle's Q&A, Masquerade )

Sunday, July 12

Up and out of room by 11a. I headed to the dealer's room and got a Caprica Six and a Vamp Willow for a great deal. Ken is awesome. Found a Callisto fig for $10 and had to have it.

more Miracle!, rolling out )

Other links:
+ all my Shore Leave 31 photos
+ twitter posts: friday, saturday, sunday
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Stargate Atlantis is being canceled after season 5?! What the hell? And they want to do DVD movies instead, as it's a "bigger canvas." No. NO, come on. Twenty hours is a much bigger canvas than two! Geez.

Are they axing it get the budget for Stargate Universe? Because that would be really dumb. Like when they killed off Farscape to fund other crap like Tremors. Ugh.

I don't even know why I'm so worked up considering I didn't watch any of season 3. I thought a lot of season 4 was good, though, and I have yet to watch season 5, but the response seems generally positive.
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Saw Wall-E tonight with [ profile] katkel, [ profile] sweetwildandmad and [ profile] punslingerr.

I liked the movie for the most part. It was as cute as expected and I really liked Wall-E. And Eve. And Mo. Eve definitely comes from the Apple school of design. I love the first part of the movie before the shift in environment. So. Cute. I didn't even mind the subtle hints of "omg, humans destroyed the planet!" until they actually came out and said "omg humans destroyed the planet! must fixy!" Then it was annoying.

But anyway. I thought it was very cute and now I want to make some animated Wall-E icons. Probably from those clips they have on the website. We'll see. when do I have time for that nowadays??

Oh yeah. Stargate: Atlantis season 4 out on DVD tomorrow! $34 at Best Buy... I am so there.
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Spoilery babble for Miller's Crossing.

Read more... )

In conclusion: Martin Gero, how are you so awesome? And also, next season, please to be writing all SGA scripts.

Edit: Did Joe Flanigan actually say that John Sheppard is a "pretty pretty psycho princess"? If so... please elaborate.
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Hurray! I've got McKay handling my voicemail! It is sooo amusing. I may have done a little editing to it >_>

I've decided that should they ever make a Sheppard one, it should go like this:

Hi, you've reached ____. This is Colonel John Sheppard and we're... busy. So we can't answer your call right now. Try again later.

[ profile] alorarose: omg
[ profile] alorarose: that sounds so naughty!
[ profile] amezri: HAHAHAHA
[ profile] amezri: But doesn't everything Sheppard says sound naughty?
[ profile] alorarose: yea...
[ profile] alorarose: true
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Bwahahaha! I can have Rodney McKay do my voicemail message! XD Oh man, I am soooo going to once I figure out how to get it on my phone D: May in fact have to do the ghetto phone to speaker method. But. YES.

Threadless has a new feature: Thriftees. A select shirt and size on sale for $10 until they are gone, then a new one goes up.

Late for work. Again. Ooops.
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Okay. Someone please explain to me what happened to the Stargate Atlantis season 3 covers. Actually, someone please tell me what idiot graphics person is working for them now so I can go in there and beat the crap out of them.

I got my season 3 DVD set in the mail yesterday (along with the Serenity Special Edition) and the cover is... I think "hed pazted on yey" is really the only description that adequately describes it.

This is the cover that was put out before the official release. Looks pretty nice. That was a great shot of the cast.

This is the cover on the actual release. I don't even know where to begin. That's a season 2 promo shot of Rodney's head on... I don't even know who's body. They clearly cut John's head off somewhere else because the shading is all fubar.

Although, looking back at the season 1 & 2 sets... 1 was pretty bad. I never noticed before, but Teyla's upper body is not her's. Or maybe it is, but they've cut it out from somewhere else and placed it over her body.. and the jacket's been flipped as the Atlantis patch velcro is on the wrong side. Season2's cover was actually really nice.. and I was hoping 3's would be something like that...

Edit: Erm. Sorry if I broke anyone's layout >_< I didn't realize I used an img tag instead of a href... wasn't paying that close attention to Semagic :-P

zen micro

Oct. 5th, 2007 07:58 am
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I is a dork and have joined Team Stargate. I've no doubt that I will get bored of it quickly and fall way behind on the points.

Zen Micro status so far...

After about 2 hours of fiddling, I somehow managed to get the firmware to upload. Hooray! That was a scare and a half when it just kept throwing "Firmware Problem" at me. My next problem is the thing now won't show up as a connected device. Oh, it shows up in the device manager, but nowhere else. Argh.

7:57am - Woke up and instead of getting ready for work, of course I was screwing with the device and after searching high and low for an old firmware that might allow drag & drop, I discovered I do have drap & drop.. sort of. I have to do it through WMP9. BWAHAHAHA! I WIN! It's copying files right now :D
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Decided to have a peek at the flist today (finally) and saw this bit from Neil Gaiman's blog:

Oddly, though, in the morning scene in the Inn in the Stardust film, Charlie Cox is wearing a CGI shirt, because there were concerns that his naked torso could bring down America.

Whaaa? o_O

And an update on planned Halloween ambush -- how about a Megazooka? Large enough to scare. It's got a lazer sight.. and I believe it causes enough of a scare, but actually doesn't leave a mark. Of course, I'm still all for causing physical damage.

Watched the premiere of Moonlight. It wasn't you know... totally horrible. I wouldn't call it fantastic programming, but it was okay and I'll probably watch again because I'm a sucker for sub-par vampire shows. [ profile] veracity -- I could see some Angel-like elements, but eh. To me it still wasn't very much like it. Yeah, we've got the broody vampire who falls for the blond human, but the rest of it doesn't really compare to me. I think [ profile] slodwick mentioned some stuff as well and, okay, sure. But still. To me, it's so not Angel and there was way more Forever Knight in there. I liked Sophia Myles in this. Not the greatest role ever, but at least she's got a regular series and her American accent isn't that bad. Oh! Note on the pilot -- Dean O'Gorman! Awww, Dean O', how I missed ya. He got to keep his lovely Kiwi accent too ^^

Also watched the season 4 premiere of Stargate Atlantis. Uhm. Well, it didn't suck. Heh. I think Keller's all right (and I love Jewel anyway) and Flanigan's little work around (I'm giving him credit) for Weir's situation is interested. Hey, at least we have the John & Rodney show back! :D I'm excited for that and I hope that won't change when Sam arrives.

The Zen Micros I won off eBay are on their way. Woohoo! Hopefully all that's wrong with them are the drives. I can fix that.. and a loose headphone jack. Otherwise, I'm sunk :\
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Went to Edgefest with [ profile] queenmaab yesterday. Had a good time for about 5 hours before my insides decided they longer wanted to be inside, so I decided to call my mom to come get me. There were still about 4 hours of the fest left, and I didn't want to have to make her and Steve leave early because I wasn't feeling well. I had a good time while I was there though. Heard Ten Year Vamp, which I never heard before since I haven't listened to the radio in about a year. They're pretty good. Bought their CDs (3 for $10!) and got them signed by the band. It was a little crazy and impersonal, but still cool. Before I slunk off, I managed to snag a couple photos of Sponge on stage. Anyway, I think it was Mark (the guitarist) who took my CD and then passed it to the other band members before giving it back to me. Anyway. They're very No Doubt/Saving Ferris. Kind of :\

Came home and just crashed for a few hours. Exciting!

Watched the first two episodes of Torchwood on BBC America last night. It's... interesting. Might remember to tune in. I love Jack, of course :D And Owen, actually, though he's a bit of a jerk. Gwen is all right.. she can be a bit whiny and I want to smack her sometimes, but eh -- she's new to Torchwood. I totally do not understand the Jack/Ianto thing that fandom puts forth. Perhaps I need to watch more.

Speaking of BBCA -- have finally seen Top Gear. Oh. Em. Gee. You guys! I am not a car person, but omg the hysterics. Also? Richard Hammond is too adorable. Heeee! So all the Top Gear fans on my flist (I think there are a couple...) you can give me the big "I told you so."

New Atlantis desktops and season 4 images at I love it when they put characters in leather, I really do. But switching the Atlantis crew over to the leather jackets and Sam with her weird alien leather pants... uhm. What? Aren't Carter and Sheppard still military? Isn't their post still a military one?! WTF is up with the weird alien leather gear? Maybe I'm watching the wrong show. Did Sorbo take over and turn it into Stargate: Andromeda? Bah.

Uhm. WTF. Did anyone else know Riley Smith had a band? I can't quite decide if I like their music enough to get the CD. It is very Springsteen/Mellencamp...90's adult contemporary. But.. Riley Smith! <3

Just bought my ticket for Farpoint. Woooo! Hopefully I get a lowish badge number, because James Callis is going to be there! And Mira Furlan <3

via [ profile] alorarose: DM of the Rings! XD Funneh.

Bwah! This S.H.E. music video for "Bu Zhuo Ni De Peng You"? Yeah. Been there.

Speakling of Taiwanese bands, Cherry Boom covering Green Day's American Idiot. Heh. And their Dear Prince video is really freaky, screwed up version of Snow White. Strangeness continues with the MV for the Coming of the Dark.


Jun. 21st, 2007 11:24 pm
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... [ profile] newkidfan ftw.

I've been out of SGA fandom for a while, not for any reason other than the fact that I just can't keep up with fannish things right now, but poking around I just saw [ profile] newkidfan's video, "Ambushed."

Holy frack. That was AWESOME. Seriously one of the coolest things I have seen in a long while

All of her videos are so visually stunning I can't... I want a DVD of them all so I can watch them on my TV over and over and over. And then SHOW them to people. You don't have to be in the SGA fandom to appreciate them, so do yourself a favor and have a look right now.

newkidfan's videos at imeem:
+ Dreams
+ Ambushed
+ The Tree
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Work. Home. Dinner. Big family "chat." Meh.

Worked on a few Spaced icons, but one got two of them done. Oh well. At some point I'll have enough to post.

David Hewlett's Stargate Atlantis MacBook contest ad may have broken something in me. So, of course I must share.

The Super Fans promos for Stargate Atlantis are kinda amusing though...
+ with Joe Flanigan
+ with David Hewlett
+ with Jason Mamoa

There's also some really bizarre greenscreen contest where in you need to key out the green screen and add backgrounds to Zach's Atlantis rap video. I could... perhaps attempt that one. Hm. You can win a trip to the set and lots of other random crap. I'd probably lose, but *shrug* hey, more likely to do that one than the MacBook one.
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Thanks to [ profile] auburnnothenna for feedback and guidance on the mix.

This mix is, of course, inspired by [ profile] auburnnothenna's In the City of Seven Walls. It has a different sort of tone from the first one I did, which became more somber as the songs progressed. Well, all right, there are a few somber ones in this one as well, but I was hoping to balance it out with more lively tracks and more songs with English lyrics.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

crossposted at [ profile] _rfa (//) and [ profile] sga_noticeboard (//)
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Thanks to both [ profile] auburnnothenna and [ profile] shoemaster for feedback on the mix.

This mix is inspired by [ profile] auburnnothenna's fantastic story, In the City of Seven Walls, the latest update of which is detailed here. She graciously reviewed the mix and helped guide me in the selection of the final songs.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

translations )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

crossposted at [ profile] _rfa (//) and [ profile] sga_noticeboard (//)
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Many thanks to [ profile] shoemaster for her help! I wouldn't have gotten the final mix done if it weren't for her.

Three Fates, a story by [ profile] auburnnothenna and [ profile] eretria, has eaten my brain and this is the mix I was compelled to make. It spans the whole story and hopefully conveys the emotions and mood therein.

Spoilers for the story below, obviously.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

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Many thanks to [ profile] shoemaster for the feedback and and to [ profile] cassiejamie for making the lovely cover for this mix.

A compilation following Atlantis from the time of the Alterans 10,000 years ago to the Atlantis expedition through season 1.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

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Many thanks to [ profile] queenmaab for providing more than a few of the tracks. As always, thanks to [ profile] cassiejamie and [ profile] shoemaster for the feedback and support.

Season 2 Ford, from "The Siege 3" through "The Hive." More or less. I wanted something edgy and angry and a little bit creepy. Two out of three maybe?

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

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Thanks to [ profile] cassiejamie and [ profile] shoemaster for the feedback. Special thanks to [ profile] spaggel, who agreed to doodle me something for the cover. It's perfect.

I'm fairly certain I could have cut this down in size, but was reminded that a standard CD could hold 80min, so why trim it? This mix comes in at a tad over 73 minutes.

Could be pre-slash. John has a secret mix CD he listens to when he thinks Rodney is locked up in his lab with a project. Wouldn't McKay be surprised if he were to barge in to John's quarters one night to ask him some random thing.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

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Thanks to [ profile] cassiejamie and [ profile] shoemaster for the feedback. [ profile] shoemaster also named the mix for me, so thanks again.

This is a Post-Trinity mix, so I guess... erm... spoilers? The songs progress from anger to sadness and regret from both John and Rodney's POV. Most of this is set around the events post-Trinity as written in [ profile] tiranog's fic, "Resilience."

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.

crossposted at [ profile] _rfa (//) and [ profile] sga_noticeboard (//)
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Oh, come on now, slashers, don't look at me like that. It's a peace offering for the Sheppard/Weir 'shippers. I may rag on the het pairings, but it's all in good fun. Hopefully what I have here is a nice, mature mix for the pairing. Those who 'ship them can tell me if I've done it any justice.

I was encouraged by [ profile] cassiejamie and [ profile] shoemaster, so... go blame them :-P

cover, tracklist, and download )


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