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I'm selling my Nokia 770, reflashed with clean version of OS2007HE.

Since this is a reflashed device and you will go through all the first-time setup procedures, there are no apps installed aside from the standard ones. The LCARS theme is also gone, but you can install that on your own. You can also upgrade to OS2008HE if you wish, but I warn you that will make the tablet extremely sluggish as most internal memory will be used.

I just ran a test install of OS2007HE and added a few apps and went on the internet with the browser set to the Opera engine. Internet works well and though some pages load slowly, overall it's much improved performance over the constant freezing and crashing of OS2008HE. I also installed FBReader, which still works fine, and Vagalume, a client. Streaming audio worked perfectly fine.

You can find additional info and tips & tricks at the maemo forums.

Comes in original box with all booklets and attachments. I'm including two 2GB cards in addition to the 64MB one that comes with the unit as well as an extra battery. There is an InvisibleShield screen protector already installed.

Looking for US$70 + shipping, but willing to negotiate.
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Since formatting the RS-MMC card to FAT32, I haven't had any rebooting issues. I've even read something like 6 books in the last week with it; will probably do reviewage soon. So the problems I had before I'm going to attribute to either the card being corrupt or the device not liking FAT formatting, versus FAT32. That card I bought off eBay two and a half weeks ago has yet to arrive, but I think the seller is in Hong Kong. Meh.

On the power front, I haven't really been keeping track, but I'm pretty sure I get something like 8-10 hours read time before I need to charge the device. I haven't let it get low enough to flash a low battery warning at me except for once in the last two weeks.

Since getting the tablet, I've been reading more published fiction and less fanfic. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. *shrug* I also haven't touched my DS in months, which I am about to remedy as I've just acquired the English version of Rhythm Tengoku (Rhythm Heaven) and X-Men Nemesis (which I hear is pretty horrible, but oh well).
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I really need to start using LJ again for things other than archiving my twitter splurge. So, I'm starting with this: issues with my Nokia 770.

So far, I really have been loving it. In the last week, though, I've been having a weird problem where it just turns off and won't turn back on properly. Power gets drained and after I charge it, the thing reboots non-stop, until I yank the battery and try again. The last time, I finally got it to stop and thought I solved it by reformatting the swap for extended virtual memory.

Not so! After being on for three days with no problem, I went to read last night and the same problem was occurring. Couldn't get to stop rebooting this morning and finally just yanked the MMC card. That got it to stop. So, I'm thinking I need a new memory card. Serves me right for buying some weird brand, anyway. I looked on eBay and there are some overseas vendors that still carry brand names (Kingston) for $9, so I've picked one up. In the meantime, I've reformatted my current card to FAT32 (it was FAT) and am recreating the swap right now. Wonder if that'll help at all.

I have no idea where the power drain is coming from. I'm going to guess it's from the card. I wish there was some sort of indicator when the power is down to the end, but there really isn't. Meh.

In other news, Carlos is back in town and hanging out at my house. Not sure what we're doing today, but I'm sure Twilight watch&mock will be involved. [ profile] smashedrecords will probably be by later, as will Alpi. Apparently they all want at the pear & gruyere pie.
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Day 5. Everything still working well on Agathon.

Invisible Shield arrived today. When I went to apply it, I saw a giant fingerprint on it. Ugh. So I've contacted to see about getting a replacement. Almost put it on anyway, but didn't want to deal with getting it off if a replacement came. Should have stuck with Screenguardz? Dunno yet.

2GB memory card also came in. Card reader didn't read the new card, but I was able to get data off the old one, put the new card in Agathon, connect that to the computer via USB. Then put everything from old card on it. No problems. Went in to memory settings and expanded virtual memory to 32MB. Really makes a difference. Might try turning images back on the browser and see if it's stopped being crashy.

I'd wanted to try out cbrPager when I first got the NIT770, but it kept crashing, so I'd taken it off. Well, decided to try again with the expanded VM. After also installing unrar, I got it working and opened .cbr file. It... works, but honestly, I didn't find it that great. Load time was super slow and controls aren't great. For portable comic reading, I think I'm sticking with my DS.

On the reading front, I still haven't gotten to any books I've wanted to read because I'm still trying to make it through some fanfic I wanted to read... one of them is 400+ pages. I feel like I could read it way faster on a full computer screen... so far it's taken me two nights to get past the halfway point. Talk about novel-length fanfic. Anyway. Loving at a reading device.
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This is day three with Agathon, my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, so I figured I'd make another entry with observations for those of you interested.

After my initial entry, I was browsing installable applications and found both the complete set of LCARS themes and CBRPager - an application that opens CBR files. Mistake. Device immediately started freaking out and pulling the WSOD - White Screen of Death. I removed both the apps and everything was back to normal.

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So, yep, still happy with my purchase and I can't wait for my 2GB MMC card to get here so I can put more than 6 books at a time on this thing... and maybe increase swap file size for better application opening.

Going to go read now!
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So I've suddenly decided that I would like to read more eBooks. I order to do that, I wanted to buy some sort of portable eBook reader. There is of course the Kindle (and Kindle 2) from Amazon and then there's Sony's Reader. Both of them had things I really liked (Kindle's free EVDO connection; Reader's additional formats) and things I didn't like (Kindle 2 has no card slot; Reader has no WIFI or EVDO) but the biggest negative for both was the price. I definitely don't have the $300 they'd want for either device.

Googling for eBook readers, I found quite a few alternatives, but they were all still generally in the same price range (or more in some cases). The only exception was the Nokia Internet Tablet 770 -- you can download FBReader for it and the reviews were all pretty positive. Poked through eBay and won myself an NIT 770 for $50. The seller had already upgraded to OS2008 Hacker Edition, so I wouldn't have to do that.

It arrived this afternoon and I immediately got it out of the box and turned it on. Ran all the standard first time user things. Named it Agathon (yes... it's BSG related). Battery died after about 20 minutes, so I charged it for about an hour before playing again.

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To sum up, awesome device. OS is good, but slow (though honestly, NIT770 was not built to handle OS2008). FBReader is great. Screen is a sufficient size for reading (probably). Off the 1 hour quick charge, I think I got 5 hours of power. It's hard to judge properly since I wasn't actively using it for all 3 hours; it went idle a lot. Glad I bought it and am looking forward to using it as an ebook reader.


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