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My family have been brining our pets to Aqueduct Animal hospital for over 20 years. We stopped going for a while because the former owners of the hospital weren't able to help my dog, but came back a few years ago because we wanted a vet closer to home. The new owner of the hospital, Dr Pike, was friendly and awesome and able to help clear up a few of my dog's medical problems that we thought couldn't be taken care of. For the last few months, we've been trying to address an on-going ear infection. Lab tests say it's a particularly resistant type of bacteria and I've been trying to clean her ears every day and apply medication twice a day. It works for a while, but then comes back.

Anyway. I had a follow-up appointment scheduled for yesterday (Thursday), but ended up rescheduling for today (Friday) because of reasons. No big deal. Until I actually showed up today.

Check in was normal - the front desk staff and techs are always very nice. No problem there.

And then this guy walked in to the exam room. I'd never met him before, but hey - vet. No big deal. I was sort of surprised to see him as I didn't know I wouldn't be seeing Dr Pike, so I said as much. He didn't look up for the chart and said, "Do you want to reschedule?" And I said, "Only if you're not okay looking at this." Because maybe he didn't want to look into a case that was already being worked on by another doctor? That would be entirely understandable. He kind of rudely replied, "I've looked in a dog's ear before." Uh.. okay.. snarky? That's fine... So he looked at my dog's ears and said, "they're dirty and that they needed to be plucked." I told him I have been cleaning them and applying medication because she has an infection. He says no, they're not infected - they're dirty. Then he asked if I was in because I didn't know how to put medicine in my dog's ear. I was slightly confused, but said no, I was putting in what Dr Pike had prescribed, so he looked at the chart again and says, "oh." He flips through the pages again - because obviously he didn't even read the chart.

Then he asked me what I wanted him to do about it, while looking at me like I'm some kind of idiot for bringing my dog in. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN? Read the goddamn chart and look at my dog and you let me know because you're supposed to be the doctor here, not me. I didn't know what to say because - what the hell do you say to that? So I said, "Uh.. I don't know... I guess I should make another appointment to see Dr Pike?" And he snapped, "Yeah, I guess you better," and walked out.

I waited by the front desk to make another appointment - hopefully with someone who wasn't an asshole - and heard the doctor say there was no charge. Yeah, there better not be a charge because there is no way in hell I would have paid to be treated like some sort of moron. Even the woman at the front desk came back kind of quiet and asked when I would like to schedule another appointment for. Probably because I looked like I was about to cry. I don't know when it happened, but now when I'm extremely pissed off, I cry. I guess that's better than stabbing someone in their fat neck.... only because it's less illegal.

I wish I had said something to the doctor (whose name I find out later is Dr Michael Allen) at the time because seriously, there is no need to be such an asshole. There were at least three ways this could have been avoided:

1) Receptionist who answered the phone when I rescheduled could have asked what doctor I was seeing to reschedule for when he was there.

2) Receptionist at check in could have told me that I was seeing a different doctor when I mentioned like twice that this was for a follow up.

3) Dr Allen could have come in and said, "sorry, I don't feel comfortable looking at this because you're already working with Dr Pike." Or "I'm not familiar with this case. Can you reschedule with Dr Pike." Or when I asked if he was okay looking at this case he could have said "no, please reschedule with Dr Pike," instead of rudely saying "I've looked in a dog's ear before." Or had a tech or ANYONE ELSE come in and let me know I should reschedule.

I don't know what crawled up him and died today, but there was no need to take it out on me when I'd never met him before and spent all of 30 seconds in his presence.

I'm thinking I might say something to Dr Pike when I see him on Monday, but I'm not sure. We'll see if I remember. As an owner of a business, he should probably know when one of his staff (only there about a year) is being an asshole to patients.

Edit: I wrote an email to the hospital using a much more politely worded version of the above. And that's really all I can do at this point.

Edit 2: My vet replied to me by email. He says he was "shocked" by how I was treated and apologized. He also said that the other doctor was "old school," but I'm not sure what the hell that has to do with anything. In any case, the exam went well today (10/15) and he didn't charge me for the office visit.

In other depressing news, I see that he graduated both high school and undergrad the same years I did, except now he's a vet with his own practice and I...still live at home and am jobless. Well, that's not depressing or anything.
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This is fucking bullshit. I filed all the right paperwork, got a police report detailing the accident scene with the cop agreeing with me, the other drive is a fucking dumb bitch who didn't know where she was or how many lanes of traffic, and on the scene her mother FUCKING YELLED AT ME. And now, NOW ALLSTATE SAYS I WAS 100% AT FAULT.


This morning I called Allstate to find out what was going on and Regina was out of the office. Again. So then I decided to call the main number and get an operator who tells me that my claim has been denied and I am 100% at fault. That was when I totally lost it and started yelling at the operator. Of course, I immediately apologized to her because it's not her fault and then I felt bad, but I was still really pissed off, so I was probably still yelling while I was apologizing to her - she said she gets yelled at all day - and she said I could request they take a second look. WHY?! CLEARLY YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES PROTECTING YOUR FUCKING UNSAFE DRIVER WHO STILL THINKS SHE CAN MAKE A LEFT TURN FROM A RIGHT THRU LANE.

And of course now I'm crying because I'm upset and I'm pissed off and I can't do anything about it. I HATE crying when I'm pissed because that is just not the right reaction; it's something I developed when I was younger because my father and his family would piss me off all the time and since I couldn't actually attack any of them. So when I'm trying not to show that I'm pissed, I end up crying, which makes it seems like I'm weepy and upset not ENRAGED. Right now I'd actually really like to stab someone in the face, preferably one of the people who decided that not only was I partially at fault - I WAS 100% AT FAULT. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! THANKS FOR TOTALLY FUCKING ME OVER IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

I am also starving and there is no fucking food in the house and I have to go to jury duty and I don't have anything to take for lunch and there is more snow outside and YOU KNOW WHY DOESN'T THE UNIVERSE JUST TAKE ME OUT WHILE IT'S AT IT??!!!!

I called my mother and she said we should just have Liberty pay for it and then have them fight for the $500 deductible back. I BET FUCKING ALLSTATE WON'T EVEN GIVE THAT UP. I don't know. I can't deal with this right now. I don't want to deal with this right now and I CAN'T because I have to be in jury duty all FUCKING DAY. My mother said she'd make the calls since I'm having a FUCKING NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.

This is what you get for doing all the paperwork your supposed to do and calling all the people you are supposed to and waiting and DOING ALL THE SHIT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO. WHY DO I EVEN FUCKING BOTHER?! I AM KIND OF HOPING THAT OFFICE GOES UP IN A FIREY BLAZE.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! I actually wouldn't even be this pissed if their agent had just fucking CALLED ME and told me their decision instead of pretending she was out of the fucking office. MAN UP, YOU BITCH. I mean, I would still have been upset, but at least I would have been able to talk to her and ask her questions and get some kind of idea WHY THEY RULED IN SUCH A STUPID MANNER instead of not being able to ask anyone because everyone in her office was still out and NO ONE could answer any of my questions so I ended up getting mad at the operator and yelling at her.

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So. Tonight I had my very first car collision. I was on my way to meet [ profile] queenmaab at Colonie Center to see Black Swan. I was pretty much on time, so I got to the Colonie parking lot and headed to my usual parking area by the Christmas Tree shop. Well, as I'm driving, I notice a car in the far right lane stopped with its turn signal on. I thought that was kind of weird since that was not a turn lane, but they are stopped, so okay...? I keep driving (several cars have passed this person already) and as I'm approaching, she decides she is going to make her turn!! ACROSS A TURN LANE!! WTF?!

I hit my brakes, but because the roads are still slippery from the melted snow, I didn't want to slam them, so I'm slowing down as much as I can and turning to the left to try and at least get along side her and not hit her head on. That sort of worked, I guess? I definitely hear a crunch on impact and I've hit her driver's side door pretty directly. We're totally blocking traffic, but I roll down my passenger side window and get over to that side and ask if she is okay. I've totally shattered her window and there is glass everywhere. She seems shaken, but is on the phone. I call my mother, but she's not answering, but after staring at my phone for a second, I dial 911. I tell the operator that I'm involved in a small car accident in the mall and he connects me to the Colonie Police. I walk to someone there and give them our location and he said he'd be dispatching an officer.

While I'm waiting, I call [ profile] queenmaab and let her know what happened and that she probably shouldn't head over to meet me. A mall security guy shows up and tells us we need to move out vehicles as we are blocking the road. The thought did occur to me that I should take pictures of the scene before we move our vehicles, but then I kind of forgot? I wish I had done it, though. Once the cars were moved into the parking area, I did take pictures of the damage to my car, her car, and her license plate.

The police officer showed up and talked to me first. I told him what had happened and he got my information. He also said that he could call AAA for me to have my car towed to Colonie Garage. He then went to talk to the other girl while I called my garage to let them know I'd be having the car towed there. I honestly can't remember what happened next, but I do know that at one point, I heard the officer telling her that there was no way I was behind her and just kept driving when she turned, that from the damage to her car, I would have had to been driving in the oncoming traffic lane. If I was behind her, I would have rear ended her. I'm glad the officer agreed with me and yeah, there was no way there was glass all over the double yellow if I had been in the on coming lane in order to hit her in the side.

Look, I made an animated gif!

So, in the above graphic, you can see there is one on-coming lane and then two other traffic lanes. The first one is a turn lane - I was in that because I was going to make a turn about 30 feet up. I'm the blue box, she's the red box. You can see how what she did was an EFFING PROBLEM.

Anyway. So I also took pictures of the damage to both cars:

You can see the damage to my Jeep is.. not minimal, but not tragic. The lower part of the bumper is bent inwards and my wheel wasn't really able to turn right. Her car got a lot more damage - the door is crushed in, the window's broken, and the side view mirror is also broken. I don't think she was actually able to open the door.

The girl's parents showed up and the next think you know, she's whining to them about how the accident was all my fault and that I was apparently behind her and didn't stop when she made the turn. Her mother is giving me a death glare and walks over to have a look at my vehicle. I try to ask her if her daughter is all right and she just mumbles something and says she only speaks French, no English. Awesome. At some points BOTH parents come to look at my Jeep and the mother is now like cursing me out in French while her daughter is all, "It wasn't me!" The mother then angrily asks me if I saw that her daughter was stopped.

At that point, the only thing I could do was explain in very short sentences, while checking she understood each one, that her daughter was stopped with her turn signal on in the outside lane. There are two lanes going in this same direction - I check to make sure she understands - then I tell her that her daughter was on the outside lane - NOT the turn lane - and that I was driving on the inside turn lane because I was going to be making a turn (WOW!). Now, maybe I just made the assumption, but if someone is stopped - never mind they are in COMPLETELY THE WRONG LANE - but if they are stopped, I kind of make the assumption they are looking especially since the two other cars directly in front of me have driven past her. The mother is still pretty pissed, but the father nodded and it seemed like he understood me at least. It was probably helping that I wasn't screaming and hysterical.

The cop finishes up getting all of our information and we each get copies of an exchange of information form. The accident report won't be ready for a couple of day. The girl's father decides not to get a tow and gets in the car to drive it back to Troy. The officer says AAA would be here, but he had no ETA. I ended up calling [ profile] queenmaab to keep me company and drive me home so I didn't have to stand in the freezing cold all night.

While waiting, I did ask the officer what the report was going to reflect and he said that he'd written down her story and my story and at the end he was just going to note that my story made the most sense from the damage on the scene. HAH! Suck it, you stupid cow.

Uh. Anyway. The tow guy showed up and took my car the 3 miles to Colonie Garage. [ profile] queenmaab drove me home and then I ended up on the phone for like two hours dealing with my insurance company and the girl's. Liberty Mutual was kind of confusing and not really that helpful, but Allstate was kind of amazingly nice considering I wasn't even their client.

As of now, I have to wait until Friday for either of the insurance companies to evaluated my car for damages before anything can be fixed. I'm hoping my mechanic can at least look at it tomorrow and tell me if it's going to awful to repair. Now that I think of it, I'm not really sure they do body collision repair, but when I called, Mike said that I can bring it in and they would look at it, so I don't know.

In any case, I'm stuck without a car for the next week or two, which is not at all awesome. Buh-bye everything I wanted to be doing!
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Meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot. YOU GUYS, I thought Texas was the craziest state? What is this fuckery?

Governor expected to sign SB1070, as statewide rallies and walkouts continue
The New York Times, The Arizona Republic (not exactly the bastion of liberal thinking), Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, Stephen Colbert, and now President Obama have all come out against this legislation which would require Arizona law enforcement officers to ask people for proof of citizenship during legal contacts. If they don't have proof of citizenship on their person, they are presumed to be illegal.

Whites can't tell the difference between people of color anyway, so now cops are just going to be pulling people over and harassing them for no reason other than the color of their skin. And yes, I KNOW this does happen anyway, but now it's going to be LEGAL TO DO SO. "Oh hey, I thought this brown guy was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, so hey, I stopped him. And threw him in jail. Because he didn't have any proof of citizenship."

Not that I'm planning on going to Arizona any time soon, but I if do (or if this bill becomes some sort of nation-wide trend), I do not want to have to carry citizenship paperwork with me because I might get hassled by the cops. NO. Just, NO. You know where you have to carry citizenship and residential paperwork with you when you walk around your own country? CHINA. Yeah, let's use that as a model.

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I don't remember if I've written about this on the LJ yet... probably not.

M.Night Shyamalan and Frank Marshall have been producing/filming the Last Airbender movie (not to be confused with the James Cameron Avatar movie...), filming for which has finished this week (or will be soon). The Asian community has been in an uproar over the white-washing (and potential yellowfacing) of the characters.

See: History of Yellowface

(I was talking to someone recently and mentioned the Airbender issue and when I used the term "yellowface" she said she'd never heard it before. I explained what it was and she was pretty shocked and offended.)

Before I get into it, I have to say I generally don't care because people always dismiss the Asians and they're always yellowfacing (because apparently that's still okay to do) and mostly I just can't be bothered. I grew up in an area where my family and one other were the only Asians in probably 20 miles. I didn't get mad at the Asian kids being recast as white kids for 21. I didn't care about Dragonball because, honestly, wtf-ever - they're aliens. The whitewashing of Earthsea (whitewashing Native Americans, in that case) was... well, I never read the books and I didn't know.

My huge problem with the destruction of Airbender by M.Night and Marshall is that the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, spent a lot of time researching the East & South Asian cultures they built into the show. Basically - they didn't pull that stuff out of a hat. If Peter Jackson cast only Pacific Islanders and non-Caucasians in Lord of the Rings, I'd expect people to be upset since it's based strongly in Anglo-Saxon tradition.

Jeff Yang of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote this article:

One reason Asian Americans such as Yang and Kim have been drawn into the show's orbit is that it has hit it big despite - many would say because of - its richly Asian-inspired setting. The core ideas are drawn from Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy; its character names - Aang, Katara, Toph Bei Fong - incorporate Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian phonemes; and its visual identity is modeled on traditional Asian iconography.

Read: MANAA's Response to a Letter from Paramount on the Last Airbender (and its lack of Asians).

And now read this post on the language of casting and how the casting directors of Avatar screwed us Asians over. HI. OFFENSIVE.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper in Twilight) had this to say about his casting/character in an MTV interview (emphasis mine):

Due in theaters in summer 2010, "Airbender" has already begun to face a bit of controversy over the casting of white actors like Rathbone, Ringer and McCartney to play Asian characters -- a concern the actor was quick to dismiss. "I think it's one of those things where I pull my hair up, shave the sides, and I definitely need a tan," he said of the transformation he'll go through to look more like Sokka. "It's one of those things where, hopefully, the audience will suspend disbelief a little bit."

HI. I'm sorry. WHAT?

Dev Patel has replaced Jesse McCartney as Zuko. That's great. You know what the means now? The dark skinned South Asians are genocidal villains who are trying to destroy the peace-loving white heroes. Further information here.

The trailer for the movie came out today and over at Facebook I had another spew due to the awfulness of this film. Below the cut, links, video, and the stuff I posted on my facebook.

Apparently it's still okay to overlook Asians (media heavy) )

omg drama

Aug. 28th, 2008 02:23 pm
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Have done: laundry, various packing, not much else....

Coming back from errands, I picked up the mail... and found a letter notifying me of an overdraft charge. What. The. Frak. I have never had an overdraft on my account in the 10+ years I've had it and there's no way it's possible with me keeping such a high balance in it.

So I got back in my car and drove -- fuming -- to the bank. I get there and the useless teller who I went to to make my large deposit previously was there, looking as vacant as ever. I meet with one of their account managers who didn't understand that my issue is not with the hold on the large deposit (I mean, yes, obviously you have to wait for the check to clear), but that suddenly after this deposit my account, according to this letter, is showing a balance of -$3,000. WHAT. THE. HELL. So a $40 charge at the grocery earned me a $34 overdraft fee. It took her 15 minutes of poking at her computer to finally call over the bank manager.

Bank manager comes over, looks at it, and says clearly this is dumb and wrong and directs the first woman to refund me the overdraft charge. \o/

And it's in my account already. HUZZAH.

Srsly. If I had to explain it again, I would have had a nervous breakdown. I was trying really hard not to be that screaming, pissed off customer. Now that I look on my online account again, it does show the overdraft charge, but at no point does it show my balance in the negative! *keyboardsmash*
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[ profile] buhfly passed this along.

My brain seriously cannot process this. Like... do I laugh? I mean, I should be laughing.

Laurell K. Hamilton has lost her BLOODY FRAKING MIND.

The comments at the blog also make me laugh.

But really, guys, she's completely off her rocker. I'd... rather be reading a Meyer book. At least those are full of LOLz.
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(sorry if the flist has been flooded with this, but.. uhm.. I don't really read my flist anymore and someone IMed me to tell me. So.)

I can't even... I mean...

Heath Ledger, 28, Is Found Dead; Signs Point to Suicide

i will cut to spare you additional spewage over this )


May. 30th, 2007 09:17 pm
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You know, I was going to comment more on the MASS BAALETION LJ wankery going on, but I can't be bothered. Details on Strikethrough 2007 here.

I also somehow missed the whole FanLib debacle. Oh FanLib, you are so DUMB.

And now.. I am off to go watch Danger! 50,000 Volts! and have some ice cream.
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Well, I get to use that fun tag again.

Uh. What the hell is going on in fandom? I just went to randomly look at my flist after posting about computer FIRE and I see a post about accounts being deleted. WTF?

[ profile] seperis mentioned something here.

This has, of course, made fandom_wank

... wtf is going on? I will investigate later on...
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Uhm. So. Apparently our old machine downstairs just like.. caught fire.

My brother was awake and using it (thankfully, his weird sleeping hours have come in handy) and he said he looked down and noticed a glowing red ball in the front where the lights are. He turned it off and put it out with a towel though. To be honest, I'm not sure what I would have done... probably freak out.

We did have an indicator... the computer's been freezing a lot and [ profile] seijitataki did mention that wires were sort of weird and melty by the power switch, but I.. guess we didn't really think anything of it?

Sooo.... pictures.

more photos here


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