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OMG. I haven't really written about Dollhouse at all on my LJ, but I have really been enjoying the show and try to watch live when I can. Fox, of course, is expected to not renew the show, which is such crap because there is just so more to see! Only one more episode is airing this season, but 1.13 should be on the DVD.

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Just watched Act III of Dr. Horrible!

Joss, you're so evil. You did it again! ;_; Argh.

Poor everyone! Except, you know, Captain Hammer. Whatever. Whiner.

Need songs now! :D

If you guys haven't seen Dr. Horrible yet, tomorrow will be the last day to watch it for free at the site, so get going!
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Met up with [ profile] queenmaab for a quick stop in Sephora (new Urban Decay eyeshadow!) and Steve & Barry's.

Went to see Hellboy 2 with [ profile] erintheodd, [ profile] tiscbh28, and [ profile] punslingerr. Great movie. The dialog was snappy, the effects were great, and as much as the trailer made me think of Pan's Labyrinth, all those designs worked in the film and I didn't mind so much. I kind of wish the ending was a bit... more? But I liked it well enough and I guess it leaves room for the third film.

Dr. Horrible Act II! Saw it. Loved it. Nathan Fillion, I love you, but Captain Hammer is such a jerk.

Working on Shore Leave photos. Hope to get those and a con report up tonight.. or tomorrow. This weekend for sure.
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You guys!! I finally just watched Act I of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

So. Fantastic. The story is so great. Neil Patrick Harris has a great singing voice, as do Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. I can't wait for Act II and III!!

Also. Can I has DVD now?
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Ugh. I am having a spendy sort of day. After work (which was nearly bearable, but still torturous), I went to Target to pick up some things. Really, I just wanted to get a copy of Penelope to watch tonight... but of course I wound up buying some snacks for work, bathroom cleaner, and some other things. So... that was expensive.

I just now put some money in my Amie Street account... for the first time! Because I want to buy Blackmore's Night's new album. I'd only ever downloaded free tracks from the site and that always worked well, but buying a whole album? Could not be easier. And the tracks stay in your library, so if you need to redownload them -- there they are. Also? DRM free. Rawk. Who need iTunes?

In other news, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog -- Act I is online! I haven't actually been able to watch it yet because of all the traffic, but apparently they have switched to a server that has more robust :D So I will try again later.

Edit: Grant Lee Phillips' Strangelet album for $1.80?! *buys*
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Instead of a report on yesterday's Browncoat Shindig... A dump of links from the Google Reader...

Quantum Mechanix has set up Firefly Ship Works so fans can watch the progress of the large scale Serenity replica. The replica will be 1/180 scale (about 18").

Joss Whedon staged a career intervention for Eliza Dushku? Joss, I love you, really. Helping along Eliza's career is totally awesome, but to ignore all of SMG's bad, bad, bad (did I mention bad?) films. She cannot redeem herself with Southland Tales! And okay, maybe Wrong Turn wasn't the greatest choice for Eliza, but Soul Survivor was actually pretty good, I thought. Meh.

Everyone's probably already seen the Dollhouse trailer, but here's a clip with Eliza and Tahmoh Penikett (heart!). Additional Dollhouse article here.

Buffy Tarot Cards are up for pre-order. I kinda want a set...

Make Magazine is sponsoring a Make a Cylon contest. Tricia Helfer and Grace Park will be judging.

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about JJ Abrams' new show, Fringe. I kinda don't know what to think because as much as I love JJ, it sounds a bit like The X-Files meets Special Unit 2. Meh.

Erin McBlog posted some redesigned covers of classic books as part of her thesis. Very cool. I especially love the cover for The Giver and The Handmaid's Tale.

Late again to the party, but I'm playing catch up! Spaced will finally have a Region 1 DVD release on July 22! It's said to be filled with new commentaries and things, so I will of course be buying a copy of this one as well!

Meh. I have things to do and I don't wanna do 'em.


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