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So... I saw Bourne Legacy tonight with [ profile] queenmaab. Overall, I thought it was a good addition to the Bourne series. Aaron Cross is pretty interesting, so I hope we get another film with him in it, as well as Marta. She was a great female character who freaked out just enough, but didn't go into full-blown flailing damsel mode.

Also, thinking about this movie as Hawkeye running around with female Dr. Banner gave it a whole new level of fun.

spoilery talk and junk )

Not sure if I had more thoughts... but it's late and that's all I've got, so I'm going to bed.
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Saw Avengers again for the third time tonight. Still amazing!! I think I'm a little worn out on theater showings, so I probably won't see it again until it comes out on Bluray. I believe I saw somewhere that Joss will be putting the extra 30 minutes of footage in the extra features. If so - yay!

Right. So, more spoilery thoughts!


Oh man this movie. So much good stuff and I've already forgotten some stuff I wanted to write down. Ahhhh! I need new lj icons and all the toys and things right now!

I'm currently working on a cheap as hell Hawkeye costume. Planning not to spend more than $50 on it and want to have it for Albany ComicCon in June. So far I have a $6 toy bow, pants, boots (from my River costume), and I bought a front zip vest from eBay. I'm hoping it's a fabric that I can just paint the maroon panels on, otherwise I'll have to get fabric to sew or glue on. I want to make the arm guard & glove too. Kind of excited about my not-at-all accurate costume.


May. 5th, 2012 01:11 am
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Right. I totally saw this like 12 hours ago, but I'm just getting around to the post...

AHHHH! Omg The Avengers!

So obviously the movie was amazing beyond the telling of it. I have so many flaily thoughts about it though and I figured under a cut on LJ would be better than more vague flailing on Twitter.

It should be noted that I didn't see this in 3D. I'm not a fan in the first place and this movie wasn't even shot in 3D. I believe Joss looked at some test footage in 3D and didn't think it added anything. So there! No 3D!

Also, 10am on a Friday morning, there was ready a line for tickets and my 11am showing was packed full.



There is so much more awesome to this film but it's all falling out of my brain! I need to see it again obviously. And Avengers icons. I need them. Or just Black Widow and Hawkeye icons because clearly I now love them like burning.

After the movie, I went out immediately to hunt down the Black Widow & Hawkeye ToysRUs exclusive minimates. Yes, I did.

I have tentative plans to see the movie again on Monday! WOOT!
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First up, there were some movies I saw trailers for that I'd be interested in seeing:

Immortals. This movie looks ridiculous. I will watch it for the following reasons: It's being directed by Tarsem Singh. It looks like a fantastic art spectacle. I love Greek mythology.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. WUT. Interesting new Planet of the Apes prequel. As always, it's our fault for screwing with genetics. David Hewlett is in this one!

Real Steel. Hugh Jackman & Evangeline Lily. And giant robots, plus an AI who develops feelings! Or something. Why not?

Green Lantern. Honestly, don't give a frak about this series, but I'll always watch Ryan Reynolds play an action hero.

I went into X-Men: First Class with no expectations. After the disappointments of X3 and Wolverine, I wasn't going to get my hopes up. I'd only seen trailers and a couple shots of January Jones as Emma Frost, so I haven't seen much publicity either.

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Saturday I went to see 69° South: The Shackleton Project at Mass MoCA with [ profile] sweetwildandmad & [ profile] katkel. From the blurb on the Mass MoCA site, it sounded rather interesting and, though I am not a huge fan of creepy dolls, the marionettes did look great - there was even a mention of Kronos Quartet!

I met them at their house for a lovely dinner before we headed out. The drive was short (about an hour) but there was a epically treacherous drive over the mountain roads. Ack! But, we made it one piece with 15 minutes to spare! [ profile] sweetwildandmad's an excellent driver. We shuffled into the theater (tiny!) and got our seats.

Painful. PAINFUL. I know this was a work in progress and it part of a larger production, but that might have been the most confusing 30 minutes I've experienced in a long while. Puppeteers on stilts, covered with white protective suits, moving marionettes slowly across the floor. SLOWLY. And the Kronos Quartet stuff? Just a sampling of a track that I couldn't identify. I don't even know what it was I was watching. I think the puppets died... or had a nap. Or were resurrected as they got up and walked off. Then people in red protective suits came out and climbed all over the stage, but for laying down on the ground.


There was a Q&A afterward, but I'm certain 80% of the audience fled. Some of the people who ran off are probably going to pretend that they liked it. They're probably going to pretend they understood it. I am not one of those people. I have no idea what the hell it was I watched and I'm not going to pretend I liked it. So there.

After a quick look around the gift shop (where I refrained from buying the stainless steel D-ring mug), we ran out to the car (not in terror, but to escape the rain). We ended up stopping by James and Amy's where they were having a movie night with Kierstin & Jorel. Thankfully, we missed the showing of Paranormal Activity and came in during Ip Man, which I have neither seen nor heard about. Good movie, except for the weird audio mixing.

We didn't leave their house until 3am (well, 2am.. time changed and all that) because we ended up watching several episode of The State, which I found only mildly amusing. I show that makes fun of MTV is kind of hard work because you have to also recall what it is they're making fun of.

Anyway. Performance art is certainly not my thing, but watching TV with a bunch of friends is always a good time.
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Saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D tonight (last night?) with [ profile] smashedrecords and [ profile] queenmaab! So good. Before I get into the details... trailers!

How to Train Your Dragon looks kinda fun. I listened to the audiobook a while back (because David Tennant read it) and I have a feeling the movie is going to be a bit different, but whatever. Scottish Vikings! With dragons! XD

Is it wrong that I actually think the new Karate Kid movie might be better than the original? Or rather, I might like it better than the original? Okay, so technically it should be the Kung Fu Kid. And okay, the trailer makes it seem like every kid in China knows kung fu. But to be honest, I never liked the original Karate Kid and I thought Ralph Macchio was annoying. So there.

TRON: LEGACY. Going to see this. THAT IS ALL.

And now... Alice thoughts!

spoilers likely...thanks so muchness )

It's really late and I probably forgot things, but overall, I enjoyed this film and thought it was great mix of Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. I'll definitely by picking this up on DVD!
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Saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D tonight (last night?) with [profile] smashedrecords and [profile] queenmaab! So good. Before I get into the details... trailers!

How to Train Your Dragon looks kinda fun. I listened to the audiobook a while back (because David Tennant read it) and I have a feeling the movie is going to be a bit different, but whatever. Scottish Vikings! With dragons! XD

Is it wrong that I actually think the new Karate Kid movie might be better than the original? Or rather, I might like it better than the original? Okay, so technically it should be the Kung Fu Kid. And okay, the trailer makes it seem like every kid in China knows kung fu. But to be honest, I never liked the original Karate Kid and I thought Ralph Macchio was annoying. So there.

TRON: LEGACY. Going to see this. THAT IS ALL.

And now... Alice thoughts!

spoilers likely...thanks so muchness )

It's really late and I probably forgot things, but overall, I enjoyed this film and thought it was great mix of Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. I'll definitely by picking this up on DVD!
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Trailer-wise, I still really want to see Kick-Ass. Looks awesome.

There was a trailer for something else I wanted to see... but I can't remember what it was so I guess it wasn't that great? D: Oh! They're showing Boondock Saints again in theaters March 11. I kinda want to go. I think this is the version Sean Patrick Flanery was collecting pictures of fans for. Maybe? I didn't submit anything.

Despite the previews making this film look totally ridiculous, I really enjoyed From Paris With Love. Let me list the reasons why:

+ Luc Besson
+ John Travolta kicks a whole lotta ass
+ Jonathan Rhys Meyers is pretty. He also does a decent American accent (though he sounded a bit Southern at first)
+ The body count is ridiculously huge
+ crazy awesome car chase scenes
+ humor and snarking!
+ JRM spoke Mandarin and it sounded good! And understandable! AMAZING!
+ NONE of the Chinese thugs did martial arts. They were just thugs with guns. I'm totally fine with that.
+ I totally called the twist at the end half-way through, but it was still a satisfactory ending

I wish it had more parkour. Or any parkour. I felt like when they were chasing someone across the roof, there should have been some freerunning going on there, but the camera kept cutting away. Couldn't find a girl freerunner? Who knows.

So. I should have more complicated thoughts about this movie, but I really don't. I enjoy pretty much all of Luc Besson's productions, whether he's directing or not (I still need to see Angel-A). Good times. Will buy on DVD.

Strangely, it made me want to watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang again. And the first Boondock film. I still can't get over how weird SPF looked in the sequel. It was distracting.
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Finally saw Avatar. Went with [ profile] smashedrecords today. There quite a lot of people at the 11:50am IMAX 3D showing.

First off, I have to say that the IMAX theater in Crossgates is not a real IMAX - it's a mini-IMAX. The screen isn't that much larger than a normal screen. It's certainly far from a real IMAX size.

Second, Alice In Wonderland looks pretty awesome in 3D. I mean, it looks awesomely weird overall, but the 3D is pretty cool.

Also, watching a movie in IMAX 3D is fraking exhausting. By the end of the two and a half hours my eyes were just so strained. Ugh.

Now for movie rantage. Spoilers, obviously. )

In summary: Visually, the movie was pretty cool, but not as spectacular as everyone has been saying. The storyline was a bit heavy handed and a mishmash of Dance with Wolves, Ferngully, and Pocahontas. I admit it wasn't all ethnocentric - it was more that white America is evil and destructive towards others, but the only one who can save the natives is the magical white man. Meh.

ETA: I forgot to mention that I kind of snerked a bit at the use of Papyrus for the subtitle font. Really, Papyrus? All the money they poured into this thing and that's what they used? Ugh.

ETA2: LOL at this blog post: An Open Letter to James Cameron From Papyrus
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Yeah, I went and saw it. With a group of 6 that included [ profile] smashedrecords and [ profile] queenmaab.

Edit: Now with Vampire Diaries comparisons. (Because it really is the better whiny vampire teen drama.)

omg new moon wot?? )

I can't believe Eclipse is going to be out in June. They are seriously cranking these things out. We should have Breaking Dawn (omg that birthing scene! ew!) by the end of next year?
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Hello LJ land. Is anyone still even reading this?

I've been neglecting the livejournal something awful and seem to have replaced it with Twitter. I do feel kind of bad about that since I'm also losing the ability to think in strings longer than 140 characters. Haven't been up to much lately, but seems like I've been doing a lot of film work... kind of.

Columbia Pictures was shooting some car scenes for The Other Guys in Albany at the end of September. I'm told the reason is that you can't drive a car more than 30mph in NYC and it takes decidedly more than that to get a Chevelle through a double-decker tour bus. I was on set for 4 days as an extra and just stood on the street and walked around how they told me. Nothing too terribly exciting and I was far more interested in the equipment they were using than anything else that was going on. On my third day, the 2nd 2nd AD directed me to one of the cars stopped in front of where the bus should be and I was basically put in front of a camera for a reaction shot. So, maybe where the movie comes out, you'll see me step out of a car and gape at the car wreck.

This past week, I was once again in Port Henry working on Star Trek: Phase 2. This time around we were finishing up Enemy: Starfleet. I was 1st AC on this one, which was a good time and I learned a lot more things. Hopefully I can retain that information. The smaller crew was much better this time around, I think - less riff raff, though there were still a couple people I wouldn't have minded doing some violence to. Vic Mignogna came in to direct on Monday (did a good job) and his friend Todd Haberkorn came to be our 1st AD. I have to say, the set ran a lot smoother with Todd there, so I'm hoping he will be back in that capacity next time around. No shoot is complete without a debacle and this time we got two. The first was some ridiculousness where G&E and camera were on stand-by for 7 hours waiting for costumes to be finished and the second.. uh, well, best not to speak of that as it did work out in the end. I think. But still, dramarama, people. Dramarama.

A group of us - me, Alex, Romel, Matt, Chris, and Mark - were able to get out of Port Henry for a few hours to see Zombieland. When I say "get out," I mean we fled that place, speeding like maniacs, to get to Plattsburgh in time to make the film. I think we got there about 5 minutes late, missing the opening. But still - it was an awesome car adventure and a great movie. (Also, really good to get out of PH and away from Trek for a while).

Okay, sure, Zombieland isn't going to be the next classic, but it was highly entertaining. The lines were pretty clever and it was pretty gory without being too bloody, I thought. Not sure how that could be, but I remember smiling gleefully at the gore, but not thinking that the blood splatter was over the top. I kind of hate fast zombies, which these were, and I was nearly shouting at Tallahassee when he kept dropping his weapon every time he killed a zombie. Hold on to those weapons, man! Also, bonus Bill Murray.

This weekend, I'll be going to the Big Apple Con with [ profile] smashedrecords then NEFE in November with [ profile] queenmaab, Liz & Pano. My mother also has arranged a family trip to Hawaii at the end of November, so that should be... interesting. I'm always up for traveling, but sunny beaches and water are not really my kind of destination. Oh well. Once I'm back from that, I'll be heading down to DC to work on another film; a science fiction pilot which I don't have any details on.

And that concludes my sweeping life update. Hope someone found it interesting.
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Just got back from Wolverine! :D In one word: Awesome. Obvious, there are some things I have to pick at, but all that stuff below the cut.

For the premiere, I decided to get dressed up in my Jubilee costume (with jeans instead of shorts). I don't know if the costume was really that recognized. I few people sort of stared and pointed, but one group in my row said they liked the costume and that it was cute.

If you think you need it, brush up on Wolverine comic history with io9's Wolverine 101.

Lots of movie spoilage & chattage! )
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Old news, but I thought I had posted about it in my lj previously, but can't find it anywhere. So... here are links and quotes from Famke Janssen, making some awesome comments about the crapfest that was X-Men: The Last Stand in 2008.

Fury of the Phoenix: Famke Janssen blasts X-Men: The Last Stand

Now, two years after X-Men: The Last Stand was released, Netherlands-born Famke Janssen (it's pronounced fam-kuh yan-sin), has said she was not happy with the Phoenix treatment either.

Famke, who was also in medical drama Nip/Tuck and was the deadly Xenia in Bond movie GoldenEye, told Indianapolis Entertainment's website: "I know how important the Phoenix Saga is to the fans, and I don't think it was addressed properly. It's such a great storyline."

Famke interview at Film

FAMKE: That’s not the way it works. The way it works is that some people get paid a lot of money on those movies and I’m not one of them. And they need to give them as much screen time as possible. That’s really how it works.

NATHANIEL: That’s crazy because all the drama was yours. And yet, there was all this other... stuff.

FAMKE: Yes and I kept fighting it, too. I said ‘Look you set up the character like that in the beginning of the film. You have her kill Patrick Stewart’s character. You have her kill her own fiancé in the film. And then where do you take it? You’ve got to follow it through. You can’t just leave it dangling there.'


FAMKE: But they did.

NATHANIEL: It’s good to hear that because as I watching it I kept thinking This is the Movie. What is all this... other stuff?

FAMKE: People who I know who really like the X-Men comic books really love that story arc. It felt to me like a missed opportunity. People ask ‘Are they going to come back and do it and I say, no that’s now done. It was done in that way.


Mar. 7th, 2009 05:39 pm
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Went to see Watchmen with [ profile] smashedrecords. Decided on the 11:50am showing hoping it wouldn't be too busy... and it wasn't. We had less than a dozen people in our theater. Also... screening was fuzzy and no DLP? WTF.

Quick review: I liked it a lot. Love the cinematography, the soundtrack & score, the acting, the costumes. Fight scenes where i could actually see what was going on. Yeah. Pretty much liked it all.

I know there are people who aren't really happy with the film, and I guess I can understand why, but sorry guys, I really enjoyed it. I wonder if it's at all because I can't remember the comic that well, but... *shrug*

some spoilery chatter below )

I might have more to say, but I can't think of it now and my computer keeps freezing. So. Hurrah.
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Back from a fun day at the movies! Went to see Coraline on my own and then met up with [ profile] queenmaab for Push.

First things... trailers. Strangely, I do actually want to see Land of the Lost (blasphemy, I know), I don't want to see Up, and I definitely want to see 9.

Right. So. Coraline. Originally, I didn't want to see the 3D version as the old school 3D makes me kind of headache-y and I haven't seen anything in the new digital 3D. Despite some weirdness during quick motions, I have to say that the new Digital 3D system is pretty awesome. Looks great and sharp! Coraline was perhaps not the best sampling as not too much needed to be in 3D, but the trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens looked really fun!

Coraline spoilers? )

After a bit of wandering around the mall where I dug around the used DVDs and didn't buy anything, I met up with [ profile] queenmaab for a food court dinner and to see Push.

First off, let me just say that none of the movies (save Coraline, which is Digital 3D) are marked as DLP, which is kind of weird, but whatever. The point is, it's really weird to go from watching all your movies in DLP and then... not. Like, going from HD back to analog broadcast on your plasma. It just looks really grainy and BLAH. I'm hoping the next round of films comes in DLP.

Push chatter )
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So... waiting for my new UPS to charge before. I'm a little freaked out because of the wiring fault indicator light, but it occurs to me that my computers have always been attached to that outlet, so... either that's always been the problem or there's nothing to worry about. Right? Yeah.

Anyway. Last night I went to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans with [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] queenmaab and [ profile] erintheodd. Overall, I have to say I liked it a lot; better than second movie, but not as good as the first.

more spoilery comments below )

In summary: Totally kicks Twilight's ass.


Dec. 3rd, 2008 11:58 pm
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Had a faaabulous time out at the movies tonight with Dawn, [ profile] smashedrecords, [ profile] queenmaab, [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad. I even got a bit dressed up! Finally got to see Twilight and the lollercoaster did not disappoint!

Edit: I forgot to mention that there was an overwhelming amount of laughing and snerking during the film from my party... and other parts of the theater. And I can safely say it was a much better viewing if you'd already read the book and were prepared to snark at certain scenes. Oh, it was lovely. When the DVD comes out, I totally want to have a group together for a MST session.

Twilight movie babble! )
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OMFG. They just added Nathan Fillion to the DragonCon guest list. And Rainbow Sun Francks. And Torri Higginson!! GAH!!

Right. So. I hadn't really planned on doing anything today (technically yesterday..) but I met up with [ profile] katkel and Dawn for a trip to the psychic fair. Then we had lunch, made a trip to the dollar store and Joann's. After that, I went back to [ profile] katkel's and hung out. Dawn came over later and we watch Penelope before meeting up with [ profile] sweetwildandmad and [ profile] punslingerr for Tropic Thunder.

You guys. I totally kind of expected to hate Tropic Thunder (the parts without Downey) and I totally didn't. It was actually pretty amusing.

Cut for Tropic Thunder spoilers )
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So, I'm sure everyone has heard by now, that Warner Bros. has decided to move Half-Blood Prince to July 2009, no doubt to add to their summer schedule.

Well, today, Summit Entertainment decided to move the release of Twilight to November 21 since Harry Potter vacated the spot.

I mean, on the one hand, YAY for getting to see it sooner. On the other... I am sad because this screws over my movie date with [ profile] arysani!! There's a slight chance that the movie will still be in theaters when she comes back for the holidays, but I'm not optimistic about it.

[ profile] queenmaab -- I hope you read those books and are amused enough by them (or are at least not totally disgusted with them) to go with me!
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Like I said earlier, I caved and picked up Breaking Dawn. I am ASHAMED. Honestly. I kind of couldn't wait, knowing that everyone else was already reading it. This is kind of sad, right? Whatever. Point to you, Stephenie Meyer. Clearly the tactic of delaying the ebook (and thus stopping the torrents, etc) in an attempt to sell more hardcopies worked.

Right, so, mom and I went to see The Dark Knight. The place was still packed and, yes, it has totally crushed my beloved Iron Man in the box office (though I'm happy someone finally toppled Titanic). While we were waiting for the commercials and stuff to be over, I noticed the woman next to me pulled out her newly purchased copy of Breaking Dawn to read! Hehe.

Short version: Excellently dark. Heath Ledger was fabulous. Why did no one tell me Nestor Carbonell was in it? It was really long. And it felt like it. More in-depth thoughts after the cut )

And now... I am off to read Breaking Dawn! Before I accidentally read anything on the flist.


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