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Dec. 30th, 2012 05:56 pm
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Post-Jelly Bean tweaky behavior continues.

I've been noticing that the battery was draining a little faster and in the stats, it was showing that sd card, media server, Office Suite, Triple Town, and Jumping Finn were using power when the apps were closed and the phone should have been sleeping.

This morning, I decided to uninstall Office Suite, Triple Town, and Jumping Finn to see if that would help since it seems Office Suite was behaving weirdly on 4.1.1, which is what I upgraded to. Not sure what was going on with those games, though. Anyway, I reinstalled Office Suite and Triple Town, charge the phone back up to 100%. I left that alone and after 3 hours, everything looks normal - no media server or sd card using power, and Triple Town isn't loading itself.

Obviously this is why people factory reset after upgrading the OS, but I was being lazy...which is causing me more annoyance maybe. Oh well.

For now I'm not opening Office Suite or Triple Town - gonna leave them on, but see what happens overnight and see what the stats say in the morning, then I'll try one at a time. I'm hoping that it hasn't already messed up my sd card. Probably won't since it's fine right now.

Hopefully that's the end of the weirdness.

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Verizon finally put out the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update for the Samsung S3. I downloaded it with a bit of worry because you never know with these things.


After spending an hour downloading and then 5 minutes installing it, everything seemed okay. Mostly.


I still can't get alarms to vibrate. There's now no easy way to disable the shutter sound for the camera app. (You can set your phone to silent. Well, I can; doesn't seem to work for everyone.) I can't disable some of the stupid Verizon apps like Backup Assistant and Visual Voice Mail, neither of which I use.


On the plus seems like Swype has stopped crashing in the Tumblr app when I add tags, which is awesome. So, one plus among some annoyances.


The battery was running a bit hot (91F versus usual 85F) but I figured that was just because I installed the update. I think that's right, since after about 2 hours, the temperature seems more normal.


Performance seems the same - not noticing slow downs so far. The next thing I'm going to have to keep an eye on is the battery.


There are a couple other weird things, but they just mostly mean I should back up my photos on to my hard drive and clear them out.

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Last night I had to reset my phone to factory because for some reason I couldn't get it to vibrate during alarm. I tried a lot of apps like AlarmClock plus, and the stock ICS clock - nothing worked. Factory reset didn't work either. My alarm still doesn't vibrate and it's really weird because my brother's will but my mom's won't either. Whatever I give up there's really no point in trying to fix it if it's not going to work.


The funny thing is when I was looking at the problem, I saw a lot of people with the opposite problem. They didn't want the alarm to vibrate in any setting and they wanted the phone to not have a silent alarm - both are things I can't get to work. Meh.


Google Play is also having a sale this week. Selected apps will be $0.25 and they'll change the selection daily. I just picked up Office Suite Pro. It'll be good for writing on the go, more so than Jota, which I want a fan of.


I also registered for GISHWHES again this year. I've got a few friends as well as their friends so it should be fun. On the down side, we aren't going to have many international members but we have both coasts covered.


I wrote must of this entry with the Swype beta voice to text function which seems to work pretty well. It gets about 90% of it right but I probably won't use it much because it's weird to be talking to your phone and having it write down what you say. It's the future, people!


In other news, I can't get the LiveJournal after work properly. It seems to crash when I try to load my user pictures in the post options. Which is annoying, because the only way I can fix it is to reset all the app data. Then I have to login again and rewrite whatever entry I was working on, which is exactly what just happened.

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I'm currently writing this from my freshly restored iPod Touch. Apps are still downloading and I'm not sure what things need passwords and what are all set. I'll find out soon enough.

After dinner, mom drove me to the mall (what with my messed up back). I didn't make an appointment and decided to just risk going in to see if they had anything open. I stopped an associate as he was leaving the bar area and explained my problem. At first he said they didn't have openings tonight but could see what was open later in the week. Next week?! What if this was my phone? I said that I had already tried a restore and...suddenly he hanged his mind and grabbed a cord and a MacBook and asked me to follow him.

As he plugged my iPod Touch in and tried to do a restore in iTunes, I explained all of the things I had tried. He seemed impressed - especially when I said I already tried a manual restore several times. While the device was doing its thing, we had some banter where he marveled at a customer's Vikings sweater and I explained I used to work tech support so I always tried all the things before getting help. He said I should apply to work at the Genius Bar. Yeah...I dunno man. I sort of hate all these Apple things. (No I didn't say that.)

Anyway, the restore seemed to have worked and he was kind of sketch about the backup from iCloud would work...but it did! So huzzah! All my settings and apps seemed intact, though they needed to be downloaded again. I'd also probably need to re-verify some of my Google things because of 2-step... Which he didn't know about so I guess I helped him with that particular customer dilemma.

I thanked Andres for all his help and waited in the store long enough for my photos to download. I figured I could do the rest at home. I'd also need to reload my music and I suppose some of my comics though I could wait until I get my Samsung Galaxy S3 soon.

In any case, I appreciated the help from the Genius Bar, but find it frustrating that I had to go I the first place because restoring from a PC doesn't work 100% of the time. At least iCloud was able to restore my settings and data so yah for that.

Hopefully this will be an upswing in my so far disastrous week.

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Things are not really going right this week...

First I was sick, then yesterday I messed up my back somehow. It still hurts, but hurts less.

I just got a call from my gynecologist's office saying that my insurance probably wouldn't approve the Generess Fe because it's the first birth control I have tried. OMG, these pills are already low dose and everything else is higher I don't want to try another one! Frak.

Next, I tried to update my iPod Touch to iOS 6. (MAYBE DON'T DO IT.) It looked like it was going as well as these things normally do, but then when the update "finished", my iPod Touch started in Recovery mode and there really isn't a way out of that, so I had to plug it in to iTunes and restore it. Which I did. And it failed with an error. This seems to be happening to quite a few people across different devices.

And pretty much the only thing you can do it to keep trying a restore until it takes and hope the device isn't bricked.

Thank frak this isn't my phone or something and that I don't super-care about what is on here. It'll just be annoying to have to get my things back on it, but I have a backup on iCloud - we'll see how well that works if I can get the iPod back up and running.

This in no way makes me want an Apple iPhone.

Edit: So, I have uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes. Used two different cables in all the ports on my machine. Tried restoring from a downloaded ipsw file. Used iReb to get the thing in PWND DFU mode (which got me a 1604 error instead of the 1603 error I was getting before). I fraking give up. Going to have to take this thing to the Apple store and see if they can fix it. And I am going to effing kill someone if they tell me they want money to fix something their software update bricked.
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About a year ago I bought a Canon PowerShot SX20IS. It was supposed to be an upgrade to my S3IS.

I fraking hate this camera. Photos are noisy. It's practically unusable at 400ISO. Autofocus is crap. Shutter speed is slow as all hell for continuous shots. Terrible. I've been using it, though, and the pictures I took last year at DragonCon are all sort of.. meh. Soft, not in focus, noisy. I might as well have brought my Sony Cyber-Shot and not worried about the zoom.

While looking to see about a frimware update (there isn't one, BTW), I stumbled on CHDK - Canon Hack Development Kit. I was initially hesitant to install it - it could brick my camera! But then I though, well, I'm not liking this thing anyway, so whatever. Besides, my model has to boot from an SD card, so I'm not actually dumping firmware onto the camera itself - why not?

It took about an hour this morning to get it all on the card. I couldn't figure out how to format to FAT16 with Windows 7, but that was okay because CardTricks will do that and make the SD card bootable for you. You need a card that's under 4GB, though. I have two, so it's not a problem.

There are a TON of features you can enable with CHDK, including shooting in RAW mode - apparently the SX20IS is capable of it, but Canon disabled the feature in software for whatever reason. You can get it back with this. I don't really care that much about RAW, however, so the only thing I've enabled immediately is Super Fine compression. I'd heard that the camera's native compression is what was causing all the noise, so I took some test shots. Here are two of them (click for larger):

without CHDK:

with CHDK:

more photos and thoughts under the cut )
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So here's another weird thing I was noticing... my hard drive space was going down like half a gig every day without me saving anything! Weird. I thought maybe it was some system restore points - about 2.5gb gets used for every one. So I decided to just delete the last few because the system is working fine. Nope, still a HUGE drain. I looked it up and it turns out the hiberfil.sys file is eating TONS of space, about equal to how much RAM you have in your system. Since I just added 4GB, the system decided it needed to eat another 4GB of space for the hibernation file. I have a desktop and I've never used Hibernation or Sleep mode so I decided to disable it.

Instructions from the Microsoft Knowledge Base page:

To make hibernation unavailable, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box.
  2. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.
  3. When you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue.
  4. At the command prompt, type powercfg.exe /hibernate off, and then press ENTER.
  5. Type exit and then press ENTER to close the Command Prompt window.
To make hibernation available, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box.
  2. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.
  3. When you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue.
  4. At the command prompt, type powercfg.exe /hibernate on, and then press ENTER.
  5. Type exit and then press ENTER to close the Command Prompt window. 

So that pretty much took care of it. My 94GB of free space is now 101GB! Woot! Of course, if I install anything, the system will create a restore point, but whatever, I think I've already installed most everything I need.
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I've been using XP for... well, an embarrassing number of years, actually. My current system is about 2 years old and has had XP SP2 on it since it was built. I never installed XP3 because there were issues with it killing systems, especially if you didn't have a valid serial. I could never remember where my serial came from - if it was a crack from who knows how long ago or a genuine key I got somewhere along the way, so I never installed it.

About two weeks ago, I started getting pop-ups from Avast, saying it was blocking a Malicious URL. I ran all sorts of malware and rootkit scans - none of them ever found a thing. Then I wasn't sure if the attack was coming from outside, or if it was something on my machine trying to get out and download something (in which case there wouldn't be anything detectable on my machine yet).

Looking for help on Avast's boards, I basically just got told to update to SP3. I can't. So my final solution was to back up all my files (needed to be done anyway) and format the drive before I finally updated myself to Windows 7. Genuine key, even. Seemed to work fine. Machine was up and running. Got all my files back. No malicious URL blocking. Shiny.

Only not because ClearType is driving me nuts. EVERYTHING looks blurry and fonts are not the same size as they were in XP under the same settings. Firefox was practically unreadable. That I fixed by turning off Nvidia's own anti-aliasing features and disabling Firefox's hardware acceleration (while also using a Anti-Aliasing Tuner extension). It's bearable now.

Except that was not the end of it. Photoshop file type icons are not displaying properly. Oh, file association is perfectly file - .psd files open with Photoshop when double-clicked. The icons, however, are just a blank page "unknown type" icon. Registry key looks perfectly fine. I uninstalled/reinstalled. Same. So, fine, it doesn't work. EXCEPT THEY SHOW UP IN AN OPEN FILE BOX. WUT. I have no idea why that is. I've given up on fixing that. Thankfully, I have show extensions on as default.

You cannot change a file type icon in Windows 7. You can associate it with a different program and change it that way, but that is not what I want to do. You now need a third party program to change an icon for a specific type (ex: Default Programs Manager) or go and fiddle in the registry.

Did you now that the status bar in Explorer no longer tells you the total size of the folder? That's super annoying. Sure, you can find out if you highlight the files and then click "see more details" but only if you don't also have a folder selected. I could install Classic Shell, but WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT?! This also affects the Recycle Bin as you can't see the total size of that either.

Speaking of... custom icons for the Recycle Bin break the ability for the icon to refresh when you fill/empty it. You have to go into the Registry and fix the key. Not a big deal... but WTF? It's an option right there in the personalization for me to be able to change the icon. This should work properly!

Instant auto-arrange. YOU CANNOT TURN THIS OFF. I don't mind auto-arrange - everything sorted by name automatically is ace. I don't want it to resort instantly when I've dragged & dropped a bunch of files into my photos folder for sorting or instantly arrange while I'm changing file names. WTF, WINDOWS?! (Yes, I am aware you can turn off auto-arrange on the Desktop. This is not what I mean.) Work around now is to remember to set it to arrange by date when I'm working with a large number of files. Thanks for destroying my workflow, Windows.

Resizing desktop icons with the mouse scroll wheel is kind of cool, though.

And it now reads EXIF info properly when I view the properties for a photograph.

The fact that System Restore now pretty much works is really good because...

I installed Classic Shell to get some features back in explorer (well, just the folder size, actually). Seemed to work fine. I switched back to the Aero theme just because and my machine decided that's when it would lock up. Restarted. Locked up again. Uninstalled Classic Shell. Locked up again in Basic theme. Used System Restore to roll back to a point before I installed Classic Shell. So far, so good. To be fair, my system is currently using 1.35GB of ram with Firefox, Digsby, and Winamp open, as well as whatever background junk is going on. Aero eats up a bunch of memory from what I understand, so it's possible that caused the lock up. More RAM is on the way so I'll soon have 6GB total instead of 2GB, which should help. My graphic performance rating is still crap (3.4), though, so I might stay with Basic.

That's another thing - you can't change the color of the windows or the title bars while using Basic or Classic Windows themes. Sure, it'll let you change them in the Personalization screen, but it doesn't actually do anything. Thanks for that, Windows. In order to change the color of Windows Basic Theme, I need to go in and replace a .msstyles file and thenuse Universal Theme Patcher. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS?! (I might try this one, though.)

Otherwise, Windows 7 IS GREAT!
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After finally having some time to read a book on my Kindle 3, I've discovered two things:

+ I haven't quite gotten the hang of holding it in one hand and reading/page turning. After a while, it does get a bit heavy.
+ The way it arranges collections is annoying as hell.

There are four options for listing your books: most recent (-ly read), title, author, collections. The collection system is basically a tag system, since you can assign a book to multiple collections and browse from there. The ultra annoying part is that you can't easily list a book series in order. My Temeraire books so no series number notations at all, so I've resorted to creating a note with the book number. Annoying.

There is supposedly a way to get Calibre tags to work with the Kindle by dropping a Python script in the root directory, and I might actually give it a try since I'm going to move most of my PRC files over and it would be great to have things set into collections more easily than adding them on at a time manually on the Kindle itself. Of course, that means I'm going to have to install Calibre and tag all my my current book collection. Tedious, but it probably needs doing?

In other Kindle news, the cover I purchased finally arrived. It's a much darker color than is shown on the product page, but that's totally okay. As I was hoping, the cover is practically TARDIS blue! I'm a fan. My only gripe is that the upper left corner doesn't fit exactly right, but it's secure and that's all I'm going to expect from a $10 leather cover. It smelled a bit like chemical plastic/menthol when I first unwrapped it, but the smell is dissipating.

Okay, off I go to add some books to my Kindle and drop a python script on it. Wish me luck!

Edit @ 11:07pm: Well, it took me a couple hours of fiddling, but using this python script and Calibre, I was able to get Kasterborous (yes, that's what I named my Kindle 3) to automatically create collections for series and authors. Woot! \o/

Also, I was under the impression that you could not place subfolders in your Kindle documents folder, but Calibre seems to set up author folders for the books that are transfered and it works perfectly fine.

Edit @ 11:23pm: There is some tag/collection weirdness, but I think it has more to do with how I accidentally duplicated the series & author collections by using unnecessary tags (because I didn't read the directions). I'm not really sure how I'm going to fix that now. Argh.

Edit @ 12:20am: Fixed my collection weirdness! Turns out I should have been using the Rebuild *.bat file (running it from the Kindle - this will wipe out all your other Kindle Collections made manually) instead of the trying to run the python script again. I also removed the "- " prefix from the Collection display, which was kind of annoying, and changed the "Miscellany" collection name to "Miscellaneous." After a restart, my Kindle is organized as well as it can be. Hurray!
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Okay, so I'm returning to livejournal with some chatter about my new toy: Kindle 3G+Wifi.

I know a lot of people are asking why I didn't get a Nook Color or an iPad - something that will also go online and do lots of other things. Well, I thought about that. The thing is, I already have an n810 internet tablet which I don't even use that often anymore because I can now check my e-mail on my phone. So, after a lot of research into different ereaders (and some conferring with [ profile] athenaktt) I decided to get the Kindle 3, which will read all the .prc files I'd already created to read on my n810. Why 3G and not just wifi? Well, in a bind, I can get online with the 3G and check some things quickly if I have no cell service for some reason. For $50, why not?

My Kindle arrived mostly charged - I just plugged it in to top it off, which only took about an hour. The page turn rate is faster on this eink display than the others I have seen and it's legible, even in lower light. It's light-weight and a nice size for reading, I think, just a little smaller than a trade paperback. Since I purchased my Kindle from Amazon, they'd already registered the device to me and some free books I'd downloaded while waiting for my new gadget to arrive synced up as soon as it powered on. Fabulous!

The screen is pretty glare free - maybe about as much glare as a magazine page? I do notice some ghosting on the screen when I'm running through menus, but a page refresh (Alt+G) will clear it up. I don't notice it when reading a book.

Things I noticed right away: I kept trying to touch the screen during the first hour of use, but I've stopped. It's a bit slow to respond to button pushing. Rather, I'm probably just pushing buttons too quickly. The Kindle likes you to take things a bit slower! I hate that there's not really a way to organize series of books or an indication of what book is what number in the series. My files are all named properly, but if it's not in the file info, it won't show up. Annoying OCD thing, I guess?

I ordered a third party case from iPearl (in Tardis blue!) rather than the $35 Amazon Kindle case. I'll talk about that when it shows up, but I got it mostly because it was $10 and also because it uses the corner system, rather than the hinge, which freaks me out a little.

There are a few games you can get for the Kindle and my first one to try out is Shuffled Row, a Scrabble-like game. Could be fun? It was free in any case.

I won't be playing with this much more today as I've spent all of it cleaning the house and doing laundry in order to get ready for some friends that will be coming tomorrow (YAY!). Might be the same case tomorrow as I still have a lot of things to do and also a pie to bake. ACK! Oh well. My still unnamed Kindle will just hang out in sleep mode until I can get back to it.

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Jan. 28th, 2010 01:41 am
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I was running around all day today and didn't really pay much attention to the hype surrounding the iPad presentation today.

FIRST OF ALL. You guys. You GUYS. iPad?! My initial reaction was basically, "ew... what? moving on" but it seems like a lot of people are having a similar response. Not the Apple fantards probably. MadTV did this joke 4 years ago:

Anyway, back to Apple's fancy new device. Honestly? I don't care. From the specs that were presented, it's basically a giant iPod Touch. I was going to list all the specs, but just go look at Apple's spec page.

What is really amazing is all the stuff this thing is missing:

  • No multi-tasking - for now, it's running iPhone OS 3.2 but I guess people are hoping they'll put out a new version of the OS that will take care of that. I dunno. How long did iPhone users have to wait for copy & paste?

  • No drag & drop file management - you'll have to sync to your computer. Will possibly only be able to associate with one device like iPods?

  • No USB Port or SD slot - srsly. There was a comment on a site saying that it was no big deal the iPad doesn't have a camera - take a picture with your for real digital camera. Great. Now how do I get that picture off the camera to sent to the intarwebs via my iPad?! Also, 64GB isn't that much storage. Why not let me use a 32GB SDHC to expand?

  • No camera - your fancy $600 device doesn't have a camera. Not even a crap webcam.

  • No GPS chip - you only get assisted GPS if you have the 3G model.

  • It doesn't make phone calls - which means you'll still need to keep your iPhone plan or get another mobile phone. To be fair, you can use VoIP to make calls as long as you are connected to wifi or 3G, but if you end up in an area without it... I hope you don't have to make any emergency calls.

Not that they are really comparable, but here are things my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has:
  • wifi (mobile phone available on the N900)

  • ebook reader

  • miniSD slot

  • drag & drop file management

  • webcamera

  • VoIP ability

  • multi-tasking

  • GPS chip

Okay, sure. It's a puny device and yeah, it doesn't have the App store or multi-touch. But I'm expecting that a $600 device can do a lot more than one that cost me $150 so really, I don't think I should even be able to point out the things that I have in comparison.

Maybe, eventually, the iPad (ugh.. I don't want to type that anymore) will get to the point where it's the most revolutionary device EVAR. (When they make one with a flex screen? Sony's on it, as is Asus with a new concept.) Or we can just wait for another Asian company to make a knock-off with better specs. There's already a Windows 7 version - the DigitalRise X9.

Actually, you guys, the Waveface (yeah.. IDK. Waveface?) was shown at CES2010!

Uh.. what was that about Apple's new device again?

(Let me just say that I do see the potential of this device and I'm sure that it's amazing to use with the shiny surface and multi-touch and all that shiny stuff. However, I really do think this version is a giant iPod Touch. Maybe by V2 or v3 it'll be a bit more amzing?)
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I'm selling my Nokia 770, reflashed with clean version of OS2007HE.

Since this is a reflashed device and you will go through all the first-time setup procedures, there are no apps installed aside from the standard ones. The LCARS theme is also gone, but you can install that on your own. You can also upgrade to OS2008HE if you wish, but I warn you that will make the tablet extremely sluggish as most internal memory will be used.

I just ran a test install of OS2007HE and added a few apps and went on the internet with the browser set to the Opera engine. Internet works well and though some pages load slowly, overall it's much improved performance over the constant freezing and crashing of OS2008HE. I also installed FBReader, which still works fine, and Vagalume, a client. Streaming audio worked perfectly fine.

You can find additional info and tips & tricks at the maemo forums.

Comes in original box with all booklets and attachments. I'm including two 2GB cards in addition to the 64MB one that comes with the unit as well as an extra battery. There is an InvisibleShield screen protector already installed.

Looking for US$70 + shipping, but willing to negotiate.
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I'll stop spamming my LJ after this, I swear.

Since my last post, I've made a couple changes to my apps. I removed Personal Launcher as I found that pretty useless once I installed Personal Menu. I installed mYTube, which has much better playback than Canola and the ability to save the flv files to your memory card for watching later. Also ditch the desktop clock for Large Statusbar clock.

I had auto-lock installed for all of two hours before it drove me a little nuts. Auto-lock uses the light sensor on the front of the device to automatically lock the touch screens and buttons when it detects an ambient light level of 0%. Unfortunately, as low as I keep my screen brightness, passing my hand over the sensor (lefty!) and reading in the dark as I have been really made it unusable. So... ditched. I'll just manually use the lock button on the top of the device. No big deal.

The big thing I managed to do was install Tear. While buggy, it is a faster browser overall. I like the performance and will probably use that as much as possible over the standard browser. I tried putting Tear on the NIT770, but I couldn't get any of the libraries to install. Meh.The bookmarking function in Tear is kind of weird; not sure I like the way that works, but I don't really need bookmarks anyway. Tear also supposedly breaks the CSS for the LCARS themes, but I'm using Glasser theme right now, so I haven't bothered to check.

And as I've been promising, photos of Agathon II below the cut!

lots of photos! )

My additional purchases have been a new sleeve case (I kind of hate the stock one) and screen protectors. For a case, I finally went with PowerA's DSi Sleeve Kit and EXiM screen protectors. Normally, I'd go with Screenguardz, but I don't really like the slightly tacky feel and the reviews for their HD screenguards (harder plastic) aren't so great.

So after about a week of use, I am really loving the new device. It's got its quirks, but overall it's great! Very glad I upgraded.
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Will do an update with photos soon. Right now, just reporting that the device it working pretty great and I'm happy with the performance so far. I've got a bunch of apps installed now:

+ Canola2 - media player. Connects to and youtube (but playback is twitchy)
+ Maemo WordPy - blogging to lj
+ mauku - twitter app. I feel like I'm missing tweets.
+ Maemo Mapper - free mapping program; alternative to preinstalled Map program
+ FBReader - for reading ebooks. New version for n810 is a bit different from the n770 version re: sorting

I had mauku on for a couple hours last night and it was nice reading the twitter feed from there. The LED indicator doesn't seem to really work though, so I have to remember to check.

Battery life seems pretty good. Used it all day yesterday and a little bit today and it's still showing 2 hours of use and 3 days standby.

I ordered a NDSi slipcase and still need to get screen protectors - probably Screenguardz HD. I'm using the case that came with the device, but don't really like it. Also still using the screen protector that ships with the device. It's not bad, but will definitly need to be replaced with something more permanent.

So while I loved my n770 for book reading, as an internet device, the n810 is superior.
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I really need to start using LJ again for things other than archiving my twitter splurge. So, I'm starting with this: issues with my Nokia 770.

So far, I really have been loving it. In the last week, though, I've been having a weird problem where it just turns off and won't turn back on properly. Power gets drained and after I charge it, the thing reboots non-stop, until I yank the battery and try again. The last time, I finally got it to stop and thought I solved it by reformatting the swap for extended virtual memory.

Not so! After being on for three days with no problem, I went to read last night and the same problem was occurring. Couldn't get to stop rebooting this morning and finally just yanked the MMC card. That got it to stop. So, I'm thinking I need a new memory card. Serves me right for buying some weird brand, anyway. I looked on eBay and there are some overseas vendors that still carry brand names (Kingston) for $9, so I've picked one up. In the meantime, I've reformatted my current card to FAT32 (it was FAT) and am recreating the swap right now. Wonder if that'll help at all.

I have no idea where the power drain is coming from. I'm going to guess it's from the card. I wish there was some sort of indicator when the power is down to the end, but there really isn't. Meh.

In other news, Carlos is back in town and hanging out at my house. Not sure what we're doing today, but I'm sure Twilight watch&mock will be involved. [ profile] smashedrecords will probably be by later, as will Alpi. Apparently they all want at the pear & gruyere pie.
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Day 5. Everything still working well on Agathon.

Invisible Shield arrived today. When I went to apply it, I saw a giant fingerprint on it. Ugh. So I've contacted to see about getting a replacement. Almost put it on anyway, but didn't want to deal with getting it off if a replacement came. Should have stuck with Screenguardz? Dunno yet.

2GB memory card also came in. Card reader didn't read the new card, but I was able to get data off the old one, put the new card in Agathon, connect that to the computer via USB. Then put everything from old card on it. No problems. Went in to memory settings and expanded virtual memory to 32MB. Really makes a difference. Might try turning images back on the browser and see if it's stopped being crashy.

I'd wanted to try out cbrPager when I first got the NIT770, but it kept crashing, so I'd taken it off. Well, decided to try again with the expanded VM. After also installing unrar, I got it working and opened .cbr file. It... works, but honestly, I didn't find it that great. Load time was super slow and controls aren't great. For portable comic reading, I think I'm sticking with my DS.

On the reading front, I still haven't gotten to any books I've wanted to read because I'm still trying to make it through some fanfic I wanted to read... one of them is 400+ pages. I feel like I could read it way faster on a full computer screen... so far it's taken me two nights to get past the halfway point. Talk about novel-length fanfic. Anyway. Loving at a reading device.
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This is day three with Agathon, my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, so I figured I'd make another entry with observations for those of you interested.

After my initial entry, I was browsing installable applications and found both the complete set of LCARS themes and CBRPager - an application that opens CBR files. Mistake. Device immediately started freaking out and pulling the WSOD - White Screen of Death. I removed both the apps and everything was back to normal.

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So, yep, still happy with my purchase and I can't wait for my 2GB MMC card to get here so I can put more than 6 books at a time on this thing... and maybe increase swap file size for better application opening.

Going to go read now!
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So I've suddenly decided that I would like to read more eBooks. I order to do that, I wanted to buy some sort of portable eBook reader. There is of course the Kindle (and Kindle 2) from Amazon and then there's Sony's Reader. Both of them had things I really liked (Kindle's free EVDO connection; Reader's additional formats) and things I didn't like (Kindle 2 has no card slot; Reader has no WIFI or EVDO) but the biggest negative for both was the price. I definitely don't have the $300 they'd want for either device.

Googling for eBook readers, I found quite a few alternatives, but they were all still generally in the same price range (or more in some cases). The only exception was the Nokia Internet Tablet 770 -- you can download FBReader for it and the reviews were all pretty positive. Poked through eBay and won myself an NIT 770 for $50. The seller had already upgraded to OS2008 Hacker Edition, so I wouldn't have to do that.

It arrived this afternoon and I immediately got it out of the box and turned it on. Ran all the standard first time user things. Named it Agathon (yes... it's BSG related). Battery died after about 20 minutes, so I charged it for about an hour before playing again.

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To sum up, awesome device. OS is good, but slow (though honestly, NIT770 was not built to handle OS2008). FBReader is great. Screen is a sufficient size for reading (probably). Off the 1 hour quick charge, I think I got 5 hours of power. It's hard to judge properly since I wasn't actively using it for all 3 hours; it went idle a lot. Glad I bought it and am looking forward to using it as an ebook reader.
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Greetings from Pevensie! It's the new family netbook. Well, actually, it's mom's netbook, but I can borrow it if I need to.

Pevensie is an Asus Eee PC 1000, 40GB SSD (actually 8GB and a second 32GB SSD), and 1GB RAM, running an Intel Atom processor. The system comes preloaded with a Xandros distro which, after playing with it for an hour, I decided was pretty annoying. Trying to tweak things was nearly impossible and it was difficult to do normal things like figuring out how much space is being used and setting up other user accounts.

Last night I downloaded Easy Peasy 1.0, an Ubuntu distro modified for netbooks. All reviews said this was the best for the current netbook line. So, what the heck, it didn't seem like that big of a deal to set it up. After the .iso finished, I created a bootable SD card.

This morning, I popped the SD card in and started the install. My first snag? Figuring out the partitions. A stop at the Easy Peasy/Ubuntu Eee forums let me know that I should set it all up manually. Once that was done, the rest was really easy. within the hour, the OS was installed and the machine was up and running. I updated things that needed updating and fiddled with some custom settings.

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A number of users expressed concern that once installed, the wireless wasn't as effective as it was in the Xandros distro. I haven't seen that problem at all and the only weirdness I noticed was sound output being low, but that was fixed a bit in volume properties.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this netbook once Easy Peasy was installed. I think this is a pretty neat little piece of tech to take on trips when I don't want to drag around a full sized laptop.
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I've been depending on Twitter to post my random daily thoughts without having to come here, but LoudTwitter is kind of stuffed up right now, so I'm going to do a manual archive.

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