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I haven't done a really update lately... and I probably will at some point but I'm just feeling really... life lazy? Anyway, here's some fic. [ profile] arysani is encouraging me (in another fandom) and this sort of came out.


"Okay, this isn't funny anymore!" Tony shouted. "Put me down."

From her position on the ground, River tilted her head and admired her handiwork. "No," she replied simply.

"I said I was sorry!" He tried to pull himself up. Maybe if he could just reach--

"Formal apologies were not drawn. You are a liar."

He missed his target again and grunted as he fell back. Tony wasn't going to admit it, but he was starting to get a little light-headed hanging upside down like this.

The dark haired girl danced under him. "I'm very patient," she sang, telling him that she could out wait him. She stopped her twirling suddenly and looked up. "But Simon says I can be very forgetful."

Tony froze. He knew she wouldn't leave him to die down here. At the very least, Pepper would find him when she came in to give him his coffee. However, the prospect of hanging upside down for hours wasn't very appealing. There was really only one way out of it. "River, I'm very sorry."

"That you lied."

"Yes, River, I'm sorry that I lied."

"What did you lie about?"

"Uh...." What was it? Obviously it was something important.

River frowned. "Lies too much. Cannot keep the web straight and clear."

Crap, he thought to himself, if he didn't figure it out quickly, she was going to leave him here. Maybe it was... no, not that. And definitely not that because she wouldn't know about that one. Could have been-- no, Pepper didn't even know about that little incident. "Oh!" he shouted, remembering. "River, I'm sorry I was going to reprogram Dummy."

"Promised you wouldn't." She was scowling now. "Said you weren't mad anymore."

"Yeah well, maybe he shouldn't keep spraying me when I'm not actually on fire." He crossed his arms and tried to look as dignified as a man hanging upside down could.

"You'll just do it again."

"Look, you want him, you can have him. Your very own pet robot. You do with him what you want and you can program him how you want."

River brightened at that. "Do you mean it?"

"Yes, yes, I mean it. You can have him. Good riddance. I can start on a new workshop assistant."

River beamed him a bright smile, bouncing excitedly on her feet. "Thank you!" she squealed before running out of the room.

Tony sighed. Crisis averted. Except... "Hey!" he shouted after her. "You forgot to let me down!"
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This commercial makes me giggle. I don't get Reelz Channel, so I guess I won't be able to watch the show this Friday. Argh.

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Here are some photos of the first go at River' bank heist costume in Serenity.

All items by [ profile] queenmaab. She did have to spray dye the fabric used for the dress as the original was too peachy/orange/pink and we also spray dyed the over vest thing. There are things I don't particularly like on it (the vest thing for starters), but I love the cut of the dress and the shirt.

I know she wasn't wearing boots in the movie, but there's no way I'm running around a con in bare feet. The boots are similar to the ones she has later on in the movie, so whatever.

Reference photos for this costume are here.

five photos )

And now I are off to make a batch of Anzac biscuit for a party this afternoon :D
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[ profile] not_last_resort asked for a Tony&River ficlet set during a sparring session. So. Here goes!


tony & river: sparring sessions )
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More Iron Man/Firefly ficlets. They take place in the same 'verse, but not sure about the timeline. These I didn't read over again, really.. just typing up what I'd scribbled down on paper. Plus, it's late. So, sorry for any mistakes.


im/ff ficlet: formulas and coffee )


im/ff ficlet: bullet holes )


im/ff ficlet: home invasion )
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Right. So. Shindig was on Saturday. It went pretty well considering 5 people didn't show and we had way too much food and I thought it might have been a bit boring, but maybe people were just watching the show?

[ profile] arysani arrived at about 1pm. She helped me setup some stuff before we had to go pick up [ profile] erintheodd. Picked up some ice on the way back and got the Shindig on its way! Well, actually, okay, there was way more setting up to do. Mom helped me cook stuff and [ profile] seijitataki made chili. I worked on the Reaver waffles.

People started rolling in about 4:30p. I can't remember who came when, but there was [ profile] queenmaab (who came as Inara!) and Dan, [ profile] sweetwildandmad, [ profile] katkel, Dawn, [ profile] tiscbh28, [ profile] punslingerr, and Alexis. Music was on in the dining room. Firefly was playing in the family room. It was a good time! About 7p-ish I had the raffle. There were many prize bags to give away and the fact that 5 people were missing actually meant that everyone could get something. The Jayne hats I made went to [ profile] tiscbh28, [ profile] sweetwildandmad (via [ profile] katkel) and Alexis. You can see the other raffle bags in the gallery. Dawn was the big winner, getting the Firefly boxset and a copy of Serenity.

I was dumb and didn't take many pictures of the people actually in costume or get any pictures taken of me. Meh.

Shindig gallery here!

some photos from the shindig under here )
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See. Now if you guys won't write it, I'm going to have to! I still can't decide if it's Tony & River or Tony/River. But anyway. Here's some Iron Man/Firefly crossover fic. It's rough and I haven't written in ages. So. Feel free to boo and hiss and whatnot.

She stares at the metal suit, tilting her head from side to side, watching the light catch on the polished surfaces. "Tin man," she says before correcting herself. "Iron man." She frowns. "No. Incorrect." She scrunches up her face and leans forward, sniffing the metal plating. "Unknown alloy. Can't exist." She takes a quick swipe of the surface with her tongue.

"Hey," a voice says loudly, startling her. "River, don't lick the suit." Tony Stark walks over to her with a slight scowl. He grabs a cloth off the workbench and buffs the surface dry.

"Sorry," she says, looking at the floor. "She could not identify the material." River frowns as she steps back from the suit and off the dais.

"Gold-titanium alloy," Stark mutters. "Anyway, not important. What is important," he says, pointing at her, "is that we don't lick the suit." He turns away, heading back up to his living space. He's fairly certain she'll follow him and doesn't look back.

She watches him leave, still puzzled. He had answered her question, yet he had not. Earth-That-Was is so different from what she had imagined and she's still trying to work through the data. It was good that she was here; that she was with him. He would look after her, even if he didn't know it yet. With a final glance at the suit, she turns to follow him up the stairs.

"So, River, tell me about the future," Tony says when she emerges.

Seeing that he's pouring himself another drink, she scowls. "No good will come of it."

"Oh come on, nothing serious. What's it like in space?" he laughs.

That isn't what she had meant and she suspects he knows that. He is very smart. "Cold. Dark. Can be lonely in the black. Given adequate vacuuming systems the human body..." She stops, remembering that the Captain had called her morbid and creepifying.

"Can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds," Tony finishes for her. He smirks, genuinely amused, and takes a sip from his glass.

"Not having a 'bad day'," River says quietly.

Tony nods, but doesn't understand her meaning. "Yeah. Been okay so far."
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Firstly, I just bought me one of these shirts: Reynolds/Washburne '08! Hellz yeah. They're on sale for $12.99 until Monday.

Today's Shindig Day! I've spent the last few days getting ready for my first ever Browncoat shindig. Been lots of work and loads of coin, but I'm thinking it'll be a great time!

So, the house is cleaned, the raffle table is set up. I've made Fruity Oaty Bars, a modified Badger's fruit salad, and cleaned the house. Mostly. I've still got a few things to clean up, so I ought to go take care of that now. I've also just had my first two cancellations :\ Meh. There should still be plenty of people, though.

Okay, gotta go finish up prep work! [ profile] arysani should be here soonish, too. Wheeeeeee!
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Well. I didn't do anything yesterday because I was trying something out on the knitting loom and it totally didn't work, so I wasted 3 hours not getting anything done. ARGHHHHH. But today, I tried again when I got home and... erm.. well, it was slightly better, but still pretty wrong. Finished the whole thing in 3 hours, but clearly I can't count stitches for crap. [ profile] queenmaab now has two hats she can choose from.. On the plus side, I think I figured it out with the double-worsted weight yarn, since I was basing it off that with two strands of chunky yarn. Yeah, not smart. Anyway...

After work yesterday I also went to Target to pick up heel inserts for my new River boots as they're slightly too big. I ended up also getting two dresses, a shirt, and Sweeney Todd. Oh! And I ran into Debbie M. That was kind of random.

In other news... this River/Mal video by [ profile] obsessive24 set to The Servant's "Body"? I don't know how I missed it before. It's just.. brilliant. Not overtly shippy, so everyone can enjoy.

So.. I am not remotely ready for con this weekend. I don't know what I'm going to pack and probably won't even do that until tomorrow night. I've been hemming and hawing about print giveaways and I just found 4 copies of "Module" already printed, cut, and signed. Just have to mat them, so might have them anyway if I get around to it tomorrow.

I also just found out that I need to clear 50% of my stuff out of my room because the contractors are coming on Tuesday to do the windows and siding. Which means I have to clear all my crap out of the way -- stuff under the bed, the bed, the dresser, two storage units under the window, my computer desk -- and pull stuff off the walls so when they're banging away on the siding, they don't knock anything off and damage it. I'm tempted to leave some of it up. Maybe. UGH. I'm going to have to do this right after con. On the plus side, everything should be done before the Browncoat shindig, so yay!

Meh. Gonna finish up some laundry and maybe pack a little. At least get stuff piled up to be packed.


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