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And more archiving. Just boring daily stuff. Some photos. Possibly Twilight LOLz.

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May. 6th, 2008 12:01 pm
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I'm home sick from work. Driving is an issue today. I can pretty much just sit in front of the computer and not move at all, but moving makes the room spin, so driving is clearly not in my skill set today.

Instead, I've been working on some printed items for my shindig -- food labels, raffle tickets, and a label for the Reaver sauce. I'd just gotten things printed and was headed downstairs to get them. Opened the door and saw a mouse sitting on the step. I pretty much just froze and we both stared at each other for a minute. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. If i wasn't afraid of some mouse disease or being bitten, I'd have just picked it up. Didn't have a bucket or anything on hand. Looked around hoping it wasn't going to run off and spotted a small fleece throw thing the dog's been sleeping on. Grabbed that quickly and quietly, snuck back over and threw it over the mouse, which is.. I dunno. probably not well as it didn't really do anything. I mean, it was sort of walking around, but it's not like it ran or anything. Anyhow, I scooped it up, wrapped it in the bulk of the material, and dumped it outside. Go me?

Suppose now I should go find some food and finish up these labels. Have to cut them out. I also want to try and make a lawn sign so people will know which house it is. Luckily, we'd just had our siding and stuff down, so the company's big plastic sign is still on our lawn - it'll make a good base.
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Well. Another weekend come and gone.

My car wasn't fixed on Friday, so [ profile] queenmaab had to give me a ride home. Pretty much in a foul mood over that. Can't even remember what I did once I got home. Oh! I watched Atonement (sad!) and the first 5 episodes of El Hazard : The Magnificent World. Having finally seen it, I do like it a lot better than The Wanderers, especially Ifurita who is a much more sympathic character.

Saturday, [ profile] queenmaab and I drove around the area looking for fabric stores. The first one was a total bust -- it was a hair salon! Ugh. Every directory online said it was a fabric shop. All the other stores were generally upholstery places, so we actually ended up at Joann's -- where I found al lthe fabrics I needed for River costumes. They aren't at all perfect, bu they're good enough, I think. We had a late lunch at Old Chicago before heading to Border's (yay craft books!) than back to her place to hang out and watch the first two part of Tin Man.

Sunday I slept til about 11:30a, then decided to work on painting my My Little Pony mod. I think it actually came out pretty well... until I decided to put a layer of glitter paint over the design and down the leg like the manufactured one. Ugh. I almost want to take it all off and start over. I also managed to repaint a tiny Care Bear figure to be a little Kaylee Bear. Watched the rest of El Hazard and then El hazard 2. Tried to catch up on things on my DVR, but couldn't be bothered. I'd ask why no one told me Moonlight was back on, but I haven't been reading LJ so it's no one's fault but my own.

Meh. back to work now I guess.
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Whoa. Okay. Well, Halloween is speeding up and I'm going to spending my nights after work at [ profile] queenmaab's helping her with her Mirror Queen costume. We did good tonight -- she got the fabric on the crown and I strung up some earrings. They didn't come out exactly how I wanted but.. I think they'll look good.

Before I headed over there, though, I met up with mom at Kohl's. I found a cool pair of boots I can wear to work, but will also work great for my Halloween costume and a pair of leather All Stars! :D They're the Deluxe Ox in black & milk and they're not really sneakers so I will be wearing them to work :-P

Saturday I went to Woodstock with Alexis and her friend Chrissy. Good times. The weather was nice. Of course I stopped at Tinker St. toys and got some stuff :D Two Boogily Heads and a weird little thing that reminded me of the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial.

Sunday I was at [ profile] queenmaab's working on costuming stuff XD Started the earrings, actually. They are taking way longer than I thought.
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Went to [ profile] queenmaab's after work. Actually got the crown for her Mirror Queen outfit started. I think it will actually work out quite nice! If I can figure out how to rig the rest of it... We had mac & cheese for dinner. I haven't ahd any gluten in about 3 days, so we'll see how my stomach deals with this. If nothing, then I probably don't have celiac. If something.. then I guess I do.

Watched Bones. Man is that show craaaaazeh. Pony. Play. Bwah!

Came home and discovered some things in the mail: new Zen Micro battery and... signed Beecake CD! Wooohoo! The closest I'll ever get to having Billy Boyd sign something for me. Yep.

And now... I should really go to bed.


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