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Just got back from Cloverfield. Went with Alexis, [ profile] erintheodd, [ profile] tiscbh28, and [ profile] punslingerr. I didn't get nearly as sick as I thought I would, but to be honest I did end up looking away a few times. Also? I really wanted to kick the stupid, whiny, tweens sitting in front of us.

I was going to cut to talk about spoilers (though there may be spoilers in the comments!) ... but my brain is broken and I need to go to bed, so I don't really have anything to say right now except it was great and I totally want to see it again on a much smaller screen. I was satisfied with the ending. AND... I will now be reading reviews and such online.

Oh! The Star Trek trailer was fabulous.

In other news, my frock coat came today! HURRAY! It looks fabulous and I can't wait to try it out with the rest of the costume. I will try to get some photos this weekend. Now I'm not sure how the shirt I bought will go with it, but we'll see. I think I have time to find another as long as I do it in the next week or so.

My BDU shirt also came in the mail, but for whatever reason a signature is required and of course my brother was not awake so I didn't get the package. Meh.

Bed time! Have to get up at like 4:30am to take mom to the airport, then I'm off to work 'cause it's just silly to come all the way back home. Will probably stop for breakfast or something on the way.
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New Cloverfield items!

A longer trailer has been posted. I still want to see this film, but its handheld nature is going to make me so. sick.

Also, Greg Beeman, producer/director of Heroes has posted some photos of the cast holding Slusho cups. Interesting. There really shouldn't be any connection between Heroes and Cloverfield, but we shall see....

I really have been meaning to watch Heroes, only because of Greg Grunberg, honestly. But now... David Anders is in the cast and Milo Ventimiglia has cut off that greasy moppy hair he had and looks totally hot now :-P
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My Slusho shirt came in mail while I was away, but I only just got told today. So! Here are some photos!

You can't drink just six! )

It's a rather nice shirt. I got the babydoll S. The box it came in was a regular Priority Mail box and the USPS Click & Ship is from the Columbia, SC Slusho Distribution Center. They shoved a few pieces of Japanese newspaper inside, which is pretty amusing.

Hm. I thought I never got charged for the shirt (which would have been awesome), but the charge actually just showed up on my card. Oh well. I think it's $20 well spent, but it would have been way cooler if it were free. XD
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Second-hand info from J.J. Abrams panels at Comic Con today...

Cloverfield, Star Trek casting info )

Uhm. I don't know why I try. All that info is covered more completely here.

Beowulf trailer was released yesterday and Neil talked about it at his panel today. I thought it looked a bit hyper-real, but I didn't realize the entire thing is CG with live motion capture. Pretty cool.
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Woooo! Productivity!

Have matted prints for Shore Leave. Got two prints trimmed to mail out. Have finished fan letters to the Hot Fuzz boys so I can get those packages out. After work, I went to Staples and placed a print order for ScifiHero flyers and cards. Go, me!

After work, I'd also stopped at Best Buy. Got the second to last copies of Battlestar Galactica 2.0 and 2.5 for $20 each. Woot! Also snagged some DVD+Rs that were on sale for $12 and a copy of "Fire in the Sky" for $7. Threw in my $5 reward zone certificate. Golden.

The teaser for "Cloverfield"/untitled JJ Abrams project has finally been posted at Apple Trailers. There's also a livejournal dedicated to collecting all the information and speculation on the film: [ profile] 1_18_08

JJ Abrams and crew totally win at viral marketing. Anyone unfamiliar with their campaigns, see the Lost Experience, in particular this video of "Rachel Blake" interrupting the Comic Con panel.


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