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So...I'm about 6 weeks behind on Vampire Diaries. Time to finally try and get caught up! (Also, the only TVD icon I have is Caroline looking a lot like Harmony. Hm.)

Full on ramble as always.

Vampire Diaries 3.01: The Birthday )


Vampire Diaries 3.02: The Hybrid )


Vampire Diaries 3.03: The End of the Affair )

On a production note, the cinematography is slightly improved on the show. Contrast ratio is not as ridiculous, but it still needs some work. Overall, though, lighting is a hell of a lot better and I can see more detail in the highlights and darks.

Okay, actually, I feel like there are two DPs working this show. Sometimes night scenes look great and sometimes they look like previous season - too dark and no detail. What is going on, you guys?
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I posted this on G+, but I'm going to repost it here. Julie Plec, one of the producers of Vampire Diaries, just tweeted the following:

I would like to be on a panel called: Why Hi-Def is Ruining Drama Television Storytelling: the Aesthetic Nightmare. (link)

Other panelists include: Tech expert on how to lower your scan and refresh rate on your tv to crap levels so things will look good. (link)

Also, a special film guest: Anyone who saw Superman Returns on Blu-Ray. (link)

Seriously, Plec? I love Vampire Diaries because the story is great, but your DP has to get his shit together and that has absolutely nothing at all to do with HD ruining television aesthetics. (See this post about the awful lighting.)

What are you bitching about, exactly? You guys shoot in a real town. Your sets are real. They are HD ready. Get a fraking lighting package. I watch the show and I'm just wishing for some bounce in daylight scenes. I shouldn't be.

I bet Secret Circle has a smaller budget than you guys do. Guess what? I can see everyone on that show. In night exteriors.

Farscape wasn't shot in HD and that show still looks amazing on my HD TV with an upscaling player. What the hell are you watching that you need to mess with your TV refresh rate? What does lowering refresh rates to "crap levels" even mean?!

Also, why bring Superman Returns into it? No amount of visual sorcery could fix that thing or Kate Bosworth's terrible acting.

Anyway, my reply to her was:

Uh. @julieplec, if you need to be doing those things, I think you're doing the HD wrong. (link)

No reply, of course.
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I'm not gonna lie, I love The Vampire Diaries. It's pretty different from the books, and that's okay, because I'm actually enjoying the show much more (even after my griping about the casting and other changes). Damon is, of course, my favorite. Stefan is Broody McBrooderson, but a lot less so than Edward. Uhm, anyway... this post is not about that. It's about the super-annoying cinematography on the show. Some of the shots are quite nice, possibly even cool... but I really wouldn't know because half the time it's so dark, I don't know who's where doing what.

I've been rewatching the show during the hiatus and now that I know the plot, I'm focusing a lot more on the technical stuff. For the last few weeks, I've been griping about the Director of Photography (DP), but I didn't really want to bother looking up who it was. [ profile] tirgaya saved me the trouble and told me it was Paul M. Sommers. He's only listed for 13 episodes, but there are no DP credits for the other episodes.

Below are a bunch of screencaps from the first eleven episodes of The Vampire Diaries to show you the stuff that's annoying the crap out of me. (To any cinematographers/DPs reading this - some of my terms might be wrong. SORRY. I need to learn more, obviously.) I did not edit any of these images - I capped them and grouped them in Photoshop. Depending on your screen, they might look better or worse.


Actually, looking at all of these Vampire Diaries scenes again, I'm really starting to wonder if they're just working with available practical lighting and not even bringing in studio lights. Which can't be right because... they must be using some, right? They can't possibly just rely on the lights on set. That seems... weird. Then again, the daylight shots look great except for sometimes needing a bit of fill (IDK, get a bounce?) and the other shots look like they were lit with whatever practical lighting they had lying around. Maybe it isn't lighting - maybe it's the camera or the film stock or post processing. I have no idea. Someone with more knowledge could probably go on and on about it.

This concludes my amateur filmmaker criticism of the lighting on The Vampire Diaries. Like I said, I am still a huge fan of the show and I can't wait for the new season to start up. I'm just hoping there is a new DP and the show can stop... looking like that. Because it's kind of annoying and hard to watch at times.
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Arrived home from Honolulu earlier this afternoon and immediately unpacked my bags and did my laundry. I haven't had time to process my photos or really go through the souvenirs I brought back, because I have to pack up and go to a shoot in Washington, DC. My train leaves tomorrow night and rolls in to DC at 7am. :\ [ profile] rpc180 is picking me up at the station, I think.

Did manage to catch up on most of the TV I DVRed while away. White Collar continues to be an entertaining and surprising show. Bones is always fun, but I didn't like all the overt Avatar promotion. Stargate Universe was actually interesting this past week, though I'm still not liking it as part of the Stargate franchise.

Meeting [ profile] smashedrecords tomorrow morning to get my house key and possibly make a trip to Sephora. I was thinking of stopping in Target for something, but I've now forgotten what I needed to get.

This travel turn around is going to be killer. I might have gotten sick from all the plane travel, too. Meh.
amezri: (sga ;; teyla ;; wasted her time) posted an update to the Being Human US remake - they contacted creator Toby Whithouse for his response.

"I'm really pleased there's going to be a US version of the show. The way these things work though, I have no idea what they're planning for the series. It could end up being about giant mice living on the moon. I don't know. I don't feel any sense of rancour about this. It's the nature of the system we've entered into. And SyFy has a better understanding of the US marketplace, so is in a better position to determine what will work and what won't. My priority always has been and always will be the UK version.

"A lot of Being Human fans have already voiced misgivings about a US version, and it's fair to say that UK formats have met with... mixed success when transposed to the States. But every single significant step in the life of Being Human has been either fraught or needlessly worried over. When we moved from pilot to series, the notion of recasting Mitchell, Annie and Herrick was met with wails of despair. As it turned out, all three new cast members delivered extraordinary performances and now it's impossible to imagine those parts being played by anyone else. So who knows, in a year from now, we might be rhapsodising about the US version and toasting its staggering success. Obviously I'll be sitting on my yacht, but I'll be with you in spirit.

"Also, whatever happens in America, it doesn't have a backwards effect. The UK version won't be affected an iota. Expanding the Being Human world can only be a good thing. If the US version is a success it might inspire its audience to seek out the original version.
So I'm going to approach it with a completely open mind and watch it as if I were watching a brand new show with a brand new format."

I'm glad he's taking it so well... but I am still not at all pleased.
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Apparently Syfy plans on doing an American version of Being Human.

OMGWTFWHY?! Leave it alone, you hack network!

Says Syfy president:

"It turned out great as we can now do an American version," Syfy president Dave Howe told The Hollywood Reporter. "We've always been keen on vampires and werewolves, and we loved the originality of Being Human, the fact that the fantastical creatures in it are very young, accessible and charming."

Howe said the Syfy version will not just "slavishly replicate the British version."

This is the comment I posted in reply to the article, which is pretty much all I can say coherently right now:

OH FFS. Could American television please STOP remaking British series?! It rarely, if ever, ends well. The Office was a complete FLUKE and probably only translated well because Ricky Gervais was involved.

"We've always been keen on vampires and werewolves, and we loved the originality of Being Human, the fact that the fantastical creatures in it are very young, accessible and charming." - Howe

Okay. Yeah. That's not actually what the show is about. AT ALL. That's like saying Star Trek was a great show because you love the girls in tiny dresses, the spaceship, and the womanizing captain. Trufax, but that didn't make the show good.

I kind of hope this show crashes before the pilot even gets shot. Like the Spaced remake. And American Top Gear.

I'm having rage right now.
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Oh, Mike Rowe, ILU.

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Right then. So what have I actually been up to lately besides fiddling with Twitter (which probably annoys a lot of you, but whatever. At least I'm cutting it and it'll only post once a day!)

Well, last Friday I sort of whined my way to a new phone. I know. But I've been wanting a new phone for a while -- something with a qwerty keypad. I was a bit resistant to the enV series originally, but looking at it again, I did like the features and the keypad was nice. In any case, Friday night after dinner, we went to the Verizon store to check out new phones. [ profile] seijitataki hasn't gotten a new one in many years, so obviously he had first go. But he was indecisive and since I could borrow his upgrade (he could borrow mine later) I got the enV2 in black. :P Came home and spent all night putting my contacts and ringtones on it. The ringtones were, if anyone cares, a ton easier to get on the enV2 than the Razr. I also put on a few wallpapers, but couldn't quite work out the sizing correctly the first few times.

Saturday I met up with [ profile] smashedrecords and Jessie to roam around the mall and have lunch at Moe's. After that, I came home and played some more with my phone. I kinda love it. I ordered screen protectors and a skin from decalgirl.

Sunday I went with my mom to the Gem and Mineral show in Springfield, MA. It was pretty fun and I saw a lot of minerals I've never even heard of before. I bought two pieces of selenite (a flat and a point) and a pyritized ammonite, which I think looks a bit alien, and therefore had to have.

Monday was work and rather lame. I can't even remember what I did, really. Was really lazy I guess?

Tuesday I got back into some crossover fic as [ profile] arysani had started talking about Twilight/Angel stuff so then I was thinking about that along with my unfinished Stark & River ficlets. I went to [ profile] sweetwildandmad and [ profile] katkel's for dinner. They'd offered to buy my Razr off me (goodbye, Razr! ;_;), which was cool because that was a bit of money from the enV2 purchase back. It was a fun evening. Dinner was great and we watched some TV. Always fun to go over there.

Today, I made it through another work day. Fiddled with Twitter and LoudTwitter and Twitpics. [ profile] queenmaab came over for dinner and we watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who as well as David Boreanaz on the Graham Norton show. I also let her borrow the first Twilight book.. hopefully she finds it amusing. Packed up my arc reactor and air soft gun to be mailed to Joel so he can drive it to DragonCon for me. Probably be able to get it in the post tomorrow or the day after.

Got a new website commission. Well... one I was working on got finalized, whatever. Point is, I have been paid! And I'm kind of excited about this one and can't wait to get started on it. The one for AoW is... going. It will be going. Listen, I don't have any materials for that one so I can hardly be faulted for the general ennui I feel about that project.

In fandom news, I'm still stuck on Twilight (I'm sick, I need help). I still love Donna Noble. I'd like to rewatch SGA from the beginning.


Jul. 20th, 2008 08:50 pm
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I've spent all weekend catching up some TV and movies I've been meaning to watch. Which means I've done nothing productive. Meh.

Battlestar Galactica 4.01-4.10: Wow. Okay. That was pretty awesome. And I still think the final Cylon is Dualla.

Penelope: Yeah, again. Really like the movie and the visuals. And James McAvoy.

Doctor Who season 3: Just filling in some episodes I happened to miss. "The Lazarus Experiment," "42," "Human Nature," and "Family of Blood." They were quite good and the Doctor seemed like less of a jerk to Martha in some of the episodes. Still a jerk though. Forgot how much fun this show is; need to watch season 4.

The Singing Detective. Uh. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this RDJ movie and, yeah. I think I'm in with the group who think this film is fraking weird. I may or may not watch this again. It was kind of cool seeing a lot of other favorite actors (Eddie Jones, Jon Polito, Saul Rubinek, Jeremy Northam) but really, it was just odd. Until the end... the last twenty minutes was pretty cool.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus: Odd, but in a good way. I liked it and think I'll be watching it again. RDJ does some interesting things with the character of Lionel.

Resident Evil: Extinction: Wow, that was really... not that good. I did like it better than Apocalypse, but that's not really saying much. Also, WTFCARLOS?! I was just starting to 'ship Alice/Carlos too. Meh. An army of Alices would be pretty kick-ass though.

Casanova: The Heath Ledger one. Honestly, it was a bit silly and oddball, but I liked it for what it was. Heath plays a great Casanova, of course, and I loved Charlie Cox as Giovanni Bruni; found it funny that he was after a girl named Victoria in this as well (see Stardust, which Victoria was played by Sienna Miller).

Didn't really think about what I'm going to do about the job. And now I should really try and finish my Shore Leave report.
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Instead of a report on yesterday's Browncoat Shindig... A dump of links from the Google Reader...

Quantum Mechanix has set up Firefly Ship Works so fans can watch the progress of the large scale Serenity replica. The replica will be 1/180 scale (about 18").

Joss Whedon staged a career intervention for Eliza Dushku? Joss, I love you, really. Helping along Eliza's career is totally awesome, but to ignore all of SMG's bad, bad, bad (did I mention bad?) films. She cannot redeem herself with Southland Tales! And okay, maybe Wrong Turn wasn't the greatest choice for Eliza, but Soul Survivor was actually pretty good, I thought. Meh.

Everyone's probably already seen the Dollhouse trailer, but here's a clip with Eliza and Tahmoh Penikett (heart!). Additional Dollhouse article here.

Buffy Tarot Cards are up for pre-order. I kinda want a set...

Make Magazine is sponsoring a Make a Cylon contest. Tricia Helfer and Grace Park will be judging.

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about JJ Abrams' new show, Fringe. I kinda don't know what to think because as much as I love JJ, it sounds a bit like The X-Files meets Special Unit 2. Meh.

Erin McBlog posted some redesigned covers of classic books as part of her thesis. Very cool. I especially love the cover for The Giver and The Handmaid's Tale.

Late again to the party, but I'm playing catch up! Spaced will finally have a Region 1 DVD release on July 22! It's said to be filled with new commentaries and things, so I will of course be buying a copy of this one as well!

Meh. I have things to do and I don't wanna do 'em.
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Someone told me the US Life on Mars remake was on hold. Not so! ABC has added it to their Fall line-up, announced at the Upfronts. GLARGH!

There's a FRAKING TRAILER. I mean, okay, Colm Meaney playing Hunt, but... but.. NO. Why don't you just show the original BBC series and leave it alone?!

On the plus side, McSpaced has been dumped. HOORAY!
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Whoa. Packed weekend. It's pretty much like I didn't have one XD

Saturday started out with my picking up [ profile] queenmaab for a trip to two local bead stores, one of which was a bust, but at the second one, she found what she needed. Wandered Jo-Ann's a bit. After that, I went home to get some stuff done and then I was off to [ profile] thebigfatman's for her little one's birthday party. My gift was a little on the modest side, but I did remember the pig, which might become a theme. Heh. Didn't stay too long as I had to go home for dinner. After that and doing some other things, I headed out to pick up [ profile] erintheodd and [ profile] smashedrecords for the Ten Year Vamp show at Sandy's.

Aside from a wee bit of confusion about what exit to take to get there, the drive to Sandy's wasn't so bad. Even found a good parking spot at the lot. The show itself was good; they played three or four new songs, the best being their cover of K's Choice's "Not an Addict," which was one of my favorite songs in college. There was an usually high ratio of people jabbing me in the back, so much so that at one point, Deb came up behind me to get on stage and I also elbowed her >_< She said, "it's just me" and was up on stage and away before I could apologize. Ack. There were also the normal average of two really creepy older guys who would just not go away. Creepy parka-wearing man even asked me if I wanted a drink after they show. Blaaaaaach. Mark was unusually friendly, actually high-fiving all three of us inbetween sets (I was so confused that I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do) and then high fived me from stage after a song. I was confused; amused, but confused. I brought my new Sony camera and took some photos, but I think they all suck. Did manage a few videos and will probably post those on YouTube once I can be bothered to pull them off the card. After the show, I chatted a bit with Pete (mostly about how he doesn't want to get the plague going around) and told Deb I'd get her a copy of the Dollshead CD. Eh... that was all really. I got home about 4am, after the time change, I dunno.. it was about 6am before I got to bed.

Today I got up at like 12:30pm and putzed around before getting dressed and heading out. I was going to [ profile] katkel's to watch the last three episodes of Wonderfalls. First, though, I went totally out of my way to Lee's to buy scallion pancakes and vegetable bao. Heh. Anyway. Wonderfalls. I kind of forgot how much I love that show, especially the ending. Also watched a episode of Dead Like Me.

And now... I think I need to go to bed and not like.. do anything. Which goes with how I spent my weekend anyway. I am so horribly lazy.
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Dropped my Jeep off at the mechanic's after work. No big deal, just getting an oil change and a check up for the trips I've got planned ahead.

Washed BDUs for my Atlantis outfit. Baked some cookies to take to [ profile] queenmaab's. Uhm.. I think I did something else, but now I've forgotten what.

I've been watching H2O: Just Add Water. Don't ask me why. It's just strangely entertaining. Plus, hey - mermaids. (Rikki's totally my favorite.)

Wow, this is a boring entry. I'll just stop there, then.
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Apparently it's been some enormous amount of days since I last updated. So..

Saturday I hung out with [ profile] katkel and [ profile] thebigfatman. We ate tasty treats made by [ profile] katkel and I brought over Putting it Together and then we watched an episode of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Good times. We're planning to get together again this week.

Sunday was... well.. I don't know what happened. It sort of disappeared. I know I didn't do anything I wanted to do.

The week so far has just been filled with work. I've been trying really hard in my off hours to get my room in some kind of organized condition. I think it's working -- I've thrown away two trash bags full of old VHS tapes that have since been replaced by DVDs. I've also gone through boxes and tossed out things I could part with and though there are still some random things about, I think in general, it looks a bit nicer. Or at least less like a shop has thrown up in my room.

The fun thing about digging through old boxes is excavating things you've totally forgotten about. [ profile] smashedrecords was on the phone while I dug through a box -- I'm sure she thought I was a loon. There was a whole box full of magazines and I'm sure the only reason I have them is that they're in some way Lord of the Rings related. Found a box full of random art supplies and more felt that I forgot I'd had. (Speaking of, I need to get a new storage box in which to put my fabrics.) I also found two Serenity 8x10s, a large Farscape print, a Batman Begins mini poster, and... most amazing of all, Cheeto Run prints I bought from [ profile] logansrogue god knows how long ago.

There's still a lot more to go, but I feel like once this room is cleaned, I can finally get my life back on track. I've always been a bit behind on, er, everything, but after my impromptu trip to Taiwan for three weeks in August, I've kind of felt like my entire life was derailed. Yeah, I know. I'm not really one to stick to a plan, like, ever but having lost that two weeks in another country just threw me further off and I dunno. I guess I'll feel a lot better when my stuff's all properly put away and my desk is clean. Yeah... I think that would help a lot.

Of course, if would probably help a lot if I didn't spent most of my night reading bad fanfic. D:

In other news... The A Daily Show and The Colbert Report came back this week. Hm. You can definitely tell they're working without writers, but I don't mind so much. Jon Stewart is clever enough on his own and those faux news segments were always my least favorite part of the show. Seems he's a bit pissed about... uh.. a lot though. Heh. Poor man. As for Colbert. Well.. Monday's show was pretty awful and I missed last night's, but tonight's was actually rather funny. Poor Huckabee -- getting wrangled in by Colbert. I do admire his willingness to go along with all that silliness, though any of it could easily be quoted out of context for misuse. Oh well. Anyway.. the most interesting bit of news I gleaned from tonight's shows:

Will Smith joins the Scientology wagon of crazies.

Why, Will Smith? WHY?!
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Oooh kay. Catch up time again.

Had the day off of work. Was a bum. Watched some stuff I had on my DVR, which wasn't really a lot -- just the SGA mid-season cliffhanger and then a new Pushing Daisies episode that I didn't even know was new; but they were both good. Then I finally busted out Battlestar Galactica: Razor (which I also liked) before listening to the commentary for Waitress, which wasn't really as entertaining as the movie. Finally, watched the first 4 episodes of Lost season 3. Surprisingly good.

Wasn't feeling well Thursday, actually (leaving out the TMI) so I'd canceled plans for the weekend anyway. Which, you know, works, since I spent the whole day watching the rest of Lost season 3. Overall, I really liked it and I'll probably buy the season 4 set next year. Seriously, the only way I can watch this show is to just sit and go through the whole thing all together. But yes. Goodbye, Saturday!

[ profile] forcryinoutloud - Thank you so much for the card! And the photos :D They are awesome ^___^ Really unexpected surprise *hugs*

Having finished Lost and wanting something else, I put in Eddie Izzard's Definite Article DVD and did laundry. Over the course of the day I actually did 5 loads and got some sweaters out of storage. Go, me! After Eddie, I ended up watching the SciFi Channel's remake of Dune, which I bought ages ago, but just never even opened. Silly me. It was pretty good, actually, and I think I might have liked it better than the original (frankly, I understood it a lot better without expending too much brain power).

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares? The British one is better, but I really enjoyed Gordon yelling at the stupid owner of The Secret Garden.

That'd be today. Got to work at a decent time. Early in the day, the VP called to say we could close at 2pm. Woohoo! They day pretty much flew by then... well, until the last half hour then it was dragging. Anyway. Finally, we all escaped the office early! And I had some pretty awesome production numbers today...

After work, I wanted to do some last minute shopping. Which, you know, Christmas Eve... so not the brightest idea, but whatever. I... am really bad with money management when something is bugging me and clearly something is bugging me because I've spent an obscene amount of money on stuff I'm sure I don't really need and did it all in sort of a daze, just going through the stores and grabbing stuff.

Anyway. Went to Linens N Things first to find stainless steel chopsticks because I swear that is where I bought them before, but I looked and looked and an employee said they didn't carry them. Blah. So then I went in to Target to look, but they didn't have any either.

Weirdness happened on the way back to the car. I had noticed the to guys walking towards me, but they were busy deciding where they were going next, I guess. Anyone, one of them shouts out my name, so I turn around and am all "uhm, hi?" Clearly I looked like a person who didn't remember him, because he was all, "you went to BG? It's Rob." And then I go, "oooh, hi!" and we do the quick catch-up thing before I run off. Thing is... I can't remember which one he was. I mean... I think I know, but I can't remember the last name. He looks really different now and, yeah, it's been 8 years, so obviously. Except I guess I don't look that different because even with hair covering my face and my long gunner coat, he still recognized me. Then again, my memory is pretty shit, so, not really surprised. Moving on.

Defeated, I headed over to the mall and checked out Le Gourmet, but of course they don't have any. Don't know what I was thinking because this is where it all goes pear-shaped. I planned on just going in to Best Buy to get blank DVDs as they have a spindle of Sony discs on sale for $22. I managed to snag one of the last (really dusty) ones, but then I wander over to the DVD section where I knew there was stuff on sale. Like, huge 50% off sale. I am weak, I know. First thing I grabbed was Babylon 5 season 4. I thought about season 5, but apart from "A View from the Gallery" and a couple other episodes, I thought it was generally rubbish.

Uhm. Right.. and then I picked up Tru Calling season 2 for $12 XD Snagged something else as well, but I can't say what yet as I don't know if I will be gifting it or what. I was also looking for Children of Dune (James McAvoy!) and Boomtown, but Best Buy didn't have either. Meh. Picked up a gift card on my way out the door and there went 1/5 of this week's paycheck. Oh well.

After Best Buy, I decided to toddle over to FYE and just check to see if they had the stuff Best Buy was missing. OMG. They did. And Boomtown season 1 was on sale for $13 XD That is totally the right price for a show that I'm only getting because of Neal McDonough. Yes, I already know I have problems, thank you. They also had Children of Dune for $13, which was more than I wanted to pay, but sort of justified because of the Boomtown deal.

And finally, the last stop on the way home was Bed, Bath & Beyond, where I also looked for fraking chopsticks, but of course they didn't have any. Glargh. Two months ago I saw them everywhere and now I can't find them anywhere. I think I'm going to check the Chinese grocery, which is probably where I should have looked in the first place. I did end up getting a 1-pint Pyrex measuring cup for [ profile] seijitataki and a new stainless steel toothbrush holder for my bathroom. Yay?
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Anyone else remember an old TV movie from 1995 called White Dwarf? Neal McDonough played the lead -- a doctor from New York traveling to the planet Rusta for his internship.. or something. Paul Winfield also starred. It was like a weird fantasy version of Northern Exposure by Francis Ford Coppola. It definitely had a pilot movie sort of feel, but it never made it as a series, which is a total shame.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was the coolest thing on TV. Thinking back on it... I guess it was a little Dune/Firefly. The planet was split into a dark side and a light side (I think there was some silly fantasy science to explain that) and each side had their own princess.. I think. It's beem like 12 years. Cut me some slack.

Commenting with [ profile] eido on Tin Man and Neal McDonough, I totally just remembered it again and... there is no DVD for me to buy! *cries* Old VHS copies on Amazon, though, for insane prices I would pay. This morning, I took a look on eBay and found a cheaper copy of the original VHS release for less, so I snagged that. The same search brought up the Thai bootleg DVD that some people have gotten and it was actually a really reasonable price, so I got that too XD PAL, with optional Thai subtitles (the seller has 3 copies left if, uh, anyone is interested). Yeah, whatever, I'm all over it.

I'm hoping I will be able to get the VHS transfered to DVD as it seems to be a longer cut than the Thai bootleg anyway.

Hello. I are dork. Who has money management issues.
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Right, before the spazzing: [ profile] fyrdrakken! I got that card. Thank you so much! Now I feel sort of bad about being a bum and not giving out cards this year :(

Right. Spaz. Dead Like Me movie trailer found on YouTube! I cannot wait for this to be out. It's gonna be awesome!

I hardly recognize Reggie - she's not all gawky anymore! George still looks the same. And Mason. Mason, Mason, Mason.
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Raked the lawn this morning. Blah. Also took some new photos of my Tillandsias, which I'll probably post tomorrow. Gave them all a splash of water. Can't really tell how they're all doing except it's been nearly a week and I haven't killed any of them. Yet.

Watched a fair bit of TV today. Problem is.. I can't really remember what it was I've been watching. I watched American Dreamz this afternoon. Interesting movie... I think there were also a few episodes of season 2 Doctor Who, then some Top Gear, and Torchwood. "Random Shoes" was so weird.. it was a bit like Doctor Who's "Love & Monsters" in that the main cast weren't really featured much. Gwen just sort of wandered around. It was interesting though.

So, lots of BBC America today. Just finished the Graham Norton Show. Apparently we're only about a week behind because he had Josh Hartnett on talking about 30 Days of Night. I love Josh Hartnett and his dorkitude. Rufus Wainwright was on also. It is so weird hearing his speaking voice.. totally different from his singing voice XD He's a fun guest though. Sort of makes me want to track down his other interviews.

Anyway. Back to more vegging on the couch. I'm enjoying the quiet time without people bugging me and asking me 50 thousand questions while I'm trying to watch telly.
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[ profile] gypsyjr alerted me to the fact that there's a US remake of Spaced in the work. No. Just... NO.

Edgar Wright mentions in his blog that neither he nor Simon has been contacted about the thing, not that he will be making any money from it anyway. And I quote the same entry [ profile] gypsyjr did:

I'm calling for everyone to refer to the U.S. version of Spaced as "McSpaced" from now on.

I can't think of a better distillation of the whole idea

Edgar, I love you.

There's a really great story at basically ripping the remake apart. Normally I'm not one to just jump all over something before I hear about it, but really. Fox + McG - Pegg&Wright = DISASTER. It's simple maths, people!

Twitchfilm mentions the fact that Adam Barr from Will & Grace has been contacted. Uhm. Even more no.

In other crappy remake news, CBS has pulled Viva Laughlin. THANK GOD. Look, I love Hugh Jackman, I do. But I watched 10 minutes of that show and the acting, singing, and dancing of everyone except Hugh Jackman was awful. Abysmal. Tragic. Unwatchable. Seriously. I wanted to like it... I did. Blackpool was awesome, and not just because of David Tennant. Everyone on that cast really threw themselves into their roles. Everyone on Viva Laughlin just fell flat.

The really extra funny thing is that not only did they pull Viva Laughlin off the schedule, they pulled everything related to the show off the website. XD

Anyone... to see what I mean, go to IGN's Laughlin video page. Watch the "Whatcha Got?" clip (this is actually the Viva Las Vegas opening) (youtube alternate). Contrast that with the original Blackpool Viva Las Vegas opening. One is fun and exciting and the other is... phoned in.

Why, America? WHY?! Why can't you stop snurching other people's ideas and just come up with your own?!


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