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00:04 - Still here! #

04:24 Back from the Ten Year show. Ears still ringing. Awesome, though. New line up is great! #

05:41 Ahaha! Ten Year is playing Shot Through the Heart and I'm thinking Barney's Get Psyched Mix. Ruined! #

09:48 Awake and discovering that my ears are still ringing from last night's show. #

10:04 @lolwtfaids Lucky. I ALWAYS owe the state money even though I get a return from Federal. WTF is that about? #

10:06 @speakerwiggin You've seen Ten Year Vamp? o_O I thought they were only local-ish. #

10:21 On new 1300VA UPS unit. Two minutes after startup, it froze. ARGH. Restart; will see how it goes now. #hippaforalkus #

11:36 Cleaning the bathroom when I should be getting in the shower. Oops. #

12:22 @benalpi Yep. Test was clean. #

13:22 Made brunch - french toast, bacon, & eggs. Now for some crafting! #

14:14 Watching Bradley Cooper host SNL. Funny so far. #

14:39 Okay, the SNL hosted by Bradley Cooper is actually pretty funny :) #

15:54 Awww! Bradley's mocking the Christian Bale thing! Funny. #

15:55 Making a pear pie! #

16:21 - Pie filling done! Just have to cool before it goes in the pie. #

17:05 - Pie filled! #

17:20 - Cheese-covered and ready to bake! #

18:00 @speakerwiggin Oh, okay. That makes more sense :) #

18:01 8 hours uptime and counting. I'm hoping this works out finally, but kinda don't think it will. Meh. #hippaforalkus #

18:04 - Pie all done! Will be after dinner dessert. #

21:16 Watching Grammy Awards. Coldplay, what is up with your coats? #

21:24 What the frak is Katy Perry wearing? It's like the vegas Chaquita skank outfit. #grammys #

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11:32 RT @cpedraza Joss Whedon name checks Star Trek: Phase II! - now I have something to talk about if I meet him! #

11:33 @SmashedRecords You went to see Coraline without me? D: #

11:36 @cassiejamie I am right there with you. #

11:45 Time to get on with my day. Have to box up the new UPS and trade it in for a NEW new UPS... if they'll take it back. #

12:05 Running Hippaforalkus on old UPS to see if lockups are more frequent. 900VA UPS boxed for return. #

12:13 @majormojo It's that ship McKay & Shep found in the volcano! I named my computer after it :) #

12:15 @majormojo "Inferno" I think. With that chick scientist played Brandy Ledford (I call her the show killer.) #

13:05 I just spent 15 minutes driving around the parking lot so I didn't have to carry this 30lb UPS across it. #

14:15 $50 at Target and I still have to go to the grocery store... don't wanna, be we have no food. #

14:54 I'm buying ingredients for a pear pie with Gruyere baked into the crust. Pushing Daisies much? #

15:20 Back from shopping. Will get some food and then more cleaning out of the closet! Feel flu-like. Blech. #

15:24 3.5 hours uptime. The shortest last I used the 750VA UPS was 4 hours, so we'll see. New 1300VA UPS needs charging anyway. #hippaforalkus #

15:31 @neilhimself Part of that confusion is the trailer stating "from the director of Nightmare Before Christmas" & ppl thinking that was Burton. #

16:51 @stephenfry Supposedly activates reserve battery. #

17:23 Watching last night's Psych. Kinda love the full length opening. #

18:08 Paranomal State - yet another Ghost Hunter knock-off that is inferior to the original. They try to make it too "dramatic." #

18:47 Although... on Paranormal State they do more interviews and longer investigations. #

18:52 Right, okay. Paranormal State is more weirdo paranormal and Ghost Hunters is more.. scientific? PS doesn't even have equipment. #

18:57 Catherine Bell AND Chris Potter in a Hallmark romcom? I am so there. #

19:06 Sweet! First episode of Wolverine & The X-Men OnDemand! #

19:22 @arysani As in JAG, yes. Chris Potter from Silk Stalkings, Kung Fu, and voice of Gambit. #

19:40 WTF Domino's in the Brotherhood? #

19:55 Aww. Shanks in another crappy SciFi movie. With Doherty! Bwah! #

19:58 And it must have been shot in Vancouver because there's JR Bourne! #

20:00 @stephenfry Hey, that's not bad. I didn't have power for 4 days in below freezing weather during the New England storm. #

20:00 @mulderitsme I am DVRing as I have to go out, but there's a sequel on afterwards, which I'm also recording XD #

22:33 - Ten Year Vamp. First show in like 6 months. #

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So another weekend gone and I'm not sure what I have to show for it.

Friday I went to see Ten Year Vamp with [ profile] smashedrecords. It was actually a pretty mellow show as apparently, no one shows up to Jillian's for a Ten Year show on Fridays. That's pretty much my kind of venue. Hah! We had some nice chats with Pete & Debbie (I gave her some CDs) and I finally got photos with the both of them. I'd only brought my Sony, so actually, all the photos are a bit grainy, but whatever. It was good night. Also ran in to Kevin, which was sort of random. He's friends with Lindsay which totally reinforces the whole Small-bany thing. We left after the second set; I dropped [ profile] smashedrecords off and then came home and went to bed.

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! Every year they've had it, I've always forgotten to go, or just couldn't. This year though, I definitely wanted to check it out. I met up with [ profile] smashedrecords again and we headed to Electric City Comics. I'd never been (even though the store's been there for 25+ years... oops) and it was pretty neat since I haven't been to an actual comic shop in ages. Poked around and one of the guys at the store was very nice and helpful... but if he said "Josh Whydon" one more time I was going to blow a gasket. Dude, it's Joss Whedon and if you're telling stories about how you know the guy personally, you ought to be able to pronounce his name correctly, mkay? Anyway, I got several of this year's free titles as well as last year's free BSG Year Zero and also picked up a copy of Batman & Poison Ivy: Cast Shadows as well as finally getting myself a copy of Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. I do love myself a good Poison Ivy story, so it was a good read; haven't read Fables yet, though.

Came home about 3p-ish and after puttering around (really, I'm not sure what I did with my time) I somehow managed to fall asleep for 3 hours and woke up at 9pm only to stumble back into bed. Awesome.

Today I got up at about 11am and poked around online for a while before we went to Emperor's for lunch. The waiter there is making me egg custard and coconut tarts for my party, so we straightened out that order. After that, we headed to some local stores to look at shelving units and whatnot. I managed to escape from Target with only what I needed and not the Psych season 1 set that I wanted. Yay me?

After dinner, mom helped me dye my hair as the middle brown section was faded too much for my taste. Now it's a reddish brown, which I like, and should fade down nicely. The brassiness was really bugging me before.

Meanwhile, I have two more mat paintings to do, three Jayne hats to make, and I really need to finish cleaning up my room. Instead, i think I'm gonna go sit on the couch and play my DS for a while before bed.
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Whoa. Packed weekend. It's pretty much like I didn't have one XD

Saturday started out with my picking up [ profile] queenmaab for a trip to two local bead stores, one of which was a bust, but at the second one, she found what she needed. Wandered Jo-Ann's a bit. After that, I went home to get some stuff done and then I was off to [ profile] thebigfatman's for her little one's birthday party. My gift was a little on the modest side, but I did remember the pig, which might become a theme. Heh. Didn't stay too long as I had to go home for dinner. After that and doing some other things, I headed out to pick up [ profile] erintheodd and [ profile] smashedrecords for the Ten Year Vamp show at Sandy's.

Aside from a wee bit of confusion about what exit to take to get there, the drive to Sandy's wasn't so bad. Even found a good parking spot at the lot. The show itself was good; they played three or four new songs, the best being their cover of K's Choice's "Not an Addict," which was one of my favorite songs in college. There was an usually high ratio of people jabbing me in the back, so much so that at one point, Deb came up behind me to get on stage and I also elbowed her >_< She said, "it's just me" and was up on stage and away before I could apologize. Ack. There were also the normal average of two really creepy older guys who would just not go away. Creepy parka-wearing man even asked me if I wanted a drink after they show. Blaaaaaach. Mark was unusually friendly, actually high-fiving all three of us inbetween sets (I was so confused that I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do) and then high fived me from stage after a song. I was confused; amused, but confused. I brought my new Sony camera and took some photos, but I think they all suck. Did manage a few videos and will probably post those on YouTube once I can be bothered to pull them off the card. After the show, I chatted a bit with Pete (mostly about how he doesn't want to get the plague going around) and told Deb I'd get her a copy of the Dollshead CD. Eh... that was all really. I got home about 4am, after the time change, I dunno.. it was about 6am before I got to bed.

Today I got up at like 12:30pm and putzed around before getting dressed and heading out. I was going to [ profile] katkel's to watch the last three episodes of Wonderfalls. First, though, I went totally out of my way to Lee's to buy scallion pancakes and vegetable bao. Heh. Anyway. Wonderfalls. I kind of forgot how much I love that show, especially the ending. Also watched a episode of Dead Like Me.

And now... I think I need to go to bed and not like.. do anything. Which goes with how I spent my weekend anyway. I am so horribly lazy.
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Little lax on the lj entries again...

Went to [ profile] katkel's after work for dinner and Wonderfalls. Watched three episodes... but stopped before we got to the one Jewel Staite appears in! Oh, how I love that one. Also visited the new puppy her parents got. So cute! Who doesn't love puppies?

Hm. Was supposed to go to the Indie Film Festival at the Madison Theater, but due to crappy weather (and the three accidents already on the street) decided to call it off. Oh well. I ended up staying home and sewing velcro to my patches and watching like 6 episodes of H2O.

[ profile] smashedrecords came over to work on some Photoshop things then we headed off to catch the Ten Year Vamp bus to the Bodog competition at the Blender Theater.

boring bus trip details )

Got up at 1pm. Can you blame me? :-P

Ended up helping mom look for a 512 xD card, which of course no one carries because 1GB or 2GB is standard now. We ended up going to Target where I bought camo Converse One Stars... then to BJ's where I got some snack foods for work and an extra 2GB microSD card for my DS. I think I'm going to use it for music and videos and such.

And now I'm off to bed so I can get my lazy behind up in the morning to get to work in time for training this new person. Oy.
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[ profile] erintheodd, [ profile] smashedrecords and I went to the Ten Year Vamp show last night, which was once again at Sandy's Clam Bar. Last time I went, I hadn't brought a camera but when I got to the venue, I sort of regretted that as it was a perfect place for photos. You could get right up to the stage and the band has an awesome strobe light that makes for some fabulous photos in an otherwise poorly light place.

The drive down was pretty good (I'm sure it was mostly due to the company) and when we got to the bar, the band was still setting up and the place was mostly empty. It filled in within the hour, though, and the usual suspects showed up. We'd all already put ear plugs in (because I like being able to hear) and [ profile] erintheodd and I sort of just stood around looking like idiots in front of the stage. [ profile] smashedrecords, however, was chatting away and.. well, sometimes I'm a bit jealous at her ability to just chat people up and have a good time. Well, not really jealous because I know it's my fault for being a bit stand-offish so it's no one's fault but my own. I tend to figure if I don't have anything smart to say,I'm better off not saying anything.

Anyway. The show was great, but I really wish they would.. not play the same goddamn set every single time they play. Sure, it makes photography pretty easy because you know exactly what they'll be doing when, but honestly... change the order or mix in some new songs. I don't know how some of these people can just go to what is essentially a rerun every week. Don't get me wrong, the band is great and they do awesome covers, but seriously, if this is the setlist for the rest of eternity, I'm not sure how many more times I will want to go.

On the bright side: I didn't get a drink spilled on me. I attribute this to the fact that Josh had departed earlier in the evening. Heh.

On the not so bright side, I got hit on three times - twice by the same guy. All three encounters were awkward and totally unwanted, though that third times was really creeptastic. The first guy was... well, he was all right if you went for that type (and were really desperate and very, very drunk). Which I didn't. He started by asking me if the ear plugs helped to which I replied that, yes they did. Then he asked me my name and introduced himself and followed that with really lame lines like, "you're really beautiful, I just thought I'd tell you that." And omg, I could not get rid of him. I sort of smiled and turned away. A few minutes later he comes back and starts in again, so I flat out told him that I wasn't really interested and hey, don't take it personally, it was a good try, but I was completely not interested in him at all. I think he was faking the embarrassment, but either way, I told him that it was fine, but next time he would do better not being so forceful. "So next time I see you I shouldn't be so forceful?" he asks. I say, "oh, no, not with me, with someone else." And then he finally went away. Right after that, a really smelly, overweight guy in an overcoat sidled up and said, "You're like the only Asian girl in here." Swear to god, he said that. "Uh, that's.. cool." I said and turned away. He tried to talk to me again and, fed up with it, I finally said, "Look, if you're trying to chat me up, I am really not interested, so you can just move along." And he was all, "oh, no, just want to be friends," and tried to shake my hand. Uhm, yeah. No. Thankfully, that was the end of that, but holy crap.

Moving on.. One of the main points of me going to the show was to take some photos and practice the whole low light venue thing because fstops and shutter speeds totally defeat me. The photos from the Knitting Factory are total crap because I let the camera handle all that and basically what it did was to crank the ISO to 1600 which... well... it's pretty horrible. Fairly sharp images ruined by unbelievable grain.

I read up on low light photography Friday and was determined to use some of that knowledge at the show. I think it was pretty helpful. With the help of Deb's fabulous on stage strobe, I managed to take some really great shots. I kept switching up the ISO, fstop, and shutter speeds before I finally stopped after the second set because... uh.. I ran out of card space (or was rather close). I took something close to 700 shots, but that was because I was using the continuous shooting mode. This afternoon I got rid of the really blurry ones and ended up with 400 decent shots. The final gallery has about 200. I learned quite a bit, but it was all about experimenting, so I'm wondering how much of that learning process will have stuck. Most of these were taken without flash. A few dozen were taken with the slow-sync flash, and only a couple were with traditional flash settings.

Full gallery is here. Some of my favorite shots are under the cut, along with a video.

photos! lots. )
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So far, so good - no more random shut downs. I had an old 98 machine that used to do the same thing on random websites. Meh. Stupid computers. Anyway. Weekend recap.

Spent the day at [ profile] queenmaab's. We watched Stardust and A Dog's Breakfast while working on various computer things. I got a lot of work done on my movie database; cleaning it up and all that. I'm about 2/3 done filling out info in things already in there, so then I can put in all the ones I have left on the list.

We swapped Christmas presents of course :D I got some really nice things! [ profile] queenmaab made me two t-shirts (one with a robot and one with monkeys in a barrel) and also got me a Knifty Knitter (with some yarn!) and an organizer I can use for yarn. Dan got me a gift card for the movies ^^

We went to Yip's for dinner. I'd never been there before, but apparently the place has been there since before my parents started their restaurant like 20 years ago. So. Yeah. It was a good place. The food was pretty good, but you can tell they haven't done a major remodel in years XD It was neat, though. I liked it.

[ profile] smashedrecords and I headed to NYC on the Ten Year Vamp bus once again for the MEANY Fest finals. Uhm. Before we got on the bus, though, we ended up in the wrong parking lot (due to oversight) and I pretty much had to speed to the right lot to catch the bus. The traffic at the mall was killing me, but thankfully, we made it there in time. Actually, we were told if they hadn't been waiting on another passenger, they would probably have left already. Eeep! The trip down was rather uneventful, but due to traffic and things, we didn't get to the Knitting Factory until about 8pm.

Once inside, I met up with [ profile] ozw! YAY, Oz! I haven't seen him in ages, so that was cool. Spent the next few hours just hanging out, chatting, and listening to the bands (Ten Year was last in the line up). My absolute favorite was Sonny Marvello, a Glaswegian band. They actually ended up winning the competition. I was really hoping drunken 10YV fans wouldn't be spilling their drinks on me, but alas -- that was not to be. Some girl I'd seen at other shows before was drunkenly flailing to the music and tipped her full drink cup over her head and all over the front of my bag (narrowly missing my camera! the cow.) and Josh, who was standing next to me.

Speaking of cameras, the lighting in the Knitting Factory is pretty crap for my abilities with the camera. I tried shooting in Sports mode, which... well. I dunno. It did take some decent shots, but there is so much grain because of the high ISO I'm sure it was using. I need to learn how to use manual mode better. Srsly. Also? Focusing was not my friend last night. I fail at photography.

After the show and the winners were announced (Maslow as runner-up? Seriously?! Um. Kay.), we sort of just stood around waiting for our bus to show up and take us home. I'd been so enamored of Sonny Marvello that when I spotted the bassist at the bar, I dragged [ profile] ozw over with me to ask him if they had CDs for sale. I couldn't quite hear what his name was over the noise of the room (Craig or Greg?) but he was really, really nice. I told him that they put on a great show and congratulated him on the win... then babbled on about how I really wanted to visit Scotland, specifically Glasgow, where the band is from. When I asked about the CD, he wandered off and told us to wait there and he'd go get me one. I offered to pay for it, but he politely declined and said that they wouldn't have any use for US dollars anyway. He told me to friend them on MySpace and we could chat -- so I told him I have a MySpace, but rarely use it, then handed him one of my business cards XD I are smooth. Oz & I wandered off to find [ profile] smashedrecords after that.

Somewhere in here there was an encounter with Drunk Bathroom Girl that I was not a part of. I doubt that she will follow me here, but let me say this publicly: I don't really give a shit. There's a reason we call you Drunk Bathroom Girl. I can excuse one time of disgustingly drunken behavior -- I know it happens. But week after week of being a sloppy drunk is appalling. If medication is the excuse, it shouldn't be. If you're on medication, you shouldn't be drinking. Dumbass. I will continue to think of you as Drunken Bathroom Girl until whatever point it is you sober up enough to stop falling over band equipment and stumbling across the floor. Of course, I'll be totally polite to you in person.

The bus came back about 12:30am and we all piled on for the ride home. Fred put in Meet Joe Black for the ride back, which is sort of a depressing movie for a post-show trip, but okay. [ profile] smashedrecords and had a nice chat with Pete. He's a cool guy and it would be nice to talk to him again at the next show about whatever. I like intelligent conversation. We also showed him the photos we took. He was happy that I had actually taken photos of him because he's under the impression that people generally don't.

Best moment of the ride back: The girls up front were asking if anyone had gotten photos of the half naked twins on stage; I guess the response was generally a negative until [ profile] smashedrecords and I both shouted we had. Someone shouts, "Ha! The two straight girls in the front are the only ones who took pictures!" XD I are amused.

Anyway. MEANY Fest Photos! (My server's being wonky.. sorry if things load slow)

Oz; Oz & [ profile] smashedrecords


Sonny Marvello:

Ten Year Vamp:

More photos here. Including Super Chix, some blonde twins in shiny outfits, and the winners announcement.
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Uhm. Hm. What have I been up to?

After work yesterday, I stopped at Best Buy to pick up the latest Harry Potter DVD and Lost Season 3 (price matched with Circuit City and saved $5! Woot!). Came back and wrapped nearly all my Christmas gifts. I still have a few that need to be boxed up and mailed and a couple that, uh, need to be made. So unfortunately, I'm already going to have to apologize to people for late gifts. They'll be holiday gifts! Erm. Yeah.

Tonight after work I stopped at Joann's and bought a bunch of gift bags (hey, if they aren't used this year, there's the next). I was going to go to Target, but then I could figure out for the life of me what I was supposed to be buying.. so I just went home. Mom made curry beef for dinner (yum!) and I didn't really want to watch TV so I sat down and for the first time in a long time I made some icons. They sort of suck. I made a handful of Tin Man ones, but other than the two I uploaded, I hate them. Also made a Barrowman one and a Piemaker, which suck less, but I didn't really do any tweaking to the original images.

The weekend after Christmas, I'm heading to the Knitting Factory on the Ten Year Vamp bus. Hopefully I'll get to spend a decent amount of time with [ profile] ozw, who I apparently haven't seen since ICON (omgwtf??). I'm excited though :) YAY, OZ!

[ profile] erintheodd - my old batch of Fosters icons. Feel free to snag.

In other news, even though I haven't posted any recent images, the Tillandsias are all still alive. I think. I'm actually not really sure of the tenuifolia is still alive as it always looked half dead. Oh well. The stricta looks kinda like crap, but it's still going, so that's good. I'm sort of afraid the victoriana is dying as it doesn't look quite as nice as it did when I got it. BUT, they're all still generally green, and that's pretty good for having them a few months.

Right. And now I'm off to make the rounds and read some really, really bad Tin Man fic.
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Man.. okay.. sort of didn't write down about the week and I'll forget now. Uhm. Tuesday & Wednesday I hung out with [ profile] queenmaab. Went to her house one day and she came over to mine the next. Good times. Got some crafty things done and fixed her gmail/firewall issue.

Friday I went to Carrabba's with some friends from work. Frankly, the food was greasy, too salty, and rather unimpressive. Meh. I don't think I'll voluntarily go there again. It was a fun time out though. After dinner, [ profile] erintheodd and I went to AC Moore to browse the crafty things. Of course, I couldn't find the yarn I was looking for. Meh.

During the course of dinner (or.. the end?) I found out that [ profile] erintheodd and I actually worked at Media Play at pretty much the same time. What. The. Frack. I'm usually good with faces and stuff and I don't remember her at all... or her husband, who also apparently worked there. We did remember a lot of the same people who were employed there, but I'm thinking maybe she started when I was away at college and had only come back for the breaks to work. Hm. Very interesting.

Yesterday, besides freaking out at the snow, I went with [ profile] smashedrecords and some of her friends to see Ten Year Vamp at the Last Resort Lounge. Other than some other people's cranky, pissy mood and the appearance of an unexpected and unwelcome stalker, it was a really great time! Wait. I forgot to mention the really drunk girls and the flashing contest... in which I saw entirely too much of people I didn't want to see anything of. There was also Drunk Bathroom Girl, who was so completely pissed at one point three people had to hold her up. Before that, she was up front falling all over the band's equipment. Ugh. Sloppy drunken ho-bags need to be removed immediately for the safety and sanity of everyone. Though, personally, I wouldn't have minded if she'd fallen backwards and smashed her empty head open on the floor :x

ANYWAY. Photos. I had some real issues with the lighting in the venue and I hate flash photos. Because of the layout of the place, I knew we'd be standing in front of the band in the front row, so I made [ profile] smashedrecords ask Debbie if it was okay for me to take photos :-P She said it was all right as long as I didn't take too many -- 400 was too much, but 200 was okay. Haha. I ended up with something like 270 before the crowd got so out of control I decided to give up on pictures for the night before someone dumped a beer on my equipment. Anyway. I did take a lot of flash photos, but only when the strobe was on and with the flash dialed back. The rest are basically no flash on auto mode (when the strobe was going) or P mode set at ISO 80 or 100. Got some decent shots. I might try some slow-sync flash next time as the first one under the cut looks pretty cool.

Full album from the show here.

favorite shots of the night )

Hm. And let's see... This morning there was yet more snow. Actually, been snowing all day. Fracking winter. [ profile] seijitataki had heard Best Buy was going to have Wiis today, so we went over when they opened. Too late, obviously I told you so. as they'd already given out tickets for the 113 or whatever they had in. *shrug* Better luck next time? Whatever. I went to Borders and got my special edition of Waitress with recipe cards and since it was on sale for $20, I also picked up Stitch N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. The other books in the series were good and maybe I can understand these crochet directions :-P

Of course, I had a TON of other things I should be doing instead of.. not really doing anything. So instead of laundry or whatever else, I think I will go put a custom logo screen on my laptop (DORK!!) and watch whatever's on my DVR from the last week before Tin Man is on tonight.


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