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For anyone who doesn't know, the Region 1 Spaced DVDs are released on July 22nd!

To celebrate this, Edgar, Simon, and Jessica are doing a mini tour of the US. They're stopping in New York, Austin, Los Angeles, and ComicCon. More details at Spaced Invasion.

Tickets are free, first come first serve. All screenings except the Austin one are 3 episodes followed by a Q&A. Here's the schedule:

New York City
Screening: July 21 @ 7pm at Village East Cinema, 181-189 2nd Avenue
Signing: July 22 @ 2pm at Virgin Megastore, 52 East 14th Street

Los Angeles
Signing: July 23 @ 12:30pm at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash - West, 10587 West Pico Blvd.
Screening: July 23 @ 7pm at Arclight Hollywood, 6360 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

San Diego Comic-Con (times and places to be confirmed)
Q&A: July 25 @ 12:30pm in Room 6A
Screening: July 25 @ 10pm in Room 6A

Austin, TX
Spaced-Numb-A-Thon Marathon Screening of all 14 episodes
July 27 @ 5pm - Jul 28 @ 12am at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, 320 East 6th Street

You guys. I can't go to the NYC one because my boss won't let me have the days. I am so GUTTED. I'm begging anyone I know in the area to get a spot and go in my place! PLZ? And if you go to the signing, I want a copy of the DVD! Or, you know, say hello to Simon and Edgar for me and ask them if they got the artwork and mix CD I sent.

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After work, I puttered around town a bit. Went to Peter Harris and bought some cool boots and a shirt for $15.

Headed to [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad's for chattage and whatnot before going to karaoke at the Lucky Strike bowling Alley. Good times! I have some photos and videos I took that I need to send on to the proper people...

Spent all day at [ profile] queenmaab's working on costuming things. I have traded her season 1 & 2 of Dead Like Me for a River costume XD Kori came over, as well, and we had one big crafting day. Got a lot of stuff done -- beaded sleeves for the Mirror Queen, wire wrapped pieces for the Black Swan, and started on the Mirror Queen's belt. We also did a wee photo shoot of QM in her Harry Potter costume and if she ever posts them, I'll link the photos here.

Originally we had planned on watching Buffy and Firefly during the day, but ended up watching both series of Spaced. Seriously, I do not get tired of that show. I love it so much.

On a related note: Apparently, Simon Pegg name dropped Star Trek: New Voyages in a recent interview.

That was kind of cool, but I anticipate the reaction of certain fans to be... non-existent. In fact, the post has been hit nearly a hundred times on a certain forum where people are known to react to anything and only garnered 2 replies, one of which was mine (it basically said, "frak you all, you bunch of naysayers. Peggster FTW!). I just can't help think that these people, many of whom were strongly opposed to Pegg as Scotty (as I recall, someone said that he couldn't play Scotty because he was British... wtf??), are just sitting quietly eating their tinfoil hats and pretending that didn't have a problem with him.

Gorram Trekkies.

Uhm. Got up really late. Played with mineral makeup (see previous post for reviews). Cleaned up the large pile of mail/paperwork on my floor.

Watched this really ridiculous movie on SciFi Channel - Cursed. Hellloooo random actors. Starred Christina Ricci and Jashua Jackson, plus appearances from Portia de Rossi, Mya, Shannon Elizabeth, Milo Ventimiglia, Judy Greer, and Michael Rosenbaum, plus Craig Kilborn and Scott Baio playing themselves. Actually, it wasn't really that bad... I even kinda liked it.

I meant to do my taxes, but after dinner, I ended up playing Super Smash Brothers which I am completely horrible at. Seriously. I suck and [ profile] seijitataki kicked my ass every single time. Lamecakes.
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My Torchwood card was DENIED! *sad* I'm going to retool the design and try it again. Maybe the text on it was setting them off. I have no idea.

Wandering around the internets, I found myself back at and reading their yearly Q&A with Simon. This bit of info caught my eye:

Ilana (Glastra), Des Moines Iowa USA: As decades of stage productions illustrate, nearly ANY subject or genre can be turned into musical theatre. If you suddenly decided to let Shaun of the Dead be written for the stage, who would write the music?

Joss Whedon. It was actually proposed to me at CAA in LA and I laughed and said 'fuck off' because I thought they were joking. They weren't.x

BWAHAHA! That would be the greatest ever.

Oh, and this:

Charlotte, Rebecca and Shannon, Leeds: When are you and Nick Frost going to get married?

Dec 2008. Bring a bottle.

XD I heart them.

There's also more news about McSpaced (blech) on the site. News meaning, Simon is further annoyed by the whole thing. Although Jessica's statement about the whole thing wins:

It might make everyone feel better to know that I am planning a counter attack; A British re-make of 'Charlies Angels' called 'Charlies Angles' - about three female architects who love to design buildings make biscuits, and wear button up cardigans. That's gonna hurt you Mc.G huh?- a remake of one of YOUR films with no titties?? Huh??! HUH!!!


And news that Spaced will be released on Region 1 DVDs! July 23, according to Edgar.
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2005 Comedy Relief skit featuring Rowan Atkinson, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Mackenzie Crook, Jim Broadbent (as Batman!), and Tony Robin.

Part two is here.
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Things wot I did today:

+ babysat the printer as it printed 6000+ pages
+ survived work
+ went to Best Buy and got The Fountain and Pan's Labyrinth
+ got my hair cut

And now, some Pegg/Frost/Wright related media...

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost interviewed on the Smiley Morning Show.
Simon: You've seen parts of Shaun of the Dead? What kind of thing is that to say?

Dave: Were both of you guys in that one?
Simon: Yeah, I wrote it with the director, Edgar Wright, and Nick and I star in it. You really need to do your research.
Dave: Yeah.
Nick: Instead of sitting there rambling about cheese.
Simon: You could be looking at IMDB instead of eating fondue.

Geek Monthly's Hot Fuzz screening Q&A - 25min, quicktime mov, 216mb

Official Hot Fuzz Fuzzcasts at Working Title. The boys just get really, really silly :)
Edgar: And what are you two like off-screen? In two words - go!
Simon: High strung.
Nick: Massive c*nt.
[and they all proceed to crack up]

I've been wanting to make icons all day... and this is all I've come up with. Meh. I want to go watch my new UK Shaun of the Dead DVD with zombie commentary! XD But I have other things I should be working on and getting ready to go. Hrm.
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Poking around the interwebs and found this interview with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost at Dark Horizons. I think DH Is incredibly wanky, but whatever. Snippets that amused me...

Nick Frost: Yeah, it was; when the three of us do afilm, we all have a tremendous work ethic. And I have to explain to mygirlfriend, 'I am Edgar's now for four months.' And it's literally that-

Simon Pegg: You're mine forever.

Nick Frost: And I'm yours forever. But you're working from half five till 9 every day, six days a week for four months, three months; you just have to prepare that you're not going to see your cat for that.

Question: Is there any Angel in you?

Simon Pegg: In me? Not at all, I'm not anything like Angel. I'm more like Tim or Shaun, Angel's like a machine.

Apparently Nick and Simon are working on a film that takes place in the US...

Question: You wrote the film across America? Where did you go?

Simon Pegg: We just went across the mid-west America, and the film will probably take on that journey.

Nick Frost: It was an eight day drive.

Question: How was it?

Simon Pegg: It was great, we picked up a very shiny RV here in LA, and we returned it seven days later f*cked up.

Nick Frost: Cause when you hit loads and loads of snow, it was knackered. I think the official diagnosis was that its brain had broken. The on-board computer had gone down. We drove across Nevada and Utah and Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado.

Question: What did you discover?

Nick Frost: That Nevada is big and empty.

Simon Pegg: America is very big.

Nick Frost: There were two days when we drove across Nevada where we actually felt fairly suicidal cause we hadn't seen - it's massive, and you don't see anything. You drive on one two-lane black top for 80 miles and you can see it stretching; you getto the end of it, and you see a little hump and you think, 'Ah, that's it, great. What's next?' And then there's another -

DH cut him off there.

Question: What inspires you guys to write?

Simon Pegg: What does inspire us?

Nick Frost: He inspires me.

Simon Pegg: Awwww.

Nick Frost: But yeah, he does inspire me; I know it sounds a bit wanky.

Simon Pegg: We did have a kind of love story; obviously, Angel has his ex-girlfriend and she says,'Until you find someone you care about more than your job, you won't be able to switch off.' And then he does, but it's Danny. We did have a female actress.

Question: So it's gay subtext.

Simon Pegg: Oh yeah, totally. There was a character called Vicky, who we excised in the end because we realized the real romance was here. Not only did we lose the female character,but we gave Danny all her lines.

I hearts them a whole lot.
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Um. Do I have a new movie obsession? Perhaps.

+ Hot Fuzz Trailer with Robert Rodriguez Score
+ Edgar Wright on MySpace

+ Christmas Q&A
+ interview from LA, during Hot Fuzz junkets. Part 1, Part 2
+ Christmas 2005 Q&A

Nick kept getting cakes for this birthday, which they flushed. They filmed it:
+ Cake flushing video 1
+ Cake flushing video 2
+ Cake flushing video 3 - uhm. giant sheet cake flushing. Nick sticks his hand in the toilet to assist.

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost on tour:
+ Hot Fuzz US Press Tour Video 1 - New York
+ Hot Fuzz US Press Tour Video 2 - Washington, DC (includes lots of film geekery)

Hot Fuzz production blogs:
+ Video Blog 1 - Simon trains to be a bad ass
+ Video Blog 2 - Edgar Wright on day 3
+ Video Blog 3 - meet Nick Frost ("He's one of the most expensive prop ever built.")
+ Video Blog 4 - Big day on set! ("Do you know what time it is?" "No! I can't tell the time!")
+ Video Blog 5 - week 4 at the supermarket
+ Video Blog 6 - attack of the make-up artists!
+ Video Blog 7 - week 15 at the pub ("well, the pub was built 900 years ago by peasants who wanted to get drunk.")
+ Video Blog 8 - night shoots (PETER JACKSON!! "I'm just actually looking for some good brass rubbings." "Peter, Peter, we found a really good one, it's a medieval lord! *giggle*" "Has he got a big sword?" "The biggest!")
+ Video Blog 9 - workout with the guys (BWAHAHAH!) and the injury montage ("Hell, I can't quit." "I can't quit you.")
+ Video Blog 10 - Everyone is pissed at the rain. ("And even though I'm slightly comedy-ing up my anger, I really am pissed off.... Even the sound quality of this blog is being affect because we've got to put the camera in a frickin' plastic bag.")
+ Video Blog 11 - getting ready for the church fundraiser
+ Video Blog 12 - the last blog on the last day
+ Video Blog 13 - Comic Con 2006 part 1. The boys are fascinated by the geeks... and geek out themselves.
+ Video Blog 14 - Comic Con 2006 Part 2.
+ Video Blog 15 - shirtless antics and the poster shoot
+ Video Blog 16 - London Expo Q&A & chucking shirts at the audiance

+ XFM Shows with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

Right. I think I've hit my Pegg/Frost/Wright threshold for the day. Time for food!


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