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Time to break out the livejournal!

So my friend, Ian Struckhoff, asked me to rec some lo-fi bands. I figured I would just embed some youtube videos in a sampler. I'm gonna throw a cut in here after the list of bands so I can't avoid dumping all over peoples' feeds.

Mirah - The Forest
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Same Mistake
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
The Black Keys - Tighten Up
Feist - Secret Heart (Live in Paris)
White Rabbits - Percussion Gun

And just because I love these...

Lykke Li - The Only
Freelance Whales - Hannah
Regina Spektor - Us (Live at Barnes & Noble)
DeVotchKa - How It Ends

muuuusic )
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I seriously need to start writing Livejournal posts of substance. Today was probably not the day to be doing that, though, since there will be some server move at 8am PST. It's scheduled to last 4 hours.

But, hey. I'll throw in an actual post.

Been listening to some new music lately. Latest Doctor Who and Torchwood soundtracks are fab. I like Pink's new album, Funhouse, as well. A lot of good songs. One album I'm not that into: Flyleaf's self-titled. I think [ profile] queenmaab likes them and I get it, but the lyrics bother me. There are some not so subtle religious things and... eh. I'm not into that so I think I'll be dumping the album except for a few tracks.

In other news... massive DVD release day today! I'm heading out in a minute to pick up some new releases and some other great deals, like La Femme Nikita for $14.99 each. Sweet. Out today are Tropic Thunder, Wall-E, and Doctor Who season 4. Best Buy has a steelbook edition of DW, but I'm not sure I'm going to like it. I'm not a huge fan of steelbooks, so it'll depend how bad I want a copy of it on hand right now. Otherwise, I'll just order it from Amazon for $5 less.

Also stopping at Target to pick up Tropic Thunder as their special edition includes a patch. Must have. Target is also apparently selling Tim Tams and I need a box of those liekrightnow.

Okay, off I go to the store! WHEEE!

amazon mp3s

Nov. 7th, 2008 02:25 pm
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Well. I resisted for quite a while, but I've just installed the MP3 Downloader and purchased my first album - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog -- which is $5 today!

It was a pretty painless install and it seems to work smoothly. I'm downloading the tracks right now.s far as I can tell, they are all high quality, DRM free tracks, which is pretty cool. All the tracks are tagged properly, which is also pretty awesome, since that's one problem I have with Amie Street.

I think my one issue with Amazon is that you can't just redownload on demand, which Amie Street does let you do.
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Uhm. So how did I not hear about Monkey: Journey to the West, the opera created by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn, that's been running in London for the better part of the year?

The opera is based on Journey to the West, the story of a monk's journey to India. His traveling companions are Sun Wukong (the Monkey King), Zhu Bajie (Pig), and Sha Wujing (River Ogre/Sandy). The stories are probably pretty familiar to any o f my Chinese friends as I think we all grew up with these legends or, at the very least, are familiar with Sun Wukong.

There is an album out now (which I'm likely to buy) and if there's ever a DVD, I'm probably going to get that.

The project also has a youtube channel.

embedded audio player and video )
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After work today (don't want to talk about that mess), I met up with [ profile] queenmaab. Headed downtown to the venue and stopped along the way for dinner. Giant plate of nachos! Seriously.

We waited about an hour before doors opened and we could get our tickets from Will Call. Not really a bad line that early though, so we also scored some really good seats. [ profile] smashedrecords showed up shortly after... while I was being interviewed by Times Union for some site feature. I'm sure I was a total goon.

Picked up a copy of Melora's solo album, Perplexions, before the show started, as well as a sport bag/backpack. So much for being careful with my monies? I also didn't know about the new band members -- Daniel De Jesus in 2nd chair and Catie D'amica on drums. Where's Jonathon?! I did love Catie's outfit though - so cute!

I should have taken notes. I can't even remember what they opened with... besides songs listed below there was "Oh, Bring Back the Egg Unbroken," "Oh, Injury," and "In Old Yellowcake." The did two songs for the encore: "Rusty the Skatemaker" and... I didn't recognize the second one. There were a couple funny moments (aside from Melora's stories) when either Melora and Daniel lost their place and Melora had to stop and correct. Once, Daniel responded with, "Yes, boss" XD Oh! And at one point, Melora's mic tipped down and none of them could really stop to fix it (during "Cage in a Cave" maybe?) so Ben, who does actually work there, jumped up to fix it. Heh.

Overall, it was a really fab time and it's always great to Rasputina perform. I kind of wanted to stay and see if Melora would come out to sign stuff, but for whatever reason I didn't want to deal with the crown. Meh. Whatever.

four photos )

I managed to record some audio with my camera before the battery died. I didn't realize the sound would be so... good. Really should have brought a spare battery. Oh well.

The tracks I managed to record are in this zip file:

  • 1816, The Year Without a Summer (partial)

  • Bad Moon Rising

  • Saline the Salt Lake Queen

  • Rose K

  • Hunter's Kiss

  • Watch TV

  • American Girl (first 30 seconds.. before camera died)

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Worked on some website stuff today. Commission-y things as well as tiny updates to my own. Somewhat accomplished? There's still that one that I don't really want to start on. Ugh. Don't care at all.

Tom McRae's site is still down. What is up with that? Have sent an e-mail to inquire. In other news, he will be back in NYC at the Living Room October 29 & November 5. Both are Wednesdays. Hopefully I'll be able to make one of those and go see Tom again with [ profile] ozw. In other Tom news, have finally heard the song, "Lipstick" that he did with Wills & the Willing. Like it a lot. Forked over $3 at mbop megastore for a copy as I refuse to touch iTunes.

Made cakes in a jar! Was a bit tragic. I think I filled the jars too much. And the batter I used (Pillsbury Funfetti mix) is a bit sweet. I think it would have gone better if I used smaller jars, so I might go find some and give it another go.

photos! )

Well. That was enough productivity for the day. I think I'll go lay about for a while.
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Thanks to [ profile] arysani for feedback and guidance on the mix. I'm sure I was endlessly annoying with all the lyrics I was spamming her with.

This mix, is of course, based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I started work a couple weeks ago and was able to finish it once I read Breaking Dawn. I tried to pick a few songs for each book representing events that I could remember... or ones I could find songs for. Whichever.

cover, tracklist, and downloads )

As always, comments are appreciated, especially if you're downloading from the server.
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After work, I went to dinner with [ profile] katkel and [ profile] sweetwildandmad. It was a good time and I always like hanging out with them. Hopefully next time it'll be with less whining and emo from me :P

Came home and found out that Emerald called to let me know I won the Dog's Breakfast Doctors Without Borders raffle. Huh. Cool. I can't even remember what's in it, actually. And I think I was kind of retarded on the phone. Oh well.

Poking around Amie Street and buying some new musics! Serena Tideman is my latest purchase. I also recommend the DECA: Hush 10th Anniversary collection, which is a free download.

Anyone wants an invite to Amie Street, let me know -- when you sign up, you'll get a $5 credit. Just drop me a comment with your e-mail.

I think there are some life decisions I should ought to be making, but I can't be bothered. So I'm going to go read and then go to bed.
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Ugh. I am having a spendy sort of day. After work (which was nearly bearable, but still torturous), I went to Target to pick up some things. Really, I just wanted to get a copy of Penelope to watch tonight... but of course I wound up buying some snacks for work, bathroom cleaner, and some other things. So... that was expensive.

I just now put some money in my Amie Street account... for the first time! Because I want to buy Blackmore's Night's new album. I'd only ever downloaded free tracks from the site and that always worked well, but buying a whole album? Could not be easier. And the tracks stay in your library, so if you need to redownload them -- there they are. Also? DRM free. Rawk. Who need iTunes?

In other news, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog -- Act I is online! I haven't actually been able to watch it yet because of all the traffic, but apparently they have switched to a server that has more robust :D So I will try again later.

Edit: Grant Lee Phillips' Strangelet album for $1.80?! *buys*
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I put RDJ's album, The Futurist, on my Zen Micro so I could listen to
it again at work. I still can't decide if I like it. His voice is mumbled
and there's a bit of cognitive dissonance between his speaking voice and his
singing voice so it's throwing me off a lot. For instance, Hugh Jackman and
Ewan McGregor singing still sound like themselves. I watched a clip of him
singing "Every Breath You Take" on Ally McBeal

I'm a huge fan of clever lyrics and I always try to understand the words to
a song I'm listening to. A lot of the songs on The Futurist make me
go, "huh?" and "eh..." which is probably not good. "Kimberly Glide" feels
like it has too many words in it and he's trying to cram them all in before
he runs out of notes. I do like "Broken" a lot, but even that feels a bit
off in places. "Little Clownz" (wtf, clownZ?) would be a great song if not
for the abrupt breaks. Also, a lot of the music sounds the same so it feels
like I'm listening to the same song two or three times. "Smile," his cover
of the Chaplin song, is probably my favorite on the album. The lyrics are
great, of course, and RDJ singing only accompanied by a piano (which I think
he is playing) is great. No over-instrumentation and synthesized instruments
which can really kill covers (see John Barrowman's latest album of pop song

The album sounds like a bunch of late 80's/early 90's pop ballads, which I'm
not a huge fan of in the first place. Still, it's not the worst of it's type
(singer/actors) that I've ever heard. That distinction goes to Takeshi
Kaneshiro. Ten albums in 6 years and they're all horribly insipid Mando-pop
songs that make me want to vomit.
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This came out last month, but I've only just gotten the chance to download it: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 20. This issue they're featuring modern folk and I like their selection a lot. Previous mixes have sort of been hit or miss with me. I'd like maybe half the tracks or less. This one's particularly good and the video magazine is pretty interesting as well. So, go check it out.

While looking for the last issue I missed, I stumbled upon this archive.

Been using Everyday Minerals makeup for the last couple weeks and I guess I'm pretty happy with it. Honestly, the coverage isn't as good or immediate as BareMinerals. Right now, I'm using the Original Glow formula which is probably fine for me, but anyone needing additional coverage can try their other formulations (though I've heard they're a bit drying, so moisturizer is a must). Still, I think I'm pretty happy with what I've been using and it doesn't bother me like the BM powder. I think I might have to switch over to EDM eyeshadows as well.... I just put some BM ones on and my eyes are starting to itch. Honestly, that irritation goes away after a little bit, but still.

They're getting ready to launch their new site, which is still in Beta mode. Earlier this week I placed an order (mostly because there were new colors on the beta site) and somehow my Paypal payment didn't get recorded by the system correctly. The CSR who contacted me was very nice and we got the matter straightened out quickly and my order is now on its way. I picked up foundation in Medium Beige Neutral (small size), tinted silk dust, plum dust blush, dark brown brow color, and eyeshadows in bird bath, in the garden, and mystic night. All of that totaled $25. Good deal!

Yesterday, I bought two skins from Gelaskins: Fuzin Raizin for my DS and Red Robot Leaving the City for my Razr :) I do kind of like Alkaline for the DS as well, so, maybe in the future when I get bored of the one I just bought :-P I spent a lot of time looking at as well, but nothing there really interested me. Besides that, their DS skins didn't have one for the bottom and their Razr skins didn't over the screen. So I opted to pay a bit more for the Gelaskins.

Off to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens!
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2entertain responds to an inquiry about the Doctor Who Season 3 R1 commentary issue. Apparently the commentary couldn't be 'cleared," whatever that means. Rather than the comments about the (fictional) death of the US President and calling Bush an idiot, now people are thinking that maybe the rendition of "Dueling Banjos" couldn't be cleared :-P

Honestly, neither reason makes sense, but whatever. I give up. I've gotten a copy of it and that'll have to do because there's no way I'm paying for the R2 box set (as much as I might want it... Saxon lithograph!!).

Edit: Just read an update in a comm. The official reason as posted in the Doctor Who DVD FAQ is that they couldn't clear the bits of music the actors start singing and humming in time for the release. Uhm. WTF. Wouldn't someone have known that they needed to clear it? And what are you using to communicate with the people you need to? A freakin' carrier pigeon?! These DVDs cost a lot.. I mean.. a lot. Nearly twice what I'd pay for a full 21 episode season of any show from the US. Don't tell me that some of that fee can't cover music licensing -- for hummed songs, so less.

After work today, I headed to the mall with a bit of a list. Looked for corsets in Charlotte Russe and H&M -- no luck in either. At Best Buy, the only Eddie Izzard DVD they had was Definite Article (which was fine, 'cause I don't have it), but I had to scrounge the shelves because it was put in the wrong spot. Besides that, I also picked up MirrorMask (yay!!), Mogwai's Mr. Beast and a Godspeed You! Black Emperor album that was causing the cashier some grief as it would not ring up. All because I wanted to use a 10% off coupon :-P

There was also a $10 Build a Bear certificate burning a hole in my pocket, so.... yes. Wandered in there and got myself a new bear! The new 2007 Winter bear, actually. And.. I named it Amezri. yes. It's Amezri Bear. Shut it!

Amezri bear! )

And now for today's casual goth loli outfit. I think it's probably a little bit punk loli? Hm. I dunno. I really liked it and I got a few compliments on it.

Friday's outfit: casual punk loli? )

Tonight's Moonlight? Pretty good. This show has really sucky writing, but it sort of hits all the right genre buttons to keep me interested. However... fakest. sunset. EVAR.

Tonight's SGA? Not too shabby. Interesting character returns. Sam? I actually don't hate her like I did on SG-1. Go figure.
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Went to [ profile] queenmaab's after work. Actually got the crown for her Mirror Queen outfit started. I think it will actually work out quite nice! If I can figure out how to rig the rest of it... We had mac & cheese for dinner. I haven't ahd any gluten in about 3 days, so we'll see how my stomach deals with this. If nothing, then I probably don't have celiac. If something.. then I guess I do.

Watched Bones. Man is that show craaaaazeh. Pony. Play. Bwah!

Came home and discovered some things in the mail: new Zen Micro battery and... signed Beecake CD! Wooohoo! The closest I'll ever get to having Billy Boyd sign something for me. Yep.

And now... I should really go to bed.
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Yesterday I went to MEANY Fest 2007 with Annalisa. It was bit complicated. We took the Ten Year Vamp bus down -- which is basically a bus the band chartered to bring in a load of fans to vote for them. It was about 4:30pm when we left from the Macy's overflow parking lot. A and I didn't really talk to anyone else when we were there... just chatted amongst ourselves and observed out fellow busmates. It was pouring rain as we got in the thruway and our bus driver was driving like a lunatic through it... this driving style will come in handy later.

Halfway down to NYC, we made a bit of a rest stop and A and I decided to get fries from the McDonald's. Woohoo? It was dark by the time we rolled into the city and arrived at Arlene's Grocery. We all rushed off the bus and the band (minus the lead singer who was already in the city) and some friends pulled some stuff off the bus quickly as it was blocking the entire road. We went in to the venue and headed to the room with the MEANY Fest stage. Wow. TINY. And empty. We were able to easily grab some seats by the stage.

William Rottman was setting up when we arrived. I really enjoyed his music. I'm a bit wary about buying the MP3s off CDBaby as he doesn't have a physical album out yet, but I just may. He really looked a lot like Jimmy Fallon... then again, it was rather dark.

The John Sullivan Brigade was up next. They were okay, but not really my type of music. A liked them a lot though.

Two Loons for Tea... not bad really, but wouldn't go out of my way to see them again.

Ten Year Vamp was the whole reason we were there. The room was pretty empty before their set and as they were setting up, it got really packed. It was just a see of people with Ten Year Vamp stickers stuck all over themselves and the Jack Daniels girl who was on stage was having a bit of fun with that as well. TYV's set was lively and energetic and they sound really fab live. Worth the $20 and bus ride, I think. I got a lot of great shots, though A told me that I missed Mark, the guitarist, and the bassist (I think..) mugging for my camera because I was trying to zoom in on Deb and didn't see them. Ooops.

During the set, we had a bit of a snafu with this pretentious Chris Martin-looking jerkwad. A thought he was a guy from our bus (there was a guy who looked like him) so she put a sticker on his back. He got really pissy and ripped it off. From then on, he pretty much delighted in being as obnoxious as possible dissing the band and the fans and I have to tell you it was really, really funny when the tiny Jack Daniels girl kicked him in the crotch. The best part of it was there was no way for her to accidentally do that from where she was standing, it had to be totally on purpose, which I loved.

After TYV's set, A and I headed up to the other bar area to chill out before we had to leave. I think we ended up chatting with Mark for a minute, during which time he said he saw me taking a lot of photos and that I should send him some so they could post them. Awesome :D A also bought a hoodie from the merch girl.

I think we tried going back to the MEANY Fest room a couple times, bit was pretty crowded. We did catch the end of Serial Obsession's set. I thought the lead singer was pretty cute until I actually watched 20 seconds of his act and I decided he was probably a pretentious asshole. o, really. From the cowboy boots (?!?) to the upside down mic holding and his half unbuttoned shirt. Yeah. He also had some fabulous 70s glam rock movies with the mic line. It wasn't at all surprising that the jerkwad from earlier was sitting on the side intently listening to this band... which I can only assume is the one he was there for. Anyway, the band wasn't really that bad. I'm just.. not going to even bother on their sad website.

We spent the rest of the time hanging out upstairs sitting with two two people who sat behind us on the bus. I can't remember the guy's name >_< But the girl was Shelby. They were very cool newish, non-scary people who were just there to see what was up with the band. We sort of sat around gossiping and bullshiting. Finally we decided it must be close to time to go (Mark had said the bus was on the way) so we headed outside to stand for awhile. Most of our bus troupe was already out there, all in varying states of drunkeness. Our new friends wandered off to get a pizza and shortly after Mark cam e out to tell us to head up and over a block to get on the bus. A was really funny and kept asking if he was for real or if he was lying because it wouldn't do to be stuck in NYC. Mark like, grabbed her face and said something like, "yes the bus is really there, go get on it" XD Funniest thing I saw all night.

The ride back was fairly uneventful except for the part where a taxi cab tried to cut off the bus and our driver wasn't having any of that and did some fancy, aggressive driving :-P Also? There was some really crap rap music on the overhead radio, which was giving both A and I a headache. Meh. At some point, we lost reception. Stopped at another rest stop for a break and then we were soon back home at 4am! Woohoo! A drove me home and then I went upstairs and collapsed into bed.

Too lazy to thumbnail. PHOTOS HERE.
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I just saw Rachael Yamagata's video teaser for her next album and the very first thing I thought as, "huh. this looks like a video by [ profile] newkidfan," which is both very cool and sort of odd.

My copy of A Dog's Breakfast came in today! Woohoo!

This morning I bought this burgandy corset off eBay. I don't really need it, but hey, it'll work for my Halloween costume.. and maybe other costumes in the future? I'm.. planning ahead. Yes.

Erika Amato (of Velvet Chain) made a post in her blog today letting everyone know that the indie film she was in - A Couple of Days and Nights - is available for pre-order at Amazon, Overstock, and Tower. Check it out!

I am a tard. And a spending fool. I just bought an autographed copy of the Beecake EP :-P £15.00, shipped. Not too terrible I guess. Plus, hey, Billy Boyd's CD!

Speaking of music, word comes via Tom McRae's snarkastic blog that Radiohead's next album, In Rainbows, will be available to download from their website for.. 45p minimum but then whatever you want to pay them, apparently. They're trying out some sort of honesty box policy where they expect people to pay them whatever they think is fair. Interesting.

Folding paper stars and watching Top Gear! Woohoo!

Also? This torrent tracker blocking thing is soooo not amusing.
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Went to Edgefest with [ profile] queenmaab yesterday. Had a good time for about 5 hours before my insides decided they longer wanted to be inside, so I decided to call my mom to come get me. There were still about 4 hours of the fest left, and I didn't want to have to make her and Steve leave early because I wasn't feeling well. I had a good time while I was there though. Heard Ten Year Vamp, which I never heard before since I haven't listened to the radio in about a year. They're pretty good. Bought their CDs (3 for $10!) and got them signed by the band. It was a little crazy and impersonal, but still cool. Before I slunk off, I managed to snag a couple photos of Sponge on stage. Anyway, I think it was Mark (the guitarist) who took my CD and then passed it to the other band members before giving it back to me. Anyway. They're very No Doubt/Saving Ferris. Kind of :\

Came home and just crashed for a few hours. Exciting!

Watched the first two episodes of Torchwood on BBC America last night. It's... interesting. Might remember to tune in. I love Jack, of course :D And Owen, actually, though he's a bit of a jerk. Gwen is all right.. she can be a bit whiny and I want to smack her sometimes, but eh -- she's new to Torchwood. I totally do not understand the Jack/Ianto thing that fandom puts forth. Perhaps I need to watch more.

Speaking of BBCA -- have finally seen Top Gear. Oh. Em. Gee. You guys! I am not a car person, but omg the hysterics. Also? Richard Hammond is too adorable. Heeee! So all the Top Gear fans on my flist (I think there are a couple...) you can give me the big "I told you so."

New Atlantis desktops and season 4 images at I love it when they put characters in leather, I really do. But switching the Atlantis crew over to the leather jackets and Sam with her weird alien leather pants... uhm. What? Aren't Carter and Sheppard still military? Isn't their post still a military one?! WTF is up with the weird alien leather gear? Maybe I'm watching the wrong show. Did Sorbo take over and turn it into Stargate: Andromeda? Bah.

Uhm. WTF. Did anyone else know Riley Smith had a band? I can't quite decide if I like their music enough to get the CD. It is very Springsteen/Mellencamp...90's adult contemporary. But.. Riley Smith! <3

Just bought my ticket for Farpoint. Woooo! Hopefully I get a lowish badge number, because James Callis is going to be there! And Mira Furlan <3

via [ profile] alorarose: DM of the Rings! XD Funneh.

Bwah! This S.H.E. music video for "Bu Zhuo Ni De Peng You"? Yeah. Been there.

Speakling of Taiwanese bands, Cherry Boom covering Green Day's American Idiot. Heh. And their Dear Prince video is really freaky, screwed up version of Snow White. Strangeness continues with the MV for the Coming of the Dark.
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Yesterday I met up with Ben Alpi at Uncommon Grounds. Ended up chatting with him for like 3 hours about new projects and movies and other dorky, fandomy things.

Didn't really do anything useful the rest of the night, but chat with people online and poke around YouTube. Well, okay, in the morning I trimmed some of the shrubs in the yard.

It's too early to be awake on a Sunday.

[ profile] rhooligan had me test out Magnetix, his online magnetic poetry thingy, a while back. He's now put up a poem by Frost and one by Poe, asking people to go and mix them up.

I've yet to watch any of series 3 Doctor Who, but the squee over "the Sound of Drums" has me really looking forward to it. There is also mention of a song that plays at the end of the episode and I've found the group's music video: Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child

That, of course, led me to some other videos on Stage 6...
+ Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
+ Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
+ Snow Patrol vs. The Police - Every Car You Chase (PartyBen mashup) [the youtube version has better audio sync]
+ Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (US version) [I heart this one] -- (UK video on YouTube)
+ Mandy Moore - Extraordinary (co-written with the Weepies)
+ S.H.E. - Boom (uhm. I guess they're jumping into hip-hop as well...)
+ Utada Hikaru - Traveling (BIZARRE vid...)
+ HY - AM11:00 (what's this? A Japanese band with an alt. rock sound? Yes please.)

Tom Welling on Special Unit 2?! WTF.......

I'd sort of put Long Way Down, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's latest bike trip, out of my mind and only just went to have a look at the BBC site. They've got a lot of video blogs up there now. Yay! According to their trip map, they're in Ethiopia now, having deviated a ways from the original route and are now in Adigrat. Looks like they're a bit past the half way point and not long before they get to the Democratic Republic of Congo :x

Blogs that have amused me this far (most available as RealPlay, WMP or text transcript):

Right. And now that I've spent 3 hours online screwing around, I should go get ready to head over a two-year-old's birthday party.


May. 17th, 2007 11:19 pm
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Uhm. Internets, you have failed me again...

Majandra Delfino released her second album, Tarte, on April 27, 2007 and no one told me! Geez.

I just bought the album for $14 + $2 shipping from her site. Good deal. I really do love her musics :)


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