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DVD Releases this Week:

Hot Fuzz
Single disc versus the UK two-disc, so most of the fun stuff like the video blogs are missing, but there is the Fuzzball Rally US tour piece and some sort of Easter Egg video (which could be the same as the one on the UK disc). So, I probably won't be getting this right away as I already have the UK version.

300 Special Edition
Gotta have it. There's no way I wouldn't get the two-disc edition of this movie. It's on sale at both Circuit City and Best Buy for $22. Circuit City is giving away lithographs or something and Best Buy has a $35 deluxe package with a Spartan helmet... I think I'll pass on the helmet.

Pathfinder (Unrated)
I remember seeing the trailer for this movie for nearly a year and then when it came out... I sort of forgot about it and then it disappeared from the theaters. Ooops. The unrated edition is definitely the way I want to go, and it's sort of mildly on sale at Best Buy, but I dunno. At least there are decent featurettes? Anyway, Karl Urban & Clancy Brown -- how can it go wrong? XD

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales
First of the new direct-to-DVD movies. I'm actually really excited to see this, but I don't think I'm going to be able to shell out the money for it now. Thankfully, there's not a particular sale anywhere.

This week I also need to get blank CD-Rs, a new camera bag, and I'll be taking a trip to Woodstock when [ profile] alorarose comes up so... yeah.

I've had a Flickr account for a while, but only've just decided to start posting photos. I guess I'm going to use it for random artsy photos and right now I'm playing around a bit with the Color Select feature on the S3. Kinda neat. Just took some flower photos I'm going to post later.

Uhm. WTF. It looks like Lensmate charged me twice for my order. I'm going to give it a couple days to clear up before I complain.. might not be a real charge... *emails* Whoa... someone at Lensmate got back to me like 20 minutes later -- on a Sunday no less! They're going to get this sorted out. Some weird double-order problem, which is strange as I'm usually very careful not to click submit more than once, etc.
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Things wot I did today:

+ babysat the printer as it printed 6000+ pages
+ survived work
+ went to Best Buy and got The Fountain and Pan's Labyrinth
+ got my hair cut

And now, some Pegg/Frost/Wright related media...

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost interviewed on the Smiley Morning Show.
Simon: You've seen parts of Shaun of the Dead? What kind of thing is that to say?

Dave: Were both of you guys in that one?
Simon: Yeah, I wrote it with the director, Edgar Wright, and Nick and I star in it. You really need to do your research.
Dave: Yeah.
Nick: Instead of sitting there rambling about cheese.
Simon: You could be looking at IMDB instead of eating fondue.

Geek Monthly's Hot Fuzz screening Q&A - 25min, quicktime mov, 216mb

Official Hot Fuzz Fuzzcasts at Working Title. The boys just get really, really silly :)
Edgar: And what are you two like off-screen? In two words - go!
Simon: High strung.
Nick: Massive c*nt.
[and they all proceed to crack up]

I've been wanting to make icons all day... and this is all I've come up with. Meh. I want to go watch my new UK Shaun of the Dead DVD with zombie commentary! XD But I have other things I should be working on and getting ready to go. Hrm.
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Um. Do I have a new movie obsession? Perhaps.

+ Hot Fuzz Trailer with Robert Rodriguez Score
+ Edgar Wright on MySpace

+ Christmas Q&A
+ interview from LA, during Hot Fuzz junkets. Part 1, Part 2
+ Christmas 2005 Q&A

Nick kept getting cakes for this birthday, which they flushed. They filmed it:
+ Cake flushing video 1
+ Cake flushing video 2
+ Cake flushing video 3 - uhm. giant sheet cake flushing. Nick sticks his hand in the toilet to assist.

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost on tour:
+ Hot Fuzz US Press Tour Video 1 - New York
+ Hot Fuzz US Press Tour Video 2 - Washington, DC (includes lots of film geekery)

Hot Fuzz production blogs:
+ Video Blog 1 - Simon trains to be a bad ass
+ Video Blog 2 - Edgar Wright on day 3
+ Video Blog 3 - meet Nick Frost ("He's one of the most expensive prop ever built.")
+ Video Blog 4 - Big day on set! ("Do you know what time it is?" "No! I can't tell the time!")
+ Video Blog 5 - week 4 at the supermarket
+ Video Blog 6 - attack of the make-up artists!
+ Video Blog 7 - week 15 at the pub ("well, the pub was built 900 years ago by peasants who wanted to get drunk.")
+ Video Blog 8 - night shoots (PETER JACKSON!! "I'm just actually looking for some good brass rubbings." "Peter, Peter, we found a really good one, it's a medieval lord! *giggle*" "Has he got a big sword?" "The biggest!")
+ Video Blog 9 - workout with the guys (BWAHAHAH!) and the injury montage ("Hell, I can't quit." "I can't quit you.")
+ Video Blog 10 - Everyone is pissed at the rain. ("And even though I'm slightly comedy-ing up my anger, I really am pissed off.... Even the sound quality of this blog is being affect because we've got to put the camera in a frickin' plastic bag.")
+ Video Blog 11 - getting ready for the church fundraiser
+ Video Blog 12 - the last blog on the last day
+ Video Blog 13 - Comic Con 2006 part 1. The boys are fascinated by the geeks... and geek out themselves.
+ Video Blog 14 - Comic Con 2006 Part 2.
+ Video Blog 15 - shirtless antics and the poster shoot
+ Video Blog 16 - London Expo Q&A & chucking shirts at the audiance

+ XFM Shows with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

Right. I think I've hit my Pegg/Frost/Wright threshold for the day. Time for food!

hot fuzz;

May. 3rd, 2007 11:06 pm
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Oh. Em. Gee. I just got back from "Hot Fuzz." So. Fucking. Awesome. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are my actor/ OTP!!

I need to see the movie again, actually. Really. I just can't even express the awesomeness of this film, so there's really no reason for me to cut. I need Hot Fuz icons like, omg right now! (But I'm going to try to fix my LJ style first)

There were trailers for some things I wanted to see. Actually... two films with Alan Tudyk in them XD

Death at a Funeral - Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family. (also starring Ewan Bremner)

Knocked Up - the trailer looked funny, but the film could be sort meh... but there's also Paul Rudd and Katherine Heigl, so. You know.

Superbad - Two co-dependent high school seniors (Hill and Cera) are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry. Just looks ridiculously funny.

Okay... gonna try to fix this bastard layout now.


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