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I posted this to my Tumblr, but thought I'd crosspost here as well.

I’m finally just getting around to reading descriptions of the Iron Man 3 footage that was shown at SDCC. I probably shouldn’t have.

Look. I love Iron Man. I think RDJ is Tony Stark - or at least he thinks he actually is and that’s awesome. I love all the MCU movies so far. (Well.. Hulk…)

But the Mandarin, you guys. The Mandarin. I assumed he was going to be in this one - Ten Rings shenanigans that they set up in the first movie and all, which is fine. I had heard talks before Iron Man 2 about how Favreau didn’t want to make him that Yellow Peril stereotype that he was in the comics. Excellent and thank you. Maybe he’s a super-intelligent Asian business man competing with Stark. That would be awesome.

Because they did revamp Mandarin to make him, uh, you know, less racist. At least he’s not in his Scary Asian Overlord costume anymore.

I mean, Ben Kingsley is… you know… not Chinese Asian, but I guess if you’re a casting director from England, Indian counts as Asian so MAYBE?! Anyway that’s not what we are getting. These are the descriptions I’m reading:

Who is Ben Kingsley? He’s none other than notorious Marvel villain The Mandarin. The leader of the Ten Rings terrorist group. He’s got a crazy hairdo — shaved in the back with a single ponytail. He’s decked out in flowing robes and a ton of bling. Ten rings is right! Kingsley looks evil as hell, and he sits awaiting Stark’s next move in a throne fit for Iron Man’s ultimate villain. (x)

Rings, heavy cloak, stringy beard… The Mandarin looks impressive. (x)

I don’t even… ARGH. Obviously I haven’t seen the footage, but based on when I’m reading, this is what Mandarin is going to look like:

But, you know, with some kind of queue hairstyle:

Seriously, if that “stringy beard” is some kind of fu manchu nonsense, I’m going to punch someone.


There is absolutely no reason that someone named the Mandarin needs to dress like he stepped out of an opera set during the Qing Dynasty when the movie takes place in 2012.

They’re already half done with the film, so obviously no amount of protesting will be able to change it and, honestly, I hope I am wrong. I hope that Ben Kingsley is awesome as Mandarin and it’s not a horrific mess full of Asian stereotypes.

So far, the Marvel movies have been doing well keeping the costumes from being too costume-like. Well, okay, except for the Asgard, but they’re aliens! All the humans are, superhero uniforms aside, wearing modern day clothes.  If Tony goes to China and all the ladies he meets are wearing qipao, I might scream. You know what modern ladies of wealth wear in China? The latest fashions from Europe. They get them years before they hit America, you guys.

Okay, sure, there are modern qipao designs that women wear - I own some tops, I admit - but you can't tell me that's what comes to mind. No, default Western costume designer trying to dress people for China thinks, ALL THE FANCY QIPAO and ALL THE MARTIAL ARTSY TANG ZHUANG!

I know, I know - Americans need cultural markers - how else will you know who’s Chinese or Japanese or French or German or whatever. I just… I mean, I’m expecting some of it of course (like the Kolkata scenes in Avengers) but I’m just hoping it isn’t to levels where I want to stab someone.

Basically, Shane Black, don’t ruin this for me.


May. 5th, 2012 01:11 am
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Right. I totally saw this like 12 hours ago, but I'm just getting around to the post...

AHHHH! Omg The Avengers!

So obviously the movie was amazing beyond the telling of it. I have so many flaily thoughts about it though and I figured under a cut on LJ would be better than more vague flailing on Twitter.

It should be noted that I didn't see this in 3D. I'm not a fan in the first place and this movie wasn't even shot in 3D. I believe Joss looked at some test footage in 3D and didn't think it added anything. So there! No 3D!

Also, 10am on a Friday morning, there was ready a line for tickets and my 11am showing was packed full.



There is so much more awesome to this film but it's all falling out of my brain! I need to see it again obviously. And Avengers icons. I need them. Or just Black Widow and Hawkeye icons because clearly I now love them like burning.

After the movie, I went out immediately to hunt down the Black Widow & Hawkeye ToysRUs exclusive minimates. Yes, I did.

I have tentative plans to see the movie again on Monday! WOOT!
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I know, I was supposed to post this like two weeks ago, but it's here now, okay?!

Iron Man 2. I loved it. I still haven't been able to get to the movies to see it again, but I am snagging up merch like a fiend. It's scary. Anyway, I've got a thing for the arc reactor ([ profile] sweetwildandmad built me a Mark II reactor couple years ago) and when I saw some videos on Youtube about modifying the new arc reactor toy I had to try it out.

First thing: I have never soldered anything before in my life. I'm afraid of glue guns and have only just started using them, so a 500 degree metal soldering tool was kind of daunting. But you know me, I love my research, so I did a bunch and watched some videos, and worked up the nerve to try it out. I picked up $40 in soldering stuff at Radio Shack and off I went!



I'm calling this the Mark IV reactor because... well, because I'm assuming this is his fourth reactor. Mark I was made in the cave, Mark II was made when he got back. Mark III was what he was using in IM2 before he created the Starkonium or whatever and made the Mark IV... is how I'm counting anyway. I don't think he made a new reactor to go with every suit. So. Yeah. There you go.

What I did: Removed the speaker. Switched out the yellow LEDs for super bright white LEDs. Painted the outer shell white.

Image heavy. For reals. SEE HOW! )
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(Yeah, I totally made an awful pun in that subject line.)

Ugh. Okay, so I haven't been making any real posts lately - just archiving my Twitter posts. Even dumber because LoudTwitter is broken and I'm doing it all manually. Nothing new going on. Still jobless. Still not sure what I want to do. A crew call I can answer for Star Trek: Phase II, I guess, but that's not paid.

Or, you know, I could finally post my Shore Leave write up and photos. Gotta do that still... [ profile] smashedrecords and I did an awesome photo shoot in our Crashdown dresses in the diner in the hotel.

I have been baking a lot of pies and will have pictures of my newest - peach+blueberry+strawberry - soon, as well as the Jiffy Pie Crust mix fail that happened this weekend. So sad, because the filling was perfect!

My newest crafty thing seems to be t-shirt reconstruction. I picked up a couple cheap men's XL shirts at Target. Did one of them yesterday and today I stopped by B&N and picked up Generation T for ideas for the others. My friend picked me up a shirt at ComiCon that I want to recon.. either a wearable piece or maybe a bag. Speaking of...

Everyone is at Comic-Con and I am jealous! Been following [ profile] arysani and [ profile] eiluned on twitter and it sounds like a great time! I was at a shindig today, but was able to follow a bit of the True Blood panel by text. SO JEALOUS! The whole cast was there. I hope someone is recording these panels and a torrent or something will go up. Hell, I'd even take a youtube vid (but really.. in the time of consumer HD video and upload, I'll be disappointed).

Also jealous of people who went to the Iron Man 2 panel today. RDJ was there! Jon Favreau was twitter some photos from the panel, as well as a couple in Stark & Pepper costume who I think I've seen on LJ and in person at DragonCon. Don't know what was said at the panel as I don't know anyone who went and I haven't really bothered to read the feeds (otherwise I'll be up all night).

[ profile] crushw_eyeliner is coming for a visit starting next Wednesday! I am so excited! :D Plan on doing some fun things in the area. Visit to the Herkimer Diamond Mine is on the agenda as long as I can find a day where it's not raining.

Twitter has ruined me. All my thoughts are in 140 character spurts and I've run out of things to say! Maybe I should make a point to post one well-written, thought out LJ entry every day so I can keep my English grammar skills in tact :P
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I haven't done a really update lately... and I probably will at some point but I'm just feeling really... life lazy? Anyway, here's some fic. [ profile] arysani is encouraging me (in another fandom) and this sort of came out.


"Okay, this isn't funny anymore!" Tony shouted. "Put me down."

From her position on the ground, River tilted her head and admired her handiwork. "No," she replied simply.

"I said I was sorry!" He tried to pull himself up. Maybe if he could just reach--

"Formal apologies were not drawn. You are a liar."

He missed his target again and grunted as he fell back. Tony wasn't going to admit it, but he was starting to get a little light-headed hanging upside down like this.

The dark haired girl danced under him. "I'm very patient," she sang, telling him that she could out wait him. She stopped her twirling suddenly and looked up. "But Simon says I can be very forgetful."

Tony froze. He knew she wouldn't leave him to die down here. At the very least, Pepper would find him when she came in to give him his coffee. However, the prospect of hanging upside down for hours wasn't very appealing. There was really only one way out of it. "River, I'm very sorry."

"That you lied."

"Yes, River, I'm sorry that I lied."

"What did you lie about?"

"Uh...." What was it? Obviously it was something important.

River frowned. "Lies too much. Cannot keep the web straight and clear."

Crap, he thought to himself, if he didn't figure it out quickly, she was going to leave him here. Maybe it was... no, not that. And definitely not that because she wouldn't know about that one. Could have been-- no, Pepper didn't even know about that little incident. "Oh!" he shouted, remembering. "River, I'm sorry I was going to reprogram Dummy."

"Promised you wouldn't." She was scowling now. "Said you weren't mad anymore."

"Yeah well, maybe he shouldn't keep spraying me when I'm not actually on fire." He crossed his arms and tried to look as dignified as a man hanging upside down could.

"You'll just do it again."

"Look, you want him, you can have him. Your very own pet robot. You do with him what you want and you can program him how you want."

River brightened at that. "Do you mean it?"

"Yes, yes, I mean it. You can have him. Good riddance. I can start on a new workshop assistant."

River beamed him a bright smile, bouncing excitedly on her feet. "Thank you!" she squealed before running out of the room.

Tony sighed. Crisis averted. Except... "Hey!" he shouted after her. "You forgot to let me down!"
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I can has arc reactor! :D And a new icon to go with it!

[ profile] sweetwildandmad FTW!!! I have my arc reactor and it will be debuting at Shore Leave this weekend! Not sure what day.. was thinking Saturday night.

you know you want to see it... )
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Met up with [ profile] tiscbh28 at the mall for food court meal and Wanted. I can't believe no one else wanted to go see it! Argh. Anyway. Whatever. We had our typical religious/political/technological discussions, which is always interesting.

Right. So. Wanted. The cast is fabulous. I love Angelina Jolie, especially in an action role. James McAvoy... well, I'd just like one of those. It's weird hearing him speak with an American accent, though. Oh, Marc Warren, you will always be Elton in my brain. Morgan Freeman... well, Morgan Freeman. Terence Stamp! (Kneel before General Zod!)

I've never read the comic, so.. I don't know how far off base the movie is. I did love the premise and a lot of the scenes, but I also felt like the movie really, really dragged in places. Don't even ask what points I mean specifically because I'm pretty sure I just tuned out. All the action stuff was great though. Maybe the Matrix bullet time stuff has been a little overdone, but in this movie, they've used it in a rather interesting way. Well, to me anyway. Maybe I just like to see bullets and slow mo and brains getting splatted; I'm weird. It vaguely reminded me of Fight Club but that's probably because of the narration.

spoilery babble )

Stylistically, I totally love this film. Wesley and Fox are great characters and if there's more... I might be in. The pacing was rather uneven, which is strange considering every other scene had some sort of action in it. I dunno. Overall, it's good enough that I would buy the DVD, but if you're not a fan of crazy visuals, guns, and violence, I don't think I'd recommend it.

Uh. You guys. I totally just saw Iron Man for the sixth time. [ profile] tiscbh28 mentioned he hadn't seen it yet (omg what??) and their one showing per day happened to be after Wanted was over. So we went. I heart this movie still and everything I found funny the first time is funny still. Plus, I got an extra long look at the Captain America shield on the work bench and it is so awesome. Can I has a Tony Stark? Post-cave, of course; pre-cave Stark is totally an ass.
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[ profile] not_last_resort asked for a Tony&River ficlet set during a sparring session. So. Here goes!


tony & river: sparring sessions )
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You guys! My arc reactor shirt came in from Black Mambo! It's pretty neat. Not, you know, as cool as the ones they gave away at Comic Con, but pretty snazzy nonetheless.

The blue glow is from my sonic screwdriver flashlight. Looks kinda awesome. Heh.
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YOU GUYS. Fifth screening of Iron Man and it's still just as good. Really.

This time I was able to catch Captain America's shield on the workbench during the "this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing" scene. Sweeeet.

I went with [ profile] erintheodd this time. There were still a fair number of people in the theater. I'm glad. The movie's still charting really well on, what, it's 4th weekend?

After the movie, we went to Five Guys for burgers. YUM. Iron Man + burgers = love! The manager ragged on [ profile] erintheodd for not ordering fries, and then gave her some for free XD Really funny. I have to admit that their fries this time were much better than the fries I had there previously which were kind of gross and half-cooked. These were crispy and yum.

Right. Going to do something else.. not Iron Man related.
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Ugh. Our power went out at 4pm and only just came back. I was bored out of my skull for hours, people. Hours. First... I played DS for awhile. Then I took a nap. Got up about 7pm and there was still no power. Whined. [ profile] seijitataki and I debated fictional power sources: arc reactor vs. naquadah generators. Whined more. Called National Grid to see what was up and was faced with their ridiculous automated system which only records your outage complaint. Three hours later, four utility trucks rolled in to fix the problem and power has been restored! YAY!

While I was unavailable, it seems [ profile] sweetwildandmad has made something quite awesome: AN ARC REACTOR. OHHAI. Can I has one, plz?

Okay, now that power is back, I can go back to working on stuff I was doing 8 hours ago.
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So.. a few of us who've been to see Iron Man are all, "Tony Stark drives an Audi R8? Huh?" because we're sort of.. "Audi.. ew..."

But I forgot about Top Gear reviewing the R8. Clarkson really, really liked it. Even though he lost the drag race against the Porsche 911.

In gaming news, [ profile] seijitataki showed me the demo for the Iron Man on the XBox. It's kinda shiny. I suck that those sort of games so I probably would just watch him play. But the rendering is really nice and he says it's one of the better superhero movie games. The Jarvis voice is pretty terrible, but the Stark voice is kinda passable. The lines make me laff.

Still... I think a better investment would be Boom Blox.
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Yep. Still with the Iron Man disease.

I bought one of the glow in the dark arc reactor shirts from here.

And then I found this LED arc reactor shirt which is full of awesome. Seriously. If this person is willing to make more, I am all over that.

I also got myself a Plantronics Discovery 655 bluetooth headset because A) my Samsung one was pissing me off and B) I'm fairly certain that's the model that Pepper is using in the movie. Yes, I'm a dork. The one I got off eBay was most likely used as there are some scratches on the charger, but I've tested it and it works pretty well. And as a bonus, the thing actually stays in my ear without a giant-sized eargel and without a bunch of fiddling. The charging cradle make much more sense than the Samsung one and there's an included attachment that lest you charge the headset with a AAA battery. Sweet.

Okay, so here is a trailer for Tropic Thunder. I think I might have to go see it. And in all honesty, it has nothing to do with RDJ (though that will certainly be an interesting performance), but Ben Stiller entertains me and I love Steve Coogan.

And on a serious note, I have to say, YAY, NEW YORK! And YAY, Gov. Paterson!

New York to Back Same-Sex Unions From Elsewhere

ALBANY -- Gov. David A. Paterson has directed all state agencies to begin to revise their policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, like Massachusetts, California and Canada.

In a directive issued on May 14, the governor’s legal counsel, David Nocenti, instructed the agencies that gay couples married elsewhere "should be afforded the same recognition as any other legally performed union."

So, it's not the same as allowing gay marriage in NY, but recognizing marriages from another state is a start at least.

And now I should go get dinner, do the garbage and various other productive things.

iron man

May. 28th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Viewing the fourth is still as good, I must say.

Still love Pepper. Still love JARVIS. Those scenes that made me laugh the first time still make me laugh now. Still love that scene with the exam chair and the squishy plasma.

Crush on Robert Downey, Jr. as Stark is still going rather strong. I should probably be ashamed to admit that. But I'm not. It's possibly edging on unhealthy though, so I will try to keep discussions out of my real life interactions before people try to have me committed. If it gets any worse, I might have to resort to that thing where I write fanmail and send off a package of gifts. That usually kills the fantardery pretty quickly.

You guuuuuuyyysss! I want a light-up arc reactor chest piece for a costume. Srsly.

Chatted with [ profile] lizhume awhile at work today. Good times! :D This is relevant because there was a fair bit of fangirling over Iron Man and Stark and RDJ. Yeah.
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Third time around is just as good! XD All the funny parts are still funny and all the other parts are still great. Still love the scene where Pepper has to switch out the arc reactor. Favoritest ever! Well, plus the R&D stuff is great and Dummy and Butterfingers and I love Pepper and that thing at the end where she's all, "what night?" I don't think I'm really going to get tired of this movie or watching Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

[ profile] smashedrecords knew what shoes Pepper was wearing because the sole was red XD And also, Major Allen in Edwards Air Force base? Vala's husband. I kept thinking he looked really familiar, but didn't really know who he was until Tanya pointed it out.


Uhm. Right. So my day was not all about Iron Man. [ profile] erintheodd and I met up with Dion and Tanya in Woodstock. Had a nice time walking around. Bought way too many things including an Envirosac (really useful!) and two skirts.

[ profile] seijitataki made dinner and we convinced him to actually go out and see a movie with us. I think he enjoyed it.


Livejournal User-Representation Elections! You can read the candidates' platforms here.

Hopefully this will make some sort of difference in the way Livejournal is being run, but I kinda doubt it. Still, I have voted.
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Motherfraker. Due to some bullfrell NYS law, now has to charge sales tax for anything being shipped to New York. You bastards!

Anyway. I went and bought some things for a gift... and also got myself Kitchen Confidential, The Gingerbread Man, The Daily Show: Indecision 2004, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Only two of those are due to my newly developed interest in Robert Downey Jr, but really, just older RDJ. I still don't get the attraction of the younger him. Seriously, I'm just all about Stark.

Speaking of Iron Man, how are there no promo images of that scene? You know, with him and the chair and asking Pepper about her hands and then the, "omg, there's pus!!" and him being all offended and the funny cardiac arrest. And the so very emo, "I don't have anyone else." Really. Where are those?! I love that scene.

Okay. Off to do some quick house cleaning, get some food and then go to bed to sleep off the sick.
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Anyone know where I can find a larger version of this:

And any other similar, posed promo images?

Google fails me. As does LJ.
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After work I went on a hunt for Iron Man toys. Yeah. Sick and sad, I know.

I finally found them in the Target near my house. Ended up buying both the Mark I and Mark III figures. I have to say that the Mark I is a way better figure in terms of joints that actually hold and a figure that actually stands without feeling like it's going to topple over. The Mark III is, honestly, kind of crappy. It looks fabulous on my shelf, but I don't think I'm going to really want to touch it again. The joints were all stuck together because of the paint job (which is lame and tacky) and no matter how I mess with the hip joints (also really weird) he stands kind of bow-legged and leans a bit. Plus, the joints are all sorts of loose.

Dear Takara: Please make a Microman Iron Man. kthanx.

To make up for this stunning disappointment with American mass market figures, I've preordered the Iron Man Minimates that are due out in August. I'm continually impressed with the articulation and the details that go in to such tiny figures. The flight suits on the BSG minimates, for instance, are just perfect.
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More Iron Man/Firefly ficlets. They take place in the same 'verse, but not sure about the timeline. These I didn't read over again, really.. just typing up what I'd scribbled down on paper. Plus, it's late. So, sorry for any mistakes.


im/ff ficlet: formulas and coffee )


im/ff ficlet: bullet holes )


im/ff ficlet: home invasion )

iron man

May. 21st, 2008 10:27 pm
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Oh my god. You guys! I just saw Iron Man for the second time in our swanky new DLP theater. Dude. So. Shiny. Seriously, it's like the difference between standard TV and HDTV. It was all so crisp and bold and pretty.

Who on the flist said it gets better with each viewing? [ profile] dtissagirl? Because you are so right. You catch more of the nuances of RDJ's performance. It's just... brilliant. And the thing is, I've never really been a huge RDJ fan. It's not that I didn't like him, I was just sort of indifferent. Here, though. Hi. Hot. And pretty. Okay, not pretty... pretty is perhaps not the right word, but man, his eyes. And the smirking! Yes.

I need to see it again.

[ profile] queenmaab was sick, so Alexis went with me instead. That's okay. That just means I can go see it again!

Look! I've thrown together a quick icon. Not as good as some of the ones I've seen around lately :\ but it'll do.


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