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So, something I learned how to do towards the end of 2012 was how to code eBooks. Sure, you can run an HTML file through a converter like Calibre, but sometimes formatting comes out weird and it just isn't as pretty. It's fairly similar to coding a simple website, but there are all these things you have to remember - like mobi files don't really handle 95% of html code written after 1998. Which can be annoying. And then there were quirks with getting covers to show in the Kindle app, as well as discovering that epub files are awesome and cursing the fact that Kindles can't just use those. Blah blah technical stuff.

Anyway, along the way I coded to eBooks for friends and now that they've posted them, I figured I should probably share them here too!

Simple, Not Easy by [ profile] taraljc
R to NC-17. Thor (2011), Marvel Cinematic Universe. Darcy/Clint, Loki/Sif, Natasha/Coulson.
Darcy should have seen it coming. She couldn't hang around the spandex crowd forever and not end up with a great big target painted on her back eventually. She was just surprised it took Loki so long.

download Simple, Not Easy: mobi | epub

I love this story. It pretty much started my Darcy/Clint 'shipping and it's still my favorite out of all the Darcy/Clint fics I've read.

For the second one, I made the cover too! :D

Semaphore by [ profile] devildoll
Explicit. Avengers (2012). Steve/Tony.
"I'm trying to like you, Tony. You're just making it very hard."

download Semaphore: mobi | epub

Okay, let me just say... I love Pepper/Tony and I still 'ship them. Somehow, though, I've fallen into the pit of Steve/Tony. Not too far, though, because a lot of authors use the worst tactics to get Pepper and Tony to break up or have Pepper disappearing entirely. Not so here. There are reasons that Pepper and Tony end their relationship (that make sense!) and there are reasons that Steve & Tony get together. I don't know. Go read it! It's excellent.

Also, once you've read them, go leave [ profile] taraljc and [ profile] devildoll some feedback! :)
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Hey Avengers fanfic writers!

I am loving all the fics. Really. This fandom has eaten my brain and it's been a long time since one has done so. However, there is one thing that shows up in fanfic sometimes that is driving me nuts.

Hawkeye does not use a compound bow. It's a recurve bow. Yes, it's a fancy flip bow that doesn't really exist, but it's a recurve.

This is a compound bow:

This is a recurve bow:

This is a Hoyt Buffalo and it's most likely the base model for the bow that Hawkeye uses in the Avengers.

So there you go. If you must specify, it's a recurve, you guys, a recurve.

Also, one more thing that's directed at the fan artists: This has mostly stopped but, Jeremy Renner is a left-handed shooter. He holds the bow with his right hand and draws with his left. Which means he's wearing his arms guards (two Beiter arm guards on fours straps.. IDEK) on his right and a shooting glove on his left.

If you're drawing movie Hawkeye - bow goes in the right hand. If you're drawing comic Hawkeye, it's in the left.

(I'm actually mostly tweaked about the left/right thing because I kind of wanted to be a left-handed shooter, but my instructor sight tested me, found out I'm right-eye dominant, and now I'm a right handed shooter. Boo.)
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A couple weeks ago, I'd written about Commissioned Credentials and their custom Fangtasia cards. I got mine in the mail last week and thought I'd do a little review on them. I should mention that I designed these cards for the owner, so I'm rather partial :P


I got both the card with a photo and the one without... because I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I was planning on keeping one in my wallet because I am a huge geek. This is not news.

The printing on them is what you would expect from a thermal printer, meaning there is some striping, but I don't think it's a big deal and it looks like a real backroom printed ID to me. I did put my actual blood type on there (after I figured it out using a DIY test) and the ID number is made up.

DSC07350 DSC07346 DSC07347

The card holder is not at all what I was expecting. I figured it would be those cheap plastic sleeves that come with a lot of con badges. These, however, are thick, rigid plastic and provide a lot of support against bending. However, the cards themselves are 30mil PVC, so I don't think that's a problem.

One thing I am not sure about these (and it might be because it's a full color print) is that you will leave fingerprints on it. I'm assured that the thermal printing is water resistant, but I haven't wanted to try it. The fingerprints did wipe off with a soft towel, though, and the printing was undamaged.

I'd recommend these cards or any of the other fandom-themed ID cards Commission Credentials sells. They're fun to have.
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Custom Fangtasia ID cards available at Commissioned Credentials! They also have pre-made ones with characters from the show. I love the Pam one, too.

This is the one I ordered. I can't wait to get my card :D Especially since I designed this card.

They also offer cards from many other fandoms (Stargate, BSG, Bones, Supernatural, Doctor Who, etc.) and will take custom orders from fan groups. Unlike some other companies offering fannish cards/IDs, Commissioned Credentials prints theirs on 30mil PVC cards and are sent with a rigid badge holder.
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Voting end March 9 ~1pm EST.

FANDOM. YOU GUYS KILLED ALL MY FAVORITES. Well, okay, not all of them, but my vamps are all gone! And now you have left me with a few touch choices.

But hey, Dean (as much as I love him) is out of the brackets, which I am not at all mad about.

If I can't have Eric, then MALCOLM REYNOLDS FTW! (It's not gonna happen, I know.)

YOU GUYS. Mal is going to get buried by Buffy, isn't he? DAMN. If she wins this thing, I'm going to be annoyed.
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Voting for round 2 ends March 8, ~1pm EST

VOTE DANA SCULLY! (Sorry, Dean.)

It looks like the Donna votes are going to bury Eric anyway, so I voted for him.

And... there was NO ONE left in the Teen bracket I care that much about, so sell me your vote.
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Round 1 closes Sunday March 7 ~1pm EST!

IDGAF about most of the other brackets (either because I don't know the show or I am okay with either choice), but...







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The [ profile] f_march_madness Office Pool entry is up, so last night I spent some time making my predictions. I realized I had two sets - one chart for who I thought fandom was going to push through and a chart for who I wanted to win.

Chart the First:

The above chart is how I think fandom is going to vote. I had a look at how many people were voting in certain categories and tried to make guesses based on fandom popularity, which is difficult as I've been out of fandom for... well.. a while. Based on the craziness of its fans, I think Dean Winchester is going to crush the competition and win. That is, if the fans of the OTHER fandoms don't all pool together and vote against him as there seems to be a huge anti-Winchester segment. But then, I also have Dean vs. Damon Salvatore, which could be interesting as the Vampire Diaries fans seem nearly as enthusiastic, shall we say, as Twilight fans, except for the fact that no ambulances had to be called to the Hot Topic appearances.

I am not sure how I have Liz Lemon winning the left side brackets, but somehow I do. Could be the popularity of both 30 Rock and Tina Fey. I could be wrong and Chuck could sweep the whole thing.

Chart the Second:

This is how I would like the voting to go. I'm sure it won't. Clearly, I want Eric Northman to win. I know, right? Out of everyone in the right bracket, I love Eric the best. Somehow. Don't ask, it's not rational! I mean, I have him beating MAL, but I also have Mal beating Kara, so that's already wrong, I'm sure.

In my mind, we'll get a Barney Stinson & Jon Stewart face-off for the Comedy bracket, with Stewart winning because, let's face it - he was suiting up for TV before Barney. And he's less of a jerk. Sydney Bristow wins the Drama bracket because Daddy!Bristow has her back, especially against Neal Caffrey. He's not letting his daughter lose to some con artist punk. One oversight, I feel, is that Burn Notice wasn't in this year's prelims. In that case, I'd have wanted Michael Westen to make it through the drama bracket.. and beat Jon Stewart. Then it would be a tough call between Michael and Eric... I'd probably still pick Eric.

While filling out the brackets on the right side, I discovered some pretty awesome crossover pairings. Pacy Witter/Maria DeLuca would be sort of awesome (teenage snark ftw!), but not nearly as awesome as Damon Salvatore/Maria DeLuca. She'd make a kick ass vampire, but either way the snarking and the bickering would be fabulous!

So, over the next few weeks, I'll look forward to seeing how completely wrong both my charts are!
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It's that time again! :D

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Apparently Syfy plans on doing an American version of Being Human.

OMGWTFWHY?! Leave it alone, you hack network!

Says Syfy president:

"It turned out great as we can now do an American version," Syfy president Dave Howe told The Hollywood Reporter. "We've always been keen on vampires and werewolves, and we loved the originality of Being Human, the fact that the fantastical creatures in it are very young, accessible and charming."

Howe said the Syfy version will not just "slavishly replicate the British version."

This is the comment I posted in reply to the article, which is pretty much all I can say coherently right now:

OH FFS. Could American television please STOP remaking British series?! It rarely, if ever, ends well. The Office was a complete FLUKE and probably only translated well because Ricky Gervais was involved.

"We've always been keen on vampires and werewolves, and we loved the originality of Being Human, the fact that the fantastical creatures in it are very young, accessible and charming." - Howe

Okay. Yeah. That's not actually what the show is about. AT ALL. That's like saying Star Trek was a great show because you love the girls in tiny dresses, the spaceship, and the womanizing captain. Trufax, but that didn't make the show good.

I kind of hope this show crashes before the pilot even gets shot. Like the Spaced remake. And American Top Gear.

I'm having rage right now.
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(Yeah, I totally made an awful pun in that subject line.)

Ugh. Okay, so I haven't been making any real posts lately - just archiving my Twitter posts. Even dumber because LoudTwitter is broken and I'm doing it all manually. Nothing new going on. Still jobless. Still not sure what I want to do. A crew call I can answer for Star Trek: Phase II, I guess, but that's not paid.

Or, you know, I could finally post my Shore Leave write up and photos. Gotta do that still... [ profile] smashedrecords and I did an awesome photo shoot in our Crashdown dresses in the diner in the hotel.

I have been baking a lot of pies and will have pictures of my newest - peach+blueberry+strawberry - soon, as well as the Jiffy Pie Crust mix fail that happened this weekend. So sad, because the filling was perfect!

My newest crafty thing seems to be t-shirt reconstruction. I picked up a couple cheap men's XL shirts at Target. Did one of them yesterday and today I stopped by B&N and picked up Generation T for ideas for the others. My friend picked me up a shirt at ComiCon that I want to recon.. either a wearable piece or maybe a bag. Speaking of...

Everyone is at Comic-Con and I am jealous! Been following [ profile] arysani and [ profile] eiluned on twitter and it sounds like a great time! I was at a shindig today, but was able to follow a bit of the True Blood panel by text. SO JEALOUS! The whole cast was there. I hope someone is recording these panels and a torrent or something will go up. Hell, I'd even take a youtube vid (but really.. in the time of consumer HD video and upload, I'll be disappointed).

Also jealous of people who went to the Iron Man 2 panel today. RDJ was there! Jon Favreau was twitter some photos from the panel, as well as a couple in Stark & Pepper costume who I think I've seen on LJ and in person at DragonCon. Don't know what was said at the panel as I don't know anyone who went and I haven't really bothered to read the feeds (otherwise I'll be up all night).

[ profile] crushw_eyeliner is coming for a visit starting next Wednesday! I am so excited! :D Plan on doing some fun things in the area. Visit to the Herkimer Diamond Mine is on the agenda as long as I can find a day where it's not raining.

Twitter has ruined me. All my thoughts are in 140 character spurts and I've run out of things to say! Maybe I should make a point to post one well-written, thought out LJ entry every day so I can keep my English grammar skills in tact :P
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I don't remember if I've written about this on the LJ yet... probably not.

M.Night Shyamalan and Frank Marshall have been producing/filming the Last Airbender movie (not to be confused with the James Cameron Avatar movie...), filming for which has finished this week (or will be soon). The Asian community has been in an uproar over the white-washing (and potential yellowfacing) of the characters.

See: History of Yellowface

(I was talking to someone recently and mentioned the Airbender issue and when I used the term "yellowface" she said she'd never heard it before. I explained what it was and she was pretty shocked and offended.)

Before I get into it, I have to say I generally don't care because people always dismiss the Asians and they're always yellowfacing (because apparently that's still okay to do) and mostly I just can't be bothered. I grew up in an area where my family and one other were the only Asians in probably 20 miles. I didn't get mad at the Asian kids being recast as white kids for 21. I didn't care about Dragonball because, honestly, wtf-ever - they're aliens. The whitewashing of Earthsea (whitewashing Native Americans, in that case) was... well, I never read the books and I didn't know.

My huge problem with the destruction of Airbender by M.Night and Marshall is that the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, spent a lot of time researching the East & South Asian cultures they built into the show. Basically - they didn't pull that stuff out of a hat. If Peter Jackson cast only Pacific Islanders and non-Caucasians in Lord of the Rings, I'd expect people to be upset since it's based strongly in Anglo-Saxon tradition.

Jeff Yang of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote this article:

One reason Asian Americans such as Yang and Kim have been drawn into the show's orbit is that it has hit it big despite - many would say because of - its richly Asian-inspired setting. The core ideas are drawn from Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy; its character names - Aang, Katara, Toph Bei Fong - incorporate Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian phonemes; and its visual identity is modeled on traditional Asian iconography.

Read: MANAA's Response to a Letter from Paramount on the Last Airbender (and its lack of Asians).

And now read this post on the language of casting and how the casting directors of Avatar screwed us Asians over. HI. OFFENSIVE.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper in Twilight) had this to say about his casting/character in an MTV interview (emphasis mine):

Due in theaters in summer 2010, "Airbender" has already begun to face a bit of controversy over the casting of white actors like Rathbone, Ringer and McCartney to play Asian characters -- a concern the actor was quick to dismiss. "I think it's one of those things where I pull my hair up, shave the sides, and I definitely need a tan," he said of the transformation he'll go through to look more like Sokka. "It's one of those things where, hopefully, the audience will suspend disbelief a little bit."

HI. I'm sorry. WHAT?

Dev Patel has replaced Jesse McCartney as Zuko. That's great. You know what the means now? The dark skinned South Asians are genocidal villains who are trying to destroy the peace-loving white heroes. Further information here.

The trailer for the movie came out today and over at Facebook I had another spew due to the awfulness of this film. Below the cut, links, video, and the stuff I posted on my facebook.

Apparently it's still okay to overlook Asians (media heavy) )
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Meant to be writing about the fun of my birthday week, but instead, I've spent the last two hours trying to uninstall/reinstall/troubleshoot my green screen of death problems. Oh, Hippaforalkus, I hate you sometimes.

This morning, it green screened, and on restart, I got an error saying that my ATI Control Panel was no longer compatible with my drivers, even though I didn't change anything! Ugh. But of course, the problem I had with my LogonStudio app (namely, the password box being squished) had gone away. The only return result from Google is that the GSOD is possible related to hardware failure (ARGH!) and possible crappy display drivers. And not a lot of anything else. How helpful.

So, I uninstalled all the ATI stuff. Reinstalled the new drivers and control panel from ATI and... we'll see if that does any good.

Meanwhile, vzwpix is being a pain in my ass an erroring on everything I send except one file I sent early this morning. I hate when their server gets all messed up like that. Could be days until it's working right again!

To ease the feelings of argh, I'm adding new fanlists to my fanlisting page. Oh, the geekery!
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See. Now if you guys won't write it, I'm going to have to! I still can't decide if it's Tony & River or Tony/River. But anyway. Here's some Iron Man/Firefly crossover fic. It's rough and I haven't written in ages. So. Feel free to boo and hiss and whatnot.

She stares at the metal suit, tilting her head from side to side, watching the light catch on the polished surfaces. "Tin man," she says before correcting herself. "Iron man." She frowns. "No. Incorrect." She scrunches up her face and leans forward, sniffing the metal plating. "Unknown alloy. Can't exist." She takes a quick swipe of the surface with her tongue.

"Hey," a voice says loudly, startling her. "River, don't lick the suit." Tony Stark walks over to her with a slight scowl. He grabs a cloth off the workbench and buffs the surface dry.

"Sorry," she says, looking at the floor. "She could not identify the material." River frowns as she steps back from the suit and off the dais.

"Gold-titanium alloy," Stark mutters. "Anyway, not important. What is important," he says, pointing at her, "is that we don't lick the suit." He turns away, heading back up to his living space. He's fairly certain she'll follow him and doesn't look back.

She watches him leave, still puzzled. He had answered her question, yet he had not. Earth-That-Was is so different from what she had imagined and she's still trying to work through the data. It was good that she was here; that she was with him. He would look after her, even if he didn't know it yet. With a final glance at the suit, she turns to follow him up the stairs.

"So, River, tell me about the future," Tony says when she emerges.

Seeing that he's pouring himself another drink, she scowls. "No good will come of it."

"Oh come on, nothing serious. What's it like in space?" he laughs.

That isn't what she had meant and she suspects he knows that. He is very smart. "Cold. Dark. Can be lonely in the black. Given adequate vacuuming systems the human body..." She stops, remembering that the Captain had called her morbid and creepifying.

"Can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds," Tony finishes for her. He smirks, genuinely amused, and takes a sip from his glass.

"Not having a 'bad day'," River says quietly.

Tony nods, but doesn't understand her meaning. "Yeah. Been okay so far."
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Aya Kato is the artist of the Fuzin Raizin skin I bought Friday. While poking around for more of her things, I found her website, cheval noir. Very, very cool pieces. Some of the figures remind me of Yoshitaka Amano's work. Somehow I just ended up at ROJO, buying her artbook. I love artbooks. This one isn't a bad price either, considering.

I did actual yardwork today. It was hard. Okay, well, it wasn't really yardwork -- I filled four planters with plants. Plus, I planted the wild strawberries we picked up at the botanical garden yesterday. Hopefully they'll grow well and we'll have strawberries! :D

After all that stuff, I worked on the Browncoat Shindig yard sign, which came out pretty nice. I'll be planting that in the ground on Saturday. Saturday! Man, I can't believe it's party time already. I still have Jayne hats to make and food to buy! Gonna start to panic soon, I'm sure.

So... iCarly was on TV. I'm sure no one on the flist actually watches it. Right? Heh. But okay, anyway, I'm watching and it struck me that the star, Miranda Cosgrove is like a little River Tam. Or Summer Glau. Whichever. But, yeah. I might have been staring at the screen going, "dude... little River!"


May. 6th, 2008 12:01 pm
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I'm home sick from work. Driving is an issue today. I can pretty much just sit in front of the computer and not move at all, but moving makes the room spin, so driving is clearly not in my skill set today.

Instead, I've been working on some printed items for my shindig -- food labels, raffle tickets, and a label for the Reaver sauce. I'd just gotten things printed and was headed downstairs to get them. Opened the door and saw a mouse sitting on the step. I pretty much just froze and we both stared at each other for a minute. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. If i wasn't afraid of some mouse disease or being bitten, I'd have just picked it up. Didn't have a bucket or anything on hand. Looked around hoping it wasn't going to run off and spotted a small fleece throw thing the dog's been sleeping on. Grabbed that quickly and quietly, snuck back over and threw it over the mouse, which is.. I dunno. probably not well as it didn't really do anything. I mean, it was sort of walking around, but it's not like it ran or anything. Anyhow, I scooped it up, wrapped it in the bulk of the material, and dumped it outside. Go me?

Suppose now I should go find some food and finish up these labels. Have to cut them out. I also want to try and make a lawn sign so people will know which house it is. Luckily, we'd just had our siding and stuff down, so the company's big plastic sign is still on our lawn - it'll make a good base.


May. 1st, 2008 06:28 pm
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Does it make anyone else twitchy when people use "Dr Who" or "Dr. Who" instead of Doctor Who?

Because... it kinda irks me... but I usually don't say anything and in this one particular instance I haven't said anything because I feel like I'd sound a little bitchy. Blah. Technicality, right? Still. His name is not Who and Dr. is not his title -- he's The Doctor. Doctor Who?


Going away now. I have cleaning I should be doing and dinner to get.


Apr. 9th, 2008 11:52 pm
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After work, I stopped at Lowes to get some painting supplies. Our new windows are being installed. Yay? Actually, they look pretty nice and now we have triple pane instead of single pane.

Made a stop to a dollar store I'd never been in to. It's run by a Chinese lady and it looks like Chinatown threw up all over the walls. Which is good for me because I bought a bunch of giveaways for my Shindig in May. Yay!

I also just bought two Jayne inspired shirts off cafepress: a Fighting Elves shirt and a Wan Nao (Troublemaker) shirt. Sweet.

Time for bed.
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Hrm. I think I sewed my flag patch to my BDUs crooked. *sigh*

In other news, I have discovered the comedy wonder of The Guild. That's right, people, a silly comedy web series about people who play World of Warcraft (Or WoW-like as they don't specifically mention what game). And it's HI-larious. The show is written and produced by Felicia Day, who is starring in Joss' Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Point of interest: Felicia Day's blog is also very amusing.

Check it out. You will be entertained.

And checking in with the people who have had too many crazyflakes, I've stumbled upon this post in LJ land:

A Rapist's View of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly
This is a really long rant about Joss Whedon's Firefly. Why? Because I'm angry and I think it is really important that feminists don't leave popular culture out of the equation. Especially considering that popular culture is increasingly being influenced by pornography.

Good. God. WHAT? Look, I don't have a problem with feminists or feminism or anything related to equality and rights for women. Obviously. But seriously, there are some fanatics in every group and I've found one here.

more wherein I shall quote and respond because I'd probably be modded over there )

can't sleep

Mar. 4th, 2008 02:12 am
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I should really be in bed. But I can't sleep.

Met up with [ profile] queenmaab after work for a quick trip to Joann's. Among other things, we found fabric for the over shirt to go with my River costume. Hurrah!

After dinner, I helped my mom put together a new TV stand. OMG so many directions. Took about two hours. Putting on the top, though, my directions for her to "hold the piece up" didn't really translate for whatever reason and when I lined up with pins, the whole thing dropped and my finger sort of got caught in between planks of wood. Ow. It looks like a tiny, evil elf tried to take a chunk out of my finger.

Right now I'm playing with the Capital One Card Lab. Trying to decide between Atene and Module. Oh, decisions.

OMG. Actually. How BIG of a goon would I be if I made myself a Torchwood credit card? Erm. YES. I totally just applied to have this be my new credit card:

I might possibly be the biggest geek you know.


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