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And more archiving. Just boring daily stuff. Some photos. Possibly Twilight LOLz.

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I've been depending on Twitter to post my random daily thoughts without having to come here, but LoudTwitter is kind of stuffed up right now, so I'm going to do a manual archive.

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Hey all. First real post in a long time!

Today was DVD release day and I ended up getting the Wanted 2-disc and... the Prince Caspian 3-disc. I know, I know. But I've ended up with money I can burn and I'm apparently trying to get through it quickly instead of being responsible and saving it. Oh well.

Last week I made a bunch of online purchases and most of them have come in - House season 1 - 3, Christmas gifts, Slither, and two corsets from Lip Service. Yeah. They are pretty nice, actually. I like the purple/magenta of the tartan one, but I think it needs a wee bit of fitting. Loving the underbust corset, but I'm definitely cutting off all the fringe. Mildly tragic, but I'm more likely to wear it without the fringe -- it was way more than I thought there was going to be.

[ profile] smashedrecords was over again tonight watching some DVDs. Finished off Torchwood season 1 and started her on Buffy and Roswell. All fun stuff!

Watching Roswell.. we both couldn't help but laugh at the parts that Twilight seems to have in common. It was getting rather ridiculous!

Speaking of... tomorrow is finally Twilight day for me! I can't wait XD I haven't really been reading anyone's reviews except for some random reactions on twitter. . I'll be wearing my Cullen leather cuff! XD There's a small group of us heading to the mall and I'm hoping the craze has died down enough that theaters won't be sold out. Will probably live-twit reactions.

And now.... bed!

DVD sale

Nov. 21st, 2008 12:16 pm
amezri: (spaced ;; tim/daisy ;; goof) is having a huge Black Friday sale. You can pre-order now and they'll ship next weekend.

Really great deals on TV! Brisco County, Jr. for $15.99! I totally got a copy for... I don't know. Gifting at some point. Picked up House season1 & 2 for $19 each, which is like $40 off retail. Yeah. Check it out. Awesome deals.

I don't know what I'm doing spending all this money, but at least half of them are Christmas gifts? D:


Nov. 18th, 2008 03:44 pm
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Didn't go on as much of a splurge as I thought I would.

My local Best Buy only had La Femme Nikita season 4. Still, it was a good deal for a set that's normally $84. I also picked up a spindle of Sony DVD+Rs for $22.

My best deal of the day? Doctor Who Series 4 for... $39. Yep, that's right. The retail at the store should be $83.73 (like the other Who sets), but someone was a little dyslexic at the labeling machine and marked every copy as $38.73. The sale price this week was $69.99. Went to the register and thought I'd have to put up a fight, but nope -- cashier changed it and had it approved. The only comment was the lead saying, "that's a weird price," before approving it. HAHAHAHA! I WIN!

Honestly, I sort of hate steelbooks and if weren't for that price, I'd have just ordered the regular boxset from Amazon. There is no room inside for the booklet (which is shrink wrapped to the box). The DVDs are all crammed in and it's hard to get them in and out. Meh. So I already decided I was going to rebox them when I got home. I think the cover came out pretty well.

steelbook vs new cover )

Also stopped by Target and snagged Tropic Thunder and 4 boxes of chocolate Tim Tams (they had caramel as well). I very nearly picked up Wall-E but I didn't feel like spending $30 on the 3-disc. Bones Season 3 is out as well, but.. yeah. Didn't get that either.
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I seriously need to start writing Livejournal posts of substance. Today was probably not the day to be doing that, though, since there will be some server move at 8am PST. It's scheduled to last 4 hours.

But, hey. I'll throw in an actual post.

Been listening to some new music lately. Latest Doctor Who and Torchwood soundtracks are fab. I like Pink's new album, Funhouse, as well. A lot of good songs. One album I'm not that into: Flyleaf's self-titled. I think [ profile] queenmaab likes them and I get it, but the lyrics bother me. There are some not so subtle religious things and... eh. I'm not into that so I think I'll be dumping the album except for a few tracks.

In other news... massive DVD release day today! I'm heading out in a minute to pick up some new releases and some other great deals, like La Femme Nikita for $14.99 each. Sweet. Out today are Tropic Thunder, Wall-E, and Doctor Who season 4. Best Buy has a steelbook edition of DW, but I'm not sure I'm going to like it. I'm not a huge fan of steelbooks, so it'll depend how bad I want a copy of it on hand right now. Otherwise, I'll just order it from Amazon for $5 less.

Also stopping at Target to pick up Tropic Thunder as their special edition includes a patch. Must have. Target is also apparently selling Tim Tams and I need a box of those liekrightnow.

Okay, off I go to the store! WHEEE!
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Got up at a fairly decent hour today and decided to take a trip to Target. Been having a craving for milk & cereal. So, quick shower and off I went.. after a one hour detour at the computer...

Right, so, stop at the bank for some money, then Target! It's been so long since I've been in there. Weeks, I think! Hit the sale racks first and snagged a black skirt of $6. Grabbed a box of frosted flakes and raisin bran (their store equivalents, actually) and debated over the kind of milk to get. Went with 1%. Then I did something bad... I headed for the DVD area.

SO MANY THINGS TO BUY! Seriously, I picked up a ton of stuff, stared at the price tags, and then put them down. It was awful! I almost wanted Veronica Mars season 3 -- not because I liked the show; haven't even seen it yet -- but because it was $18. And then there were movies... and other shows! Ack! I ended up getting Pushing Daisies season 1 because, erm.. it was a Target exclusive and had recipes inside? Yeah, seriously, not like I'll ever use them (like my special edition Waitress with recipes), but, oh, just to have them! And the packaging is cute -- the case looks like a diner menu and the discs inside have pies on the labels.

Of course, I get home and find a big, giant EW! The garbage people didn't totally empty out my trash so they left a bunch of packing foam and dead squirrels. So the can reeks. I decided that if they're going to sit there another week, they're def going to need to be double bagged, so I got [ profile] seijitataki to help me. OMG GROSS.
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Okay, I got some current event life stuff to catch up on instead of posting about fannish things...

[ profile] smashedrecords' birthday was on Monday, but she had a little gathering at Union Inn Friday after work. I met up with her, Eric, and Ben at her house and headed on over where there were already people waiting. Apparently, John and Sarah had gone to school with [ profile] seijitataki. Weird. Anyway. We hung out for a while, I had a BLT. Tasty.

Afterward, we went back to [ profile] smashedrecords's where she had a hot tub for the weekend. They went in, but I just sat nearby in a chair until it was time for me to go home. Boring, I know.

Went to [ profile] queenmaab's to help paint her bedroom. Kim and Kori were there, too. We went out to the mall for lunch, stopped in at Sephora (where I finally signed up for that Beauty Insider thing and bought a Tarte lip gloss set), before getting in line for free Friendly's ice cream. Kim left after that, but [ profile] queenmaab and Kori and I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang while waiting for the paint to dry. Finished up the second coat of the room. We went to Old Chicago for dinner. Kori went home and I left shortly after.

But I was back on Sunday to finish up the other walls! It didn't take too long and this time we watched Fight Club while waiting for paint to dry. I love that movie, but I think [ profile] queenmaab thought it was really weird. *shrug* Put on second coat. Played DS for a while. Had dinner at Mr Subb. I hung out for a little while after we got all the tape and stuff off, but then I went home.

Oh, that'd be today. Work was... work, but it went kinda fast today, so that was good. Got to talk to [ profile] arysani for a bit, yay! After work, I headed over to Best Buy and picked up a new UPS unit (an APC ES Series - 750VA) and... er... a copy of resident Evil: Extinction. What? It was on sale.

Came home and installed the UPS and actually put the power management software on my computer this time. Never did before, strangely enough. Right now it's telling me I'm going to get 11 minutes of the power dies, but I'm hoping that's because it's not hit a full charge yet... kinda doubt it. Either way, it's still more than the 30 seconds I got with the old one.

I told [ profile] queenmaab I'd try to make some icons. So. Off I go!
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After work, I hit Best Buy and picked up Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac (2-disc with commentary!), and Goodnight and Good Luck. Two of those I've always meant to see and the other is purely for Downey Jr.

Watched a really abbreviated version of the MTV Movie Awards. They still suck, so I'm glad I didn't actually sit there and watch it for 2 hours last night. This was probably the best thing on the show:

Aside from RDJ arriving on stage for the Best Movie presentation XD Is it just me or does RDJ look like he's slimmed down a bit?

Oh yeah. I upgraded my VLC player finally and figured out how to make caps. Sweet.
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Motherfraker. Due to some bullfrell NYS law, now has to charge sales tax for anything being shipped to New York. You bastards!

Anyway. I went and bought some things for a gift... and also got myself Kitchen Confidential, The Gingerbread Man, The Daily Show: Indecision 2004, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Only two of those are due to my newly developed interest in Robert Downey Jr, but really, just older RDJ. I still don't get the attraction of the younger him. Seriously, I'm just all about Stark.

Speaking of Iron Man, how are there no promo images of that scene? You know, with him and the chair and asking Pepper about her hands and then the, "omg, there's pus!!" and him being all offended and the funny cardiac arrest. And the so very emo, "I don't have anyone else." Really. Where are those?! I love that scene.

Okay. Off to do some quick house cleaning, get some food and then go to bed to sleep off the sick.
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Instead of a report on yesterday's Browncoat Shindig... A dump of links from the Google Reader...

Quantum Mechanix has set up Firefly Ship Works so fans can watch the progress of the large scale Serenity replica. The replica will be 1/180 scale (about 18").

Joss Whedon staged a career intervention for Eliza Dushku? Joss, I love you, really. Helping along Eliza's career is totally awesome, but to ignore all of SMG's bad, bad, bad (did I mention bad?) films. She cannot redeem herself with Southland Tales! And okay, maybe Wrong Turn wasn't the greatest choice for Eliza, but Soul Survivor was actually pretty good, I thought. Meh.

Everyone's probably already seen the Dollhouse trailer, but here's a clip with Eliza and Tahmoh Penikett (heart!). Additional Dollhouse article here.

Buffy Tarot Cards are up for pre-order. I kinda want a set...

Make Magazine is sponsoring a Make a Cylon contest. Tricia Helfer and Grace Park will be judging.

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about JJ Abrams' new show, Fringe. I kinda don't know what to think because as much as I love JJ, it sounds a bit like The X-Files meets Special Unit 2. Meh.

Erin McBlog posted some redesigned covers of classic books as part of her thesis. Very cool. I especially love the cover for The Giver and The Handmaid's Tale.

Late again to the party, but I'm playing catch up! Spaced will finally have a Region 1 DVD release on July 22! It's said to be filled with new commentaries and things, so I will of course be buying a copy of this one as well!

Meh. I have things to do and I don't wanna do 'em.
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I think I've missed a couple days of recaps, so I'll skip ahead. And I never did write up my ICON report... ugh. That will need to be backdated.

Yesterday after work, I stopped at Best Buy to grab some copies of Serenity, which are on sale for $7.50. So if you don't have it, go get it. Get extra. Give them out! While browsing the DVDs, I stumbled upon Sands of Oblivion. I very vaguely remember watching the movie on the SciFi Channel, but had for gotten that two Big Damn Heroes were in it: Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin. I was actually watching it as I knitted another Jayne hat for the shindig. Man... it was pretty awful.

Speaking of awful SciFi Channel movies... David Kemper producing Aztec Rex. What. The. Frak.

Okay, I've been kind of a DS geek for the last couple days. Between messing with Pocket Physics and MemorizeME (which I suck at), I've had things to keep me occupied. But then... then today I stumbled upon a review of a homebrew called Colors!, which is funny since I remember reading about it before but dismissing it. Anyway, there are some really awesome user-generated images in their gallery and I am far from that kinda talented in the drawing area, but it was still cool to see. Anyway, here are my first two pieces. Pretty crappy, but the homebrew itself is pretty nice.

It is a bit tweaky and I'm not sure if it's because I'm left-handed or what, but sometimes it'll streak a line across. Meh. Nothing serious and I'm not going to be creating great works of art on this thing, so whatever.

In other DS news, I'm pretty curious about Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I'm not good with RPGs, but this one looks more like puzzle games wrapped in a storyline. Anyway, I'm going to try out the demo at the site to see if I like it before I buy it. Yes, I'd pay for a game. Don't look so shocked.

Edit: Clearly I am too dumb to play this game because I cannot figure out how to get the chickens and the wolves across! *facepalm*

Obviously tonight I will be doing nothing at all productive nor getting ready for the shindig this weekend.
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Well. Another weekend come and gone.

My car wasn't fixed on Friday, so [ profile] queenmaab had to give me a ride home. Pretty much in a foul mood over that. Can't even remember what I did once I got home. Oh! I watched Atonement (sad!) and the first 5 episodes of El Hazard : The Magnificent World. Having finally seen it, I do like it a lot better than The Wanderers, especially Ifurita who is a much more sympathic character.

Saturday, [ profile] queenmaab and I drove around the area looking for fabric stores. The first one was a total bust -- it was a hair salon! Ugh. Every directory online said it was a fabric shop. All the other stores were generally upholstery places, so we actually ended up at Joann's -- where I found al lthe fabrics I needed for River costumes. They aren't at all perfect, bu they're good enough, I think. We had a late lunch at Old Chicago before heading to Border's (yay craft books!) than back to her place to hang out and watch the first two part of Tin Man.

Sunday I slept til about 11:30a, then decided to work on painting my My Little Pony mod. I think it actually came out pretty well... until I decided to put a layer of glitter paint over the design and down the leg like the manufactured one. Ugh. I almost want to take it all off and start over. I also managed to repaint a tiny Care Bear figure to be a little Kaylee Bear. Watched the rest of El Hazard and then El hazard 2. Tried to catch up on things on my DVR, but couldn't be bothered. I'd ask why no one told me Moonlight was back on, but I haven't been reading LJ so it's no one's fault but my own.

Meh. back to work now I guess.
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After I left work yesterday, I stopped at Best Buy to pick up Cloverfield (with bonus disk, yay!) and ended up also getting Ah! My Goddess Series 1. Heh. Talking with [ profile] arysani has put me back in the anime mood and I've been poking around the interwebs looking for boxset deals. I'm not above picking up "bootleg" foreign editions, so I've now ordered Magic Knight Rayearth 1 & 2, the Rayearth OVA, and El Hazard: The Wanderers so I can get rid of my VHS tapes. Plus, I've picked up El-Hazard: The Magnificent World (yay for non-annoying Ifurita!) and Tsukihime Lunar Legend, both of which I haven't seen yet.

Also made a quick stop at Home Depot to get some Goof Off for my My Little Pony repaint project and some light bulbs for new outdoor light fixtures. Why is it so hard to find the right light bulb? I swear I stood looking at all those shelves for 10 or 15 minutes trying to find what I needed. Ugh.

Came home and tried to repair some damage done to eternalvox by the code injection hack. I managed to clear up almost all the files and update my Coppermine gallery as well as those belonging to [ profile] queenmaab and [ profile] eretria before I headed off to [ profile] thebigfatman's where she was helping me crochet a piece for my River costume.

I have no clue about crochet and none of the patterns I found were at all helpful XD But [ profile] thebigfatman found what she needed in minutes and had what she need to do figured out in no time! I can't wait to see this all done. No matter what, it's going to be a million times better than anything I could attempt to knit.

Got home and updated [ profile] forcryinoutloud's gallery, then poked around eBay and did a 1am impulse buy on a Microman Lady Material Force in black.

Took the day off from work today because the room was spinning... and I'm spending it in front of the computer, which makes it worse. Oh well. At least I'm home and not at the office.

After three hours, I think I have all my site stuff squared away. Maybe. I dunno. I was using the Globat control panel yesterday in a blind panic attempt to get everything working and not virus-y. Today, though, I ended up reuploading a majority of the items anyway because the size differences were freaking me out, but now that I think about it -- ascii vs. binary mode results in size difference? I dunno. I also updated two of my e-mail forms with the new version of NLPHPMail.

I need to go get some food. Then I guess I should start working on getting the rest of my junk out from the random areas of the house. Yay?
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Well. I didn't do anything yesterday because I was trying something out on the knitting loom and it totally didn't work, so I wasted 3 hours not getting anything done. ARGHHHHH. But today, I tried again when I got home and... erm.. well, it was slightly better, but still pretty wrong. Finished the whole thing in 3 hours, but clearly I can't count stitches for crap. [ profile] queenmaab now has two hats she can choose from.. On the plus side, I think I figured it out with the double-worsted weight yarn, since I was basing it off that with two strands of chunky yarn. Yeah, not smart. Anyway...

After work yesterday I also went to Target to pick up heel inserts for my new River boots as they're slightly too big. I ended up also getting two dresses, a shirt, and Sweeney Todd. Oh! And I ran into Debbie M. That was kind of random.

In other news... this River/Mal video by [ profile] obsessive24 set to The Servant's "Body"? I don't know how I missed it before. It's just.. brilliant. Not overtly shippy, so everyone can enjoy.

So.. I am not remotely ready for con this weekend. I don't know what I'm going to pack and probably won't even do that until tomorrow night. I've been hemming and hawing about print giveaways and I just found 4 copies of "Module" already printed, cut, and signed. Just have to mat them, so might have them anyway if I get around to it tomorrow.

I also just found out that I need to clear 50% of my stuff out of my room because the contractors are coming on Tuesday to do the windows and siding. Which means I have to clear all my crap out of the way -- stuff under the bed, the bed, the dresser, two storage units under the window, my computer desk -- and pull stuff off the walls so when they're banging away on the siding, they don't knock anything off and damage it. I'm tempted to leave some of it up. Maybe. UGH. I'm going to have to do this right after con. On the plus side, everything should be done before the Browncoat shindig, so yay!

Meh. Gonna finish up some laundry and maybe pack a little. At least get stuff piled up to be packed.
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Ugh. My Tin Man and Stargate: Ark of Truth DVDs have been sitting in Albany for 3 days. Which, is basically like 20 minutes from me and I could have just went and gotten them. So, I tried calling the main USPS number and of course that was no help - you can't get to a live human. Then I called the Albany branch to ask what was going on, and the woman was like, "well, your house is not in my jurisdiction, so call somewhere else." Thanks a lot, lady. The package was only sitting in your facility for 2 days. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to USPS through their site and the reply this morning was basically, "Uhm , yeah, we don't know." Finally I called the main office for my service area and the woman was really nice and helpful and made me not freak out so much by telling me that yes, sometimes packages do sit in Albany for while.

Spent the day at [ profile] queenmaab's finishing up some last minute costume things. Well. Actually we played dress up for three hours making sure all her costumes were right. They all looked okay, I think. We did tests for all the costumes and I took photos, which I think came out rather nice. I hope she puts them up somewhere. I also gave her and her sister mini makeovers XD I am so converting people over to mineral makeup! Heh. I actually left QM with my soft mint sample and BM foundation so she could try it out for a week. While at her house, I wanted to work on a hat, but.. didn't really happen. I did get the yarn for QM's hat wound into balls, but that's about it. Will probably try to do it tomorrow.

I came home to find that ALL my Amazon DVDs got delivered - Tin Man, Stargate: Ark of Truth, and The Invisible Man Season 1!! *glee* Okay, postal service, I forgive you. Guess what;s going to be playing tomorrow while I work on hats?

Right now I'm looking through eBay to see if I can find pieces for a River costume for the Browncoat party I'm having in May. Originally, I was thinking her pink dress/sweater outfit from "Safe," but now I'm liking this one. Am likely to order the TUK boots tomorrow in any case. They are awesome and I want them.

Erm. ICON is next weekend. omgnotready!!

Edit: All right, yeah. I just bought River's boots.
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Happy Zombie Jesus Day Easter!

Had a rather productive weekend. For once.

Friday, I have to admit, I didn't do too much. Took some photos of myself in my new Hogwarts uniform (new shirt and added a corset), which I'll have to upload at some point. Mom & I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday before wandering around Target where I picked up a new organizer thing for my make-up and a Swashbucklers Jack Sparrow figure. Want the Davy Jones figure as well (so cute! XD) and might pick up a Will, but the Elizabeth looks weird. Afterward, we took a trip to the shoe store and ended up with a new pair of boots (fit for a Browncoat!) and dress shoes. Came home an vacuumed most of the house because the dog hair was driving me nuts.

Yesterday, I took about 4 hours to reorganize my makeup :P Nightmare. But it's all sorted now. Then I did laundry and watched like 4 hours of Torchwood.

Today was pretty productive as well. Finally got my taxes done... it only took an hour, so I'm not sure why I put it off for so long. I should, barring any issues, be getting something like $900 back. *glee* I also finally got off my bum and updated my movie database a bit - checked my list against what I actually have and completed the current list of movies on hand. I can't find my Blade: Trinity DVD for some reason though. Uploaded latest list to the site. Next will be to finish checking the TV box sets.

My copy of Invisible Man Season 1 has shipped! WOOHOO! Tin Man and Ark of Truth still haven't arrived yet, which is a bummer since they shipped the same day as BSG S3 and I got that already. Hrm.

Heard back from Stitch today and my vest mod is done! Which means I'm going to have a vest that fits to go with my SGA BDU uniform! Hurrah! Now I just need to fix the velcro for the patch... this week, I guess.

Ugh. My head is killing me. I couldn't stop sneezing early, so I popped two Sudafed (the good stuff, not the Phenylephrine crap they sell now) and I feel better, but still light headed and can't really focus. Blah. So I think I'm gonna head to be early.
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Blargh. It's really hard going back to work after a convention weekend. Was pretty slow at work. I should... pay more attention.

After work, I headed over to Gamestop and on a whim picked up Raving Rabbids and Furu Furu Park for the Wii. Then I went to Target for a wall shelf (for more figures!), got Disturbia and Earth 2 on DVD, and a Wiimote for myself. Pretty sure I was having some post-con spending issues since I actually didn't spend all that much this weekend.

When I got home, I unpacked the rest of my stuff. I don't think I'm going to do photos until after this weekend when I get the rest of them from [ profile] smashedrecords.

Right now I'm gonna be a bum and go get something to drink and play Animal Crossing. I think my town has died of neglect. I may just start over with new people and a new town.

Can I go back to con? I miss it :(
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Apparently Dead Like Me seasons 1 & 2 are on sale at Amazon for $15.99 each for one day only.

So that gives you like 2 more hours to order it. I think.


Jan. 17th, 2008 09:25 pm
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At [ profile] queenmaab's. Helping her with some web stuff. Well. Actually, watching her do some web stuff because I'm not gonna get to the layout coding until later. D:

In the meantime, however, I've finally finished the DVD database [ profile] queenmaab made for me last year. All of the information has been entered for the DVDs that are in there (I have a feeling that I'm missing some...). 456 entries. 66.7MB Access file. I even got all my reports done! Which means.. I am a dork and now have a really large, poorly coded Word to HTML file that I can upload with everything listed. The file is about 1.51MB.. which is kinda huge, but whatever.

Amezri's Big Giant Movie List.

And. I'm done.


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